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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Noida With Placements

Data is everywhere and grows with time, so there is a great need for its storage. In today’s time, data analysis is the most trending and demanding job. If you want to become a data analyst then this article is for you. We share all the details here so you can easily start your career in data analysis with the best data analytics courses in Noida.


Here is a List of the Best Data Analytics Courses in Noida


Rank# 1. Data Analytics Courses in Noida

1- ExcelR Raising Excellence:-

ExcelR provides virtual live classes that will be held at the cost of 39,999 INR. You can avail of this course with monthly EMI at zero interest rate. Courses will be available in Hindi. ExcelR provides an industry-based curriculum. They have trainers from various MNCs who will guide you throughout the course. ExcelR builds the data analyst course for both the market and those who love coding and are interested in this field. ExcelR collaborated with Tech conglomerate IBM to provide quality upgrading opportunities to students and professionals.


Courses Include

  1. Excel (Basic & Advanced)
  2. MySQL
  3. Power BI
  4. Tableau
  5. R Programming Fundamentals
  6. Python Programming Fundamentals
  7. SAS
  8. Business Statistics



Job assurance

15,000+ students enrolled

160+ hours of learning

6 Months Course

Google reviews 4.8/5


Curriculum Highlights:-

  • Work on 60+ report studies and assignments with 24×7 faculty support.
  • Get industrial knowledge by working with our industry-related live projects.
  • Related with 150+ companies that deliver jobs to several students.
  • You can get certification from Steinbeis University which costs additionally.
  • Faculties from IIT, IIM or ISB
  • 100% placements assurance
  • Lifetime classes benefits


Skills Covered

  • Database concepts
  • Pivot tables
  • Functions charts and Slicers
  • Data visualization


 Tools and Technologies

  • Excel (Basic and advanced)
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • SAS (self-paced)
  • R programming Fundamentals
  • Python programming Fundamentals


Modules Covered:-

Module-1:- Data collection

Module 2:- Data preparation

Module-3:- Insights generation

Module-4:- Visualisations with Dashboards


Rank# 2. Data Analytics Courses in Noida

2- Learnbay-

Learnbay is another good option for data analytics courses where the live sessions will be held at the cost of Rs 70,000+. You can also mileage this course with yearly EMI at zero interest rate. Learnbay Provides guidance by professionals who worked with top MNCs and MAANG with lifetime accessibility.


Courses Include

1- Module 0:- Preparatory Classes (Programming + Maths)


Content 1:- Cohort preface

  • A short preface of tools related to data
  • Learn about the particular real-time system and peak system
  • Facts and their effects on a career opening
  • Exercising data or data to marketable commercial operations and management


Content 2:- Fundamentals of programming

  • Foundation of Anaconda & Jupyter tablet
  • The substance of python preface to Git, GitHub
  • Python Fundamentals


Content 3:- Fundamentals of Statistics

  • Mean, Median, Mode.
  • Standard divagation, Average. Probability, permutations, and combinations
  • Preface to Linear Algebra


Term1:- Python programming

Module 1:- Python Programming

  • Programming Basics & Environment Setup.
  • Python Programming Overview
  • Python Data Types
  • Functions And Modules, Class hands-on: 8+ Programs to be covered in the functions, Lambda, modules, creators, and Packages class
  • Train I/O And Exceptional running and Regular Expression, Class hands-on: 10+ Programs to be covered in class from train IO, regulation-partner, and exception running.
  • Data Analysis Using Numpy
  • Data Analysis Using Pandas
  • Data Visualization using Matplotlib
  • Data Visualization using Seaborn,3 Case Studies on Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib 1 Case Study on Pandas And Seaborn


Term 2:- Statistics & Basic Machine Learning

Content 1:- Statistics

  • Fundamentals of Math and Probability
  • All about Population & Sample
  • Discrete Probability Distributions Binomial, Poisson, etc
  • Preface to Statistics, Statistical Allowing
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Deducible Statistics
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Linear Algebra
  • Data Processing & Exploratory Data Analysis
  • EDA, Statistics Assignments: Total 4 practice sets and Assignments from Statistics


Module 2:- Machine Learning

  • Preface to Machine Learning
  • Retrogression and Bracket Models
  • Linear Retrogression Model
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Garbling the Data
  • Logistic Retrogression Model
  • Evaluation Metrics for the Bracket model
  • K Nearest Neighbours Model
  • Decision Tree Model
  • Random Forest Model
  • Hyperparameter Tuning
  • Naive Baye’s Model, Case Study on Kart model Business & Random Forest


Term 3:- Data Analytics Tools

Module 1:- SQL

  • SQL and RDBMS
  • Advance SQL
  • NoSQL, HBase & MongoDB
  • JSON Data & CRUD
  • Programming with SQL


Module 2:- PowerBI

Getting Started With Power BI

Programming with Power BI


Module 3:- Big Data & Spark Analytics

  • Preface To Hadoop & Big Data
  • What is Spark
  • Getting to know PySpark Hands-on: Map reduce Use Case: Youtube data analysis & Spark RDD programming


Module 4:- Time Series

  • Preface to Time Series Forecasting
  • Preface to ARIMA Models, Case Study on Time series bracker of smartphone data to predict user behavior, Performing Time Series Analysis on Stock Prices & Time series soothsaying of deals data


Term 4:- Rudiments Tools

Module 1:- Rudiments Excel

  • Getting started with Excel
  • Using Excel Toolbars: Hiding, Displaying, and Moving Toolbars
  • Switching Between wastes in a Workbook
  • Entering Date Values and using AutoComplete
  • Inserting and Deleting Cells, Rows, and Columns
  • Working with the Forms Menu
  • Creating & Working with Charts
  • Changing a Chart Type and Working with Pie Charts
  • Data Analysis & Pivot Tables



  • Continuance availability
  • Worked on live systems
  • 180+ hours of live sessions
  • 8+ real-time marketable projects


Curriculum Highlights:-

  • Exercise with rearmost tools
  • Designed by industry experts
  • Get real-world experience
  • 24×7 faculty supports
  • 7 to 8 cities with the hybrid model
  • Weekend (sat-sun) or weekday (Mon-Fri) batches start
  • Complete your training with the internationally recognized certificate
  • IBM provides a certificate to your profile.
  • Ensure your data analytic skills with the IBM course completion certificate.


Rank# 3. Data Analytics Courses in Noida

3- Techstack Academy:-

This institute provides a diploma in big data analytics. The institution helped students to understand and grasp complex goals. Techstack’s course information is specifically designed to fulfill the necessities of the analytics trade. The business analytics course programs by Techstack designed courses that will emphasize stylish technology, further because of the standard business-analytic ways. The flagship massive information analytics course program by Techstack aims to deliver industry-ready professionals.



  • Virtual live classes and classroom facilities are available.
  • 6 monthly courses with 10-12 hours per week, starting from 60,000 to 70,000 INR.
  • EMI options are available (11,000 per month).
  • 100% job placement assurance.
  • Institute affiliated with Orangus India.
  • Faculty from IBM, Google, or Infosys.
  • Boost your career with better opportunities.


Courses Include

1- Courses consist of 41 modules with so many practice quizzes.

2- 20+ professors are available.

3- 1300+ mentors are present

4- Python, SQL, R programming, and Machine learning, all topics are covered.

5-  Certificate is given by Orangus India and Techstack Academy.


Curriculum Highlights:-

  • Work on 5000+ Capstone projects.
  • 500+ domains are available.
  • Classroom pieces of training will be held.
  • Portfolio-worthy projects are given.
  • 45 days of internship are included in the course.


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Rank# 4. Data Analytics Courses in Noida

4- Intellipaat:-

Intellipaat provides data analytics courses in Noida in partnership with CCE IIT Madras. IIT Madras professors and business professionals teach you practical projects and case studies. They provide Data analyst training that can assist and help you to master the zone of Data Analytics.

In their online Data Analytics courses in Noida, students learn about Data Science with R, Tableau, and Power BI along with several topics like data mining, data visualization, statistical analysis, Tableau integration with R, retrogression modeling, and more through hands-on systems and case studies. After completing the data analytics courses in Noida from Intellipaat, you will be able to solve complex business problems.



  • Virtual live classes.
  • 7 monthly courses with 21 to 22 hours per week, starting from $1,492.
  • EMI options are not available
  • 3 Guaranteed interviews are offered by Intellipaat.
  • 50+ Live sessions
  • 218 hours of self-learning recorded videos


Courses Include

1- Courses consist of 16 modules

2- 200 hours of projects and exercises

3- All data analytics topics are covered

4- Lifetime course benefits


Curriculum Highlights:-

  • 24×7 mentors are available
  • 55% average increment in salary
  • The highest salary is $ 1,22,000
  • 300+ business partners are hired
  • Classes with lifetime benefits
  • The certification is provided by Intellipaat and CCE, IIT Madras
  • You get an opportunity to work with MNCs


Rank# 5. Data Analytics Courses in Noida

5- AnalytixLabs:-

This institution is well known for providing fully interactive live online or offline classroom training. Offline classes held on FF, A, 78, Metro gate 3, A block, Sector 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301. AnalytixLabs has experience of over 30+ years for business analytics and consultation.

This is one of the best and most stylish data analytics courses in Noida for students who don’t have any past grounding in analytics but want to start their upcoming career in Analytics. After successfully completing this course, you’ll be suitable, to sum up like an educated platoon member and smart your business decision.



  • Virtual live online or offline classes
  • 1-year course (6 months dual certificate) with variable fees
  • If you take classroom lectures then the charge is 30,000+ taxes and if you take self-paced e-learning then you have to pay 25,000+ taxes.
  • EMI options are available


Courses Include

1- Courses consist of multiples modules

2- 54 hours of classes with 18 hours of e-learning.

3- 12 assignments and projects.

4- Free demo classes are available

5- Capstone projects are available


Assignments Given

  • Exercises in the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Exercises in the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Exercises in cloud computing
  • Foundation modules exercises
  • Exercises in cloud computing



  • Creating a database in MongoDB using Pymongo
  • Store Sales Prediction (Spark)
  • SQL DB Creation (Cloud)
  • ML Studio Project (Cloud)
  • SQL DB Creation (Cloud)
  • ML Studio Project (Cloud)
  • Analyzing HVAC (IOT) data (Hadoop Ecosystem)
  • Analyzing online retail data (Hadoop Ecosystem)
  • Analyzing lending club data (Hadoop Ecosystem)
  • Analyzing Mobile App Data (Spark)
  • Predicting customer Churn (Spark)


Curriculum Highlights:-

  • Continuous support from our mentors
  • The certification is given only after the submission of all the projects.
  • If you want a dual certification course then you will get two attempts to clear MCQ assessments.
  • Faculties from former IIT, IIM, or ISB students.
  • AnalytixLabs works with many trustworthy companies like Deloitte, McKinsey, Fidelity, Facebook, and Genpact.


Rank# 6. Data Analytics Courses in Noida

6- TCA:-

Python R data science, Data analytics, Data analysis, C C++, loT AI Web Designing Java Django, and Power Bi are some of the programs they provide. At TCA, the mentors use real-life exemplifications and bandy secret tips, and tricks, and give suggestions to their scholars because it helps in catching knowledge snappily.

TCA coaches help you to command your career and help you succeed shortly. In the moment’s fleetly swapping world, if someone wants to acclimatize to changing terrain he or she should have clear pretensions about their career.

Their mentors help in every possible way so that students can concentrate on their strengths, and individual growth and become successful. TCA is placed near metro station Noida, E-20, near sector 16, Block E, Sector 3 Noida Uttar Pradesh 201301.



  • Classes will be held both online and in classroom mode.
  • Demo classes are available
  • All topics are taught through individual courses, each has different fees and duration.
  • Study materials are given with practice sets
  • Doubt-clearing sessions have occurred
  • Experts mentors
  • Affordable fees


Courses Include

1- Python

2- C programming training

3- Machine learning

4- Data visualization


Curriculum Highlights:-

  • New programs and concepts are used
  • Small customized batches
  • Weekly assignments are given
  • The certification is given by a recognized industry
  • Get opportunities to places in top MNCs


Rank# 7. Data Analysis Courses in Noida

7- Purdue University:-

Purdue University in collaboration with IBM will increase your skill and career opportunities. At Purdue University, expert faculties are present which provides students with better learning and helps them work with real-world projects. Purdue’s Data Analytics course goals are to promote big perceptivity for your industry and your career too.

They provide this opportunity by taking you through a design-grounded class where you will grasp the ins and outs of the subject by doing. Purdue’s Data Analytics collaborated with XTOL and gives a certificate, that will shift you into a data-driven professional.



  • 8 months program
  • Virtual live classes with 8x interactive faculties
  • EMI options are available at 7,051 per month
  • The data analytics fee is 2,12,415


Courses Include

1- Data outcomes

2- Analysis Tools

3- Database

4- Data visualization

5- Programming


Curriculum Highlights:-

  • The certification is given by both Simplilearn and Purdue University in a joint form which is the Purdue Simplilearn certificate
  • You will also get an IBM certificate from IBM courses
  • Helps to build a portfolio and resume
  • 150% of the maximum salary hike
  • 2900+ hiring partners


Rank# 8. Data Analysis Courses in Noida

8- Aptron:-

Aptron provides the best data analytics courses in Noida, located in B-10, Sector-2 near Sector-15 metro station Noida- 201301, up India. The course will be held on both weekdays and weekends so you can join at your convenience. Also, this institute provides you with the best experts that improve your decision-making skills. Training will be based on real-time projects that have the ability to meet the latest industry necessity. Beginners can also start this course.



  • 45 to 60 days program with 2 hours a day
  • Virtual live classes
  • Wi-Fi
  • Digital pads
  • 24×7 labs are open
  • Taking sessions on personality development in spoken English
  • Hostel facilities are also there with Rs 4,500 per month
  • Mentors are available to help students
  • Free study materials, PDFs, video training, samples of certification exam questions, and interview questions.


Curriculum Highlights:-

  • Limitless lab sessions
  • 100% job assurance
  • Demo classes are available
  • Skill based training
  • Certification exam
  • Experienced faculties
  • Certificates are universally recognized


Rank# 9. Data Analysis Courses in Noida

9- Udemy:-

Udemy is an online training platform that provides a number of courses including data analytics courses in Noida with fees of Rs 389 only. If you have any difficulty learning data analysis and thought it was complex and time-consuming then you are at the right place. This course provides you with the complete roadmap to becoming a good data analyst.



  • Your resume is filled with many data skills
  • 20.5 hours of complete video
  • 143 resources are downloaded
  • Lifetime benefits
  • Real projects training
  • Benefitted with a program worth $1,250
  • Question-answer session occur
  • Future updates are given


Courses Include

1- Introduction to the course

2- Python programming (from beginner to advanced)

3- Pandas series

4- Pandas data frames

5- Data preparation

6- Data collection/ Data gathering

7- Data cleaning

8- Data preprocessing

9- Data visualization

10- Data analysis

11- Numphy fundamentals

12- Numphy Datatypes

13- Work with arrays

14- APIs


Curriculum Highlights:-

  • You will be able to work with text files and text data
  • Certificates are given on completing the course
  • Install Anaconda app
  • Exercises and quizzes make you a better data analyst


Rank# 10. Data Analysis Courses in Noida

10- Udacity:-

Udacity provides a nano degree data analyst program where you will learn Python, SQL, and statistics which are the basics of data analysis, however, if you want to learn more, the entire fee is about Rs 77,676 INR. Advance your learning skills and increase your ability to work on complex datasets.



  • 4-month course with 10 hours per week
  • Career services
  • Work with real-time projects industry
  • Mentors support
  • Feedback is also provided by reviewers
  • Helps to create your Linkedin profile
  • Pay Rs 22,849 INR on monthly basis and you can cancel this course anytime, if you want more time for monthly pay then you also increase your monthly time


Course Include

1- Python

2- SQL

3- Statistics

4- Data wrangling

5- Numpy

6- Matplotlib

7- Bootstrapping

8- Pandas


Curriculum Highlights:-

  • Experts faculties
  • Self-paced learning
  • Interactive quizzes make you a better data analyst
  • Support for all your question


Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs


1- Why is data analysis a good course?

In today’s data-booming world, IT company grows as time passes and everyone wants to work in this field. Data analysis works with data generated which is a complex and time-consuming task but not everyone can do this job that is why data analysis is a high-paying job and if anyone loves coding then goes for it.


2- Is data analysis a tough job?

Data analysis is neither a hard nor tough job but it depends on you, if you love coding, programming, and other technical skills then this job is for you. You should not go for a data analyst course just because of its high demand in today’s world as sometimes it becomes time-consuming and stressful too and you have to remember that you are not a machine and stress may cause your health to down.


3- Which degree course is best for data analysis?

It is not important that you have to know more about maths to become a data analyst although it is best if you know. Any bachelor’s degree either in mathematics, statistics, computer science, or economy is good to become a data analyst. You can check many data analytics courses in Noida.


4- What is the expected salary of a data analyst in Noida?

Data analysis is the highest-paying job in the IT industry and the salary is variable from place to place in metro cities. The average salary of a data analyst at entry level in Noida is about 5-6 LPA i.e. the in-hand salary is about 33,000 to 35,000 and with 2-3 years of experience get 7- 8 LPA. A data analyst’s salary with 7- 8 years of experience is about 8+ LPA and the senior data analyst’s salary is about 11.5 LPA.



Start your grounding with an internationally recognized certificate. Here we have learned about various data analysis courses in Noida, the facilities provided by them, the modules covered by the institutes, the skills we learn, and multiple curriculum highlights. The article provides several articles for you to read and have an idea about these courses. If you have any doubts then feel free to ask in the comment section of this article, we are ready to help you.

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