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Top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore With Placement

Bangalore City has grown immensely over the past decades. Known as the hub of start-ups and the IT sector, it came to have the title of The Silicon Valley of India. Companies like Infosys, WIPRO, and HAL are headquartered in Bangalore. In the global charts, Bangalore is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, having a strong base of education and tremendous career opportunities in the Software Sector and Banking. If you are looking forward to having a career in Investment Banking, we have listed out the best options to consider in Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore. Before you consider Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore, you may want to know more about Investment Banking and its procedures.


An Introduction to Investment Banking

In various financial operations and roles, Investment Banking is a segment of banking that handles large financial transactions of corporate companies. There is a term in Investment Banking known as IPO which stands for Initial Public Offer. IPO is a process where the shares of a private organization are offered to the public for the first time as new stock.

The initial offering makes the private organization turn into a public company to raise capital from public investors. Investment Banking offers IPO services to companies from initiation to management of IPO. Apart from IPO, Investment Banking also assists in mergers, reorganizations, acquisitions, proprietary trading & underwriting new debt.

When a company wants to undergo a merger or acquisition, investment banking assists in estimating a company’s worth so that the deal is proposed at a correct value. Investment banking is an intermediary between the company and the public investors.

With investment banking, the pricing strategy is carried out efficiently, matches the current stock market conditions, and analyzes the estimates of profit margins. To raise money from the client profiles, Investment Banking also includes the process of issuing securities. The clients for Investment Banking range from multinational companies, individuals, and government organizations.


What are the Types of Investment Banking?

Investment Banking involves many financial services and different forms of transactions. Depending on the type of client profile, geographical location, and magnitude of transactions, investment banking services differ.


The different types of Investment Banking are:

  • Bulge Bracket Investment Banks: This category of Investment Banks is the most recognizable type of Investment Banking. Banks such as JP Morgan, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America fall under Bulge Bracket Investment Banks. These banks undertake services such as mortgage lending, retail banking, and other financial operations of corporate banking. The services of these banks are catered to an elite client profile wherein the deal is stated for one billion dollars or more. Since these banks have a strong geographical presence, there is a wider network coverage to cater to the different needs of clients from many parts of the world. Another feature of these banks is, they also offer advice and equity research to guarantee a high-quality investment banking service. Bulge Bracket Investment Banks are divided into three segments namely advisory, retail, and trading. While each segment focuses on profit generation, the advisory segment earns revenue from the capital generated from clients. The trading segment gains profit from market performance and the retail segment generates revenue from the loan offered to businesses and individuals. Since the nature of these banks is to handle complex financial transactions, Bulge Bracket Banks close multi-billion-dollar deals in various client profiles.


  • Mid-Market Investment Banks: These kinds of banks focus on transactions and investment banking services for a mid-market client range as the name suggests. The deal size of these banks ranges from 50 dollars to 500 million dollars. Although Mid-Market Investment Banks aren’t widely known, they still do cover an array of investment banking services and have quality-related expertise. Mid-Market Investment Banks are not recognized internationally but have a fair presence in domestic locations. Companies in the Fortune 500 list do not opt for Mid-Market Investment Banks as these banks go for medium-ranged companies. The services offered by banks can cover what Bulge Bracket Banks offer, including services like asset management, restructuring deals, and raising equity and debt capital. The main difference between Bulge Bracket Banks and Mid-Market Investment Banks is the range of deal sizes. Some of the Mid-Market Investment Banks are William Blair & Co., Lincoln International & KPMG Corporate Finance.


  • Elite Boutique Investment Banks: The specialization of Elite Boutique Investment Banks is limited. These banks are catered to only some services of Investment Banking, such as one Elite Boutique Bank will provide capital restructuring services while another bank of a kind only deals with mergers or acquisitions. These banks are also industry-centric, for example, providing investment banking services only for the oil and gas industries. The deal range of these banks is very similar to mid-market investment banks. Elite Boutique Investment Banks are usually started at a regional level and provide particular elite services to renowned clients. Some of the Elite Boutique Investments Banks are Lazard, Moelis & Company & Liontree Advisors.


  • Regional Boutique Investment Banks: These kinds of banks fall under the smallest category of investment banks. They have an agreement with locally based companies, startups, or State Government. They have a limited range of services and their geographical reach is also limited. Since they deal with smaller companies, these banks usually don’t indulge in mergers or acquisitions. As the services of these banks are hardly utilized, many equity investors opt out of investing money in small companies. The information generated from Regional Boutique Investment Banks is not open to the public and much like Elite Boutique Banks, their services are industry-centric. The average deal size of Regional Boutique Investment Banks is less than ten million dollars.


Now that you have gotten a gist about the types of Investment Banking, we will now brief you about the benefits and challenges of Investment Banking which will guide you while choosing the best Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore.


The Benefits of Investment Banking

  • High Source of Income: The earning potential in the financial sector is very high. A career in investment banking offers opportunities to expand the potential in other aspects such as wealth management, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions. After gaining exposure, the skill set in Investment Banking is always being polished. Investment Bankers who have gained success over the period are highly paid and earn a significant amount in commissions as well. The job packages also offer bonuses, insurance coverage, and stock options.


  • Working with Experienced colleagues: As Investment Banking has many divisions, there is always an opportunity to learn from like-minded people who are willing to strive to achieve recognition. As the job of Investment Banking requires the refinement of analytical skills and intelligence, the exposure pushes you to gain a competitive edge amongst your peers. With the challenges ahead, an Investment Banker also strives to learn continuously and provides assistance opportunities from co-workers from time to time.


  • Networking Opportunities: Investment Banking often requires communication with senior officials in corporate companies. Networking offers the opportunity to step up in an investment banking career. Interaction with senior officials helps you gain insights and valuable tips to perform better and improve your skill set. Networking also opens doors for new job opportunities, references to new roles, and promotional opportunities.


The Challenges of Investment Banking

  • Extended Working Hours: The standard working hours are 40 hours per week. An investment banker will often go through extra shifts which can also include weekends as well. The job of an investment banker can get quite tedious but the plus side to long working hours is high compensation and financial trade-offs.


  • Higher Accessibility: As the role of an investment banker requires constant research and strategizing, an employer or a client usually expects the investment banker to be available other than traditional office hours. The ongoing communication includes attending to emails, availability over phone calls, and solving queries or research. The schedule can often seem challenging but the accessibility can form a good impression in the workforce and the long run.


  • High Competition: Investment Banking is one of the top economical sectors to be working in. Due to the high pay and incentives, the competition in Investment Banking is fierce. To keep up with the competition, Investment Bankers are expected to cope under pressure under any given circumstances. Often, there are times when seeking advice from peers is not possible.


  • Repetitive Tasks: The procedure and techniques to do investment banking remain constant. It involves researching a company and forming reports before moving to advisory services. This process is similar for every client or company. It can be challenging to have high performance at a repetitive type of work if you are looking for versatility.


Other best courses in Bangalore:


Now that we have covered the brief aspects of Investment Banking, we will guide you about the options under Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore.



IIM SKILLS has curated a program under Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore. It was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in New Delhi, India. They have a presence in 23 Cities in Asia and in cities like Dubai & Singapore. They offer courses in content writing, SEO Optimization, Technical Writing Course and many others.

Over the years, IIM SKILLS has trained more than 35,000 students from all over the world and their faculty are highly qualified and experienced, having the best industry & corporate-related expertise. To know about The Certified Investment Banking Course by IIM SKILLS, we have listed the important pointers below:


Course Duration: 3 months

Mode of Learning: Online

Course Fee: ₹ 39,900 + 18% GST


This investment Banking Course covers 70+ Lecturing Hours and 100+ Hours in practical assignments. It also covers case studies and assistance in building an impressive LinkedIn profile. This course covers Investment Banking subjects ranging from basic levels to advanced levels.


Course Curriculum: The curriculum covers 8 modules, ranging from topics like:

  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Excel
  • Fundamentals of Financial Systems and Market
  • Derivatives Market
  • Investment Banking Technicals
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Technicals of Financial Modeling
  • Business Valuation


Learning Outcome:

  • Understanding and learning the fundamentals of MS Excel.
  • Learn the various subjects such as stock exchange, forex & financial centers.
  • From beginner to intermediate, learn all the processes involved in investment banking such as venture capital, mergers & acquisitions.
  • In-depth knowledge about marketing collaterals like NDAs, buyers & investors lists & financial models.
  • Learn about business valuation which includes DCF valuation.


If you want to consider this option for Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore, this program at IIM Skills provides lifetime access to the course material. You will also receive an MSME Certification that is affiliated with the Government of India. This course also provides internship opportunities and working on real-time projects before getting placed in the companies.


Contact Details:

Ph: +91-9580740740

Email ID: [email protected]



2. IMS Pro School

Founded in 1977, IMS has been educating and crafting careers for more than 50,000 students in the fields of Finance, Analytics, Accounts & Marketing. According to AC Nielsen and Brand Equity Survey, IMS gained recognition as the fourth most trusted education brand. In 2009, NSE (National Stock Exchange) became a joint certification partner.

IMS is ranked 4th amongst analytics and Data Science training institutes in India and has 14 centers across India, including Bangalore.  Pro School is an IMS extension aimed at mentoring the youth and training them according to industry standards. IMS has gained an extraordinary reputation over the years; hence it proves to be one of the most trusted options to consider for Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore.


PG Certificate in Investment Banking Course

Course Duration: 1 year

Mode of Learning: Classroom Training in the Bangalore Centre

Course Fee: INR 1,20,000

Course Eligibility: Students pursuing the final year of undergraduate studies in BBA, BCOM & BAF.

Job Experience: 0-3 years


Course Curriculum: This course is divided into 2 terms. In these terms, you will learn subjects like:

  • Fundamentals of Excel & Financial Markets
  • Operations of Investment Banking
  • Attempting 4 exams at the end of 1st Term
  • Cover Settlement
  • Application of Investment Banking Jobs
  • Attempt 2 PGCM Exams
  • Corporate Finance


Learning Outcome:

  • Students are assisted with placement opportunities with an average package of 3-9 Lakhs/annum.
  • Get trained by faculties who have 30+ years of experience in the industry.
  • Solving case studies to get industry-level exposure.
  • Upgrade to AICTE-approved PG.

IMS’s proschool Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore give you a certification from NSDC, that adds weightage to your resume and makes your prospects better to secure a job at top investment banks and firms.


Contact Details:

Ph: +91 7892295842

Email ID: [email protected]

Address: 24, 1st Floor, Haudin Road, Ulsoor Road cross, Near BEML Office, Bengaluru – 560042


3. Finxl

Finxl is one of the leading institutions providing Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore. This institute specializes in training programs such as financial modeling, equity research, credit research, FP&Analysis, Budgeting & Investment Banking. It also provides learning programs for employers to give them a better insight into industry-related recruitment & to recognize the apt set of skills to fill the financial roles.

It trains learners with the support of highly qualified expertise training them in areas like company/business valuation, equity research, and Mergers & Acquisitions. This institution offers various modes of learning such as online training, classroom training, corporate training, and services like career counseling & placement cell. Finxl’s Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore do not require any eligibility criteria to enroll. The program starts from basic learning material and there is no prior requirement of knowledge about finance or accounting.


Course: Investment Banking Certification Program

Duration: 4 months including Internship

Mode of Learning: Online

Course Fee: Rs. 20,000


Course Curriculum:

  • Valuation of listed/private or startup companies.
  • Forecasting of profile/loss account, income statement, balance sheet & industry analysis/forecast.
  • DCF Valuation, Relative Valuation & Leverage buyout.
  • Detailed investment reports including sector analysis & products/service analysis.


Learning Outcome:

  • Gain ticket-based resolutions through online support.
  • Case Studies.
  • Resume building & placement assistance.
  • Get lifetime access to course material.
  • Get access to the career forum to gain assistance from experts around the globe.
  • Build 5 investment banking reports from chosen listed companies.
  • Skill development to identify risk factors, the efficiency of operations, returns on capital, and unforeseen losses.


Contact Details:

Ph: (+91) 915 888 2688

Email ID: [email protected]


4. EDU Bridge

EDU Bridge was founded in 2009 by IIM Alumni & Professors. It is one of the leading career-oriented platforms in India. This institution is headquartered in Mumbai and has trained more than 1,50,000 individuals, having dedicated placement cells with more than 300 companies. Currently, EDU Bridge has a presence in 18 states and has a staff of 500 employees.

This institution trains the unemployed youth by giving them in-depth knowledge about skill recognition, key strengths, and potential career options, and providing employment-based vocational training. EDU Bridge is providing Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore with an advanced certification program in Investment Banking Operations.


Mode of Learning: Online

Course Fee: Rs. 69,000

Course Duration: 326 Hours

Eligibility Criteria:  Graduates/ PG from any educational background. Individuals with qualifications in CA, ICWA, CFA, CFP, B. Com, M. Com & MBA


Course Curriculum:

  • Security Validation
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Financial Operations & Clearing Divisions
  • Risk Return Framework
  • IPO
  • Debt Advisory


Learning Outcome:

  • Gaining exposure to the current Investment Banking market in India.
  • Evaluate and assess information from stock markets, derivatives, and derivatives products.
  • Understand the types of bonds and equity prices.
  • Analyze the concept of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM).
  • Gain better insights on Merchant Banking, KYC & Anti-Money Laundering.
  • Build an industry-ready LinkedIn profile and get feedback from professionals.
  • Get access to the in-house job portal.
  • Build a resume with assistance from experts.
  • Team-based projects to refine your skills in the corporate sector.


Contact Details:

Ph: 1800 120 1193

Email ID: [email protected]


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5. Data Trained

The final option amongst Investment Banking courses in Bangalore is Data Trained. Data Trained is an ed-tech company founded in 2012. Data Trained believes in imparting a flexible tool of education and not following the norm of traditional education. In the current situation of demographics, access to quality education has been challenging.

Data Trained aims to make education accessible by providing courses on Data Analytics, Management, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence & many more. The courses are according to the current industry standards and market conditions, making it a wise choice to consider Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore.


Course: PG In Investment Banking and Financial Modeling

Mode of Learning: Online

Duration: 6 months

Course Fee: Rs. 90,000 + GST

Eligibility: Graduates with 0-3 years of work experience


Course Curriculum:

  • Basics of Finance
  • Financial Statements such as Balance Sheets, Income Statements & Ratio Analysis
  • Micro & Macro Economics
  • Introduction to Investment Banking
  • Financial Modeling & Valuation
  • MS Excel
  • Cash Flow Valuation
  • 10 case studies & projects


One of the perks of the Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore by Data Trained is the collaboration with GoDaddy Academy. This adds a weightage to your resume, giving you impressive recognition during the placement process.


Contact Details:

Ph: +91 95600 84091

Address: 3rd floor, SNN Raj Pinnacle, 1st phase, Doddanekundi Industrial Area, Bangalore – 560048


Now that we have given a brief about the Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore, we shall also address the possible questions you may have about Investment Banking.




What is the scope of Investment Banking in India?

Investment Banking is one of the most profitable careers in India. The salary of a fresher in India gets a yearly package of 6-7 lakhs. With experience, the package also increases, making this career in demand right now. For individuals who aspire to learn continuously and keep up with the pace of the market, Investment Banking provides massive growth opportunities. Investment Banking also provides many options to consider with time such as wealth management, venture capital, underwriting, etc. With time, there is flexibility to switch roles in Investment Banking. Market conditions are always fluctuating, so a need for an Investment Banker will always be in demand to assist with the financial well-being of a company.


How to Become an Investment Banker?

To become an Investment Banker, an individual must have a Bachelor’s Degree in B. Com, BBA, or a degree related to accounting or finance. Pursuing a Master’s Degree in MBA is advisable to make an entry into the Investment Banking career, however, it is not mandatory. These 5 institutes to pursue Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore will assist you in choosing the option that will meet your requirements depending on budget, current profession & educational qualification.


What are the roles in Investment Banking?

The roles and responsibilities in Investment Banking function on a hierarchical basis. The responsibilities range from 4 roles namely:

  • Analyst
  • Associate
  • Vice President
  • Managing Director



The roles of investment banking keep evolving which is in tune with how the market fluctuates. A visible learning curve exists in investment banking as this field changes daily. The skills that are learned in the beginning may not be sufficient to apply in the present market conditions. This means that you get to learn and develop additional skills that are crucial in providing efficient services.

The knowledge you gain in investment banking is unlimited, and that can challenge your adaptability skills and learning capabilities. Migrants from all over the country and the world settle in Bangalore due to the ample education and work opportunities the city offers. Bangalore’s startup culture also boasts an entrepreneurial spirit amongst the youth. This city has 105 engineering colleges and 316 MBA colleges so pursuing Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore increases your prospects in securing a job at top companies.

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