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A Guide To The Best Institutes And Data Analytics Course Fees

Have you ever wondered what makes you click this article more than any other random on the internet? Have you ever wondered about the things you search on Google or Bing, and suddenly their ads appear on your shopping apps, like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and many others? Suddenly you receive emails about the products that you were looking for on your shopping app, you are constantly reminded that you haven’t checked out an item from your cart. 

Sounds familiar? Right? Also interesting is how these things happen. Well, all these things are made possible by a team of highly paid professionals called data analysts. You can learn this skill with the help of a data analytics course. So, get the knowledge about the data analytics course fees in this article. 


Because of data analytics, companies can predict what their customers need and want. Data analysis is not just limited to commercial companies but is also used in various sectors of the economy like medical, military, aviation, banking, insurance, and many others.

Doesn’t it make you curious? How do these professionals carry out their work, how do all processes work, which technologies do they use, and how much do they get paid? Can data analytics be a good career option for you? If yes, then why? If not, then why not?

If you are looking for answers to these questions you are at the right place. In this article, we will attempt to answer all these questions for you so that you make the right decision before jumping into a career in data analytics.


What is Data Analytics?

Let us first understand what data is. One may understand data as any random facts or information which doesn’t make any sense, for e.g., Data may include numbers, characters, graphs, pictures measurements, This data we use to learn about something. For e.g., when you go to a doctor, the doctor collects your data like height, weight, temperature, and blood pressure, doctors use this data to figure out if you are healthy or not then she/he prescribe the necessary treatment.

Let’s take another example. You are crossing a road and suddenly a car came, at that moment you see the car coming towards you that is data, then you analyze the situation, whether to move forward or go backward this process of analyzing the situation and using data is called data analytics.

But why do we need a dedicated team for handling data? Until the digital revolution, businesses’ data were manageable by humans on paper, records, or Excel, where data entries could reach up to a maximum of thousands. But with the digital revolution, every action you take on your device leaves a digital footprint.

A Data Footprint includes all the information you put online or that other people or companies collect about you. So, every time you post a picture on the internet, or social media, everything you search on the internet, be it normal or incognito mode, play a game online, purchase something online, or open an application on your device, even your touch on your device or cursor movement on your pc leaves a trace which is called a digital footprint.

With 788.88 crores of the world’s population and so many elements of data to store and manage, the data list may go up to millions or even billions of lines which become difficult to even read, forget managing them. This is where the need for professional data analytics comes in, which can analyze the data and give meaningful insights for proper decision-making.

As a professional data analytics expert, you will learn things like mathematics and statistics, machine learning and deep learning, programming (python), Linux, big data, and data visualization tools.  The best part about data analytics courses is that they can be done by anyone, someone without a background in programming may also aspire to become a successful data analyst.



You can be assured that a career in data analytics is a promising one, because of the increased demand for data analytics professionals. Within a decade the digital industry has revolutionized the world, with the ever-growing demand and innovations and introduction of artificial intelligence, the industry will continue to grow so as does the data.

We witnessed the crucial role data analyst played during the Covid pandemic. Which includes analyzing covid 19 data, developing predictive models (identifying hotspots, identifying damage impacts), identifying trends, and preparing and predicting necessary action plans.

Data analysts will be heavily involved in research industries (Like space exploration, and medical research), investments, insurance, banking, and business. The highest package for a data analyst in the previous financial year for India was 26 lacks per annum with an average salary of 10 lacks rupees. Which makes it one of the most lucrative career options among individuals.


Data Analytics Course Fee

One of the key factors for you to decide which course will be right for you is the Data Analytics course fee, with so many institutes and online courses available, sometimes it might be confusing which one to take. Should you go with an institute with the highest fees, or settle with an institute with a lesser fee, there could be questions in your mind like with almost the same syllabus why do some institutes charge differently?  Do higher fees mean a high salary package?


Following this we are discussing some of the key factors which affect the Data Analytics course fee of an institute.


Type of the Program:

Offline In-person degree:

Various universities provide a Bachelor of Technology in Data Science, Bachelor of Science in Data Science, Master of Technology in Data Science, and Master of Science in Data Science. The advantage of an offline degree in data science is you get to attend the lectures alongside your peers, which provide a good healthy, competitive environment for learning, and also provide you with direct learning opportunities and networking, however, the data analytics course fee for a degree program could be a little expensive.


2nd option is an online degree from a university: Online degrees are becoming very popular today, thanks to the flexibility it provides and affordable data analytics course fee structure compared to offline program, the curriculum for the program is almost similar to the offline mode, and most of the universities also gives their students alumni status and networking opportunities, also the degree received by the students will be equivalent to the offline program, however [B. tech and MTech ] in data science is not available in online mode as per UGC guidelines.


Also, the student will not receive any physical interaction with the teachers. Now it’s up to you to decide which mode works best for you.


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Universities Providing BTech /MTech / BSc. / In Data Science.


1. Manipal University Jaipur:

Founded by Dr. TMA Pai is one of the leading academic and research institutions in India with NAAC A++ and the prestigious “institute of Eminence recognition.” Manipal University Jaipur provides (among various other courses): BTech, MTech, BSc, MSc, and Post Graduate Certificate programs in Data Science.


BTech (Data Science) is India’s first four-year full-time program provided by MUJ. It builds core competencies in students in the field of Data Science, Computational Mathematics, and Statistics.

The data analytics course fee for the entire program is 15,17,000 rupees, which can be paid annually as a sum of 3,73,000 rupees.


MTech (Data Science) in MUJ is a 2-year full-time program that focuses on key areas like Data Science/Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and Deep Learning Techniques.

The Course fee for the entire program is 3,87,000 rupees. Which can be paid in installments of 1,81,000 rupees.

MUJ provides a 3-year full-time BSc program in Data Science which strengthens the foundation in mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science.

The data analytics Course fee for the entire program is 12,00,000 rupees.


MSc in Data Science (online) by MUJ is an online Program. Which offers students flexibility over other programs.

The data analytics Course Fee for the entire program is 2,60,000 Rupees, which can be paid semester-wise with a sum of 65,000 rupees.


Post Graduate Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning from MIT: It is a 9-month program for students with a background in mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science.

It prepares the students for trending technologies like Python Programming, Database Management and SQL, Statistical Techniques for Data Science, EDA, and feature engineering and Data Visualization.

It provides students with 7 micro-projects and 2 capstone projects for better hands-on experience. The data analytics course fee for the entire program is 1,50,000 rupees, with a placement guarantee.


Why Manipal University Jaipur?

This is the only university that provides a range of programs for students, it has bachelor’s, master’s, online degrees, and even certificate programs for students with diversified backgrounds. MUJ Provides various scholarship programs for its students, you may want to check its official website for more details.

MUJ has an awesome placement record with a placement ratio of 98%. The maximum package for the year 2021-2022 was 55 lacks and the average package was 7.5 lacks.


2. Amity University.

Amity University is the leading education provider in India. It has won various national and international accreditation like ACBSP(USA), and IET(UK), and is graded as A by NAAC. It offers various programs in the field of data science.

Data analytics course fees for various programs offered by amity university along with its offering are highlighted below:

Program nameDurationEligibilityData Analytics course fee
Doctor of Philosophy (Data Science) 3yearsMaster’s degree with 55%1.5 lacks
MSc Data Science2 yearsGraduation in science1 lack
MTech Data Science2 yearsB.E/ BTech CSE/ MSc Statistics/Mathematics/IT/CS/MCA1.20 Lacks
PG Diploma in Data Science1yearGraduate in any stream with math at 10+2 or statistics/math as a subject in Graduation or BSc IT/ Computer Science43000


Why Amity University?

Brand Value:

Amity is affiliated with India’s major certification and accreditation societies, making its courses highly job oriented and reliable.



The faculty in amity are industry experts in their domain which not only provide quality education but gives a student industry exposure.



The highest placement from amity last year was 21 lacks per annum with the average being 5 LPA. They are quite good as per industry standards.


3. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate:

It is a skill bases Data Analytics program developed by Google in collaboration with Coursera. It is a 6-month program that will impart skills in data cleaning, problem-solving, critical thinking, data ethics, and data visualization to students. This course is designed for individuals who are new in the field of data Analytics and want to explore more in this field.

The data analytics course fee for this program is 2287 rupees for 3 months of training which include 8 modules. That is quite affordable, while the institute doesn’t guarantee a job for students, it is surely a beneficial course for students who are looking for an introduction to Data Analytics and to get some real-world experience. This program will help you decide whether a career in Data Science is right for you.


Check here the most preferred data analytics courses:


4. Data Analyst Master’s Program Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an online ed tech institute founded in 2010, with a mission of empowering people by imparting digital skills. Simplilearn provides a Data Analyst master’s Program in collaboration with its silver business partner IBM. It is a 12-month program where modules are split into 5 courses with 6 electives. The details are as follows:


Course 1


Introduction to Data Analytics Course
Course 2Business Analytics with Excel
Course 3Programming Basics and Data Analytics with Python
Course 4Tableau Training.
Course 5Data Analyst Capstone
Master’s Certificate
Elective 1Power BI
Elective 2Programming refresher
Elective 3R Programming for Data Science
Elective 4SQL Training
Elective 5Industry Master Class Data Analytics


The Data Analytics course Fee for this Program is 54000 rupees which can be easily paid in easy monthly installments of 4,500 rupees per month.


Why Simplilearn?

Simplilearn is a brand name you can trust. It is in the industry for more than a decade, and it has collaborations with various eminent bodies like IBM, and the faculty in Simplilearn are industry experts. Simplilearn provides a capstone project at the end of the course which prepares students for a real word problem-solving scenario.


While the purpose of the article is not entirely to explore the details and ranking of the programs offered by various institutes, the teaching methodology may differ in different institutes but the syllabus remains the same also the data analytics course fee for various institutes may differ from institutes to institutes, thus we are not providing entire details for some institutes you may check the above resources and decide which works best for you.


Duration of Program:

The Duration of the Program Greatly Impacts the Data Analytic Course Fee. The university offering the program are generally expensive on top of that the students may also have to bear the expenses of living, travel, and food. Though expensive the universities generally have a better environment, and placement record, than online private institutes.

Students who may not be able to afford the tuition fees may opt for scholarships or take an education loan for the same. Before taking an education loan you must be very clear about your priorities. If you face any difficulties in deciding, whether should you take an education loan or not?


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. What is the Right Age to Pursue a Career in Data Analytics?

A1. There is no right age and the right time to start a Career in Data Analytics. You can be a successful Data Analytics professional at any age if you have the zeal for it. While the industry may look for a new generation of people for recruitment if you have the desire and the right attitude you will be successful in this industry.


Q2. There are many courses available of various durations, which course is right for you?

A2. Yes, the industry is full of many great institutes offering various programs. You may want to take an informed decision based on the following points.

  • If you are at the beginning of your career and are very sure you want to make a career in data Analytics then it is preferred you go for a full -time 4 years or 3 years of undergraduate degree in Data Analytics.
  • If you are someone looking for a career change and want to keep working and have a background in mathematics, and computer science in your graduate years then a 2-year online degree course on Data Analytics is the most preferred choice for you, as it provides the flexibility of working and studying.
  • If you are already a Professional and want to upskill your skillset, then a 1-year PG Certificate Program is Right for you.


Q3. Is Data Analytics Hard the right choice for Me?

A3. For a Data Analytics Professional, you must be good in mathematics, statistics, and quantitative abilities. People from diversified backgrounds are pursuing a career in data Analytics today. And you can too if you have the right learning attitude. If you are not sure, will you be able to pursue it? then we would suggest you take an introductory Program like the one provided by Google in Collaboration with Coursera. If you can understand concepts and follow the program in introductory program, then surely the Data Analytics field is the field for you.


Q4. Can I learn Data Analytics for free?

A4. Of course, you can learn data analytics for free, though chances for recruitment in such cases will be low as recruiters usually look for certifications from institutes. Also, it also depends on the purpose of your learning. You may be someone who just wants to explore this field, or you may be already an established professional and just want to upskill your skillset. Following is a road map for learning Data Analytics for free given by



He suggests you must start your preparation by understanding the basics of mathematics and statistics as data Analytics is nothing more than basic quantitative calculations the only thing is that in Data Analytics the data is very huge and to maintain that various software is used.



He suggests becoming a successful data Analyst you must start learning programming with Python first as this programming language is heavily used in the industry.

Some of the resources for learning Python for free are given in his YouTube channel code with harry python basics.


Big Data and External Data Visualization Tools

These tools at the expert level will take some time to learn. You may search for specific domains on YouTube or take micro-courses on Udemy for better learning.

  • tableau
  • Excel and VBA
  • Hadoop
  • AWS Offerings



You may undertake a free course on machine learning by Google. Machine learning crash course with tensor flow APIs

  • Learn SKlearn.
  • Learn to build neural networks in TensorFlow.
  • Learn to use the tensor flow hub.
  • Learn how to use the tensor board.



Apart from learning these technologies, one must be good at handling Linux as most of the projects in the industry are done on Linux only.

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