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Top 12 GST Certification Courses in Patna With Placements

GST is a course that can be taken by any graduate, no matter what the student’s background is. There are CAs, company secretaries, and finance and tax professionals, individuals shall opt for GST certification courses in Patna. As it is a potential course, it increases job opportunities, salaries, and skill development. The Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) offers GST certification courses. Such courses help business people, accountants, auditors, company secretaries, and other professionals improve their GST-related skills. They systematically provide specialized, updated knowledge and improve their problem-solving and analytical skills.


What are GST Certification Courses?

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a popular tax in India. It is an indirect tax levied by the Government of India on goods and services, replacing all other indirect taxes, namely Value Added Tax (VAT), Service Tax, Luxury Tax, Entertainment Tax, and Excise Duty. It was adopted by the Indian Parliament on March 29, 2017, and it is covered under the Goods and Services Tax Act. It ultimately transfers to the final customer, who is ultimately responsible for paying the tax.


How to register as a GST practitioner? The admission criteria

1. A civil servant worked in the Commercial Tax Department of any state department.
2. A tax return preparer or a sales tax practitioner who has been registered for at least 5 years
3. A graduate or postgraduate in commerce, law, banking, including higher accountancy, or business administration from an Indian college or a recognized foreign college
4. Advocate
5. A Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, or Company Secretary with a Certificate of Practice (COP)


Career Opportunities after GST Certification Courses in Patna

TAXATION MANAGER: In today’s world, every business needs someone to take care of their tax affairs and find clear solutions to the problem effectively and efficiently. The task depends on the size of the company. A person having good representation skills, good knowledge of legal issues, and familiarity with GST portal workshops can improve their skills by opting for GST certification courses in Patna.


TAXATION RESEARCH ANALYST: For large organizations, GST-related job profiles are always available. A company needs someone to review the contract from a tax perspective. They mainly hire tax judges whose skills are very important for understanding GST provisions, evidence-based analysis, and practical application.


RECONCILIATIONS: A person who can reconcile transactions, purchases, and input tax credits is needed for large personifications. Any taxpayer subject to the GST often needs the following reconciliations.


1. Sales recorded in books and reported on GSTR 1 and GSTR 3b.
2. – Tax paid on the reported sales.
3. – Credit of input taxes paid on the purchases
4. – GSTR 2b and 2a with input tax credits.
5. – With the recorded invoices and items, input tax credits.
6. Required skills are GSTN Gate, Ms. Excel, and GST obedience


GST COMPLIANCE PRACTICE: Companies need consistency in how they apply and interpret laws in practice when doing business. In this regard, skills such as analytical skills, GST law, and trends in GST business are very important.


GST LEGAL PRACTICE: many businesses need notices because they are commonplace. It will take some time for the new GST law to take hold, and the GST certification courses in Patna train individuals according to the changing laws. The taxpayer and the authority are taking action, and the role of tax professionals is critical for any business.


GST DEPARTMENT: a GST department also needs qualified personnel. The tax department is largely responsible for proper changes. They are the ones who manage the design deviations.


GST PRACTITIONER: A GST Practitioner performs specific tasks for taxpayers. This requires a NACIN exam to be approved.


GST TRAINER: For the training of the students, the course needs qualified professionals who are trained in the GST department. GST certification courses in Patna train people to become experts in the field and become leaders in their field.


Other best courses in Patna:


Best GST Certification Courses in Patna



COURSE NAME- GST Certification Course

Headquartered in New Delhi, IIM SKILLS is one of the top educational institutes in the world. Offering a variety of skill development courses taught by experienced trainers with over twelve years in the field, IIM SKILLS is perfect for professionals, students, and entrepreneurs alike. One of their certification courses provides complete knowledge about GST with 100% practical training. Students will gain an understanding of the overall framework of GST and the steps involved in its processes.


Course Duration

The duration of this course is 4 weeks, live online interactive training


Course Fee


Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


 KEY Features

  • Live, interactive online lessons and hands-on tutelage
  • Enlightening teaching techniques, based on extensive research
  • Educational advice from respected veterans of the industry
  • Instant clarification of any doubts
  • Accredited Certification with MSME


2. ICWAI Patna


Through its GST Workshop Programme, the Institute of Cost Accountants of India Patna serves as an extension counter for the Eastern India Regional Council.

Students enrolled in this CMA course will gain knowledge and sharpen their skills in accounting, finance, and taxation. This program is among the top GST certifications in Patna, as it adequately covers all the essential topics required for any aspiring GST professional.


Course Duration

The duration of this workshop is 5 days.

Course Fee

The fee of the GST workshop program is 4000 + material cost

KEY Features

  • Government Certification
  • It is not necessary to have any type of college degree or diploma
  • Enhancing employment possibilities
  • Accreditation acknowledged by the sector.


3. ICA Kankarbagh


ICA Kankarbagh is one of the premier accounts training institutes located in Patna. It provides a wide range of courses for those interested in accounting and finance. Its GST certification course stands out amongst the other programs offered in Patna, as it gives learners practical experience to be able to apply for jobs confidently. Besides teaching the fundamentals of taxation, this course also hones problem-solving, decision-making, and analytical capabilities.


Course Duration

The duration is 27 hours


CONTACT DETAILS: +91 – 83350-69981



  • Definitions that are crucial under the Goods and Services Tax Act.
  • Pass entries about the Goods and Services Tax Payment
  • Working out the taxable amount for services
  • Estimating the GST owed


4. Bihar Skill Development Mission


The Bihar Skill Development Mission was created in 2010 to equip the youth of the area with essential job skills and professional knowledge to make them more employable.

To aid small and medium businesses in Patna, they introduced the BS-CFA program, a GST Return Filing course for those who have passed class 12th. With this online GST Certification course, students get to learn about Goods & Service Tax. It is one of the best courses available in Bihar to gain knowledge on the subject.


Course Duration

This course has a 120-hour duration and is offered via BSDM’s eLearning Management System.


CONTACT DETAILS: 1800 123 6525 [10 AM – 6 PM, Available from Mon – Sat]



  • Real-world examples for comprehension
  • Instances from different business sectors
  • More than 200 assessments and tasks
  • Above 50 assignments
  • Reference material to take with you
  • Interview Preparation


5. ICSI ( The Institute of Company Secretaries of India) 


In 2018, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India crafted a GST certification course to provide its members and professional Programme Students with the skills for managing this type of taxation. The class offers an understanding of the principles of GST, as well as how to apply them. This advanced class can be taken via an online webinar and final exam. Upon successful completion, the certificate is presented by ICSI jointly with BSE Institute Limited.


Course Duration

60 hours.

Course Fee

Rs.7500/- plus GST to be paid online

CONTACT DETAILS: 0120-4522000,



  • Webinar classes on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Digital copies of course materials after signing up
  • Joint accreditation is provided by ICSI and BSE institute limited.
  • Internet-based tests are accessible from anywhere.


6. Tally Education


Tally Education Pvt. Ltd. is an educational initiative by Tally Solutions that seeks to provide courses and certifications to help students land better job opportunities. It offers certifications in computerized accounting and on Tally. Particularly, its GST using Tally GST certification course is a more advanced program of study that covers the theory and practical application of GST. With it, participants can understand various concepts of Goods & Service Tax and how to employ Tally to maintain relevant records. This certificate is one of the most preferred options for those who are looking for GST certification courses in Patna.







  • This course covers a range of topics from the basics of GST to the more advanced aspects such as accounting and filing GST returns.
  • Examples and industry scenarios are used throughout to provide a better understanding of taxation and finance.
  • How to implement GST in a company, as well as recording basic and complex transactions for compliance.
  • The practical application of this will be done using Tally Prime so students can remain up to date with the latest releases.


7. NIIT 


At the forefront of training organizations is NIIT, providing knowledge and skill courses in Digital Marketing, Banking & Finance, and Business Analytics. Serving individuals, enterprises, and institutions alike, NIIT has grown to have centers across various cities with Patna being one of them.

To further advance its reach and capabilities, NIIT collaborated with Tally for a course that dives into GST concepts, implementation, and its impact on the Taxation System. This highly valued course is unarguably one of the top GST certification courses in Patna as it comes bundled with a Tally online certification examination.


Course Duration

This course has a 20-hour classroom component as well as hands-on experience with data sets.


CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected]

+1 800 200 4758



  • Grasp the fundamentals of GST
  • Gain insights into the execution and effects of GST on taxation
  • This program is integrated with Tally Online Certificate Exam
  • 20 hours of classroom sessions plus hands-on experience while working on datasets for a more thorough understanding and improved remembrance


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Want to advance the understanding of GST as an accountant or tax executive or start a new career as a GST professional in India? Specialists in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) are in great demand as businesses look for someone with the necessary skills to assist them in implementing and adhering to this historic tax change. This curriculum, created by PwC India, will assist in acquiring in-demand GST-related skills. can gain knowledge of the basics and framework of India’s GST, comprehend GST compliances, know when and how to apply GST, and know how to carry out GST compliances and file returns.





  • Learn the fundamentals of GST
  • How to obtain GST registration?
  • How tax is being paid? Its basics
  • Generate E-invoices and E-waybill and Maintain accounts


COURSE DURATION: 3 months at 10 hours a week



9. Udemy:

The Udemy Business collection is a selection of well-regarded courses for people and businesses to advance their skills and achieve their objectives. According to market trends, learner and organization input, and as they continue to add to the collection. To detect new and developing skills, they curate the collection using distinctive data points. Continually improve the collection to aid students and companies in staying current


The Goods and Services Tax Certificate course



  • Introduction to GST and its types
  • Filling of GST returns is being taught
  • Basics concepts are being taught by the industry experts






In the first lesson of this Fundamentals of Taxation course, the definition of tax and its many forms will be briefly discussed. After that, pupils will be given a quick overview of the Income Tax Act 1961, the law that governs income taxes in India. Following that will learn some of the fundamental tax lingo and several key definitions taken from the aforementioned Act. After learning these fundamentals, individuals can move on to learning about the various heads of income as established by the Act.


Fundamentals of Taxation



  • Learning about Income Tax Act in Detail 1961
  • What is Income Tax terminology?
  • Residential Status
  • Concepts of Income Tax Law






Any firm can succeed with a skilled accountant who is a master of business knowledge. Demands for the digitalization of E-Accountants or Smart Accountants for the process of calculating tax assessments for corporations or individuals are rising quickly.

This business accounting and taxation course introduces students to the Indian financial accounting industry and highlights how it can be applied to both personal and corporate financing to benefit both parties and reduce or avoid paying taxes like GST, TDS, and income tax.

For an advantage in the financial sector, students taking this accounting course will gain information through practice questions, assignments, Tally Projects, and Mock Interviews as well as through homework, quizzes, Microsoft Excel exposure, and Tally Prime.


Accounting and Taxation with GST and Tally certification program



  • Taught by industry experts
  • What are the Fundamentals of Bookkeeping?
  • What are the Accrual accounting ratio and cash flow analysis?
  • Know about government taxes such as GST, TDS, and Income tax






According to India Today and The Tribune India, Henry Harvin is ranked first among the top upskilling institutions in India. More than 4,60,000 Henry Harvin alumni are trained and engaged globally. 4.8/5 stars from 3452+ reviews. ten or more corporate recruiting partners with connections to several MNCs. 130+ Colleges Trust Henry Harvin Training Methods and Modules, including 12+ IIMs and 7+ IITs.


GST Practitioner Course



  • The GST practitioner course insights about GST regulations
  • The course is taught by trained experts who speak in Aaj Tak, NDTV, and other famous platforms
  • Covers trending issues such as GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A




Benefits of GST Certification Course

The following are some of the befits of the GST certification courses which are needed for becoming a GST practitioner. And GST certification courses in Patna give an above-average edge overall with lots of benefits:


  • It helps to increase the job opportunities
  • One can acquire a vast knowledge of the various fields such as taxes, finances, and accounting
  • It helps to increase one’s salary by an average of 15% to 25%
  • Can start their consulting work very easily
  • Can develop more structured content after the course
  • It provides updated and also specialized knowledge in the field of GST.
  • It also helps to take the latest GST and tax policies and strategies that help to steer the business or company in a good direction and also succeed.
  • Students will learn how to manage taxes effectively to make better business decisions
  • It not only improves one’s skills but also provides thorough knowledge about the job market
  • A systematic overview, problem-solving skills, good analytical skills, and decision-making skills are part of any GST preparation
  • Since the launch of the GST system, more than 2 lakh jobs have been created that are directly or indirectly related to GST administration.


FAQs: GST Certification Courses in Patna


Q1. GST certification courses for non-CA is possible?

There is an eligibility criterion for the GST certification courses

  1. Experts who are moving from finance to taxation
  2. Individuals who are interested in the field of taxation and employment opportunities in taxation
  3. Graduates in arts, commerce, or engineering, chartered accountants, certified accountants, company secretaries, and law aspirants.
  4. Finance professionals can also make their mark in this field


Q2. How much will a graduate make after graduating from the GST certification courses in Patna?

After finishing the GST certification programs, salaries in India might run anywhere from INR 2.5 LAKH to INR 8 LAKH annually, mostly at entry-level jobs. The remuneration might range from approximately INR 5 lakh to INR 15 lakh per year, depending on the candidate’s experience. Additionally, the organization and job profile may have an impact on income. Students who graduated from reputed institutes like GST certification courses in Patna can get higher pay and can stand out best from the rest. Due to trends in the global job market, another element affects compensation after completing the GST certificate course. Thus, it is difficult to provide precise data because salary depends on several variables.


 Q3. How will the training for the GST certification courses in Patna operate?

The foundations of GST are better understood by pupils thanks to GST training. The knowledge of the significance of terminology, concepts, their applicability, and their influence is beneficial to the pupils. It is an extremely thorough guide to GST rules. Students benefit from training by learning how the industry operates on the inside and how the practical parts of GST operate. Additionally, it will improve students’ abilities and prepare them to practice GST more effectively.


Q4. What is the process of registration as a GST practitioner? 

Certain steps are important for the registration process:

  1. First visit the GST portal at
  2. Then under the SERVICES> REGISTRATION tab > Click on NEW REGISTRATION
  3. The page for the new registration will appear.
  4. Under the NEW REGISTRATION page
  5. Click on New Registration
  6. In the ‘I am a dropdown, select “GST Practitioner”
  7. Now select the State and District from the dropdown menu
  8. Now enter PAN, Email Address, and the Mobile Number
  9. Enter the captcha code
  10. Click on Proceed
  11. After validation, the page will be directed to the OTP verification page.
  12. Enter the two different OTPs which are sent on the mobile and email and proceed
  13. After proceeding it will generate a TRN (Temporary Reference Number)
  14. Enter TRN and captcha and Proceed button click it
  15. After Proceed The OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number enter it and then proceed
  16. Enter all the personal details shown on the page like upload documents, professional page, and application details. Click on Submit on the verification page
  17. Under the verification page fill in the necessary details. There are two ways to apply DSC and E- Signature
  18. The success message will appear. Registration will be done

GST certification courses in Patna teach everything in detail mainly about the registration process.


Conclusion: GST Certification Courses in Patna

In the end, GST certification courses in Patna provide additional and current GST information. The students are the main focus of the courses’ design. Such individuals are needed by CPAs, corporate secretaries, and financial and tax experts so they can handle tax assessments and bookkeeping and make better decisions in those areas. It improves skills, broadens employment options, and raises earning potential. Everyone is choosing GST certification courses in Patna because the industry is developing and they offer professional progress. Of course, this may be the ideal choice for the person in the future for higher prospects.

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