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6 Best GST Certification Courses in Goa With Placements

The implementation of the GST, which transformed the tax structure, has proven to be a crucial game-changer for the Indian economy. The growing youth generation in India has many employment and service possibilities since the GST would integrate the major part of the working-class people and job searchers into a well-organized framework. To support the GST system, there is a significant requirement for qualified individuals. Numerous educational institutions in India offer the best GST certification courses in recognition of this possibility. The article serves as a reference to some of the best GST certification Courses in Goa to shoot from.



The introduction of GST in 2017 had a sudden impact due to the changes made in state and federal laws. GST replaced the variety of levies that were previously in effect. Goods and Services Tax or GST has mostly superseded other indirect taxes including Central excise duty, Service tax, Addition excise duty, and customs duty. At the state level, it replaced VAT, Entertainment tax, entry tax, entertainment tax, purchase tax, Luxury tax, etc.

The three taxes that are applicable under the new regime are CGST, SGST, and IGST. The tax levied by the Central Government on an intra-state sale is known as CGST. The state government’s tax on within-state transactions is known as the SGST. The central government collects IGST as a tax on inter-state transactions.

A GST registration certificate is an authorized document used to validate GST registration in India. Any firm in India with a higher income than the GST registration threshold is obligated to register. Enrolling in the best GST certification courses in Goa can help to learn more about the fundamental concepts and application of GST.


 Advantages of GST

GST is advantageous to consumers, the government, businesses, and the economy as a whole. By expanding the tax base and enhancing taxpayer compliance, the GST is anticipated to boost government revenue. One of the major benefits of the GST is the harmonization of taxes and the simpler movement of products and services between states and within the nation.

GST introduces a single indirect tax for the whole country, transforming India into a single common marketplace. Every value addition in India is subject to the extensive, multi-stage Goods and Services Tax Law, which is dependent on the destination. GST made conducting business in the nation tax neutral, regardless of the location chosen.

The GST comprises both the elimination of the sequential impact and the suspension of all indirect taxes. It significantly reduces the negative impacts of double taxation by combining a variety of Central and State taxes into a single tax and opening the door to a single national market.

By establishing a uniform framework for taxation to be applied to all sales and purchases, the GST has united the Indian market. The implementation of GST can also enhance the competitiveness of Indian products in both domestic and international markets due to the total neutralization of input taxes throughout the entire value chain of production and distribution.

The switch to a single tax structure named GST results in inviting more industries to the nation and thereby increasing foreign investments. Removing the economic restriction on foreign investment is facilitated by developing a single economy with common tax rates and practices.

The single point of compliance made transactions easy. The whole GST compliance structure is called the GST Common Portal, where taxpayers can access all GST-related services including registration, returns; reports miss match, e-way bills, etc. As a result, taxpayers are no longer necessitated to visit multiple tax bureaus.

Additionally, the GST will boost the surplus and the GDP ratio. It lessens corruption as it increases business transparency. The efficiency and productivity of a company can be enhanced as a result of the GST.


GST Certification Courses

A thorough explanation of the Goods and Service Tax rules can be found in the GST training course. Graduates, Charted accountants, corporate executives, accounting and taxation experts, and anyone seeking employment in these industries can all enroll in the GST certification program. It raises incomes, career possibilities, and skill development.

The objective of GST certification courses is to assist entrepreneurs, accountants, Chartered Accountants, Certified Management Accountants, Company Secretaries, as well as some other professionals to increase their understanding of the Goods and Services Tax by delivering expert, up-to-date knowledge methodically, promoting their problem-solving and analytical abilities to uplift decision making and to impart the knowledge necessary for self-employment and employment in the industrial sector.

To comply with GST rules and regulations, every organization needs a person who is an expert in taxes and GST. In light of this, GST is now one of the most in-demand courses for professionals and students in the financial and accounting fields. By the requirements of the Ministry of MSME, various organizations provide the best GST certification courses in Goa.


There Are Numerous Benefits of Taking GST Training Courses:

Better Opportunity:

Getting a GST Certificate can work in your favor as it exposes you to a range of well-paid employment opportunities. Since companies would need to engage experts for specialized GST administration, upgradation, and reconciliations, it is anticipated that GST will generate a considerable number of job opportunities.

An individual can be able to work independently on statutory compliances, taxation, and issuance. It can even empower people to launch their consulting businesses. If you have a GST certification and sufficient Tally knowledge, many people will be able to count on you and turn to you for advice.


Better Income:

Taking up the best GST certification courses in Goa contributes to a significant increase in an individual’s income. A thorough knowledge of GST can take individuals to some highly rewarding job positions. The GST certification training will significantly strengthen your Resume and improve your prospects of being paid more.


Demanded Skills:

It aids in the skill development of various tax, financial, and accounting professions. The best GST certification courses in Goa can be beneficial if you are thinking of becoming an accountant, company secretary, or collection specialist in the future. It will help you get astute information on cost structures and may also widen your available opportunities. Aside from improving your understanding of various components of goods and services tax, enlisting in a GST-skilled category provides you with a variety of extra benefits.


Here are the other best courses in Goa for rewarding career


Best GST Certification Courses in Goa:

Below are listed the 6 best GST certification Courses in Goa that provide an extensive understanding of GST and its application.



IIM SKILLS is a leading course provider which enables individuals to upskill for better careers. They offer the best GST certification courses in Goa. Since the courses are offered through an online platform, the courses are accessible to everyone around the world. GST practitioner certification by IIM SKILLS can get you a reputable position.

The course is well suited for students and fresh graduates, professionals in accounting and finance domains, business people, and Start-up prospects.  GST Online Certification Course by IIM SKILLS is a comprehensive and all-inclusive program. It has an exclusive curriculum that complies with industry requirements and offers the best practical training.

The curriculum begins with the development of GST, moves through the principles and core concepts, and finally comes to a practical application of GST. The emphasis of the GST course is on the practical elements of GST which will uplift the learner from beginner to advance.

• 16 hours of self-study lectures
• Demo session available
• Practical assignments
• Free e-books, software, and tools for GST invoicing
• Recognised by the MSME Government of India
• Corporate trusted master certification from IIM skills
• Well-designed curriculum and industry-relevant GST course content
• Professional-level Training
• Training by leading industry experts
• Lifetime access to recorded lectures at no extra cost
• Case studies and hands-on implementation
• Dedicated GST practitioner community to help
certification after the completion of the course
• Active placement


GST Certification Course Curriculum

The curriculum consists of 9 modules that cover the fundamentals and all aspects of GST. Detailed learning is provided on the following aspects under each module.

Module 1: Introduction to GST and its wide-ranging impact on various industries.

Module 2: GST Framework and Structure

Module 3: GST registration requirements and procedures

Module 4: GST laws and restrictions for invoicing

Module 5: GST Returns filling.

Module 6: GST Composition Scheme.

Module 7: Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)

Module 8: E-Way bill under GST.

Module 9: GST payment and input tax credit


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IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite



The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or ICAI is a prestigious charted accountant training institute that contributed to the formulation and revising of indirect tax laws. ICAI is among the finest institutes that provide the best GST certification courses in Goa. The GST certification course is exclusively for CA professional who wants to learn more about GST taxation and its practical applications.


  • Ten-day course
  • Systematic learning
  • Specialized and updated knowledge of GST
  • Sessions led by Charted accountants, advocates, academicians, and experts in the field of indirect taxes
  • Provide technical as well as practical understanding
  • Certificated issued after completing the course


Course Curriculum

• Constitutional provisions on GST
• Supply & Levy of GST with Classification
• Nature, Place, and Time of Supply
• Valuation and reverse charge mechanism
• Import and export under GST
• Foreign Trade Policy and Input Tax Credit
• Registration and exemption under GST
• E-way Bill & E-invoicing
• Refunds, Returns & Payments of tax
• keeping up with records and books of accounts
• Assessment and Audit by tax authorities
• Finalization of accounts from a GST perspective
• Annual Return & Reconciliation Statement
• Inspection, Search & Seizure
• Demand & Recovery, Offences & Penalties
• Appeals & Revision
• Advance Ruling
• Miscellaneous Provisions
• Relevant provisions of Allied Laws
• Ethical Practice & Professional Opportunities


3. Udemy

One of the widely known online learning platforms, Udemy provides GST certification courses in Goa to its learners. GST certification programs from Udemy are accessible for learners in Goa as well. This training program has no prerequisites since it is geared toward novices. The course is perfect for anybody wanting to pursue a career in GST including B-com, M-com, BBA, MBA, CA, CS, or CMA users of Tally ERP 9 and so on.


  • 11 hours of on-demand video
  • Lifetime access to course contents
  • Well-made curriculum
  • Certificate of complexion
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to taxation and GST
  • Place of supply
  • Supply of goods or services
  • Input tax credit
  • Supply and registration under GST
  • GST regulation for normal scheme dealers
  • GST regulation for composition scheme dealers
  • Introduction to GST return dashboard



The International Society for Executive Learning (ISEL) is an organization headquartered in Canada and also operates in India and UAE, equips professionals to build industry-relevant skills and achieve their career goals. In collaboration with the MSME, Government of India, ISEL GLOBAL has launched the Certification Course on GST Practitioner to confer its practical aspects.

An in-depth understanding of registration returns and GST transactions makes it one of the best GST certification courses in Goa. The purpose of this training is to equip all participants with an insight into the practical components of GST.


  • 3-month course
  • 35-plus hours of E-learning content
  • Live online interactive sessions by expert GST faculties
  • Training materials by industry practitioners
  • Learning on practical aspects of GST
  • GST study notes, an offline Excel utility, and an instruction manual
  • Technical support via email
  • Online examination for GST practitioner certification

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Taxation and GST Basis

Module 2: GST Concepts and Basis

Module 3: GST Registration

• Module 4: GST Invoicing

Module 5: GST Returns

• Module 6: Input Tax Credit

Module 7: GST Valuation

• Module 8: GST Legal Provision

• Module 9: Miscellaneous

• Module 10: GST practitioner certification exam


Check here the courses in other growing cities 



The National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) collaborates with Tally and provides the Introduction to GST certification course. You can learn all the key facts of the Goods and Services Tax by taking the Introduction to GST course by NIIT. Graduate or undergraduate students who wish to learn more about GST principles and their practical application can enroll in the program.

To participate in the course, you must be a B.Com graduate or student with an understanding of the taxation system. The best GST certification courses in Goa by NIIT combine GST principles, application, and its possible impact. The course starts by familiarising GST fundamentals before proceeding on to the implementation of GST and its effects on the taxation system, including the execution and recording of GST transactions using the Tally software.


  • Classroom-based program
  • A vast range of GST-related topics are covered
  • Expert instructors
  • Extensive learning recourses
  • Real-time practice
  • Embedded with tally online certificate exam
  • Certification upon completion of the course


Course Curriculum

The GST implementation in Tally as well as all other significant parts of GST is covered in the course curriculum.

• Introduction to goods and service tax
• Value and time of supply
• tax obligations and returns
• Accounts and other records
• Transition to GST and Input Service Distributor (ISD)
• E-commerce and compliance rating
• Generalised System of Preferences (GSP)
• Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN)
• Demands and Recovery
• Payment liabilities
• Provision of goods and services
• Input credit mechanism and invoicing



6. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a well-known education provider that helps aspirants in advancing along their careers and skills. Henry Harvin offers one of the best GST certification courses in Goa through an online medium assessable to students across the world. The live online interactive classroom sessions on GST practitioners’ courses can help candidates uplift their careers and knowledge.

• 32 hours of instructor-led sessions
• Computer-based practical learning on GST
• Classes delivered by expert instructors
GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, and other projects
• Internship opportunity for practical experience
• E-learning access to recorded videos and contents
• One-year gold membership with Henry Harvin
• Interview support
• Offers job guarantee

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Detailed learning on Levy, place of supply, the value of supply, Export & import, E-bills
Module 2: Registrations, Input Tax Credit & ITCO4, Transitional provision and Job work
Module 3: Accounts & Records, Invoice, Tax payments, Time of supply, Returns & Refunds
• Module 4: Litigation management, Audit & Assessment, Offense & Penalties, Demand & Recovery
Complimentary module 1: Soft skill development
Complimentary module 2: Resume writing



Q1. What is the demand for GST certification?

The GST certification can help you land various highly rewarding and reputable job positions. You will be able to apply for various positions that demand the services of GST practitioners if you have an industry-valid GST certification. You can start on a promising career path with knowledge and certification in GST. Demand is quite high, particularly for e-accountants who are knowledgeable about GST. Small, and medium-sized businesses, as well as major corporations, all need to be certified GST professionals. A GST certification is a tool to demonstrate your expertise in the GST sector.


2. What are the job opportunities with GST certification?

Accounts executives, e-accountant, senior accountants, e-filing specialists, accounts managers, tax advocates, tax consultants, and tax professionals are a few examples of comparable job descriptions. You can work in GST compliance, consulting, litigation, or even develop GST material or educate about the Goods and Services Tax if you have accounting skills and a GST certification.


Q3. Who can learn GST certification courses in Goa?

The following entities are eligible to enroll in the GST Certification Course: Graduates as well as Chartered Accountants, Financial Officers, Business Executives, lawyers, and professionals making the transition from finance to tax are eligible to take GST certification courses. The GST certification course is open to both laypersons seeking job options in taxes and finance professionals seeking to fulfill their own tax-related professional obligations.


Q4. Who is a GST practitioner?

GST practitioners are individuals who support and expedite compliance with the GST regime. As a GST practitioner, you have the authority to request a refund, edit client profiles, create e-way invoices, and more. You can take the GST Practitioner test after learning all the principles associated with GST.


Q5. How to become a GST practitioner?

One must register with or be granted authorization by the GST Network (GSTN) to exercise and offer services pertaining to GST compliance in order to start their career as a GST practitioner. The taxpayers can file a request to employ a certain person as their practitioner soon as the GST practitioner enlists with the GST system.



The single tax structure of GST is a commendable initiative in the direction transparent and corruption-free nation. The process of bolstering an anti-corruption mechanism in India can be benefited from GST. Small and medium-sized firms, which are the backbone of the country, would benefit greatly from tax consistency. The implementation of GST has opened up a wide range of job opportunities.

Regardless of whether a firm is in the manufacturing or service industries, it must keep financial records and pay taxes. Account executives, finance professionals, and chartered accountants are in high demand as a result. As a GST expert, you may look through the list of taxpayers, offer information on incoming and outgoing supply, and prepare periodical reports on behalf of your clients.

Taking up the best GST certification courses in Goa can bring you all the advantages of highly demented skills and increase your competitive edge. One can enroll in the best GTS certification courses in Goa making use of the reference to uplift their career and skills. However, it is advisable to do proper research and enroll in a course best suiting you.

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