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Top 3 Creative Writing Courses In The Philippines

A figment of imagination, a fable that spins a tale of assumed connected events in an imaginative narrative” is how creative writing can otherwise be explained. Does it sound too heavy? To put it in simple language, it is the art of telling stories, in your own words and style, using your imagination. In this article, we would not only be diving deep into the depths of what creative writing is all about but would also take a quick look to analyze the creative writing courses in the Philippines.


What is Creative Writing?

In explaining what creative writing means, there is no right or wrong explanation. Creative writing is imaginative and completely different, a one-of-a-kind, designer piece. This is the kind of writing that, as the name suggests, is creative and has a uniqueness to it when it comes to one’s personal connection to the creative process.

So, there is no definite definition, as creative writing reflects and relates to a lot of different genres and formats. So, what each of us thinks of or the way each one of us would present the same idea would be completely different.

Creative writing is, as a fictitious prose narrative, often viewed by people as a hobby or a leisure activity for the not so career orientated, non-ambitious crowd. This is so far from the truth. Creative writing is a very lucrative career and the field has gained popular demand in recent times in the digital marketing world.

Where anything and everything needs to the described, written about, and presented to the customers in unique, simple, and appealing words. Now, how many of us can say that our hobby is our work, that we get to do something that we love to do every day and make a living out of it too, as creative writers do?

An extremely completive field, yet equally rewarding, it presents an amazing array of opportunities with the variety of genres and different paths this field can diversify itself to.

From writing songs, ad jingles, greeting cards, poems, novels, drama, or movie scripts, anyone with a flair for the language and a unique style in giving emotion to the words can take this up as a paying career.

Some of the best songs, dramas, plays, movies, books, articles, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry came from such great creative minds, who made the most of their creative self and were assisted by the steady development of their knowledge.

It is in a writer’s skilled work that many of life’s realities are revealed to us. Each of our perspectives on the subject presented could be different, sometimes even quite the opposite.

And yet, the words presented in a certain way, stay with us for a long long time. To be a successful writer, you should possess more than talent, you should be able to communicate using words, and you should be able to write.


Benefits of Creative Writing


1. The steady and constant increase in the demand

No matter what kind of genre you are an expert in, the field of creative writing has a constant demand for people who can produce fascinating original work that connects and engages the attention of the intended audience. Whether it is poetry, screenplay, fiction, non-fiction, publishing houses, and literary agents, they are always on the lookout for a fresh voice with a unique tone.

Working as a ghostwriter for example you can help them write their book, and help them to layout and align their story using your words. You just have to decide what you are good at and choose that specific field, you will have numerous creative writing jobs to choose from.


2. Enables learning of many vital skills

Communication is the most effective skill that a creative writer needs for crafting his trade and telling his stories in a very riveting manner. You have the flexibility to choose to work for yourself or for a publishing house, in any case, it will teach you to work independently.

Your ability to present yourself gets better and better, thereby you hone your craft and slowly begin to build yourself to a level where you stand out, with the spotlight shining on your work.

You will learn to market the brand that is you and enjoy regaling the world with your writing prowess. You will have the best of both worlds, a satisfying and fulfilling career that you not only love but also make a living out of.


3. The brand that is “you” needs to be deftly cultivated

Developing and building your own personal brand that showcases who you are to the world is something that needs care and proper attention. While you might be writing for others, you also need to ensure that the end game is all about presenting “you”, or “your work” to the world.

This can be done by knowing how the creative writing industry works. With the help of technology today one can reach any corner of the world, the world today is just a click away and held in the palm of your hand. Make use of technology to launch your work by starting your own writing blog, or maybe post video content to make it more interesting.

Know your target audience, what makes them tick or not, and maybe write a book in a genre of your interest. All of these will make sure that you know how the market works, the ins and out, and once you have mastered this, marketing yourself as a brand will be easier.


4. Sharpens critical thinking and improves the expression of self

Critical thinking is a very valuable skill that is always appreciated. Creative writing is one field that constantly pushes you to up your game and thereby honing this skill. You need to brainstorm and come up with not just new ideas or characters, or plots but think of things that are out of the box, think of things that are beyond the possibility in this realm.

That is the advantage of fiction, what you write need not be confined to any specific norm or rules, and you can let your imagination run wild and free.

You are constantly engaging in developing your plot, and your characters, so you are constantly engaging your left brain, this has proven to be very beneficial in preventing many nerve and memory-associated disorders in the long run.

This analytical skill of critical thinking and logical reasoning comes in handy in everyday life and since you are already using it in your professional life, it is a natural progression to apply the same in one’s personal life too.

Psychological benefits are also a given, due to constant brainstorming, this improves and enhances communication skills, both verbal and written communication. By engaging the brain constantly, directly or indirectly the art of creative writing turns you into a lucid and efficient communicator.


5. A lucrative skill that ensures financial security

Yes, of course, money matters, but it is not the only reason to pursue a creative writing career. It is not true that writers don’t make money, in fact, quite the opposite. Don’t limit your thinking to writing articles, fiction, or poetry, but there’s more to creative writing than that meets the eye.

It is the tip of a massive iceberg, what you see above, on the surface is nothing compared to what lies hidden down below. With the rising trend of transacting online for everything, there is limitless web content that needs to be curated and presented to the consumer with the right polish and flourish, this is where a creative writer comes into play and forays into the hot and happening modern digital marketing world.

Your way with words is exactly what the brands are looking for, to write about their products in such a way that it connects and convinces the customers to make a purchase. So, creative writing is a booming lucrative niche to have and to hold.

In the publishing industry, creative writers earn anywhere from $30 and upwards per hour and there is plenty of these jobs. You have complete autonomy on how much you charge your clients and be your own boss and do as you need, when you need.

Even though AI and data analytics are taking away jobs in many fields, creative writing is a domain that requires a human connection and that is something AI will not be able to provide or replicate. So, these jobs are here to stay.


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6. Get your words’ worth, Creative writing as a career

Creative writers are skilled in multiple things like researching, communication, reading, writing, and editing among other things. So, basically, they can branch out into any field like research-oriented studies or business, education, or media would be an ideal fit, it all is conditional upon where you want to apply your skill and develop it to be your nouveau niche. Some of the top contenders in the job market today are:


  •       Blogger
  •       Author
  •       Journalist
  •       Freelancer
  •       Copywriter
  •       Social media content manager


7. Make a Difference

Words are very powerful and leave a lasting impact on a person, that is why it is always said to watch what you say. So, it is not just about making money, but also connecting with your readers. Maybe someone will draw inspiration from your writing, they might be comforted by the empathy that they read in your words, or they might draw strength and turn their life around.

Words can create a positive impact and influence people to make an actual difference in the world today. Your word might touch someone, it might have been the exact thing that they need then, be happy knowing that you made a difference, you made someone happy today with your words.


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Best Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

Let us now explore and take a look at some of the best creative writing courses in the Philippines.



IIM SKILLS is a leading institute that offers a creative writing program. This is a four-week Content Writing Course for learners of all levels. Students are trained under industry experts and are given a certification upon successful completion.

During the internship program, the students are given practical assignments that form a part of the practical learning curve. This gives the student a taste of the real world and a better understanding of what is expected in the industry.

E-book writing, blog writing, and article writing are some of the areas that the students are trained in during the internship program. This is among the best creative writing courses in the Philippines that are offered completely online and currently during weekends.


2. Coursera

Coursera offers a Creative Writing Master Class Course, which is one of the best creative writing courses in the Philippines. This course is at an advanced level and is not a course for you if you are a novice or a beginner. It is a course targeted at enriching your writing to make it more effective and succinct.

Margaret Atwood the author of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale will be the course instructor talking you through a plethora of topics and videos highlighting the importance of areas such as:


  • Starting to write, how to
  • Storyline and plot
  • Structuring your novel
  • The importance of the first five pages of your book
  • Character creation and bringing them to life
  • Overcome roadblocks
  • Research, the importance of
  • Reviews, how to handle them, and much more.


Learn the trade from the master craftswoman herself as she unfolds the mysteries and reveals the truths behind the journey on the path to becoming a successful creative writer.

Coursera also offers another course for scriptwriters for television and the big screen. The creative process of this course is portioned and sized into smaller elements to enable a more in-depth and structured learning process. The duration of this course is for 20 weeks.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


3. Udemy

Secret Sauce of great writing by Udemy is one of the free online creative writing courses in the Philippines that offer a beginner-level course. This is an excellent course to judge if you have what it takes to be a creative writer. The class is for 40 minutes and apart from covering the four main writing concepts, the course also touches upon the importance of flair and how critical it is to the creative writing process.

Udemy offers a freelancer course by Seth Godin. This is at a beginner to intermediate level and though the course is expensive, it is very popular among the learners and it covers many interesting topics with the main focus on freelance creative writing. Some of the topics covered are:


  • Moving up
  • Choosing your clientele
  • Art of storytelling
  • Know your worth
  • Branding and promoting yourself
  • Setting foot into the market


They also offer a special question and answer session for the benefit of the students. There is no right or wrong course, go with what you are comfortable with and can commit to doing well with full enthusiasm. That would essentially be the best course for you in the end.


FAQs: Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

In the article, we have dealt with what is creative writing, its benefits, and also some of the best places to pursue creative writing courses in the Philippines. You might still have questions and we hope with these FAQs can put your mind at better ease.


1. What element is important to the process of creative writing?

Writing in essence is a creative process that requires talent, you have it or you don’t. Some have it to begin with, while others learn because they want to and are passionate in their belief to do so. This passion takes root and grows into a beautiful, all-encompassing knowledgeable journey. Join any of the creative writing courses in the Philippines that are listed above and live your dreams.


2. What are the main forms of writing?

  • Narrative Writing
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Expository Writing
  • Creative Writing


3. How to choose from creative writing courses in the Philippines?

It is vital to choose from creative writing courses in the Philippines, the right one that fits your schedule and budget. In the digital age today, technology has made it possible for you to get the best course regardless of where you are. An online platform enables you to attend your classes without missing them due to your work schedule. As creative writing is a vast subject, be focused and clear on which element you want to strengthen and learn more about.

When it comes to the cost, there are free courses to advanced level courses. Each of them covers certain concepts in varying depth, which would determine the cost factor, choose the one that you feel you need and works for you the most. Make sure that the course certification is recognized in the job market. It will be easier to highlight the value of the same in your resume during a job search.


4. Is creative writing a hard skill to master?

Yes, it is a difficult skill to master but not impossible. You have to understand, that, unlike other technical skills that are teachable, creativity cannot be taught. It is a very challenging genre that takes time to perfect and achieve. Therefore, the mood and mindset along with the writer’s imagination come into play in this genre of the writing field.


5. Is fluency in the English language mandatory for creative writing courses in the Philippines? 

Yes, fluency in the English language is mandatory for creative writing courses in the Philippines. English is the official language in 67 countries and over 952 million people speak English around the world. One needs to be fluent and highly proficient in all four skills of a language, namely – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Therefore, a good command of all aspects of the language will come in handy in getting you ahead in the race.


6. Does it pay to be a creative writer?

Yes, it most definitely does. It is a highly lucrative field. It does depend and vary on your level of expertise, but on-demand writers earn upwards of $100,000 per year. One should develop and get ahead in this field, one should be willing to put in the hard work in the beginning and always look to strive and achieve quality over quantity, always.


7. What is considered the most important technique that one should follow?

The most important technique that has been, is being, and will be used, is Editing. This is considered to be the important and fundamental piece of the puzzle, in the process of creative writing. Nobody achieves a perfect first draft, it gets better each time with editing. It is actually considered by some to be a challenging process to revisit and rewrite an already published piece of themselves.

This challenges the writer to keep creative thinking and imagination alive and flowing at all times. The crux of the matter is always in the editing. What should be the opening line, how should a particular character be presented to make the most impact, the possibilities are endless as one’s imagination.



Writing though is a skill that can be acquired and learned over a period of time, it does require a certain level of natural flair and flow for the language, you either have it or you don’t. But this doesn’t mean that talent alone with help cut it in the world with all the heavy cut-throat competition. This talent needs further nurturing and the right creative writing courses in the Philippines can be effective in being the one to polish, cut and help hone your craft over time to make you one of the most sought-after writers in the field.

Creative writing courses in the Philippines are just what you are looking for, to take your natural talent and give it the structure and finesse it needs to stand out in the market and the industry today. Using today’s digital media and various digital platforms, you can increase your reach, and promote and expand your brand, clients, and customers alike. Use this opportunity, by identifying the best fit for the creative writing courses in the Philippines and make your journey into the world of creative writing a joyful and fulfilling one.

Like in any field, the field of creative writing has its fair share of brilliant writers, but not all of them have that fire in them to get ahead and build on their craft. You will need the patience to persevere, and then it is just a path paved to the land of boundless opportunities! Happy writing!

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