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Top 10 Investment Banking Courses in India With Placements

Investment Banking (IB) refers to a specific segment in Banking operations that helps organisations and individuals manage their financial assets and provide consultancy services in terms of money management. IB is an intermediary between investors and security issuers through which newly established firms can go public. People or businesses get beneficial advice from IB Experts regarding money management and raising financial security. The main role of IB is to underwrite stock or bond issues, provide suggestions as financial advisers and deal with acquisitions and mergers. This article includes detailed information about the best online investment banking courses in India. Career scopes, salary structures, course duration and fees of these courses are also included in this article. 


Why is Investment Banking?

To live a standard life in today’s world, everyone must be aware of the opportunities to improve financial strength. It is important to gain a clear idea about the significance of Investment Banking (IB) before jumping to the list of the best online investment banking courses in India. Apart from the individuals, companies also are to gain a competitive advantage regarding money management as well as profit generation.

Segments of IB predominantly suggest ways to raise money for entities like business organisations, individuals and even the Government. Money management is the most important aspect for companies and individuals, as this helps make a positive change in working patterns and life respectively.

A planful investment for the future can be done with the help of proper money management and guidance to reduce debts along with optimising expenses. Here lies the importance of IB and there are ample scopes for building one’s career as an Investment Banker in India.


Career as an Investment Banker

Career opportunities as an Investment Banker are lucrative enough and this is an opportunity to leave a positive impact on financial sectors. The responsibilities of an Investment Banker are to accelerate the process of profit generation for companies, business entities and individuals. An important task of identifying and resolving financial risks regarding loans, currencies and liquidity is dealt with by Investment Bankers.

A certain career path, in terms of academic qualification, is to be followed to get appointed as an Investment Banker in India. A Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, or Economics is required to acquire a starting position in Investment Bank in India. After that, to achieve higher positions, aspirants need to do the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in Finance.

Master’s degrees in these fields make way to accomplish higher positions as Investment Bankers. In addition to these professional academic degrees, interpersonal and communication skills are to be improved to perform better in this field as this involves direct interaction with clients.


Types of Jobs in Investment Banking in India 

Selling and issuing securities to increase capital is the main job done by Investment Bankers. Conducting necessary valuation and research to undertake financial deals along with suggesting investment opportunities are included in responsibilities taken by Investment Bankers. On the whole, an integration among industry expertise in financial services, effective communication and analytical capabilities is developed in this job role.

Individuals can obtain guidance from Investment Bankers in terms of financing, sales and trading, research, asset management, securitized products and wealth management which help them invest or profitably save money. Types of jobs as Investment Bankers in India are as follows:


  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Mortgage Specialist
  • Risk Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Associate of Investment Banking
  • Managing Director
  • Senior Analyst in Investment Banking
  • Relationship Manager


Services provided by Investment Bankers include;

  • Raising Capital
  • Acquisitions, Mergers and Divestitures
  • Debt Management Services.
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Issuing of Bonds
  • Guiding Pension Schemes


Salary Scope and Structure

The salary structure for Investment Bankers depends on their profile and expertise. As reported by Indiatimes, nearly around 2200 crore has been earned by Investment Bankers in India as of 2021 which gives an idea of scope and salary structure in this career path. As a beginner in this field, people earn approximately ₹ 2 Lakhs per annum (p.a.) and after gaining experience of about 5 to 7 years in this field, nearly about ₹ 31.2 Lakhs p.a. can be earned.

So, the average salary structure for Investment Bankers is near about ₹ 31.2 Lakhs p.a. As the survey says, Investment Bankers earn a lot more than Chartered Accountants (CA) which is another motivating factor for selecting this field. In India, there are investment banking courses that provide the required knowledge about IB and associated factors.


List of Institutions Providing Investment Banking Courses

Selection of proper institutions is a vital task to be done by students who aspire to secure a good job as an Investment Banker. Here is a list of the top 10 online investment banking courses in India;


The first institution in our list of top 10 online investment banking courses in India is NSE

1. National Stock Exchange (NSE) India

Post Graduate (PG) courses in IB are provided by NSE India. This is a fully hybrid course; students can attend lectures through online platforms. Thorough training is given by NSE India on the topics like Advance Macros, Credit Analysis, IB, Equity Research and Project Finance. Faculties from IIMs and CFA with comprehensive knowledge of finance management deliver the lectures.


Course Duration: 670 Hours.

Course Fee: INR 99,000


Key features of this programme:

  • Live classroom (virtual)
  • Full-time course and classroom programme
  • 100% placement assurance
  • PG Certificate in Capital Market and IB
  • Weekend classes
  • Expert faculty
  • Practical Training


Flexible class timings and virtual classes are offered by NSE India which benefits the working professionals to attend classes. In practical training programmes, students portray multiple roles as Financial Analysts, Credit Analysts and Portfolio Managers under experienced supervision.


Other best courses in India:


The second institution providing online investment banking courses in India is BSE Institute, Mumbai

2. BSE Institute, Mumbai

Online Certificate Course on IB is provided by this Institute with a heritage of 148 years. The syllabus includes topics like Financial Markets, IB and Risk Management. Job prospects associated with this course are IPO, Private Equity Associate, Acquisitions and Mergers and Risk Management. Organisations like Standard Chartered, Morgan Stanley, Axis Bank, BNP Paribas, Integreon, etc. are associated with BSE Institute, Mumbai, as recruitment partners.


Course Duration: 7 months

Course Fee: INR 87,150


Key features of this programme:

  • Online classes
  • 300+ faculties with working experience in world-class organisations
  • Gateway to global opportunities
  • Internationally recognised certificates


After completing Graduation from an industry-recognised University, students can become eligible for this course. This course has received 5-star reviews from successful alumni.


The third institution offering online investment banking courses in India is IIM Calcutta

3. IIM Calcutta

Certification course on IB is offered by IIM Calcutta and students are provided with knowledge of IB and International Capital Markets. The main focus of this course pivots around topics like IB fundamentals, portfolio management, Trading and sales, Valuation, Debt, Acquisitions, Mergers and Capital Markets, etc. Professionals, carrying at least 2 years of experience working in Finance Management and 50% marks in Graduation or PG would be eligible for this course.

Success stories of alumni are portrayed on the website of IIM Calcutta which is quite motivational for students and they will get access to Alumni through mobile applications.


Course Duration: 1 year which consists of 2 modules of foundation and 7 modules for advanced knowledge. Once in a week, online classes are offered by this course from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Saturdays.

Course Fee: INR 4,25,000 + Taxes.


Key features of this programme:

  • Live examples and case studies from recent capital markets
  • 6 days of online workshop facilities where case studies are analysed
  • Industry-recognised certificate
  • Interactive classes
  • Weekend classes for working professionals


Managerial capabilities and technically sound knowledge of financial management can be acquired by enrolling in this course.


The fourth institution providing online investment banking courses in India is IIM Indore

4. IIM Indore

PG certificate programme in Banking is provided by IIM Indore which includes IB and associated finance management courses. Contents like Financial Reporting, Financial portfolio management, Investment Banking, Acquisition and Merger, Financial Management and other financial analysis are covered in this course. 100 online sessions will be provided to students consisting of extensive knowledge and tools regarding finance management.

Domain experts deliver lectures and assist students throughout the whole course duration. In this course, students are provided with practical cases and the opportunity to deal with real-life situations.    


Course Duration: 12 months and approximately 150 hours of lectures.

Course Fee: INR 4,55,100 including GST and Bank charges.


Key features of this programme:

  • Interactive sessions
  • Full-time PG course
  • Experienced faculties
  • Online classes
  • Facilities of applying knowledge in practical situations
  • Continuous evaluation by faculties
  • On-campus orientation


Graduates from both Commerce and Non-commerce backgrounds can enrol for this course.


The fifth institution in our list offering online investment banking courses in India is Data Trained

5. DataTrained

DataTrained offers Post Graduate Programme in Financial Modelling and IB in India. In collaboration with GoDaddy Academy and international affiliation with London Governance & Compliance Academy (LGCA), DataTrained provides extensive knowledge on the technologies and techniques of IB. An international recognition, placement guarantee and inclusion of industry-ready tools and techniques of IB have made this training institute one of the best in India.

More than 2200 learners have benefited from DataTrained to achieve their dream job in the field of IB. Classes can be attended in both online and offline ways. Lectures are delivered by experienced and skilled professionals with industry experience. Most of the alumni of DataTarined have secured multiple prestigious positions like Research Analyst in Equity, IB Associate, Investment Analyst, and Risk Analyst to name a few. They have been absorbed in these positions by MNCs like Barclays, BA Continuum, Accenture, PVR, KPMG, etc.


Course Duration: 6 months including lectures of 100+ hours and live sessions of 50+ hours. Course Fee: INR90,000, excluding GST.


Key features of this programme:

  • Weekend batches for working professionals
  • 100% placement guarantee
  • Case studies and Live classes
  • Tools, technologies and techniques to become industry-ready
  • Lessons provided by domain experts
  • Industry-recognised certificate
  • 200 total days of Training
  • Both online and offline facilities to attend classes


Success stories of students passed out from DataTrained, are included on their website. From this section, you can judge the reliability of commitments done by this institute.


The sixth institution in our list offering online investment banking courses in India is TWSS

6. The Wall Street School (TWSS)

The course of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and comprehensive learning of financial modelling can be acquired by enrolling in the online course provided by The Wall Street School. Topics like Equity Search, Current Market Trends, Capital Markets and techniques of IB are facilitated by this programme. Quality Accounting and Finance Education are provided by this institution and students get the facilities of online classes with flexible timing.

A Bootcamp programme is arranged by TWSS in which financial courses regarding financial valuations and modelling are explained. Students can get industry-ready as they are provided with the required skills, capabilities and knowledge of financial dealings. Lectures on Credit risk, Market risk, Private equity and other fields are delivered by professionals associated with companies like Deloitte, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey. TWSS is accredited with ACCA, Microsoft, GARP and CIMA and more than 4000 placements have been provided by this institution.        


Course Duration: 180+ hours to explain each topic and 6 weeks in total

Course fee: INR 45,000 +GST. 40% is to be paid at the beginning of the course and 60% is to be paid after placement.


Key features of this programme:

  • Quality learning facilities in the Bootcamp programme
  • Video content with pass assurance and explanations
  • Practical training and mock job interviews.
  • Skilled and experienced trainers having more than 20 years of experience
  • Transparent Placement
  • Full payment of the course after placement
  • More hours of lectures than anywhere else


Aspirants from any background can join this course and they would be selected through an eligibility interview round.


The seventh institution in our list providing online investment banking courses in India is Imarticus

7. Imarticus

Imarticus provides certified courses of IB and more than 1000 batches and 40,000 students have benefited from this institution. Specific requirements of contemporary MNCs, regarding skills, techniques and tools are provided by Imarticus. Imarticus has partnered with the London Stock Exchange which helps acquire a global connection.

Topics like fundamentals of financial dealings, investment life cycle, requirements of financial investments and risk management are covered in this course. Extensive knowledge of market requirements regarding Investment Banking is provided by industry experts. Students of this institution have been posted in organisations like IBM, J.P. Morgan, HSBC, Societe Genera, etc.

Imarticus has received reviews above 4.1 from Google, Facebook, Shiksha and Trustpilot. Alumni details and their success stories are included on the website of Imarticus.


Course Duration: 2 months for weekday classes and 3 months for weekend classes including a 150-hour programme.

Course fee:

INR 1,40,000

(Instalment 1: INR 91,000

Instalment 2: INR 39,000)


Key features of this programme:

  • Facilities of attending classes either on weekdays or weekends
  • Both online and offline classes
  • 100% placement guarantee
  • Live training classes and helpful classroom sessions
  • Opportunity for working professionals to attend classes
  • Guidance from experienced market leaders
  • Industry-recognised certification
  • Facilities of training, mock interviews, placement preparation and resume-building

Finance Graduates, carrying working experience of below or above 3 years are eligible for this course.


Also, Check:


The eighth institution in our list offering online investment banking courses in India is SIBM

8. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune

MBA in Finance Management programmes are provided by SIBM, Pune. Topics like IB, Finance Management, and Financing Evaluation are covered in this PG course. Companies like McKinsey & Co, KPMG, SBI, HDFC, Barclays, Bain & Company, etc. hire finance Graduates. Job profiles like Insurance Investment Analyst, Investment Banker, Financial Advisory, Financial Analyst, Relationship Manager, etc. are generally opted for by students after completing this course. This is a PG course in Finance Management and is provided by multiple colleges.


Course Duration: 2 years

Course fee: INR 4 LPA to 20 LPA, depending on the services and facilities.


Key features of this programme:

  • Salary packages of INR 4 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs are offered
  • Placement assurance
  • Both online and offline classes
  • Full-time PG course
  • Semester system
  • 50% marks in a Bachelor’s degree are required
  • Success stories of alumni to be posted in MNCs

Students need to pass the exams like CAT, CMAT and XAT to get enrolled in this course.


The ninth institution in our list offering online investment banking courses in India is IGNOU


Online MBA course under PG degree in Equity Research and IB is offered by IGNOU which opens up the opportunity for students to secure job positions as Equity Managers, Investment Managers and Research Analysts in Equality. The main aim of this institute is to provide opportunities for working professionals to attend courses through distance education. Online learning content is provided to students after registration with soft copy notes on finance management. Leading professionals deliver lectures and knowledge on finance management along with providing opportunities for dealing with practical cases.


Course Duration: 2 years to 5 years

Course Fee: INR 37,800. Four semesters, each of six months are included in the 2 years PG programme.


Key features of this programme:

  • Both distance and open courses
  • Lectures by industry leaders with working experience in top organisations
  • MBA certificate in Equity research and IB under PG course
  • An average salary package of 7 to 11 lakhs is offered
  • Affiliation with UGC-DEB, NAAC, and AICTE with a grade of A++
  • Placement guaranty
  • Access to alumni detail
  • Opportunity for working professionals
  • Lifetime access to study materials


Graduation from any recognised University is the eligibility for this course. Students are required to pass the OPENMAT exam to enrol in an IB course at this University.


The tenth institution from our list providing online investment banking courses in India is Mentor Me Careers

10. Mentor Me Careers

Certificate courses in IB with placement guarantees are provided by Mentor Me Careers. Industry professionals deliver study materials and lectures about Market Structure, Reconciliation, Risk management, Corporate Actions, Life-cycle of Trade and Finance management. Students will get opportunities to appear in interviews with companies like Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Axa Business Service, Jp Morgan, etc.


Course Duration: 200+ training hours with lifetime validity of class recordings.

Course Fee: Self-Paced Basic: INR 4,999+ GST

                  Self-Paced Plus+: INR 9,999+ GST

Online Live-Basic: INR 14,999+ GST

Online Live-Plus+: INR 24,999+ GST


Key features of this programme:

  • NSE Certification
  • 100% job guarantee
  • Doubt-clearing sessions
  • Live-time access to study materials
  • Profile buildings by experienced faculty
  • Live online classes
  • Unlimited interview opportunities
  • Assurance of accomplishing a salary package between 3.5 lakhs/annum to 6 lakhs/annum

No specific academic background is required for meeting the eligibility criteria for this course.


FAQs: Investment Banking Courses in India


Q1: What is Investment Banking, is it similar to general Banking jobs?

A1: Investment Banking (IB) is associated with resolving financial risks, managing financial assets and providing suggestions to organisations or individuals regarding wealth management. No, General banking jobs and Investment bankers do not play the same roles. Commercial or general banks utilise public deposits to manage mortgages and loans whereas Investment Banks sell securities like bonds and stocks. In general banking, personnel are more into the management of current, saving and recurring accounts. Contrastingly, Investment Bankers provide suggestions to organisations, people and Governments to manage equity risks, beneficial investment planning and money management.


Q2: What is the duration of an IB course?

A2: Multiple courses are providing industry-recognised certificates on IB and the duration depends upon the course type. Postgraduate programmes or MBA can be done within 2 to 3 years approximately whereas other courses on this subject are done within 6 to 12 months. The duration of the course also depends on guidelines and the course curriculum of institutions.


Q3: IB or CA which has better career opportunities in India?

A3: According to the reviews of people on websites like Quora, LinkedIn, AmbitionBox, etc. average annual remuneration of Chartered Accountants (CA) is between 6 to 8 lakhs/annum whereas Investment Bankers earn an average of 6 to 10 lakhs/annum. Investment Bankers have to take a heavy workload and poor work-life balance is a negative aspect associated with this profession in India. Making a proper schedule of work and conceptualising essential knowledge and tools for financial management would be helpful to resolve this issue.


Q4: What are the career opportunities and salary structure to get after completing investment banking courses in India?

A4: IB is a great career path in India and this offers an excellent payment structure as well as job security. The average salary structure for this profession ranges between around 6 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum. Job positions acquired in this field include Financial Officer, Bank Manager, Equity Research Analyst, Account Manager, Business Analyst and Relationship Manager.


Conclusion: Investment Banking Courses in India

These were the top online investment banking courses in India and students are to choose one of these courses based on their requirements, benefits associated with that course, fee, duration and placement assurance. We hope this article would provide a solution for students who are planning to build a career in Investment Banking.

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