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Top 3 Recognized GST Certification Courses in Trichy

Beginning its journey in 2000, GST took almost 17 years to come into action. It was finally in 2017 when the law was passed in Lok Sabha and Rajya sabha. It was no less than a revolution when GST overpowered every other existing tax and shook India’s whole taxation system, which made the GST certification courses in Trichy a need of the hour. GST was a modern concept that was introduced in the market, which led to a brilliant job career as a GST practitioner. Excise duty, VAT, and service taxes have been flashed away from the entire system which was conveniently replaced by one single tax that is Goods & service tax (GST). Trichy, by-name for Tiruchirappalli, is a city in Tamil Nadu state, India and if you reside in the city or nearby, this article is the right guide for you to get a glimpse of GST certification courses in Trichy. 


What is GST?


Goods & service tax is an indirect tax that was first introduced in 2017 in India, which replaced all other indirect taxes in the taxation system. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that GST grouped all indirect taxes under one head and hence, began the journey of GST taxation in India. When we talk about Indirect taxes, it is mandatory to understand that the Indian taxation system has primarily two categories of taxes i.e. Direct tax & indirect tax.


  • Direct Tax

A type of tax that is directly levied on the income and profits of an individual name, is the income tax. This type of tax excludes taxes on goods and services and instead is charged directly to a citizen of the country.


  • Indirect Tax

Indirect tax is that category of the taxation system which is levied on goods and services offered by the business and not the individual’s income or profit. The name describes the tax profoundly as it is charged to the consumer indirectly via the goods and services consumed. GST is an indirect tax as it is a tax that is levied on goods and services as the name suggests.


Why is GST Implemented?


Before the GST era, taxes were levied on every stage of manufacturing which resulted in a tax on tax and eventually increased the value of goods for the end consumer and also narrowed the margin gap for the manufacturers. When GST entered the market, the tax on the tax system and double taxation were removed and all the indirect taxes were grouped under one name.


Also, the taxation system in the pre-GST period was different for different states. With GST, a one-tax-one-nation phenomenon was also highlighted. With GST certification courses in Trichy, you can learn about the pre and post-era in detail and also know the pros and cons that GST has come with.


Here Are a Few Pointers on Why is GST Implemented in India:

  • The key objective of the One Nation-One Tax
  • To group all indirect taxes under one head and eliminate various other taxes with other names
  • To eliminate tax on tax and double taxation system
  • To increase surveillance on every transaction with e-invoicing and decrease tax evasion activities.
  • Increased the number of registered taxpayers in the country as there is one single threshold for taxpayers.
  • GST made everything digitally and easily available for businesses and clients.
  • Better logistics and improved transportation system as everything is updated in real-time
  • Better prices available and major cost-cutting has prevailed after the success of GST in India.


Elements of GST


Once you enroll for the GST certification courses in Trichy, you’ll learn the elements of GST in detail with their individual properties and how to levy these elements in real-time practice. The elements of GST are namely, CGST, SGST & IGST.


  • CGST

Central goods & services tax is levied on the intrastate transactions of goods and services. When the supply of goods and services is within the state than two taxes namely CGST & SGST are levied on the transaction. CGST is governed by the Central Government under CGST Act 2017. CGST majorly replaced the VAT and central excise duty. 


  • SGST

Similar to CGST, SGST stands for State goods & service Tax which is also levied on the transactions taking place within the state i.e. Intrastate transactions and supply of goods. Unlike CGST. SGST is governed by the state government under the Act of SGST Act 2017. 


  • IGST

Integrated Goods & Service Tax is levied on all the transactions that take place interstate and within the country between the states. It is one tax that is also levied on any import or export transactions from India. The revenue from the IGST is equally shared between the central and state governments. 


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Career Options as a GST Practitioner


Once you have mastered the art of accounting with the GST certification course in Trichy, the scope for jobs is widened. With the abundance of knowledge available in this new concept and fewer people aware of it, the market needs GST practitioners who have a thorough knowledge of the same. 


Professionals are always trusted and their help is sought with legal matters in the business industry. Businesses have been operating for years now and with the taxation system being revolutionized in the year 2017, which came as a shock to many businessmen and workers, these people are still having a hard time learning the new concepts and GST practitioners have become their go-to options for help and guidance. 


Before getting on to the list of career options available with the GST certification courses in Trichy, let’s first initiate the conversation on who can look for becoming a professional in this area:


  • Experts who already handle tax issues
  • Newbies looking for a new career in accounting and GST
  • Individuals who handle business and who plan to help any of their clients in the same matter
  • Chartered Accountants handling profiles of businesses and legalities
  • Graduates, freshers, and similar kinds of people looking for careers in finance, accounting, and taxation
  • Any citizen of India who plans to learn the taxation norms and practices.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


To List a Few of the Many Job Career Options Post-GST Certification Courses in Trichy:


  • Join any business or a company for their decent book recording
  • Filing of GST for businesses as an accountant
  • Taxation research and analysis
  • Reconciliations of the files and records to file GST
  • GST consultancy firm
  • GST legal practices
  • Join GST legal department
  • Become a GST trainer


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Top 3 GST Certification Courses in Trichy


To become a professional in any field, you should learn about it in detail first and that is how you can turn out to be one of the best amongst the rest in the professional system. It is not the knowledge but the amalgamation of adequate knowledge, skills, and individual style that makes them stand out in the crowd. So let’s have a look at the top GST certification courses in Trichy.


1. IIM Skills


IIM SKILLS is the one-stop solution for online skill-based learning lately. They have escalated their growth rate in the recent past and overpowered any other educational platform with their hands-on lectures, lifetime access, and of course being an effective and efficient online platform. 


They are also loved by their students for being available for any queries, be it real-time problems, academic queries, or guidance in the real world, the mentors at IIM Skills are known for their timely presence. GST certification courses in Trichy with IIM Skills can prove to be the smartest choice for your career as it is curated in a way that can fit into your time frame and still manage to deliver useful lessons that will stay for as long as you want them to.


About the Course:

  • 16 hours of self-study lectures and study material
  • Weekly assignments
  • Practical assignments
  • Freelance opportunities
  • Placement opportunities
  • Tools, E-books, and more 
  • Certification from IIM skills
  • 24×7 Support, Lifetime access


The course is priced at Rs 2900/- only. 


GST Certification Course Curriculum:


The course will cover the following modules and will have the following curriculum in the study.

  • Module 1; Genesis and concepts of GST and impact of GST on businesses.
  • Module 2: Framework and structure of GST
  • Module 3: Registration under GST
  • Module 4: GST invoicing
  • Module 5: Filing of GST returns
  • Module 6: GST composition schemes
  • Module 7: RCM i.e reverse charge mechanism
  • Module 8: E-way Bill
  • Module 9: Input tax credit & payments’


The study material might end here but the course holds a lot more than in the picture. IIM skills provide you with freelance opportunities which you can grab as soon as you are thorough with the study, the practical assignments get you on the road much before you know it. With dedicated placement cells, you get to enter into the real market and practice your learnings once you have been certified with IIM skills.



Email: [email protected]

Call: +91 9911839503

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2. Synergy School of Business Skills


A dedicated school for business skills, Synergy has proven to be one of the largest institutes in India for management and business academics. By delivering pure excellence and enhancing the business and management skills of the student, they have created a wide network of 75 centers worldwide. 


Talking numbers, they have trained 50000 people and 10000 professionals in different categories of management courses. The infrastructure at Synergy is the talk of the town with top-notch facilities and according to the prevailing taste. GST certification courses in Trichy with Synergy can be enrolled at three different centers available in Trichy city. 


About the Course:

  • The Tally course includes GST certification which is 150 hours of course
  • In-depth knowledge of receivables-payables, cash flow, banking, ledgers, e-way bill generation, filing of GST, journal entries, maintenance of books, and recording of transactions with tally software
  • Impact of GST on business models
  • Practical GST registration
  • Certification 
  • Technical skills to get hands-on with new GST regimes
  • Practical assignments and live chat support



1st Floor, K.R. Ahamed Sha office complex,

No. 25, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore,

Chennai – 600 004, Tamil Nadu,



Phone: (91 44) 4596 6100

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


3. Tally


The tally is yet another platform to choose for GST certification training. As the name suggests, this one is an online platform to get yourself equipped with the tally software and GST skills. The prime focus of the course is to get the candidate hands-on with Tally ERP 9 software which further makes it easy to practice GST. 


About the Course:

  • Prime focus on Tally ERP9 software and GST practices
  • Video tutorials, e-books, and blogs shared as study material
  • Effective lessons 
  • Planned and CA-approved curriculum
  • Certifications
  • Timely updates to keep up with the rules and norms of the country
  • Practice Files are provided for practical knowledge
  • 10 modules that sum up the entire course



Course Inquiry :

+91 9081211174

(10 AM to 6 PM only)


Sales Queries:

[email protected]

Support Queries :

[email protected]


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Q1. Many institutes are providing tally courses that include GST as a subject, how is GST different from Tally?

A Tally is a software that is used to maintain the books and recording of transactions, it has been in the business picture for ages now. With or without GST, Tally shall always remain. It is not very easy to get your hands-on on this software as it is not for layman work. Hence one needs to learn to use the software with Tally courses.


With GST being introduced, there was a need to implement the learnings of GST, and also Tally software was upgraded with GST norms. With Tally learning, the need for GST courses also popped. These two being interlinked to each other can be learned in a single or separate course as well. GST certification courses in Trichy mainly focus on GST being the key subject of study.


Q2. What is the duration of the GST Certification courses?

The duration of the course is solely dependent on the institute and the curriculum that they provide. Some GST courses are providing with study material to the student which is then up to the student’s speed and interest level by which he can complete the course. The certification courses vary from 4 weeks- 3 months.


Q3. What are the career options as GST Practitioner?

Once you become a GST practitioner, the career scope widens drastically. From business firms to taxation consultancy and even opening a tax consultancy firm under your name. With GST coming into the picture, the employment for accountants and GST practitioners has been reaching peaks.


Q4. How to choose from the top 3 GST certification courses listed?

The choice of the institute you will want to be a part of will require detailed research on the institutes, credibility, mentor support, curriculum, and fee structure. You should have your requirements transparent in your mind which is further an easy task of checking the boxes. For Example, if you are looking for an online course, which is easy on your pocket but does the job for a detailed study on GST and also gets you freelance opportunities or placements with certification. IIM Skills can be the best choice for you.


Q5. What are the components of the GST certification courses?

The GST certification courses in Trichy would include modules like the history and the implementation of GST, the Impact of GST on business models, basics of GST, the types of GST i.e. CGST, SGST, UGST, IGST, and their applications, GST registration, and filing, and practice of GST on a real-time basis.




The GST Certificate course Trichy can open up many doors for you. If you are someone who always had a keen interest in accounting or if you are someone who is an accountant already but need to keep up with the new GST norms and their application to the daily accounting system, this course is meant for you. If you have come this far, you already know the Top courses available in the city what is GST, and the career options that you can choose once you have completed the course. So here’s wishing you a very happy accounting and hope this article was a savior at the moment when you needed it the most.


Happy Learning!

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