A Complete Guide To The Tally Course Fees in Detail

Are you seeking employment in accounting, inventory management, and taxation? Here is a comprehensive guide on the fundamentals of the tally course. Tally has become very prominent in terms of rapid employment possibilities. Learn how to execute auditing; accounting procedures, bank-related transactions, and data entry with the help of given information. Even if you are already associated with any organization, tally’s apprenticeship and certificate will increase the scope of advancement or even better employment. You will find detailed information on Tally course Fees, Duration Benefits Eligibility, and more.


What is Tally?

Tally is a well-known software for accounting and expenditure tracking. Accounting plays a vital role in every organization, be it for the monitoring of expenditures, the calculation of profits, the maintenance of inventory records, and other financial transactions. It makes it possible to keep a track of business financing deals as a whole.

Sometimes, when manual data entry is performed, most often, records are either error-prone or lost, in order to render it, a precise and relevant tally facilitates a dependable platform and is therefore reliable for small to medium-sized businesses. Students holding bachelor or post-graduate degrees related to finance or accounting like Business Management, BCom, MCom, Finance, and Banking can continue the course following completion or may be carried out simultaneously by paying a minimal tally fee.

There are no stringent rules to follow in order to start the course; students can also take the course after the completion of the 12th preferably from the commerce stream and from a recognized board.


Tally Course Details-

·       Transactions Allowed in Linear Line Yards is the full form of Tally.

·       The Prevalent software is used by small and medium-scale companies.

·       It was introduced in 1986. As Petronius Financial Accountant

·       Tally was developed by Sham Sunder Goenkas and Bharat Goenka

·       Tally ERP 9 is the most successful and prominent version of the tally software.

·       Tally’s prime focus is to execute accounting activities in a precise and systematic way.

·       It is used by more than 140 counties across the globe.


Types of Tally-

1. Tally.ERP 9:

This is the newer and recently released version. Its Primary objective is to make the act of registering commercial transactions. It is an ideal corporate management solution, that allows a business owner to further engage when discussing accounts. Management and conformity for Excise, TDS, TCS, and GST, payroll management, all the purchases made, inventory, sales, etc. There are two releases of this version- silver and gold. The silver version is aimed at only one user whereas the gold version is intended for more than one user.


2. Tally Server 9:

It is an enterprise-class product that facilitates safe access to Tally.ERP 9 data to enhance your business. Not only can it be used simultaneously, but it also offers a wide range of options for your company data. It can be used by medium and large businesses to store and analyze their information and helps in handling all data accurately.


3. Shopper 9:

It is very helpful in addressing retail-related queries such as discounted price billing, rebates, allowances credits, debits, etc. It is intended for retail sales.


Eligibility –        

·       Candidates interested in pursuing Tally Course must meet the following criteria.

·       Candidates must have completed secondary education, i.e. 10+2 or equivalent

·       Candidates from Commerce stream are preferred, however, other streams can also be considered

·       At least 50% marks in 10+2 are required.

· Graduates/working professionals or Business owners with basic finance & Accounting knowledge can pursue the course.

·       Foundational Business Management and banking knowledge are preferred.


Components –          

  • Taxation (GST, Income Tax, VAT, TDS, TCS).
  • Execution of Sales and profit analysis.
  • Preparation of Trial, Profit, and Loss & Balance sheet
  • Vouchers Creation (Purchase, Sales, Payment, Receipts, Debit Note, Credit Note, and Journals.)
  • Statutory & Taxation information
  • How to create multiple ledgers
  • Stock Market Guidance
  • Computerized Billing Process
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Stock Maintenance
  • Preparation of Receipt & Expenditure account
  • Knowing Cash Flow Statement
  • Understanding Ration Analysis
  • Comparative Statements Data
  • Batch Transfer
  • Audit & Compliance facts
  • Multi User Interface (Tally.net)
  • Cash Management
  • Backup & Restore
  • Bar code Integration
  • Email Integration
  • Book Printing, Cheju Printing, Deposit Slip Printing, Voucher Printing, etc.
  • Payroll (maintaining Employees’ Records, Salary, wages, etc.)
  • Multi Accounting Printing
  • Advanced learning of XML, Excel, HTML, etc.


Tally Fees and Duration-

The Tally course is not capital intensive, students can apply for short-term online/ offline certification or full-time diploma courses at their convenience. Usually, the Tally course prices vary depending upon the curriculum designed and the college or Institute providing the course. Tally Course fees start from INR 2,000/- to 50,000/- subject to the duration of the course.


Institutes providing diploma courses for Tally are mentioned below:


College/InstitutionTally Course FeesDuration
National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, ImphalINR4, 000/-80 Hours
BK Birla College of Art Science and Commerce, ThaneINR 4,000/-06 Months
Hamada Girls Degree College, AllahabadINR 2,500/-01 Year
St. Teresa’s College, LucknowINR 5,000/-06 Months
YMCA Institute of Office Management, DelhiINR 17,850 /-03 Months
Computer Application CenterINR 3,500/-03 Months & 01 Week
Times and Trends AcademyINR 6,000/-01 Months
Shripatrao Kadam Mahavidyalaya, Satara


INR 4,600/-06 Months
Indian Institute for Finance and Management, GuwahatiINR 4,500/-01 Months
Gokul Global University, SidhpurINR 5,000/-06 Months


If you are looking for a course online to save your time and gain expertise in Tally, below are the online platforms which are providing certification courses for Tally:-


Best Courses With Tally Course Fees:


1. Tally training. in –

If you are someone who is grappling with the English language, this course is for you. Tally training.in provides tally courses in Hindi and English. Here is some detailed information about the course they are providing-

  • The syllabus includes 50 modules
  • Provide effective lessons
  • Video & e-books
  • Practice Files
  • Industry experts as trainers
  • The course is CA (Chartered Accountant) approved
  • Institute conducts an online examination and you will be awarded a course completion certificate in Tally ERP9
  • The first 10 modules are free for demo and the rest will be accessible after the fee payment.
  • Tally Course Fees- Starts at INR 1,800 /-


2. TEPL Tally Education-

A way forward to obtain a specialization in Tally. Tally Education offers a variety of tally courses that would bring you dynamism in the area of this field.

Provides Flagship Courses

  • Offers Tally Essential Course – If you are a beginner in the Accounting and Finance domain
  • Offers Tally Professional- If you are a working professional and an expert in the Accounting and Finance domain.
  • Tally ACE International- It is a beginner’s guide for learners, from Middle East Countries.
  • Tally Essential International- This certification will help learners from Middle East countries to learn intra and inter-country taxation transactions.
  • GCC VAT Using Tally- It will help learners understand the advanced concepts of Computerized Accounting and taxation in Middle East Countries.
  • Tally Essential Oman


Specialization Courses

  • TDS Using Tally The specialization course on TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) covers step-by-step instructions starting from Fundamentals to Practical of TDS including Basic Concepts, Various TDS Processes, TDS on Expenses at Lower, Zero, and Higher Rates, etc.
  • Tally Course Fees start at INR 1000/-


3. Udemy –

Udemy is a well-liked online platform for various specializations. It offers a wide range of online tally courses infused with detailed information that helps the candidates to understand the concept easily. Below are the courses provided by Udemy-

  • Crash Course on Tally with Accounting, Inventory, Sales & Purchase Order, TDS, TCS, Payroll, GST, and many more, Tally Fees- ₹3,199
  • Course on Tally.ERP9, Tally Prime, GST Registration to Cancellation, TDS, and more, Tally course fees -₹1,299
  • Complete Tally ERP 9 (GST) Course with Live Project
  • Inventory, Tally course fees – ₹3,699
  • Tally Earp 9, Tally Prime & GST 2022 – Certificate Course


4. Internshala

Internshala is an online training and internship platform. It helps students and job seekers to acquire the available courses and internships with various organizations. Refer to the course details and Tally Course Fees-

  • Internshala is providing the bilingual Course for Tally.
  • The total duration of the course is 06 weeks
    – Learn Concepts and Conventions of Accounting
  • Learn Double Entry Concept
  • Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) & Tax Collected at Source (TCS) Accounting in Tally
  • 129 Video tutorials Available
  • Tally course fees start at INR, 1,349/-


5. FITA Training and Placement

The institute enables the aspirants to learn the basics and details of Tally. Students who are striving to achieve success through learning new concepts or want to add the experience and knowledge related to tally to their resume can go for this course and go through the required information below-


  • In-depth knowledge of Journal Entries And Bank entries
  • Tally ERP from Book-keeping to Payroll processing
  • The Company Creation, Settings, and Configurations in Tally ERP
  • Generation of Profit & Loss A/c, Trading Account, and Balance Sheet using Tally ERP, Funds flow, and Cash flow reports
  • Tax entries like GST, TDS, TCS, and returns filing using Tally ERP
  • They provide placement support and certification.


Basic Syllabus of Tally Course- 

Tally Prime with GST (Tally ERP 9 with GST)


Module I: Fundamentals of Accounting:

  • Introduction ● Accounting Terms ● Accounting Assumptions, Concepts and Principles, Assumptions, Concepts, Principles ● Double Entry System of Accounting ● Types of Accounts● Golden Rules of Accounting ● Source Documents for Accounting.


Module 02: User Interface and Company Management:

  • Introduction to Tally Prime, ● Creating a Company ● Data Path for Tally Prime Companies ● Altering and Deleting Company ● Gateway of Tally and User Interface ● Chart of Accounts -Ledger Creation ●  Group Creation●  Deletion of Ledgers and Group. Creating Inventory ● Masters Creation of Stock Group● Creation of Units of Measure ● Creation of Stock Item ● Creation of Godown, Stock Category.


Module 03: Recording Accounting Vouchers with bill-wise details in Tally Prime:

  • Recording Accounting Vouchers Billwise Debtors and Creditors Ledgers ● Configuring BillwiseDetails ● Examples on Creating Billwise Ledgers ● Batch wise details● Debit and Credit Notes● Debit Note Returns with Examples● Credit Note Returns with Examples.


Module 04: Payment Voucher and Receipt Voucher:

  • Understanding Default Vouchers● Payment in Single Entry Mode (Examples), ● Payment in Double Entry Mode (Examples) ● Understanding Day Book Reports, ● Altering and Deleting Transactions●: Pre-Allocation of Bills Practical Examples● Receipt Voucher  Understanding Receipt Vouchers●  Practical Examples. Contra and Journal Voucher● Understanding Contra for Banking, Practical Examples on Contra Vouchers, ● Practical Examples on Journal Vouchers. ● Viewing MIS reports in Tally Prime.


Module 05: Cost Centres and Cost Categories, Storage:

  • Allocation of Expenses and incomes using Cost Centres.
  • Manufacturing Process Using Bill of Materials

: ● Using Bill of Materials● Accounting of Manufacturing Process. ● Classification of Inventory● Recording of Stock transfers with Godown Details● Activating Batch-wise Details● Price Level and Price Lists.


Module 06: Goods and Services Tax (GST) & Tax Deductible at Source (TDS):

About Goods and Services Tax (GST) ● Activating Tally in GST●  Setting Up GST (Company Level, Ledger Level or Inventory Level) ●  GST Taxes & Invoices● Understanding SGST, CGST


Here are the best courses to check:


A Career in Tally

Having depth knowledge about tally always adds value to your experience. If you are a professional working in any organization or firm, you can take an advantage of this beneficial course. Knowing Tally can always help an individual to showcase and contribute additional knowledge related to tally. into their workplace to bring out more positive outcomes. Isn’t it exciting?

Since there are no rigid processes that you need to go through, you surely have the privilege to try and grab the opportunity by just paying the fair tally fees. Have a look at the few main career options that a candidate can avail of –


1. Accountant-

Here we are talking about someone who performs accounting-related duties including accounting analysis, audit, and financials. An accountant conducts an inspection and audit of financial transactions in compliance with the given rules, regulations, and guidelines. Accountants are the professionals who ensure accuracy and pertinence.

You get promoted to the next designation as per your performance; accountant-related other positions are Accounts Executive, Senior Accountant, etc.


Salary Package – The salary of a professional working as an accountant ranges from 10,300/- to 40, 0000/-.It totally depends upon the organization you are working in and the number of year’s experience you hold.


2. Inventory Manager-

Professional working as an Inventory Manager is responsible for the Company’s Stock Management. It involves the process of storing, tracking, controlling, managing, and counting the stock present in the enterprise you are working for. The process by which the inventory of a business is ordered for storage and utilization. Looking after the Raw materials, semi-finished goods, final goods, and their storage and supply, and maintaining the condition of the goods available in the stock.


Salary Package – Ranges from 20,000 to 50,000/-. It varies from company to company.


3. Tally Operator-

This job requires a candidate who has a thorough knowledge of tally, the tally operator is responsible for capturing a high volume of data from multiple sources into an error-free database and ensuring the data is maintained appropriately Examine data for faults and mistakes and rectify the errors accordingly to set up the information and organize it in a given way. Individuals can also work as a freelancer and take up the job according to their comfort.


Salary- Tally operators earn somewhere between INR 10,000/- to 30,000/- depending upon the organization they choose.


4. Bookkeeper-

Primarily responsible for keeping an itemized record of sales and other purchases. Bookkeepers assist the company in ensuring the verification and analysis process, help the corporation with the assurance of the audit, and maintained data. Data which is maintained by the professionals are sales, purchases, invoices, revenue, payments, etc.

They maintain the data in general ledgers used to generate balance sheets and profit and loss statements. The salary of a bookkeeper ranges between INR 10,000/- to 20,000/- Subject to prior experience and the company working.


The Best Companies That Hire Applicants for Tally Operations-

Tally Solutions hires for the role of Tally operators, with a salary package of INR 1.5- 2 lakhs annually.

  • AppsNext Technologies India hires employees for tally operations. It offers an annual average CTC of INR 1.2 – INR 4.0 lakhs.
  • Hyundai Mobis Hires a Tally operator every year. It offers the position of Tally Operator with an annual average salary of INR 2 laths annually depending upon the performance.
  • State Bank of India provides vacancies for Tally operations. It hires for the position of Tally and data entry operator and provides a salary package of INR 2.5 – INR 4 laths annually.
  • The fourth company that offers a position related to Tally is Paramount Co. It hires for the position of Tally operator with an annual average CTC of INR 2.4 – INR 3.5 laths annually.
  • DCA Design Company gives you an opportunity to work as a Tally Operator. They provide a salary package of 2.5 L- 3lakhs annually.
  • Bharmal Plastic Industries offers a profile for the tally operators. It provides a salary package of INR 2L- 3 lakhs annually.


FAQs About Tally Course Fees


Is the Tally course beneficial?

As it doesn’t require any pre-requisite qualification or participation, anyone may register for the Tally course. It never fails to add value to your work and the experience you have in the finance or accounting field. A person who is already working in any company or owns a business can also go through the course and gain accounts and finance-related knowledge. The Tally course fees are affordable; anyone can purchase and learn about the course by paying a reasonable amount.


What is a Tally course?

Tally is a popular software program that helps in accounting, recordkeeping, analyzing data, bookkeeping, inventory control, and payroll. It plays a vital role in accounting and finance and business management. A gateway to ensure the data stored is thoroughly checked and is precise & faultless. Tally software comes with different versions (i.e.  Tally ERP, Tally server 9, Shopper 9), while undergoing the course one can learn all the versions and their functions.


What is the salary of a Tally employee?

The Tally Job salary is based on the knowledge and experience someone possesses. Usually, the employees get a package somewhere between INR 10,000/- to 50,000/-, totally depending upon the organization they are working in. Some may offer good packages according to the expectations while others may offer a little less.


What is the difference between Excel and Tally?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that helps with calculation, computation, and graphic tools, creates tables and cells to make pivots, charts, and more, and analyses numerical data. While on the other hand, Tally is a software program that enables data record keeping, analysis, inventory tracking, and control, to manage payroll to execute business dealings. Make the business transactions safe and secure by operating proper auditing and accuracy options.


What are the Tally Course Fees?

The tally course fees are not very high. Tally course fees are quite reasonable and cost-effective. One can have a minimum budget of INR 1,000. It varies in accordance with the course developed and offered to the student. Candidates can expect the fee according to the time duration and course structure provided by the institute.

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