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Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata With Certificates

The past few decades have been a game changer in terms of India emerging as a tech lead on the globe. And that being so, the demand for technical minds today is almost revolutionary. If you have a logical mindset and enjoy well-organized writing, you may just be chasing the most lucrative employment opportunities that exist presently. And with the rich educational heritage that Kolkata as a city offers, robust promising technical writing courses in Kolkata will escalate your handiness and enable you to contribute to the success of any organization.


But before divulging into the technical writing courses in Kolkata, let us give you a precise knowledge of what technical writing is. Simply put, the purpose of technical writing is to convey complex business information in an easily understandable language, in pursuit of achieving a defined goal. While traditionally, technical writing was limited to instructional materials or manuals of some sort, in the current digital age it has vastly broadened and comprises any documents of technical processes.


All reports, briefs, policies, press releases, emails, and executive summary statements that need to be distilled and presented explicitly fall under the umbrella of technical writing. While it is amazing how the meaning and sense of technical writing have changed over the years, it continues to be one of the well-paying jobs in the business side of writing.


Let Us Understand How Technical Writing is Different From Business Writing.


The new emerging magnitude of technical writing has blurred the lines with business writing. However, factually speaking, they are both still different from one another. While they may be interrelated, they are still not interchangeable. Business writing will also include technical information but the approach and tone may vary.


An introductory email to a new client is completely business oriented and will adopt a professional but warm approach. On the other hand, a user manual is impersonal and will have a neutral and competent tone. Objectively, the difference between the two is communicating the intent vs the instruction.


Why Are Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata So Sought After?


The technicalities of using software, operating industrial equipment, complying with a certain law, coaching a talent team, first-aid instructions, any partnership or alliance, and safely consuming packed products – all require the necessary directives for the goal to be accomplished.


Additionally, organizations are on the lookout for skilled content writers to design and produce their products, explain internal processes, define their policies, or sell their services to other businesses. Writers are aware that propitious technical writing courses in Kolkata will heighten their scope in almost every field, thereby soaring their career path.


An interesting dimension in the role of a technical writer is their early access to the development and demos of the product that they are supposed to write about. Since their job profile permits them to engage with the product from the initial stages, their parallel role is that of a user. How else will they be able to determine the technical flaws or the pain points of the product while writing about it?


The potential flaws of a product need acknowledgment and redressal before it is written about, after all. Technical writers, therefore, boast of comprehensive know-how of every project they undertake. Their contribution is an amalgamation of their ongoing alliances with different key players throughout the lifespan of a project. And that is exactly why the dimension and value of technical writing go beyond bounds.


Ahead of the List of Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata, Please Read About the Following Prevalent Forms of This Genre for a Better Understanding:


1) Medical and Scientific Papers:

One of the first and traditional forms of technical writing, the information in a Medical Research Paper is presented in a highly technical form in a standard format that comprises an Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. The medico-scientific papers demand exceptional detailing since they involve breaking down high-value experiments and findings, along with structuring and penning raw data into a user-friendly form that is understandable for the specific audience.


This is either your research that is shared with other scientists or a review of the research that is conducted by someone else. Simply put, it is a tool to communicate scientific study in an extremely specialized yet reasonable format.


2) User Manuals and Assistance Guides:

These are typically written in a concise form with no usage of fluff statements, to improve the experience for the end-user of the product. The user manuals and guides intend to break down the product into its components and explain the functionality and usage of each part separately, alongside answering any related queries.


3) White Papers:

White Papers essentially offer expert solutions to complex problems. They get their literal definition from back in the day, when government documents that were made for public release, were usually bound in white. Researchers and experts have since begun using the term for the reports and analyses that they intend to release for public perusal.


Having said that, White Papers are not openly available to the masses. They tend to be gated content given the nature of such documents. They are ultimately an organization’s findings and recommendations supported by facts and figures. And hence, the interested audience needs to provide their contact information in a lead generation form before downloading the said material. A useful concise White Paper must ideally include an Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Content Sections, Conclusion, and Methodology.


4) Technical Documents, Reviews, and Reports:

Technical Reports are thoroughly researched documents that provide in-depth technical information, aimed at specific technical audiences. Feasibility Reports, Business Plans, Technical Specifications, Research, and Recommendation Reports, Policies, and Procedures –are all branches of Technical Documentation.


They are accurately structured experimental data that is backed by logic and an outcome – and are widely used in medical or biomedical fields, physical sciences, educational institutions, government and commercial organizations, engineering industries, social compass, and others.


5) API Documentation:

Aside from the complicated technical jargon, API is software that enables two applications to talk to each other. And API Documentation is simply an instruction manual that explains how to use Application Programming Interfaces (API). Well-written API documentation will act like a bridge between two devices or software. It will aim at helping the customers and partners connect their online services to your platform, by efficiently sending the information to and fro, and assisting the users with their workflow needs.


6) Executive Summaries:

Executive summaries are an easy digest to an otherwise detailed matter. In a business plan, executive summaries contribute to presenting a concise background of an important matter along with the main conclusions. They are an efficient gist of the larger matter communicating key findings and takeaways, hence playing a crucial part in academia, businesses, law, and policies as a prevalent communication tool.


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7) Case Studies:

As the word suggests, a case study is an intricate study of a particular case or subject, particularly aiming at gaining a multi-faceted understanding. It is an approach that is adopted when there is a requirement for exhaustive appreciation of a person, group, event, or phenomenon- in its natural real-life context.


By this method, a researcher can accomplish a critical, interpretative, and reflective perspective that yields powerful insights about the subject. This research methodology can be branched into six common types:


a) Descriptive Case Studies – Designed around an existing hypothesis, these aim at finding the connection between the subject and the theory.

b) Explanatory Case Studies – Investigate the cause of the event, including the explanation of the cause.

c) Exploratory Case Studies – A self-contained document, this report is the beginning of an investigation and suggests the procedure for further examination.

d) Intrinsic Case Studies – Mostly common in the field of psychology, they aim at an intrinsic study of a unique subject, such as the patient.

e) Instrumental Case Studies – Also prevalent largely in medical and psychology fields, the subject matter is studied with the intent to examine a larger phenomenon.

f) Collective Case Studies – These are based on the collection of Instrumental case reports to spot patterns and differences and understand the complex phenomenon from the varied matrix

8) Technical Emails: Technical communication is formal, crisp, and meant to state the purpose clearly. However, despite being technical, these emails are still articulate and convey professionalism and competence. All email communication is permanent; therefore, it is paramount that the context is framed appropriately and carefully supported with logic and facts.

9) News Releases: Technical news releases are industry and cross-industry data that drive the media along with massive social media engagement. The effectiveness of news releases issued by technology companies depends on the data’s analysis and validity. With intense ongoing competition for coverage, a well-framed news release is an endeavor of the companies to get noticed and stand out.


After a Fair Insight Into What Technical Writing is, Let Us Now Take You Through a Concise List of Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata:


1. IIM Skills:


One of the leading names for technical writing courses in Kolkata is IIM Skills because of the acrobatic nature of their course. Their master’s certification is globally accredited, and their unique course has been designed keeping in mind the exceptional importance of current employment trends. They offer five weeks of online training along with a one-month guaranteed internship.


Along with lifetime technical and consulting support, the institute also helps to develop a portfolio for job seekers and freelance writers. The comprehensive Technical Writing Course of IIM Skills affirms the publishing of the following under their dedicated placement cell:


  1. a) Publishing your First White Paper
  2. b) Publishing your Technical Blog with the Times of India
  3. c) Publishing an Academic Article or a Book Chapter


As highlighted earlier, it is equally important for the learning structure to be job-driven as it is to educate a potential writer. IIM Skills upkeep with the practical training that is relevant in converting the writer’s learning into making a living, and subsequently flourishing in their careers. The detailed curriculum includes the following step-by-step structure:


  1. a) Introduction
  2. b) Writing Manner
  3. c) Content Conception
  4. d) White Papers and Journals
  5. e) DDLC
  6. f) Discourse Writing
  7. g) Proofreading and Publishing
  8. h) Documentation
  9. i) Datasheets and User Guides
  10. j) Case study


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Frankly speaking, technical writing is one of the difficult career choices, considering the responsibility of reputation that it projects. It is therefore supremely important to enroll in an institute that educates one about the realness of the job along with the lucrative assurances. Hence, for aspirants who are seeking a promising course that will help them with the coveted practical assignments and software tools, IIM Skills must be their first choice among the technical writing courses in Kolkata.


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2. ECT:


Education & Career Times, better known as ECT, is a government-recognized institute that boasts of faculties with 8+ years of experience. Headquartered in Cannaught Place, New Delhi, ECT has shaped multiple student entrepreneurs that are currently working with named organizations. They also have participants from multinational organizations who seek to hone their skills to escalate the corporate ladder faster.


ECT commenced in 2010 and remains the only educational training start-up to be government authorized. Their live educational program projects interactive learning and the writer can see the other participants and the instructor during the training session. As a potential writer and tech enthusiast, you get to choose between their two courses –


  1. a) Technical Writing Course
  2. b) Technical Writing Course + (HTML + CSS + JavaScript)


Given their personalized teaching construction and feedback, they are one of the prevailing technical writing courses in Kolkata


3) Udemy:


Udemy offers multiple courses related to technical writing which are individually apt for beginners, intermediate writers, and some for all levels of technical writers. The “Tech Writer’s Master Class” is curated specifically to help writers advance in their careers by imparting professional writing skills and teaching the different aspects of the trade.


They have separate courses on API Documentation, Creating End User Documentation, Writing Software Documentation, Project Management for Technical Writers, Graphics for Software Documentation, and more. Their curriculum structure is designed to keep the different requirements of writers in mind, syncing them with digital market tendencies.


Having said that, for potential writers who are looking out for a jack of all courses among a pool of technical writing courses in Kolkata, Udemy’s “Business Writing & Technical Writing Immersion” must be considered. Being a best seller, this course involves planning, structuring, writing, editing, and delivering effective technical writing along with understanding and defining the audiences.


This course is an easy breakdown of the different elements of the misunderstood complexity of Technical Writing as it educates the writer on communicating clearly and efficiently through proposals and technical documents.


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4) Coursera:


Coursera’s curriculum enjoys a high rating when it comes to technical writing courses in Kolkata, as their module focuses on purpose, audience, and excellence in technical documents. Additionally, they cover technical writing from beginning to end, teaching the writer to be a good technical communicator alongside polishing the information side of this genre. Their clean four-module syllabus takes you through a complete journey of technical writing.


Module 1– Start to Finish: Gives an insight into the in-depth knowledge of technical writing that deals with intricate topics in precise ways.

Module 2 – Organizing The Information: Enables the writer to communicate a large amount of information effectively through visuals designed by graphical tools.

Module 3 – Researching Your Subject: Covers issues about various types of academic and workplace research.

Module 4 – Capstone Project


5) Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning:


Also popularly known as SCDL, this institute provides a full-fledged Post-Graduate Diploma in technical writing. This two-year distance learning program acquaints and prepares the potential writer for theoretical and practical aspects of technical writing. Though there is strict eligibility for the candidate to be a graduate of any discipline from a recognized university, students who are awaiting their final year results are also welcomed – subject to completion of their graduation within the stipulated period specified by them.


The correspondence learning from SCDL has always stood out, given their astute faculty and their rapidly updated curriculum, as per the standards of a full-time management institute. Since its inception, the institute has retained its name in quality education.


The two-year diploma is bifurcated into four semesters that will route you through all shades of technical writing and business management. For aspirants who have found their true calling and don’t have any time constraints, SCDL is your safe bet when it comes to technical writing courses in Kolkata.


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IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


6) British Council:


Technical writing demands minute understanding and detailing, and British Council effortlessly helps the writer to explain complex information in layperson’s terms. The highlight of their online workshop is that you learn to produce technical information for non-specialist audiences after a specific analysis of the reader’s requisites. This course will provide the necessary edge to a writer’s perspective and it should therefore be a shortlist when it comes to technical writing courses in Kolkata.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


1) What are my career choices and job prospects as a technical writer?

The visibility and form of technical writing are difficult to contain. If you have the relevant qualification, you could be highly paid as a computer hardware engineer, computer programmer, or public relations and fundraising manager. Even otherwise, a technical writer could be anything starting from content writers, and content developers to technical trainers or technical instructors. Document specialists, information designers and developers, manual writers, policy writers, web writers, technical communicators, and technical specialists – all of them fall under the massive umbrella of technical writing.


2) Who is an eligible candidate to learn technical writing?

Employers generally prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in English or Communications. Many prefer knowledge and experience together with basic educational qualifications, like in engineering, medicine, or computer science. However, with changing times, there are various start-ups and other brands that believe in inherent technical bend and may consider candidates who have done short courses and can project a smart valuable portfolio. In such cases, there could be short-term training that is imparted within the organization, suiting their requirements and their brand value.


3) What is the exact role of a technical writer in an organization?

Technical writers typically create a technical document based on the needs of the end user. Unlike other forms of writing that are solely a writer’s individualistic attribute, Technical Writing is largely teamwork. Technical Writers work closely with an organization’s software developers, quality assurance testers, and trial representatives. Additionally, with editors, graphic designers, content managers, analysts, and document specialists to produce relevant work.


4) How do I know that I have the necessary technical bend to choose this field of writing?

Many of us, especially the youth tend to have technical flair, considering the information we are continually exposed to along with the many tools and devices that are readily available. But it is important to note that regardless of which technique you use, the greatest challenge is always to sort the relevant information from the irrelevant and the authentic from the fraudulent. This quality is what will determine the right technical bend for anyone, before making a conscious choice.




Like any other skill, writers tend to have a preferred medium in writing too, which is imperative to consider because technical writing may seem bland and intimidating. While this genre is highly-valued in the current digital age, it is also bordered by facts and figures. That is why it may lack luster for writers who indulge in free-spirited penning of thoughts. Also, with technology undeniably being an integral part of every aspect today, there is a dire need to support conventional learning with technical understanding. For this reason alone, the appreciation for Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata and elsewhere is on fleek.


The significance of technical writers in any industry will continue to hike. The vastness of this particular form of writing is proof enough that it is here to stay. A felicitous course will develop a strong technical foundation for the writer and equip them to bridge the gap between the organization and the client. Hopefully, our concise list of reputable Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata will help you start your career today and open you to countless opportunities in the future.

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