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Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Nagpur With Placements

If you’re seeking technical writing courses in Nagpur and want to learn more about technical writing and its significance, you’ve come to the correct place. You may get all the specific details about it in this article. Several applications, including those in consumer items and the industrial setting, demonstrate the value of technical writing. Products can become useless and harmful if the specs and usage instructions are not written in clear, precise terms.


Thanks to technical writing, products, and processes can be used safely and according to their intended purposes. Technical writing offers some reassurance that the product is being used as intended, even though it may not be impossible to build and use equipment and processes without reading the technical manuals.


Table of Contents

What is Technical Writing?

What is the importance of Technical Writing?

Different Styles of Technical Writing

Objectives and Responsibilities of a Technical Writer

List of Top Technical Writing Courses in Nagpur




What is Technical Writing?

Professionals communicate about specialized issues using technical writing as a type of communication. A technical writer may provide text to explain or delineate technical ideas about environmental laws, computer programs, or medical treatments.


What is The Importance of Technical Writing?

Applications in consumer goods and the industrial environment are just two examples of how useful technical writing is. If the specifications and usage instructions are provided in exact, lucid language, products may become useful and hazardous. Products and procedures can now be used securely and for the reasons for which they were designed, thanks to technical writing.

In the industrial sector, the value of technical writing may be observed in a variety of contexts, such as when proposing new goods or concepts. When launching a new product or piece of equipment, it’s crucial to be able to write technical documents properly for management and investors.

It’s also a need if the business or person wants to apply for a patent. Technical writing must properly explain the equipment or product’s function as well as any specifications, such as its dimensions, individual components, and power supply, if any.

The utilization of older, more established items and procedures highlights the value of technical writing. Technical guides can be useful when unique scenarios arise or act as a thorough reference in other instances. In an industrial context, trainers may assist staff in learning various pieces of equipment.

Even if someone with greater knowledge or experience isn’t, this information is easily accessible. Documents written in a technical style can minimize downtime or even help to prevent it.


Different Styles of Technical Writing

Technical writing includes a variety of documents that aid consumers in comprehending and using a product or service. Technical writers apply their understanding to provide a clear, short, and simple document that makes it easy for customers to use a product. Technical writing documentation comes in a variety of forms, including:


  • End-User Technical Writing

End-user documentation seeks to empower a product’s users by assisting them in comprehending a product’s basic functionality and typical troubleshooting problems. User manuals, legal disclaimers, employee handbooks, and online help sections are examples of technical documentation that uses this style of language.


  • Expert-To-Expert Technical Writing

This paperwork falls within the technical writing category and consists of things like research summaries, legal papers, and white papers. To assist them go further into a challenging, industry-specific subject, these technical writing examples were created by experts, for experts.


  • White Papers

White papers are prepared to emphasize an organization’s accomplishments, in this case, accomplishments with specific goods or services. Technical writers research challenging subjects for a particular audience and incorporate a business’s product to produce solutions. Case studies, on the other hand, are accounts of real-world experiences that show how a product was used to achieve a client’s business objectives.


  • Proposals and Pitches

Technical writers frequently contribute to proposals and pitches for B2B (business-to-business) sales relationships. Tech writers join the team whenever a company submits the specifications for a partnership or solution to explain the technical nuances of suggestions. Technical writers then compile the most important parts of the executive summary to make a pitch after the business plan is finalized.


  • Brochures

Technical communications brochures are more than just enticing images of a tropical destination you want to visit for a vacation. Through concise product explanations, features, and uses, brochures help users comprehend and be drawn to a product.


  • Process Documentation Writing

Process documentation is intended for use internally by organizations to provide knowledge about how to carry out a task, with a focus on developing standardized, corporate procedures. Step-by-step instructions, corporate wikis, KPI and goal reporting, OKRs, and HR rules are a few examples of this kind of technical writing.


  • Technical Marketing Communications

Most technical marketing communications are classified as B2B (business to business) writing. To increase brand awareness and aid in the comprehension of the main advantages of the product by potential buyers, technical writers must convey their expertise in plain language. Sales pitch decks, in-depth case studies, educational articles, and business emails are a few examples of how businesses use technical marketing writing to advertise or sell their goods and services.


  • Professional Reports and Reviews

Technical writers contribute to the creation of reports for company growth and educational institutions in addition to writing for scientists and physicians. Project and business status reports, business case reviews, and personnel activity reports are examples of professional reports.


Other best courses in Nagpur:


List of Top Technical Writing Courses in Nagpur


1. IIM SKILLS for Technical Writing Courses in Nagpur

One of India’s most prominent and well-known universities is IIM SKILLS. One of the top ed-tech institutions in the world, it aims to close the gap between skill development and education. You can study whenever it’s convenient for you because all of its courses are offered online.

For working professionals, it is even more convenient because of the flexible batch scheduling. The fact that IIM SKILLS provides lifetime access to its courses via its learning management system is one of its strongest advantages.

This characteristic sets it apart from its rivals. In the same way, this should be viewed favorably when learning technical writing. Industry specialists provide you with more than just academic knowledge, they also train you practically.


Technical Writing Course Content

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Content Conception
  • Creating your Content
  • Technical Reports
  • White Paper Journals
  • Conversational Writing
  • DDLC and Versioning
  • Reviewing and Publishing
  • API documentation using XML
  • Datasheets, User Manuals, and Application Notes
  • Effective Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • Case Study


Course Duration :

5 Weeks of Online Technical Writing Courses


Course Fees: 14,900 INR +GST


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


2. Udemy for Technical Writing in Nagpur

Another well-known firm is Udemy, which offers more than 19,000 online courses in a variety of subjects. Individuals who are already working can choose an online certification platform to increase their level of experience in a particular industry. Because it is provided by one of the top online businesses, those looking for Technical Writing in Nagpur can select this course.

The learning experience on Udemy, a giant open online course provider, divides the curriculum into several modules and courses that may include videos, text notes, and assessment tasks. Closed captioning and note-taking capabilities are among the useful features of Udemy’s video player.


Content of the Technical Writing Courses in Nagpur

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Defining Technical Writing
  • Technical Writing: To Know Your Topic
  • To Know Your Audience
  • Technical Writing: Plan the Book
  • Technical Writing: To Write the Book
  • How to Write Well
  • How to Rewrite the Book
  • How to Polish Your Writing
  • Basics of Structured Writing
  • Understanding DITA
  • What is DITA Map, How to Create a DITA Map?
  • Learn DITA Topics
  • Common DITA Topic Elements
  • Output Production (HTML5 and PDF)


Course Duration: 8 sections – 19 Lectures – 1 hour 34m

Course Fees – INR 2000


3. ECT ( Education and Career Times) for Techincal Writing Courses in Nagpur

The only training facility designated as a startup by the Indian government is Education & Career Times (ECT). Participants from the top multinational corporations from all over the world have been trained by ECT, which has its headquarters in Delhi. Several trainees have received assistance from ECT Delhi to land a great career in prestigious Indian and international organizations. Some of their students have found success as business owners.

They have participants of all ages and educational levels. They come from a variety of prestigious international corporations. These courses have aided them in honing their skills and accelerating their ascent up the corporate ladder. This will the best option for those looking for Technical Writing Courses in Nagpur.


Content of the Technical Writing Courses in Nagpur

Option 1

Technical Writing Course

  • Module 1: Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Module 2: Grammar and Stlying in Technical Writing
  • Module 3: Information Architechure
  • Module 4: Master a Markdown Language
  • Module 5: Learn XML
  • Module 6: Learn JSON
  • Module 7: Learn DITA
  • Module 8: Document Authoring Tool
  • Module 9: Technical Authoring Tool
  • Module 10: API Documentation
  • Module 11: Agile Documentation Strategy
  • Module 12: Careers in Technical Writing
  • Module 13: Contributing to Open-Source Projects
  • Module 14: Other Useful and Beginner-Friendly Tools


Course Duration – 3 Months

32 Hours of Classroom / Live Training


Course Fees – INR 16,949+ GST(18%)= INR 19,999


Option 2

Technical Writing + [HTML + CSS + JavaScript ] Course Module

  • Module 1- 14: All Modules from Option 1 – Technical Writing Course
  • Module 15: Introduction to Web Development Fundamentals
  • Module 16: Setting Up Dev Environment
  • Module 17: Learning HTML 5- Elements and Structure
  • Module 18: Learn HTML – Tables
  • Module 19: HTML Forms
  • Module 20: Semantic HTML
  • Module 21: Learn CSS
  • Module 22: Introduction to JavaScript
  • Module 23: Learn JavaScript Conditionals
  • Module 24: Learn JavaScript Functions
  • Module 25: Learn JavaScript Scope
  • Module 26: Learn JavaScript Arrays
  • Module 27: Learn JavaScript Loops
  • Module 28: Learn JavaScript Objects, Iterators, Classes, Modules
  • Module 29: Error & Debugging in JavaScript
  • Module 30: Concept of DOM
  • Module 31: DOM Events with JavaScript
  • Module 32: Building Interactive Website with JavaScript
  • Module 33: Async JavaScript and HTTP Requests


Course Duration: 3-6 Months

96 Hours of Classroom/Live Training

Course Fees : INR 33,898 + GST(18% )= INR 39,999


4. Coursera for Technical Writing

Anybody, anywhere, may access online courses and degrees from renowned universities and corporations through Coursera, a worldwide online learning platform. To provide flexible, affordable, and career-relevant online learning to people and organizations throughout the world, Coursera collaborates with more than 275 top universities and businesses.

From practical projects and classes to degree and certificate programs that prepare students for employment, they provide a variety of learning options. This option will be fantastic for individuals looking for Technical Writing Courses in Nagpur because they provide courses with participant flexibility.


5. Alison for Technical Writing

You will learn the fundamentals of technical writing and communication in this online course. The fundamental rules and traits of technical writing, the difficulty and iterative nature of the writing process, the significance of knowing your audience and writing particularly to satisfy their needs, and other topics will be covered in this course.

Also, you’ll discover how to use techniques that improve readability and clarity. For individuals who want to improve their skills while still working, Alison is the greatest online school, and for those looking for Technical Writing Courses in Nagpur, this is one of the best options.


Content of the Technical Writing Courses in Nagpur

  • Module 1: Basics of Technical Communication
  • Module 2: Professional Style
  • Module 3: Document Design
  • Module 4: Research Methods
  • Module 5: Common Document Types – Part One
  • Module 6: Common Document Types – Part Two
  • Module 7: Course Assessment


Course Details: 3 hours of course

Course Fees – Free Online Course


Must Check:


6. Google Developers

Anyone looking for Technical Writing Courses in Nagpur can benefit most from this online course from Google Developers. To provide software engineers and roles closely related to engineering with training writing skills, Google Developers has created these two technical writing training courses.

These courses will aid in the creation of clear software documentation and a successful help system. Written Technically The basics of technical writing are covered in one course, along with other topics like avoiding annoying pronouns, changing passive phrases into active ones, and distinguishing between bulleted and number lists.

On the other hand, Technical Writing Two is a complimentary online follow-up course for people who have already taken their first technical writing training. It delves further into the more complex facets of technical writing, such as creating drafts, planning out lengthy articles, and creating concise figure captions, among others. A basic understanding of English writing is necessary for these two courses to create a positive learning experience.


Course Content

  • Technical Writing One
  • Technical Writing Two
  • Technical Writing for Accessibility


Cost: Free



7. FutureLearn for Technical Writing

With the aid of this technical writing training course from FutureLearn, learn how to convey your complex thoughts and turn them into reports for engineers that are easy to read. For roughly six weeks, this self-paced training will cover important subjects like the structure of effective technical reports and the writing and delivery skills required for them.

It will also discuss the significance of citations and how using figures, diagrams, and labeling may help authors become better writers. Learners should be able to create their technical engineering reports by the end of the course and successfully convey information to their audience.

This will provide you with the best online course for those working professionals who desire to upgrade their skills and the best option for those reaching out for Technical Writing Courses in Nagpur.


Scope of the Course:

Segmenting data, defining and creating documentation set using XMetal, DITA (Darwin Information Type Architecture)


Course Fees: Free for 8 Weeks which covers all the basics and

64 USD for Lifetime Access


8. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the well-known online platforms for technical writing courses in Nagpur. The course develops specialist writing skills that are crucial for communicating information learned through a cycle of specialized or test work. The course includes the components that determine the level of specificity of the language and concepts used.

You will learn how to create various specialized reports, such as lab reports, case studies, plan and logic reports, progress reports, counseling reports, etc. The course also discusses a few linguistic, stylistic, and content challenges that you can run into when presenting the findings of your research.


Course Contents

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Documentation Process
  • Technical Writing Process
  • Grammar and Editing
  • Technical Writing Software Tools
  • Components of a Technical Document
  • Technical Writing Techniques
  • How to Create a Technical Document Template
  • Overview of Formats of Technical Documents
  • Advanced Technical Writing Tools


Course Duration

36 Hours of Online Interactive Classes


Objectives and Responsibilities of a Technical Writer



  • Create thorough documentation that complies with organizational requirements.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of goods and services, and convert difficult information into clear, well-written, and interesting material.
  • Converting insights into language for user success, creating material that is user-friendly and fits the demands of the target audience.
  • Create and keep up a comprehensive collection of reference materials with research, usability tests, and design criteria.
  • Examine the content at hand and come up with creative ways to make it better.



  • Work closely with several departments to understand the needs of the project as you conduct research, create an outline, and write, and edit content.
  • Consult subject-matter experts for information, then create, arrange, and produce procedure manuals, technical specifications, and process documentation.
  • Determine the best options for data compilation and centralized storage in collaboration with development and support leads by locating documentation repositories, editing them, and revising them.
  • Identify, develop, and manage information architecture templates that are compliant with organizational and regulatory requirements and facilitate data movement.
  • Create content for alternative media platforms that are as usable as possible and use a consistent voice throughout all documentation


FAQs: Technical Writing Courses in Nagpur


1.    What is Technical Writing in Simple Words?

Technical writing understandably conveys essential information. It aids in project management by simplifying complex ideas into simple terms, like in a business plan for investors.


2.    Expected Salary of a Technical Writer.

The average yearly income for technical writers in India is 5.7 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 2.8 lakhs to 13.0 lakhs. Salary projections are based on the most recent 6.4k wages provided by technical writers.


3.    Is Technical Writing a Good Career?

According to Hunt, Technical Writers are essential to a product’s success. It is undoubtedly a collective effort. Between 2021 and 2031, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 5.5% increase in employment for technical writers. 3,100 more jobs are expected to become available over that time.


4.    Companies that hire Technical Writers.

  • Samsung
  • IBM
  • HCL
  • BMC
  • Oracle
  • ZOHO



Simplifying complex data points and conveying them to those who need them most is the process of technical writing. The majority of businesses use it to succinctly describe and illustrate how their services, products, and processes work. But all too frequently, even the most skilled writers in their fields struggle to produce technical writing that both their expert and non-expert readers will understand. The trick to creating effective technical publications is to write and communicate well.

These abilities can be gained and developed through a variety of training and activities, even though they aren’t exactly rocket science. Enrolling in technical writing training programs and seminars will provide you with the skills you need to create documents that are useful and accurate.

Above are the listed Technical Writing Courses in Nagpur which the article gives all the necessary information about the institutions. You may acquire the necessary skills and information to create meaningful documents that are simple to read, comprehend, and follow by enrolling in technical writing training classes and workshops.

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