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Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Pune With Placements

The 21st century offers an emerging career known as Business Analytics, a strategy-driven, data-based decision-making profession. From understanding the business objectives to evaluating the existing processes followed by generating and representing data-driven results and exploring new avenues – a touch of motherly affection at every minute detail is what is expected from a Business Analyst. And this long drive surely necessitates proficient training from experts. Along with a detailed description of business analytics, this article lists 5 such best business analytics courses in Pune.


1.What is Business Analytics?
2.Who is a Business Analyst?
3.What are the roles of an analyst?
4.Is it a highly demanding career option?
5.Annual packages
6.What are the required Skills?
7.Best Business Analytics Courses in Pune.


What is Business Analytics?

Business Analytics is a dynamic field encompassing business intelligence (BI) and data analytics to solve complex business problems and explore new opportunities to outperform in a highly competitive market. It is an ambidextrous task that on one hand understands the objectives and current scenario of an organization and on the other hand, provides data-driven solutions by determining requirements and evaluating processes.


Four Stages of Business Analysis-


DESCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS– In this stage, the analyst first analyses the past dataset with the objective to find trends and patterns.

DIAGNOSTIC ANALYTICS- The analyst reaches the root cause of a particular outcome to find the big ‘why’ using business intelligence and analytical tools.

PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS– In this stage, the analyst using his understanding from the previous datasets and experiences tries to predict future outcomes. Here the exploration of the possibilities is tested by data-driven insights.

PRESCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS– Prescriptive analytics suggest that a tested path be taken which aims to maximize positive outcomes and generate better customer response.


Who is a Business Analyst?

If it would be a ncert topic, the authors might have defined the term by simply breaking it into two parts. Business is any kind of activity that includes factors of production and earning profit in return. And an analyst is a human being who conducts analysis. Yes! My friend, it is that simple.

A business analyst is a professional who links the technical team and the business operations team with an aim of improving the services delivered and thus leading the company to the next level. He is an out-of-the-box thinker who uses data analytics to create new business insights which are coherent, informative, and useable for the success of the project.


Roles of a Business Analyst

  • Understanding the goals and objectives of the business.
  • Managing the current business layout.
  • Determination of functional and non-functional requirements and allocation of resources for the forthcoming projects.
  • Interact with the Technical team to design and actualize the layout.
  • Hold meetings with business teams, stakeholders, and clients.
  • Verify the data and facts with cost-benefit analysis.
  • Be ready with proficient reports whether it is a general one or a dashboard.


Need of a Business Analyst in an Organisation-

  • The 21st century depicts business as a customer-centric, technology-driven, rapidly competitive commercial activity that left far behind the traditional methods of balance-sheet maintenance and cash counting.
  • Today it is a multifaceted zone of technology, operation management, finance, human resource, marketing, and so on. And connect all these unipolar dots needs a perfectly trained human mind who thinks, analyses, capable to steer large data sets at the right direction and thus sustainably scaling up the business in the long run.
  • Business analysts help to reduce costs and increase efficiency and effectiveness by looking after every other technical and non-technical issue. Therefore, in any sector viz finance, education, health and pharma, media and entertainment, manufacturing, energy, and utilities etc.-the smooth operation depends a lot on an analyst.


Thinking About Market Demand, Right?

The most satisfying aspect for an aspirant is that the demand for a business analyst is independent of market fluctuations or any unfortunate condition of a particular company. Rather than the trio possession of business intelligence, data analytics skills, and creativity- a business analyst using predictive analytics helps the company to positively outgrow the downturn.

This is why business analytics is one of the most trending careers all over the world. Be it a start-up, unicorn, or MNC, the business analyst is the central nervous system of a business. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects growth for business operation analytics career will be 25% in 2030 from 7% in 2020.

And this is high time my friend envisions yourself as the future business analyst. The institutions listed below in the Business Analytics Courses in Pune section are the top-rated ones to make you a pro in both data analytics and business intelligence.


Average Annual Packages:

  • Annual packages offered to a business analyst are generally higher than IT professionals and other analysts working in various departments viz- marketing, finance, supply chain, HR.
  • Business Analytics is a significant component of operation in any organization, the surging demand for it makes the pay scale acceleration mode, both in India and abroad.
  • A business analyst earns between 3.5 lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum in Indian currency depending on years of experience. An estimated average can be 7-8 lakh per annum.
  • The USA is always in high demand for professionals dealing with data and analytics. A Master’s in Business Analytics earns USD 95000 per annum on average with an entry-level package being USD 51000 every year. The best 5 institutions offering Business Analytics courses in Pune guarantee placements in top-rated MNCs.


Role of a Business Analyst in a Startup-

For an entrepreneur, it is a must to have a business analyst on the development team. Starting from prioritizing particular objectives, choosing possible paths to start with, and budget estimation in the initial stages to get insights about the next moves- in every step a newborn startup needs an analyst.


Pune, the Growing Startup Hub of India-

India’s upcoming metro Pune is one of the growing start-up hubs of India. A report titled ‘Rise of the Global Startup City’, Pune is in the ‘Global Next Category’ list as an emerging startup city besides Hyderabad from India. Agri-tech, health-tech, automotive technology, deep-tech, software, and analytics- Pune is expected to be one of the breeding grounds of innovation in the next decade. The best Business Analytics Courses in Pune provide an aspirant to build expertise in business analytics to serve this surging demand of the city.


What Are the Required Skills?

Business Analytics is more a career than mere a job. With proper training and experience thereafter a highly passionate B.A.  builds his multi-dimensional skills. A striking balance of hard skills and soft skills is what a B.A. professional needs every day. A natural curiosity, strong determination, constant staying in tune with industrial changes, and an analytical mind are the key drivers in a business analyst’s career. And that is what the educators at the top 5 Business Analytics courses in Pune offer to their learners.


Let Us Visit Business Analyst’s Desk and See How He Applies His Skills:


  1. Understanding-

With sound knowledge of business operations and focus on every minute problems, a B.A. carves out the path of solutions- be it expanding the customer base, scaling up productions, or improving the revenue base!


  1. Analytical and Critical Thinking

Humans are thinking beings. An analyst using his critical thinking capability rearranges the list of statements of a given project solely on an add-value basis. So if you are a natural thinker, reshape it with training and practical work experiences as offered by the best business analytics courses in Pune.


  1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

At every point in his career, the Business analyst juggles four qualities- listening, thinking, communicating, and writing. Launching a new product, collaborating with stakeholders, or validating the final result, it is the analyst’s confidence, openness, body language, and emotional intelligence that matters the most!


  1. Negotiation and Cost Benefit Analysis

A perfectly trained Business analyst can actualize the highly prioritized functional requirements of a project through negotiating among the business leaders, stakeholders, and project team members. If negotiation is the plate, cost-benefit analysis is the food! The more he is an expert in cost and benefit analysis- the higher the chances of negotiation there are to influence a mutual solution and maintain a healthy professional relationship.


  1. Decision-Making Skill-

“Every decision you make reflects your evaluation of who you are.” – Marianne Williamson.

Yes, my friend! All the colors of an analyst’s hard and soft skill set find their expression in his decision canvas. The out-of-the-box creation on one hand and negotiation with the leads on the other- the gap is bridged by his data-driven documented decision. Proficiency to observe every minute detail, searching for alternative approaches, evaluating, and testing them using Data analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)- this is how an analyst designs his informed decision.


  1. Programming Knowledge

It is a common myth that Business analysts working closely with IT professionals do not need to learn programming languages. The 4th Industrial revolution expects something wider from an analyst. For faster and better analysis of data sound knowledge of programming languages is a must.

Solving complex database problems, managing them, and generating reports with efficient coding is the key requirement. Financial forecasting and decision modeling based on financial data is the key focus area that stands in need of learning programming languages.

R, Python, Tableau, SQL, and Power BI are required programming languages offering vast collections for data modeling, data brandling, data visualization, and data analytics.


  1. Creation of Reports and Dashboards

Using various business intelligence tools, a business analyst is an expert in creating reports and dashboards for presentation. Reports are of two types-

  1. General report- detailed, grouped, cross-tab, query, data-entry, columned, etc. are some types under it.
  2. Dashboard- Visual representation of business indicators using multidimensional figures on screen, Dashboard reports adopting operation interface.


Other best courses in Pune:


  1. Dealing with Database

The phrase ‘dealing with database’ may strike with another question- what is the difference between business analytics and data analytics-are they the same? Though both professions revolve around data, A data analyst collecting raw data converts it into an insightful structured database to find useful information for the business.

On the other hand, a business analyst stores and processes data using relational databases of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MYSQL database for finding solutions, hence mobilizing the business operation.


  1. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the unanimously oldest powerful analytic tool in the field of business analytics that is working with data. Budget and data analysis, various calculations, and revenue growth modeling using charts, graphs, and tables in worksheets help a B.A. to generate relevant perceptions about his work.


  1. Documentation and Presentation

Documenting project learnings and presenting the findings confidently in front of the stakeholders and clients- the X-factor that invalids all the obstacles of the trip known as ‘Business Analytics’.


The course curriculum and internship program designed by the top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Pune train future business analysts with the above-mentioned multi-faceted skills.


The Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Pune With Placements-

There is a general saying- ‘A prince is born but a king is made’. Here lies the necessity for doing courses from the best institutions. If you are enthusiastic about making business analytics your career, leave the whole bucket of skill sets to these institutions mentions below:



EXCELR offering business analytics courses in Pune develops its learners in just 6 months with 3-in-1 certification and guaranteed placement. The learning path is designed with 180+ hours of live training followed by assignment submission, working on live projects, post-training supports and placements.


Skills Covered- Database Concepts, Pivot Tables, Functional Charts and slicers, and Data Visualization.


Course Curriculum

  1. Excel (basic & Advanced)
  2. MySQL
  3. Power BI
  4. Tableau
  5. R Programming Fundamentals
  6. Python Programming Fundamentals
  7. SAS
  8. Agile


Key Highlights-

  1. Mode- Both Offline and Online
  2. Industry-based course curriculum
  3. Expert guidance from IIT, IIM & ISB.
  4. Tied up with 150+ companies
  5. Opportunity to work on 10+ Capstone Projects
  6. Strong post-training support to scale up
  7. Lifetime access to e-learning



  1. Course completion certificate from ExcelR
  2. IBM Certification
  3. Internship Certificate from AI Variant



+91 8035240513


2. LearnBay

The second in the list of top business analytics courses in Pune comes LearnBay. Sourcing trainers from MNCs and MAANG, Learnbay prepares Pune-based enthusiasts on a 1-on-1 dedication model. With 1.5 years of subscription to live classes, a learner enjoys Learnbay’s hybrid model for Project sessions. Special assistance is provided to non-technical professionals with an option to switch between weekdays and weekends.


Eligibility criteria-

  1. Working professional having more than 6 months of experience in non-technical domains.
  2. Qualification: BE/B.Tech, BBA/MBA, MCA/M.Tech, B.Com, B.Sc


Why Choose Learnbay-

  1. The learning phase includes tools and modules from basic to advanced level
  2. The assessment phase inculcates your skillset with real-time case studies and assignments.
  3. 8 Live project includes domain-specific industrial projects to enhance the learning experience
  4. IBM certification
  5. Mock Interview and Profile Grooming
  6. 5 Interview Calls
  7. Partnered with 250+ top MNCs and FinTech startups.



Module 00- Cohort Orientation, Special Programming classes

Term 01 – Python programming (basic + advanced)

Term 02- Statistics

Term 03- Business Analytics Tools

Term 04- Essentials


Contact- +917349222263



3. UpGrad

Upgrade yourself with business problem-solving, exploratory data analysis, predictive analysis, soft skill training, and other required skill sets at UpGrad. With 50+ live sessions and 150+ hours of recorded content, learn business analytics in just 4.5 months.


Benefits of the course-

  1. Essential analytics skills
  2. Practical industry knowledge
  3. Expertise in decision-making
  4. Upgrade Campus Certificate
  5. Personalized assistance
  6. Scholarships and Financial assistance


Tools you learn-

  1. Excel
  2. Power Bi
  3. SQL
  4. Tableau
  5. Regression
  6. Forecasting
  7. Market Analysis
  8. Saas
  9. A/B Testing


Internship and Placement programs

  1. Join 2 months Internship plus program to get guaranteed internship opportunities in top companies.
  2. Resume building, aptitude training, soft skills sessions, GDs, Mock Interviews, and access to upGrad’s executive placement portal- join UpGrad Placement Plus program and be job ready in just 4 months.


Contact- +91 8035241332



Do check here the best:


4. Intellipaat

Intellipaat is another such institute providing business analytics courses in Pune through its e-learning platform mastering youngsters with business process modeling, data analysis, and programming languages. Learners are assured to access its dedicated job portal which is a hub of 400 hiring partners’ including top start-ups and product companies.


Key Highlights-

  1. 130+hours live session training
  2. 120 hours of self-paced videos
  3. 240 hours Project and exercises
  4. Experts from MNIT, Jaipur, and industry practitioners
  5. 1:1 with Industry Mentors
  6. Certification recognized by 80+ MNCs
  7. 3 guaranteed interviews


Course Curriculum:

Module 1 – Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

Module 2- IIBA Certification  in Business Data Analytics (CBDA)

Module 3- Agile Methodologies for Project Management

Module 4- UML 2.0

Module 5- Career Essentials

Module 6- Data Visualization using Tableau

Module 7- Mastering Excel for Business Analysis

Module 8- SQL for business analysis

Module 9- Machine learning for Business

Module 10- Data Analysis with Python

Module 11- Capstone Project


Contact – +91 7022374614




MCAL Global provides classroom courses in business analytics in Pune. The course inculcates a holistic approach including 35 hours of training, 6 BABOK knowledge areas with 100s of real-life examples, and 50 Business Analysis techniques.


Key Highlights-

  1. Waterfall & Agile/SCRUM project-based detailed understanding
  2. 5 case studies for practical learning
  3. 20 hands-on exercises with BA Workbook
  4. Post training Exam
  5. Mock Interviews
  6. Assessment of presentation skills, analytical skills, and personalized feedback



3060, Marvel Fuego Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra 411028

Contact-                                                                                                                                                        +91 98500 33661



FAQs About Business Analytics Courses in Pune:


Q.1 Are there any specific academic criteria to pursue business analytics courses in Pune?

Ans- No. A fresher from any stream can opt for the courses. Basic knowledge in commerce, math, and statistics is the key required. However, it is solely up to the institutions to demand specific academic backgrounds along with the percentage obtained in graduation.


Q.2 What is the average fee structure?

Ans- It varies from institution to institution. But the average fee structure ranges somewhere between 50,000 INR-3,00,000 INR.


Q.3 Is it a stressful career?

Ans- Business Analyst is a professional who connects the dots of a project from the very beginning to the end. So, at times it would be difficult to handle work-life pressure. But that is not the case all through the year. After all, it varies on a person – how he balances his personal and professional life.


Q.4 What is the X-factor to sustainably rise in this path?

Ans- Patience, Learning, and Acceptance are the key to its success. In the era of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, it is a must for an analyst to be adaptive and tech-savvy.



Therefore, if you are planning to opt for business analytics as your next move, choose anyone from the list of the best business analytics courses in Pune. Surely the surging demand for business analysts in Pune and outside gives you the opportunity to express your critical thinking capability and creativity in the industrial sector. Listen to your own voice and get ready to serve as one of the best Business analysts in India.

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