4 Best Tally Training Programs With Placement Assistance

If you were looking for tally training programs, you are at the right place. In this article, you will understand why we need tally, the benefits of tally, explore various institutions offering various programs, and the basic syllabus that you have to follow to pursue a program in tally. Keep reading to get an in-depth overview. 


Let’s Understand Why We Need Tally?

You must have studied in your school days that trade started as a mere exchange of goods and services between individuals or communities, also known as a barter system. Over the years with more complexities we humans developed a system of currency, and the trade was then done by exchange of product or service in exchange of a particular currency.

With more complexities in business and other elements of finance, there was a need to properly document the giving and taking of money. Let’s say you own a business, and you need to remember what money you need to collect from which parties. How much money do you have to pay to some other parties? You need to see how much you have spent over a month.

Though the human brain is the most complex machine on the planet, it was limited by its memory, so there came a need for bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is the process of recording your business’s financial transactions into organized accounts daily.

In Bookkeeping, you record all the transactions that involve money. This includes things like when a business sells a product or service and gets paid, when they buy something, they need for the business and pay for it, or even when they pay employees.

Bookkeeping uses a special system called double-entry bookkeeping. This means that every transaction is recorded in at least two places: one for money coming in and another for money going out. It helps keep everything balanced and makes sure that the records are accurate.

Though a successful model of Bookkeeping had some limitations, in the traditional system of bookkeeping and maintaining financial records, everything is done manually using pen and paper or physical ledgers. This means that every financial transaction, such as sales, purchases, and expenses, needs to be recorded by hand.

This process can be very time-consuming and often prone to errors. Manually writing every transaction takes a lot of time and effort, and mistakes can easily happen when adding or subtracting large numbers, leading to inaccurate calculations.

This is the problem that Tally solves. Tally automates many of the calculations and data entry tasks involved in bookkeeping. This reduces the chances of errors that can occur when doing calculations manually. Tally also provides shortcuts and features that make data entry faster and more efficient.


Benefits of Tally

Tally helps you organize and maintain financial records in a structured manner. It uses a digital format where transactions are recorded in the appropriate accounts automatically. This makes it easier for you to find and access specific information when needed.

Tally can generate various financial reports like profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements with just a few clicks. These reports provide a clear picture of the financial health of a business and help with making informed decisions.

Tally allows you to track your business’s outstanding payments and amounts owed to others. This helps in managing cash flow and ensures timely payments to suppliers and collection from customers. Tally has a built-in feature to handle goods and services tax (GST) compliance. It helps your businesses generate accurate GST invoices, track input and output taxes, and prepare GST returns.

Tally provides data security measures to protect financial information. It allows you to set levels and permissions, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access and modify your data.

Tally can handle the growth of a business. As the business expands, the tally can accommodate larger volumes of transactions and increased complexity in financial management.


Eligibility for Tally:

If you want to pursue a course in Tally, you must know the eligibility criteria for tally training in the industry. In general, there are no strict educational qualifications or prerequisites for learning Tally. It is open to individuals from various backgrounds, including students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Though there are not very strict qualifications for pursuing a course in Tally, the eligibility depends on the training institute or organization offering the course and the type, of program you are pursuing. Tally is a software used for accounting and financial management, so you must have a basic understanding of accounting principles and concepts so that it’s easy for your learning journey.

Before enrolling in any tally training program, it is advisable to check the course description or contact the training provider to clarify any specific eligibility criteria they may have.


What Will You Study in a Tally Training:

While you are pursuing a program in Tally, you will be studying various aspects of Tally software for accounting and financial management. The specific topics covered will vary depending on the training program or course you choose. However here are some common areas that are often covered in tally training.


Introduction to Tally:

Here you will learn about the basics of Tally software, its features, and its interface. This includes understanding the different components of Tally, navigating through menus, and working with company data.


Company creation and configuration:

In this module, you will learn how you will create a new company in Tally and configure it according to specific business requirements. This includes setting up company details, financial year settings, and enabling necessary features.


Chart of Accounts:

you will learn how to create and manage the chart of accounts in tally. This involves setting up ledgers for different types of transactions, creating groups, and organizing accounts hierarchically.


Voucher entry:

Voucher entry is a key aspect of Tally. Here you will learn how you will record different types of transactions such as sales, purchases receipts, payments, journal entries, and more. This includes entering transaction details, selecting ledger accounts, and handling various scenarios.


Inventory management:

Tally provides inventory management features, and you will learn how you will create and maintain inventory records, handle stock items, track stock movements, and perform inventory-related transactions.


Financial Statements:

You will learn how you will generate financial statements such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow statements in Tally. This involves understanding the components of financial statements, interpreting the data, and customizing report formats.


GST Compliance:

If you are in a region where Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applicable, you will earn how you will use tally for GST Compliance. This will include setting up GST details, generating GST invoices, filing GST returns, and managing GST-related processes.


Reports and Analysis:

Tally provides various reports and analysis tools to help businesses gain insights into their financial data. You will learn how you will generate reports such as trial balances, bank reconciliation statements, aging analysis, and more.


These are some of the common topics that you may study in a Tally training. The extent to which a particular subject is covered will depend on the institute and the course type.


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Some of the Best Tally Training Programs in the Industry.


1. Tally Master Course-IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is the world’s fastest-growing ed-tech company. It was established in 2015 with the aim of providing world-class education at affordable rates for students. IIM SKILLS is registered with the Government of India under the Ministry of Micro, small and medium enterprises [MSME] so you can always trust the quality and education standards of the institute.

IIM SKILLS started with just an educational blog. Today they have a worldwide presence where students from all over the world pursue various courses from them like digital marketing master’s course, financial modeling master course, advanced SEO course, GST practitioner Certification course, Business Accounting and Taxation course, Technical writing master course, Artificial intelligence marketing professional course, Content writing master cour

se. One such course offered by them is the Tally Master Course Following we will explore everything about the IIM SKILLS Tally Course. The Tally Master course by IIM SKILLS is an 18-hour self-learning online course where you will be getting 20 hours of lectures and 60+ hours of hands-on practical assignments.

IIM SKILLS doesn’t only give theoretical knowledge but focuses on skill building. When you pursue the IIM SKILLS tally master course, you will be assured to develop your skills in accounting competency, analytics, communication, numerical ability, and computer handling skills.

Their expert trainers will help you master the tools so that you can increase your productivity and become proficient in the precise use of these tools.


Course Curriculum.

Business Accounting
Basic of Accounts
1Accounting Standard (GAAP)
2Types of Accounts
Advance Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime
1Basics of Tally
2Creation/ Setting up of company in Tally
3Creating Accounting Masters in Tally
4Setting up Accounts Heads
5Group and Ledger Creation
6Voucher Entry
7Debit and Credit Note
8Creating Inventory Master in Tally
Advanced Accounting in tally
1Recording of Transactions
2Inventory Management
3Bill Wise Details
4Cost Centre and Cost Categories
5Invoice Entry using voucher Categories
6Payment Vouchers
7Stock Journal
8Adjusting Forex Gain/ Loss
9Bank Reconciliation
10Interest Calculation
11Creating a Group Budget
12Order Processing in Tally
13Sale / Purchase Order Processing
14Display columnar orders and Stock Details
15Reorder levels
16Tracking Numbers
17Bill of Materials
18Price Levels and Price lists
19Stock Valuation
20Depreciation Entries
21Preparation of Trading and Profit and Loss
22Preparation Account Balance Sheet
23Balance Sheet Review/Analysis
24Ratio Analysis
25Columnar Report Review/ Analysis
26Shortcut Keys


2. Tally ERP 9+ Tally Prime + GST 2023- Certificate Course- UDEMY.

Udemy is one of the leading learning platforms offering a vast array of courses. Udemy covers diverse topics such as technology, business, arts, and personal development. Here you will learn about Tally erp9+ Tally Prime+ GST 2023- Certificate Course by Udemy. The advantage of Udemy is that you will advantage to learn at your own pace, and you will be able to access course material anytime.

This is a 16 hours on-demand video course which is designed by K.R. Gupta and R. Gupta on Udemy, it is taken by over 30,120 students on Udemy to date. This course is specially designed for students with no Accounting or commerce background, any individual business owner or career seeker may choose to opt for this course.

If you are interested in pursuing this course, you must have basic computer knowledge so that it helps your learning journey.


UDEMY-Tally Training Course Curriculum.

1Theoretical Accounting or Basic Concepts of Accounting
2Let’s Start Tally. Erp9 from Start installing to Advance Transaction
3Steps Towards Computerised Accounting using Tally Erp9 with GST
4Time to Record Day-to-Day Transactions in Tally Erp9
5Integrate Accounts and Inventory
6Understanding and recording GST in Tally ERP9
7Advance GST Transactions in Tally ERP9 with GST
8GST Transactions for Service Organization in Tally ERP with GST
9RCM- Reverse Charge Mechanism
11Composition Scheme
12Managing Manufacturing Transactions in Tally. Erp9
13TDS- Tax Deducted at Source in Tally Erp9
14Banking- Bank Reconciliation in Tally. Erp9
15Payroll in Tally erp9
16Cost Center, Group, and Categories in Tally.Erp9
17Backup and Restore of Data in Tally.Erp9
18MIS Reports for Managerial Level in Tally. Erp9
19Let’s Start Tally Prime with GST Complete Course
20Working in Tally Prime Latest Software
21Record Daily Transaction in Tally Prime with GST
22Working with Stock in Tally Prime with GST.
23Let’s Start working with GST for Regular Dealer in Tally Prime
24Advance GST Transactions in Tally ERP9 with GST and GST Reports
25Order Processing in Tally Prime
26RCM- Reverse Charge Mechanism in Tally Prime Software
27E-way Bill in Tally Prime
28Composition Scheme in Tally Prime Software
29TDS- Tax Deducted at Source in Tally Prime Software
30Banking- Bank Reconciliation in Tally Prime Software
31Payroll concepts and Working in Tally Prime Software
32Cost Center, Group, and Categories in Tally Prime
33Collect your certificate.


3. Tally ERP9 Expert Course (Hindi)- Tally Training. in

This program of tally training is an online-only video program that will be delivered in Hindi language only. You will not only learn the concepts but also how you can practically implement those concepts in your day-to-day accounting process with practical examples and entries in tally.

Here you will not just learn data entry in tally, but you will learn complete accounting and taxation systems with industry experts. This program is perfect for commerce students, as most Indian small and medium businesses use tally erp9 for their day-to-day accounting work.

This program is also suitable for accountants, who are accounting job persons, tax consultants, chartered accountants, and cost accountants. The fee for this program is 1800 rupees, but the benefit of this program is that you get to watch the first 10 modules free then you can decide whether this program is best for you or not.


You will find the course syllabus in the following table.

1 User Interface and Company Management
2Masters – Ledgers
3Masters – Groups
4Masters – Bill wise Debtors and Creditors Ledger
5Payment Voucher
6Day Book in Tally
7Pre-Allocation of Bills
8Receipt Voucher
9Contra and Journal Voucher
10Cheque Printing in Tally ERP
11Masters: Inventory
12Goods and Services Tax (GST)
13Purchase Voucher with GST
14Sales Voucher with GST
15GST Returns and Payment
16Billing Features in Tally
17Purchase Order Processing
18Sales Order Processing
19Debit and Credit Notes
20Bank Reconciliation in Tally
21Price List in Tally
22Credit Limit
23Stock Transfers
24Manufacturing Vouchers
25 Batch Wise Details
26 Re-Order Level in Tally
27 Interest Calculations (Auto Mode)
28Voucher Types and Class
29Point of Sales
30Scenarios and Optional Vouchers
31 Budgets and Controls in Tally
32Cost Centres and Cost Categories
33Party Ledger Analysis
34Purchase and Sales Reporting
35Stock Analysis and Reports
36Cash and Bank Reports
37Search, Filter, and Sorting
38Financial Reports
40Export, Import, Backup, and Restore
41Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) in Tally
42Payroll Accounting in Tally
43Finalization Entries
44Data Security
45Tally Audit
46Data Synchronisation
48Printing Reports
50Shortcut Keys


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4. Tally Course- Intern Shala Training

InternShala is a tech company, it started with a vision to equip students like you with relevant skills and practical exposure to help you get the best possible start in your career. Internshala has many training programs in the field of programming, business management, engineering, data science, design, creative arts, language, and architecture, one such course is the tally training course by Internshala.

It is a 6 weeks fully online training program where you have the facility to learn at your own pace. You will be required to complete a project at the end of the program, and you will receive a certificate of training at the end of the program. You will also receive placement assistance like you will receive training in how you will build your resume, make applications, and ace your interview.


Intershala tally training syllabus.

1Basic Concepts of Accounting
2Basics of accounting and important terminologies
3the world of tally
4accounting process in tally
5bank reconciliation statement
6tax deducted at source (TDS) and tax collected at source (TCS) accounting in Tally
7payroll in tally
8Goods and Services Tax (GST) Accounting in Tally
9Data Extraction from Tally
10Some Extra Topics
11Final training Project


That was it! These were some of the best tally training programs, we could find for you, though every measure is taken to avoid false information, as a learner we advise you to please check and confirm the details from the official website of the institutes as the information keeps updating.


Following Are Some FAQs For Tally Training


1. Who is eligible for the tally training? Is prior accounting knowledge required to learn tally?

You can be assured that prior knowledge is not mandatory to learn tally, however, a basic understanding of accounting concepts can be beneficial when learning tally. Tally is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible for beginners. There could be some specializations where the institutes may require certain eligibility, you are advised to check thoroughly for the specified program. For the basic stuff, of course, anyone can learn to tally.


2. How much can you earn after tally training?

While tally is one of the most in-demand skills and software in the industry, the earning potential after learning tally software varies on several factors such as your location, work experience, industry, job role, and level of expertise in tally. It’s very important to note that a tally is primarily a tool used for accounting and finance-related tasks, and your salary or income will be determined by various factors beyond just tally knowledge.

In general, having proficiency in Tally can enhance your employability and open opportunities for roles such as Accountant, accounts executive, financial analyst, tax consultant, audit assistant, and more. For entrepreneurs and business people, you may not earn directly but having proficiency in tally will help your business become productive and thus you can earn more money.


3. Tally software is very expensive, is there a version where I can learn for free?

Tally is a commercial software product developed by Tally Solutions, and they offer different versions of the software with varying features and pricing, To access and use Tally software, individuals or businesses need to purchase a valid license from Tally Solutions.

However, tally solutions do offer a free educational version of tally called tally.ERP9, If you are a student or part of an educational institution, you may be able to access the educational version of the tally through your institutions.

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