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Top 9 Must-Opt Investment Banking Internships in Delhi

In this new era of high technology and advancement, almost every couple of years, we hear about a new market of jobs and profiles that were probably unheard of a few decades ago. One such new job prospect is Investment Banking which is a term that is still quite unfamiliar to the common man. Therefore the question that would undoubtedly arise in the mind of a layman is What is Investment Banking? Investment Banking is a kind of banking that arranges big and complicated financial transactions such as IPO underwritings or mergers. Thus investment bankers are specialists in the field of finances and banking and keep a tab on the environment and the right atmosphere for investing. And to serve this purpose some very good organizations provide Best Investment Banking Internships in Delhi.


But before moving ahead let’s first understand what the true nature of an IPO is. In simple words, an IPO or Initial Public Offering offers shares of privately owned corporations to the public by issuing their stock for the first time. The role of investment bank (the underwriter) here, lies in scrutinizing the company’s ledgers and accounts, their assets, their liabilities, and their inflow of cash. The purpose is to check for any discrepancies and estimate the actual worth of the company. And then raise money for the company in various ways.


The Role of an Investment Banker

An investment Banker is a specialist employed by banks to thoroughly and intensively study the risks that are involved before giving a green signal to a project. They not only help corporations, the government, and other groups to lay a road map and handle large projects; but also benefit their clients by saving some of their very crucial resources such as time and money; before they take the final plunge into the sea of market and finances.

Large business conglomerates and institutions seek help from investment banks to guide them about the best practices to be adopted for their success and development. So if one aspires to be an Investment Banker one must thoroughly check the Best Investment Banking Internships in Delhi.


Is Investment Banking a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Job?

Investment is not the normal run-of-the-mill kind of job where one goes to the office at 9 a.m. and by 5 p.m. it is time to call it a day. Investment Bankers in some rare cases spend 60-100 hours weekly with spreadsheets across their tables. However, this might differ slightly as per the protocols of the company and the demand generated for work.

All said and done, as per the report published by Goldman Sachs in 2021- Working Conditions Survey, on aggregate Investment Bankers work for more than 90+ hours in a week.  Looking at it from a practical aspect, the rushed hours are on weekdays from 9:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. when the National Stock Exchange (NSE)and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) open and close respectively.

When this ends it is the start of other important tasks like meeting prospective clients, preplanning and scheduling meetings and discussing itineraries for the next day’s clients, traveling, hosting dinners, and creating connections internally and externally with the perspective of growing the business. Therefore it is crucial that one checks for the best investment banking internships in Delhi.

If you are a recruit in the investment banking sector then most of the time in the first year is spent waiting for the constructive feedback and suggestions of those who are above you in experience and rank. So basically you fine-tune your skills and expertise as per the requirements of your seniors.

This could include preparing notes for your senior’s meeting with a client, preparing offers that you feel might surely get the green signal, preparing a Confidential Information Memorandum on the selling and disposing of shares or the assets of a business, estimating the financial results that are foreseen related the future of the company and contributing in whatever way to rope in new clients for the company. Hence to get the best knowledge one must look for some best investment banking internships in Delhi.


Can We Safely Say That Investment Banking is a Very Lucrative Job?

An Investment banker’s job pays them back in multifold, but at the same time, there is a lot of competition in this sector. There is always an influx of a plethora of demands of the clients and it has become imperative to please the client no matter how weird the demand is. There is always a flood of work. It is usually seen that Investment Bankers work late into the night, the sole reason for this is that they must close the deals that happen in the night and carry on into the wee hours of the night, no matter what time of the day it is.

Very often there are major issues with striking a work and life balance. All the more, it is believed that since  Senior Banking Investors or Analysts have always been hard-core workaholics ( because of the demand of the job) the freshers in the field must walk in their footsteps.

To sum up there must be no doubt that Investment Bankers get compensated with benefit packages along with their salaries as a dividend for their hard work. Other additional perks include opportunities to make commissions and get bonuses, good insurance coverage, and ready options to buy shares. To be the best in the field it is advised to scroll through for the best banking investment internships in Delhi.


What is It Like Working With Highly Experienced Peers?

Though the idea of working with pros in the field of investment banking may appear to be a little daunting and unnerving to the novices the benefits and the knowledge gained are unfathomable. In this field, there is a lot of competition as every analyst wants to carve a niche for himself and become successful.

The major requirements of the job are exceptional intelligence and good analytical skills, and not only the colleagues but even the clients are under pressure to perform up to the optimum level to remain in the lead.

Thus the highly competitive environment creates an urge in all the colleagues or co-workers to continue learning and upskilling themselves and of course, you also have the provision of falling back on your peers for advice and guidance. To get a better understanding of the work environment one must go to some best bank investment internships in Delhi.


In What Other Ways Does One Profit From Becoming an Investment Banker?

Investment banking is mainly about communicating with and analyzing senior officers of organizations and institutions. This leads to cultivating not only professional but also personal relationships with officials who are posted at high ranks in organizations of repute. This association helps you reach greater heights in your career.


Are There Any Pitfalls Related to Investment Banking?

We know that every job has its merits and demerits so is with Investment Banking. The first demerit is the long hours that one needs to devote to this profile. One must brace oneself to devote more than 40 hours per week plus working overtime on the weekends and working long shifts during the week. To get a feel of the pressure one must enroll in some best investment banking internships in Delhi.

Though this may appear to be challenging it could result in a high income or high salary that an Investment Banker gets. The second demerit is that a client or a customer may expect an Investment Banker to be available at his beck and call.

The easy accessibility may involve making or taking phone calls and e-mails, doing research on the select topic, and responding to inquiries. Thus you are in a stage to be able to provide better services to your customers or clients. And the third demerit is the pressure to perform because of the high competition in the field.


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What Are the Different Kinds of Investment Banking?

  1. Bulge Bracket Investment Banks

Bulge Bracket investment banks are held in the highest esteem in the financial industry and are also the largest. They have a global reach and provide a vast range of financial services to clients. The services include sales, trading and research; underwriting, merger and acquisition advisory, etc.

These banks have the potential to handle complicated and humungous financial transactions for government bodies, institutions, and corporations. JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley are examples of Bulge Bracket Investment Banks, they are highly competitive and have a huge impact on the global financial market. Some Best Investment Banking Internships are provided in Delhi for this.


  1. Mid-market Investment Banks

Mid-market Investment Banks provide services to SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Businesses). The size varies anywhere between 500 million dollars to I billion dollars. These banks provide services such as  M&A Advisory, Capital Raising, and Debt Restructuring. They work in close collaboration with their clients and have a regional reach, unlike Bulge Bracket Investment Banks.


  1. Elite Boutique Investment Banks

These are financial institutions for, Investment Banking Internships in Delhi, that are small in size but highly specialized in providing services to clients in some particular industries or sectors. These banks have a lesser number of employees and fewer resources but focus majorly on providing high-quality enterprise and tailor-made advice.

They focus on building long-term relationships with their clients while at the same time giving fun for the mill to the bigger fishes in the field. These banks play a vital role in the financial banking sector by providing deep insights and unparalleled knowledge to the clients.


  1. Regional Boutique Investment Banks

These banks provide specialized financial services to clients specific to their geographic location. The clients must have made transactions up to 50 million dollars. These banks hold the confidence and goodwill of their local market and provide customized services to their clients. These banks play a vital role in the economies of their region and provide strong support to small and middle-sized businesses. They usually provide services such as M&A advisory, capital raising, and restructuring to middle–market companies.


Investment Banking Internships in Delhi


1. Internship provided by Bank of America


  • Summer Internship Programme, Investment Banking Internships in Delhi

To hire on campus the Bank of America provides several programmes to the aspirants. These are not only insight and summer internship programs but also apprenticeship programs.  These programs are conducted in some select locations across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East & Africa, Latin America, the US and Canada, and many other countries as well.

Summer Internship is the main medium for hiring new aspirants for full-time programs provided by the  Bank of America. The duration of the program is 10 weeks during which the trainees are provided with training that is appropriately structured, a performance that is evaluated,  changes for development and for opportunities as well as complete exposure to those aspects of the training that are of interest to them.

In some centers of the city summer internship is awarded to year one and year 2 students pursuing graduation, however, the norm is that most students appearing for their 2nd year of graduation can apply. Apart from this other terms and eligibility criteria as per the preferences of the locality are also applicable. If the aspirant gets selected and is offered a placement in the bank then the required work permit needs to be obtained also.


  • Off-cycle Internships

Placements in the Industry or Off-cycle Internships take place throughout the year and it’s the time duration is flexible to suit the needs of the business.


  • Full-time Analyst and Associate Programmes

Students doing graduation or a post-graduation course in Delhi can choose the Analyst Programme as an Internship Programme. Students ready to start graduation can apply for Associate Programmes but here the entire motive is on the training and development, evaluations of the performance that are structured, providing support that is monitored, and channeling connections to support learning to grab a job and to also gain experience.


2. Gold Sachs, Investment Banking Internships In Delhi

  • Summer Analyst Programme

It is an 8-10-week program. The students are experienced in the culture, the benefits, and the responsibilities that each member at Gold Sachs shoulders. Along with this, they learn how to focus on technical training and learn from the officials at the bank. Students in their second-year finals can apply for the internship. The company seeks candidates who can survive and perform in a constantly changing environment but must possess extremely good communication skills, have excellent analytical skills, and be able to multi-task and manage their time well.


  • New Analyst Programme

It is a program that accepts applications from Graduates and final-year undergraduates from any stream with or without experience in the desired field. The applicants get acquainted with the organization, learn how it does business to make gains, how it upgrades its skills and adds on knowledge to support its business and accelerate further to forge new relations across the various divisions and regions.


3. J P Morgan Chase Investment Banking Analyst Programme, Investment Banking Internships in Delhi

The program is created for hardcore aspirants of investment banking. The duration of the program is nine weeks and starts with an initial online introductory training followed by classroom instruction led by the trainer on subjects like accounts, financial modeling, valuation, and Excel spreadsheets. The actual internship starts with an induction program that carries on for a week, thereafter there is training to supplement the interns about the working of the organization and an on-the-job training program.

The interns are bundled with a mentor to understand the workplace and take a tour of it, additionally, the mentor also provides them with career advice. While doing so, they also get a good chance to mingle with people who are from the same business or novices who are interns like them.

To apply for Investment Banking Internships in Delhi the candidate must have a plethora of qualities, like excellent business skills, creativity and innovation, self-motivation and drive; logical and analytical skills, and should be open to taking up challenges that test their mettle.

Interns from this organization stand apart from their colleagues in their skills at communication, taking initiative and onus; and contributing from the beginning till the end, getting thrilled and excited at the prospect of working in an environment that not only is global but also fast-paced, is what separates the people who train here from others.

The ones who are star performers have the chance to be employed as full-time Analysts with the Organization at the end of their internship. They also have a good chance of getting to work with Investment Banks in the United States of America, Canada, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore,  China, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Sweden, Australia, etc.


4. Barclay’s Bank Investment Banking, Investment Banking Internships in Delhi


5. Summer Analyst Banking

There are a lot of opportunities to explore when enrolling for the Summer Analyst Banking Programme with Barclay’s. One gets a chance to learn about the nitty gritty related to investment banking and gets exposure to real-life projects and the responsibilities that are shouldered by members that make Barclay’s Bank.  The actual training of the interns comprises of the initial training after which the intern is made part of a team that works on the key product that is assigned to them.

Instead of a product, it could also be an industry or region; and the task would be to work on deals and proposals that are life, presentations that have been contributed to wholeheartedly, and transactions that have been well carried out. On their part, Braclay’s provides a backup to their interns with constructive feedback, motivation, and support.

The Investment Banking Internships in Delhi from this Organization are open to any graduate who has a flair for business and finance. The aspirants must be self-motivated and should be able to cope with a fast-paced program and the stress that it generates. He must have good communication and teamwork skills, be vigilant about looking for the best solution, and have the discretion to know how his/her role would impact the outcome of their business.


  • Summer Associate

About the Programme

This Programme acquaints the interns with application-based learning. The aspirant becomes a part of a Task group that works on the key product that is assigned to them. Instead of a product, it could also be an industry or region; and the task would be to work on deals and proposals that are live, and create models on financing and skills that are of value. It also prepares the interns on how to develop good and strong relationships with the clients and also oversees and mentors junior colleagues about financing and business. Thus there is a good opportunity to self-nominate and take the initiative to serve society by giving back to them.


Who Can Apply-

Exceptional candidates after having completed their graduation and internship, have a good opportunity of working full-time with Barclay’s as an analyst. First-year MBA students can apply for this program, plus students who have a strong affinity for business and finances can also apply.


Additional Skills

Aspirants who are good at teamwork, and communication and can adapt to a fast-paced environment and the pressure that incurs are most suited for the internship. If they are good problem solvers and understand the seriousness of their role and how it may impact the running of the business, then there is no stopping them from making it big in this field.


Off-cycle Investment Banking Internship

This program opens the gate to a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the interns to work in tandem with the team at Barclays for an extended period. The intern gets a lot of exposure in the form of getting to work on real deals and proposals, a chance to showcase business presentations, and the procedure and methodology to deal with transactions related to business.


5. Citibank, Investment Banking Internships in Delhi

A. Citibank Summer Analyst Programme Graduate and Undergraduate Students

The time duration for this program is 10-12 weeks and it is open mostly during summer but does open at other times of the year based on the business requirements and needs of the individual country. The Programme is multifaceted, it is a cocktail of training, experience gained related to the training, and exposure through social events. The crème-da- crème of the training is offered a full-time position in Citibank at the successful completion of the Master’s Programme or even graduation. Students can apply in the pre-final year of their graduation or the Post-graduation course.


B. Citibank Summer Associate Programme

The Programme is almost similar to the Summer Analyst Programme but differs slightly as it is tailor-made as per the roles of the trainees and is a conglomerate of training, experience, and exposure to social events. The time duration for the completion of the Programme is 10-12 weeks and it is mostly open for admissions during summer. On successful completion of the course, the exceptionally outstanding interns have an opportunity to get a full-time placement in the Organisation. The students who are in their pre-final year of MBA, MA, Ph. D, or JD programs are eligible to apply for the internship program.


C. Citibank Full-Time Analyst Programme

This program shapes the intern for the future as an Analyst. The Programme is a conglomeration of training in the core skills,  opportunities to engage in a dialogue with the Senior Management and with the Clients; and a good chance to get mentored by the aces in the Organization. Having good communication skills, a passion for finance and business, and a high degree of motivation are the prerequisites for all aspirants. The Programme is solely open to students in their last year of Graduation or Post Graduation, whichever is applicable.


D. Citibank Full-Time Associate Programme

This Programme is one of the best Investment Banking Internships in Delhi, of its kind as it launches or spearheads the intern to a career in Citibank. The Programme entails a set of rigorous training, with hands-on experience in the real world and a good opportunity to interact with Senior Executives.

The Internship is open for students in the final year of their post-graduation, MBA, Ph.D., and J.D.  Weightage is given to students with a multi-faceted academic background,  interests, and experiences. The opportunity to be a part of the teams may vary from region to region.


6. Standard Chartered, Investment Banking Internships in Delhi

Standard Chartered Summer Internship Programme

It is a summer program Investment Banking Internships in Delhi, that opens in June and runs for around 10 weeks. The program is open for all streams whether it is Science, Humanities, or Commerce. The students get technical and professional,  as well as hands-on training. Apart from this, they attend speeches and seminars by acclaimed speakers on the virtues of leadership skills.

The feedback after the sessions, on one’s strengths and other virtues helps one to self-analyze and chart an improvement plan for one’s growth. Exceptionally good candidates stand a chance of being offered a seat in the Graduation Programme or a job at the Front Desk. The candidate must have completed their second year or their final year of post-graduation.

The candidate must have sharp mathematical, analyzing, and interpretation skills and must have curiosity, be open-minded, career-oriented, perfect in communication skills, have an eye for good opportunities must be quick to take action and he must have a lot of strength to not give up at the slightest of provocation in the form of wrong calculation or missed opportunities.


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7. Fidelity Summer Internship Programme, Investment Banking Internships in Delhi

The program is open to students from any field and offers training, lessons on how to build connections, and knowledge and experience about the various aspects of running a business. At the end of the Programme, the exceptionally talented and eligible students have the opportunity to join the team, of course after a certain interval of time.

It is a 10-week program and usually starts in May or June. The program usually with an induction session, followed by training and opportunities for networking to set a successful career ahead for the aspirants, once the program is completed.

Students who are in their second year can apply for the internship; the students must also have attributes such as a rational perspective about things or a different viewpoint, the ability to question processes and procedures, and the intelligence to address problems and find solutions.


8. Macquarie Off-cycle Internship Programme, Investment Banking Internships in Delhi

The Internship Programme, offered by Macquarie is open to students from divergent streams, they can be a part of the program or maybe a part of the Off-cycle Programme, which is also an initiative of Macquarie. The program opens in May and June and seeks students who can handle challenges, push their limits, and have a logical and analytical mind to study problems from different perspectives and formulate solutions to solve those problems.


9. Ameriprise Summer Internship Programme, Investment Banking Internships in Delhi

It is an eleven-week internship program,  which aims to cater to the personal and professional development of the candidate. It also proposes to provide ample opportunities to seek guidance from Senior Executives, chances to participate in community affairs and meaningful work, liaising with the Organisation and translating to the business leaders a summary of experience related to specific work, etc.

Exceptional candidates walk away with a full-time offer to be a part of the Organisation. To be a part of the organization the students must possess an out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to finances and the business industry. They should also have an acclaimed track record of leadership skills and other related attributes, qualities, and experiences.


FAQs: Investment Banking Internships in Delhi


1 What are the skills needed to be able to perform well in Investment Banking?

The skills required are analytical, logical, and skills at making interpreting. Good communication skills, perseverance, hard work, and being goal-oriented are other skills that one must possess. And of course, interest in banking and finance is also a must.


2. What does the intern do at an investment banking internship?

After the induction and the meetings, the intern is allocated a project to work on, which may include presentations and research. Thereafter the intern works on pitch books and presentations and works on preparing the first drafts from the slides which are reviewed by the seniors of the team.


3. Which kind of Internship proves to be the best in the long run?

Investment Banks and Organisations always prefer interns who have some knowledge of banking and finances to a fresher who is a clean slate. Thus completing a Summer Internship is very important in grabbing a full-time position as an investment banker.


4. What does an internship entail?

An Internship teaches you to cope with the banking environment as well it prepares you to have a very good understanding of the responsibilities and the work ethics of the investment banks. Working as a junior analyst and forming networks with clients and customers helps you to prove your worth and also secures you a place in the Investment Bank.

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