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Top 5 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kolkata

Kolkata, a city in India famous for its literature, has always been the center of education. It is a well-known hub for universities and colleges. Here you will find excellent institutes that offer pocket-friendly and inexpensive business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata. So if you want to pursue a BAT course and kick start your accounting career, then Kolkata is a great place and a perfect destination. 


So before we will move and talk about the top business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata. Let us discuss a bit about what is BAT.


What is the Business Accounting Taxation Course (BAT)? 

 Let us first understand the meaning of business accounting and taxation separately. 


Business Accounting 

Business accounting is a method of gathering, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting financial information on business activity, recording transactions, and producing financial statements. 



Taxation refers to the deed of imposition of compulsory levies on individuals or entities by a taxing authority or government. The tax is a levy in almost every country of the world. It includes income, capital gains, or estate. Primarily to raise revenue for the government to support military expenditures and build and maintain roads, along with many other purposes that positively affect the economic growth and welfare of the public.


Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Kolkata help students develop multi-level skills and provide in-depth knowledge of accountancy. It integrates a balanced mix of theoretical and industrial knowledge of bookkeeping and account-keeping to help get a wholesome perspective.

It aims to impart students with the fundamental of Accounting concepts, Basics of GST & GST in Tally, Finalisation of Financial Statements, taxation, Payroll and its components, Basics of Income Tax & Income Tax in Tally, BUSY Practicals, SAP, Soft Skills, and, Excel for Accounting & MIS.

Before answering, what is a business, accounting, and taxation course (BAT), it is necessary to understand the type of taxes in India that will be an essential part of the BAT course.


 Types of Taxes 

There are two primary classifications of taxes which are further sub-categorized into other categories. 


  • Direct Taxes 

A direct tax is a kind of tax directly paid to the government by the individual or organization. 


Subdivisions of Direct Taxes 

Here are the subcategories of direct taxes:


1. Income Tax

The government levied a certain percentage on the annual income of earning individuals. Income does not only mean money earned as a salary. It also involves income from house property, profits from business, gains from the profession (such as a bonus), capital gains income, and ‘income from other sources. The government is also keen on listing credits and deductions that help lower individual tax liabilities.


2. Capital Gains Tax

A capital gains tax is a charge on the sales of – property, stocks, real estate, or a business. Tax can easily estimate by finding out the difference between the amount of acquisition and the selling amount. 


3. Transfer Tax 

A transfer tax refers to a tax enforced by a state or local government to pay when the transfer of title to property from one entity to another. This tax applies to real state property that requires a title and imposes when the title transfers to the new owner’s name. 


4. Entitlement Tax 

An entitlement or payroll tax is a direct tax that serves people with a social program, such as health services like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. 


5. Property Tax 

A Property tax primarily charges on – immovable properties like land and buildings and uses for maintaining public services such as the police and fire departments, schools and libraries, and roads. And on tangible personal property that is movable, like vehicles and equipment. 


6. Securities Transaction Tax

Security transaction tax imposes on the stock market and securities trading. The tax must charge on the price of the mutual funds, shares, and securities traded on the ISE (Indian Stock Exchange) carried out by an individual or entity.


7. Corporate Tax 

A corporate tax, also known as corporation tax or company tax, is a direct tax levy on the income of a company or analogous legal entities. The sub-divisions of corporate taxes are “as follows”:


7.1. Dividend distribution tax (DDT): Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) is a tax levied on the dividends distributed by a company out of their profits among their investors or shareholders. Dividend distribution tax (DDT) eliminate after the announcement made by the finance minister in the 2020 budget.

7.2. Fringe benefits tax (FBT): Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) is a tax that an employer pays for the benefits of the company employees. The expenses include: – accommodation, transportation, leave travel allowance, entertainment, retirement fund contribution by the employee, employee welfare, and Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), etc.

 7.3. Minimum Alternative Tax (MAT): Minimum Alternate Tax or MAT is a provision in direct tax laws to limit tax exemptions availed by companies so that they compulsory pay a minimum amount of tax to the central- government. 


  • Indirect Taxes 

An indirect tax is a tax that can pass on to another individual or entity. The burden of tax payment is on the end consumer, as they are the ones who are purchasing the products. Presently, there is only one indirect tax levy by the government, known as GST or the Goods and Services Tax. 

Illustrations of Indirect Taxes include Excise Duty, customs Duty, Entertainment Tax, Service Tax, Sales Tax, Gross Receipts Tax, and Value-Added Tax (VAT).


Goods and Services Tax (GST)

The goods and services tax (GST) is a value-added tax (VAT), an indirect tax imposed on the supply of goods and services. It is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-oriented tax. GST replaces other indirect taxes, such as Value Added Tax (VAT), octroi, customs duty, service tax, purchase tax, Central Value Added Tax (CENVAT), and excise taxes. It is one tax that is applicable everywhere in India.


Other Taxes

Other taxes are lesser revenue generators and are small taxes. The various sub-divisions of other taxes are:


1. Service Tax

A service tax is an indirect tax payable to services provided by the service providers. The service tax-gatherer by the central government of India and deposited with them.


2. Excise Duty

An Excise Duty is an indirect tax levy on products or goods produced by a company in India. It is a tax on manufacturing that pays by the manufacturer, who consecutively recovers the amount from their customers.


3. Value-added Tax 

VAT stands for Value Added Tax – the indirect tax levied on the sale of any movable products. VAT comprises Central Sales Tax, which pays by the Government of India State, And Central Sales Tax, given to the respective State Government. It is a tax on the final consumption of goods or services and is enureses by the consumer.


4. Custom duty

Customs Duty is a type of Indirect Tax levied on the goods imported to India. In certain circumstances, Customs Duty imposes on products exported out of India. The government uses this duty to raise revenues, safeguard domestic businesses, and regulate the movement of products.


5. Stamp Duty

A Stamp Duty is an indirect tax levied by the State government on the relocation of immovable property in the states of India. Stamp tax also applies to all legal documents.


6. Entertainment Tax

The Entertainment tax is a kind of indirect tax charged by the state government and applies to any product or transaction related to entertainment. Some forms of entertainment on which entertainment tax levy include: – Amusement Parks, Video Games, arcades, Exhibitions, movie shows, Celebrity Stage Shows, Sports Activities, etc.


7. Securities Transaction Tax (STT)

Securities Transaction Tax (STT) is a type of Indirect Tax. This tax levy during the trading of securities through the Indian Stock Exchange. These securities involve shares, Mutual Funds, F&O Transactions, etc. 


Is BAT Course Worth It? 

Yes, the BAT courses in Kolkata help you familiarize yourself with the essential core component of commerce. It will open the door for your future career in accounting, Finance, or taxation. It is one of the best and perfect courses for graduates.

The course helps pupils with the knowledge of technical systems of Accounting like System Application Product (SAP) financial reporting and auditing ERP software, MIS reporting, SAP, QuickBooks, auditing, learning payroll, Goods and Services Tax, and more. The entry-level salary after a Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) course falls between 2 to 8 lakhs.


Eligibility Criteria 

A candidate is necessarily a graduate with a Commerce background to be eligible for the Post-Graduate BAT courses in Kolkata and to have a basic working knowledge of computers.


Must check out the other best courses in Kolkata


Top 5 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kolkata



IIM SKILLS institute provides one of the finest business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata. Students enroll in this short-term certification BAT course to help strengthen their core skills with theoretical knowledge and practical training. It provides professional education in accounting, taxation, integral policies of finance, and specialized training in Tally and Advanced Excel.

The business accounting and taxation program help build your career in becoming an accountant, tax consultant, company law assistant, corporate legal assistant, account executive, finance manager, and tax analyst, and secure high-paying jobs in top MNCs.

The BAT program developed by industry experts is a four-month course (120+ Hours Lectures | 60+ Hours Practical Assignments) recognized by the government of India and covers every aspect of accounting and taxation.

Because of their extreme features, IIM SKILLS is considered to provide the best business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata. The course is suitable for commerce graduates, solopreneurs, and MBA aspirants or professionals.


BAT Course Curriculum

  • Module 1. Accounting and accounting in tally
  • Module 2. GST and GST tally
  • Module 3. TDS and TDS in tally 
  • Module 4. Payroll and payroll with the tally
  • Module 5. Income tax with the tally
  • Module 6. Advanced excel and MIS reporting
  • Master’s BAT certification
  • 24×7 support 


Key Features 

  • 100% interview guarantee
  • Lifetime Access To The Live Classes & Recordings via LMS
  • Tools-based practical learning and mentorship by top-level CAs
  • Internship opportunity 
  • Dedicated placement cell 


Tools Covered 

  • QuickBooks
  • advanced excel
  • Tally
  • BUSY


Program Name – Business Accounting and Taxation Course

Course Duration- 4 months

Fees- INR 9,900 + 18% GST


Contact Details 

Email id- [email protected] 


Other Courses Offered by IIM SKILLS-


2. EduPristine

EduPristine is one of the leading institutes providing business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata. They have an experimental and practical learning course along with soft skills training. The BAT courses in Kolkata help students become industry-ready accounting professionals.

The course curriculum is – systematically structured and made by an industry professional having years of experience in accounting and taxation. The program contains -9 modules, 14 projects, and four software. The lectures give more importance to conceptual understanding and practical implementation.

They will provide you with hands-on training that focuses on real-world scenarios based on case studies and projects using accounting software and other tools used in the organization. After completing business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata by EduPristine, you can apply for multiple roles in any multinational company in the accounting field. 


Course Curriculum

  • Module 1. Fundamentals of Accounting 
  • Module  2. Basics of GST and GST at Tally
  • Module  3. Fundamentals of Income Tax 
  • Module  4. Payroll and its components Basics of Payroll
  • Module  5. Excel for Accounting & MIS
  • Module  6. Finalization of Financial Statements
  • Module  7. BUSY Practicals
  • Module  8. SAP
  • Module 9. Soft Skills


Key Features

  • Experiential & Practical Training by industry experts
  • Interview preparation workshop
  • Career services and placement support 
  • Resume preparation aid 
  • Effective business communication training 


Tools Covered 

  • SAP
  • Tally
  • BUSY
  • Excel


Course Name – Post-graduation program in business accounting and taxation

Course Duration- 5 months


Contact Details:-

Phone no- 1800 200 5835

WhatsApp no- 918828322444

Email id- [email protected] 


3. Finprov

If you want to pursue business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata, then FinProv is the best institute. The program is perfectly designed by experienced charter accountants and industry experts in the accounting and finance domain for commerce students and finance and accounting professionals.

It helps students learn – basic skills, practical knowledge, and advanced knowledge of various software and tax systems. The Business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata by finProv will help you get a job in the accounting field. 

Students enrolling in the program will learn the following things: –The preparations, finalization, and analysis of profit & loss account and balance sheet, GST including return filing, self-preparation of a cash budget and MIS report, latest versions of tally prime and QuickBooks, income tax with TDS, advance tax and all heads of income, and corporate laws, ESI & PF computation.


Course Curriculum 

  • Module 1. Practical Accounting
  • Module 2. Tally prime-basics & advanced
  • Module 3. GST theory
  • Module 4. GST practical
  • Module 5. Income tax basis (theory & practical)
  • Module 6. QuickBooks 
  • Module 7. MS Excel (basic & advanced)
  • Module 8. Business law
  • Module 9. ESI & PF calculations
  • Module 10. Advanced MS Excel
  • Module 11. Professional skills. 
  • Module 12. Language Club


Key Features

  • Tech-enabled learning
  • 360-degree exposure
  • Hands-on training with case studies
  • Personalized career assistance


Tools Covered 

  • Tally 
  • Income tax
  • GST
  • MS Excel
  • QuickBooks
  • PF & ESI Calculation
  • Basics of SAP FICO


Program Name- certification in business accounting and taxation (CBAT)

Course Duration- 6 months

Fees- 40,000


Contact Details-

Phone no- 9189436 44444


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4. George Telegraph Institute of Accounts

The Professional BAT Course offered by George Telegraph Institute of Accounts is one of Kolkata’s highly reputable Business Accounting and Taxation Courses. BAT is a self-paced program. The course creates by a GTIA institute in such a way that a commerce graduate to a newbie can learn about accounting and taxation. 

Students enrolled in the program will learn the following include: – interactive tutorials that highlight the Accounting Map to cover all levels of financial accounting, Microsoft Office, Advanced Excel, Costing and Finance, Banking, and Insurance, Auditing, Direct and Indirect Tax, and many more.

Business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata by George Telegraph Institute of Accounts help you learn- Business Computer applications, Tally Erp9, Direct Tax, Goods and Service Tax, Banking and Insurance, Auditing, E-filing of statutory returns, and Hands-on Training in advanced software.


Course Curriculum

  • Module 1. Windows and MS Office
  • Module 2. Financial Accounting 
  • Module 3. Advanced Accounting
  • Module 4. TallyPrime
  • Module 5. Management and Communication Skills
  • Module 6. Direct Tax
  • Module 7. Goods and Services Tax
  • Module 8. Advanced MS Excel 
  • Module 9. Specific Papers


Key Features 

  • Secure a lifetime career as an Accounting Professional.
  •  Get comprehensive training in accounting, taxation, Computer Skills, and Soft Skills for perfect professional development.
  •  Get opportunities of working in national and international organizations or start your own business.
  •  Practical and Hands-on training ensures you are ready for real job-related challenges.
  •  Apply the concepts in practical case-like problems to simulate a real-world environment.
  •  Learn to work Smart along with the proper use of technology.
  • Six-month internship opportunity.


Program Name – Diploma in professional business accountant course.

Course Duration – 12 months (52 weeks)


Contact Details 

Phone no- +917604014541/ +917604014542


5. Synergy School of Business Skills 

The Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Kolkata offered by the Synergy School of Business Skills are one of the best excellent programs. Any commerce student can enroll in a program whose core area of interest is finance, accounting, and taxation. The course is created and designed by industry experts in such a way that it covers practical aspects of both Direct and Indirect tax along with strong accounting, excel, and reporting skills.

The course is suitable for freshers looking for a job in Accounting & Taxation Sector, / B.B.A / MBA / commerce graduates and any Accounting Professionals. Business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata by Synergy School of Business Skills help you learn skills and concepts like – Practical Accounting, Advanced Excel, Payroll Management, Goods and Service Tax, and Income Tax. 


Course Curriculum

  • Module 1. Introduction to practical accounting 
  • Module 2. Advanced Excel
  • Module 3. Payroll 
  • Module 4. Introduction about goods & services tax
  • Module 5. Introduction about income tax and sources of income 


Key Features 

  • 2 Months Course with 100% Placement Aid
  • Industry Relevant Content
  • Case Study Based on hands-on training
  • Simulation-based practical training
  • Training by Industry Experts
  • Get Trained in accounting software like Tally
  • Knowledge of Advanced Excel and Payroll Management
  • Get in-depth training in GST (Goods & Service Tax)
  • Practical Income Tax Training
  • Get A-Z Accounting Process Training
  • Certificate to authenticate your skills
  • Exhaustive classroom training schedule
  • Dedicated computer Lab
  • Self – Paced learning content
  • Industry endorsed course-curriculum
  • Case studies for real-life practice
  • Comprehensive study notes
  • Career services
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Dedicated discussion forums 


Program Name- Business Accounting and Taxation Basics Course

Course Duration- 120 hours 


Contact Details-

Phone no-  (91 44) 4596 6100

Email id- [email protected] 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Question 1. Can I get a job after the Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Kolkata?

Yes, it does. Pursuing BAT courses in Kolkata will help you land a job. A certified BAT applicant can work in various fields such as Taxation, Real Estate Financing, Auditing, Budget Analysis, Management Accounting, Corporate Taxation, Personal Finance Consultant, Revenue Agent, and many more.


Question 2. What is the benefit of doing the BAT courses in Kolkata?

The benefits of pursuing the business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata are:

  1. Advanced skill set and in-depth knowledge of Business, Accounting, and Taxation domain
  2. Exposure to various accounting and financial jobs
  3. A route to a successful career after completing of BAT course


Question 3. What is the time duration required to complete business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata?

Business accounting and taxation is a short-period diploma course. If the candidate has dedication and passion, it takes a minimum of 4 to 5 months to complete the BAT courses in Kolkata.



Above mentioned is the list of some best institutes of business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata. You can become an industry expert by enrolling in any of these institutes, happy learning. 

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