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Top 7 Business Analytics Courses in Faridabad With Placement

Competitive advantage is of paramount importance for organizations in this data-driven world. Business Analytics is a tool designed to help organizations to make better strategic decisions guided by useful business insights. If you are considering a career in Business or a data-oriented discipline or contemplating switching careers and learning new skills like interpreting data and utilizing it to make Data-Driven Decisions, then today, we shall discuss various business analytics courses in Faridabad. But before diving in, let’s first see what Business Analytics is all about.


What is Business Analytics?

In Simpler terms, Business Analytics is a tool designed to collect a huge amount of historical and current data of a business and analyze it to gain meaningful business insights and predict possible outcomes to improve their efficiency and achieve their goals.


There Are Four Major Types of Business Analytics


1. Descriptive Analytics – Refers to what happened (past) or what is happening (current). This is the groundwork for other analytics. In this step, we utilize historical data and current data to explain and illustrate trends. It is the most basic and fundamental step and doesn’t delve too deeply.

Tools: It operates with fairly easily accessible data Visualization tools like Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Google Charts, Tableau, etc. These tools help interpret data and identify trends to visually display data.

Descriptive Analytics is essentially useful for bringing about change in the business and helping in Data-Driven Decision Making.


2. Diagnostic Analytics – Refers to why did this happen. While Descriptive Analytics is an easier step that lays down facts about the things that have already happened, Diagnostic Analysis is a more coherent process where you will identify trends and detect reasons for these trends.

Tools: You can use Microsoft Excel or an algorithm to manually perform Diagnostic Analytics. Some of the techniques used in Diagnostic Analytics are Data-Mining, Data-Discovery, Drill-Down, and Correlations.


3. Predictive Analytics – Refers to what might happen in the future. This step interprets data to assess future outcomes and make strategic decisions. This is especially used to predict and identify risks and opportunities for the near future or for the distant future.

Tools: Machine-Learning algorithms or manual tools are used to perform Predictive Analytics.


4. Prescriptive Analytics – Refers to what should we do. Prescriptive Analytics pairs up with Predictive Analytics, which determines the future by analyzing past and current data. Predictive Analytics, in addition to processing huge amounts of raw data, also suggest an ideal course of action. It considers all the necessary factors like possible circumstances, assets, and previous and present performances to make better decisions. Hence Prescriptive Analytics is considered a significant tool for Data-Driven Decision Making.

Tools: Prescriptive Analytics depends on Machine Learning algorithms to process data more effectively and at a faster rate.


Top Tools Used in Business Analytics Courses in Faridabad

  • Excel
  • SAS
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Qlikview
  • Sisense
  • Agile
  • SQL


Business Analytics Courses in Faridabad


1. Dreamer Infotech:

Dreamer Infotech is an IT Training Institute that offers a variety of educational and training programs in Faridabad. They have trained and certified professionals who are committed to enhancing the skills of freshers and corporates in this world of technology. They do so by providing real-time projects and have a customized approach to deliver their best services and not compromise.

People who are contemplating a career in Business Analytics should consider the below-mentioned courses offered by Dreamer Infotech.


  • Data Science – Machine Learning

Machine Language Algorithms are used in both Predictive Analytics as well as Prescriptive Analytics.

Machine Learning is a revolution and it has taken over the entire world, and it one of the key skills required by most IT industries. Dreamer Infotech provides the best training in Machine Learning in Faridabad.


Course Duration: 96 Hours

Level: Advanced

Modules: Two Modules – 145 Topics


  • Microsoft Office – Advanced Excel

It is a key tool used in Descriptive and Diagnostic types of Business Analytics

Dreamer Infotech provides both MS Excel and Advanced Excel Courses. These are available both offline and online. Advanced Excel is curated for students who have a very good understanding of Basic Excel.


Course Duration: 24 Hours

Level: Advanced

Topics: 90


  • Programming Course – Python

Python is one of the programming languages used in Business Analytics.

Dreamer Infotech offers Python courses to students of advanced level.  Students need to have a basic understanding of the programming language.


Course Duration – 48 Hours

Level – Advanced

Topics – 96


  • Data Visualization Tools – Power BI and Tableau

These tools are used in the Descriptive and Diagnostic Types of Business Analytics.

Power BI – It is a Business Intelligence tool. With this tool, you can create reports, dashboards, and clean data and it is also used in visualizing data as well as in the modeling phase of the Data Mining process.


Course Duration – 24 Hours

Level – Advanced

Topics – 58

Tableau Another tool used in Data Visualization offered by Dreamer Infotech

Course Duration: 20 Hours

Level – Advanced

Topics – 69


Why Choose Dreamer Infotech:

  • Highly trained and skilled faculty with exceptional training and developing skills.
  • Practical and Project based training is what sets them apart.
  • Guidance and support to students during and after the completion of the course.
  • Offer Job assistance in various corporate companies.
  • Provide Customized Study Material and software tools necessary for the course.
  • Endless access to Wi-Fi-equipped labs for students free of cost.
  • Institute is well connected to the fastest Metro Station
  • Reasonable Course Fee.


Contact Information:

Phone Number: +91 73030 70037

Email:  [email protected]



Other best courses in Faridabad


2. CTC – Customize Training and Consultancy

CTC offers one of the best Business Analytics Courses in Faridabad. It was founded by a group of Data Analytics professionals in the year 2009. They help in building a good job profile by providing a job – oriented training. These passionate IT enthusiasts focus primarily on enhancing the trainees’ professional careers. They offer a range of pieces of training with respect to Business Analytics Courses in Faridabad.


  • 3. 360 Degree Data Science Combo Course

It is a combination of seven Business Analytics courses in Faridabad

  1. Python Data Science with Machine Learning using Python
  2. Tableau
  3. SQL
  4. R Language with Machine Learning.
  5. Alteryx
  6. Advance Excel
  7. Microsoft Power BI


Course Requirements: Candidates of diverse backgrounds with zero coding background and a keen interest in starting a career in Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning can apply.


Batch size: Eight to Nine Students per batch

Batch Availability: Both Weekdays and Weekends for almost 2 – 4 hours


Course Duration: This may from person to person depending on the individual’s educational qualification and experience. They can repeat classes if needed free of charge. Recordings of the classes are also available.


Mode of Training – Classroom and Online

Course Fee

INR 50,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes

INR 70,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes + Classroom Training


  • Python Analytics with Machine Learning

Course Requirements – No Prerequisites. Anybody with zero programming knowledge can enroll in this course. It is a beginner-friendly course. The course details you on industry-based applications and includes 5-7 industry projects as part of it.


Mode of Training – Classroom and Online

Course Fee

INR 24,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes

INR 30,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes + Classroom Training


  • R Analytics with Machine Learning Course

R programming language is one of the programming languages used in the Data Mining process.

Course Requirements – For Candidates with basic R programming knowledge or no programming knowledge can enroll for this course.

The course entails assignments and real-time project exposure in R programming


Mode of Training – Classroom and Online

Course Fee

INR 24,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes

INR 30,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes + Classroom Training


  • Tableau Visualization

A Business Intelligence software, Tableau helps in analyzing and visualizing data through dashboards to provide essential business insights. Tableau course includes core SQL training to carry out dashboard evaluation smoothly. It covers both basic and advanced concepts of Tableau and Data Modelling as well.


Batch Availability – Both Weekdays and Weekends

Mode of Training – Classroom and Online


Course Fee

INR 17,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes

INR 22,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes + Classroom Training


  • Power BI

The different topics dealt with in the Power BI course are

  • Power BI
  • Power BI Desktop
  • Data Analysis Expressions
  • Data Visualization
  • Introduction to Power BI Q&A and Data Insights
  • Direct connectivity
  • Power BI Report Servers
  • Advanced Analytics in Power BI using R and Python


Mode of Training – Classroom and Online

Course Fee

INR 17,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes

INR 22,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes + Classroom Training


Other Business Analytics tools that CTC offers include

  • Qlikview

Course Fee

INR 17,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes

INR 22,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes + Classroom Training


  • SQL – Used for Data Manipulation

Course Fee

INR 8,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes

INR 12,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes + Classroom Training


  • SAS – Used for Data Transformation

Course Fee

INR 15,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes

INR 20,000 – Pre-recorded + Live Online Classes + Classroom Training


Why Choose CTC?

  • Trainers are highly experienced IT Professionals with comprehensive knowledge of the industry.
  • Training is real-time application-oriented.
  • Life-Time access to class and lab.
  • Provide assistance in resume building, interview preparation, and job placement.
  • Have training centers in various locations so less commuting.
  • Compact batch – size to ensure individual attention


Contact Information:

Phone number: +91 7303066379 / 9311076708

Email: [email protected]



Address: 0117, Second Floor, Adjacent stairs of Phase II -Rapid Metro Station, on Main Road Below Rapid Metro station. Opposite Knite Ryder Lounge. Near cyber city building no 5. Gurugram Haryana 122002


3. EXCELR – Raising Excellence

ExcelR is one of the leading Training and Consulting Institutes in the world delivering both classrooms as well online training in the field of technology. They are headquartered in Houston, USA; Malaysia, and India. They have a passionate and dedicated group of trainers who have trained students and professionals in the field of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Cloud Computing, Project Management, and many more.

ExcelR provides certification in collaboration with IBM in Business Analytics Courses in Faridabad. Their Business Analytics Certification course comprised Excel, Tableau, and Power BI. They have also included Agile as in recent times, it is gaining space in the field of Business Analytics.


 Course Requirements:

  • Graduates from varied backgrounds with good analytical and logical skills can opt for this course.
  • BPO and KPO Professionals to improve their career opportunities.


Tools and Topics:

They cover various tools and topics in their certification course

  • MySQL
  • Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • SAS
  • R Programming
  • Python
  • Agile


Course Duration – 180+ Hours

Mode of Training in Faridabad – Live Virtual Classroom

*Classes available in Hindi.

Course Fee – INR 49,999

*Additional cost for Steinbeis Certification


Why Choose ExcelR?

  • Trainers are leading experts from the IT industry
  • Hands-on experience with more than 60 case studies and assignments
  • Capstone Projects
  • Unlimited access to Classroom/ Live sessions for a period of 1 year
  • Provides post-training and placement assistance.


Toll-Free Number: 18002122121

ExcelR has a physical location in Bengaluru, India

Phone: 096321 56744
Hours: Sunday – Saturday 7 AM – 11 PM


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4. UpGrad

Upgrad is an online educational platform primarily designed for all working professionals who’d like to advance in their careers. It offers a range of programs in collaboration with many universities across the globe like Liverpool John Moore University, IIIT Bangalore, Deakin Business School, and several others.

In addition to this, Upgrad offers placement assistance and mentoring from industry giants. Upgrad’s highly credible degree helps students to grow and advance in their careers. Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA), in association with Upgrad, is offering a one-year Executive Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics.

  • Exceptionally qualified faculty of LIBA engage students through live classes.
  • Students will have real-time industry case studies with hands-on experience as the program is focused on analytical decision-making.
  • Post-completion of the program, students are awarded LIBA Certification.


Learning Path

  • 0 Week – Preparatory Course
  • 11 Weeks – Python for Business Analytics
  • 6 Weeks – EDA and Data Visualization
  • 9 Weeks – Databases
  • 6 Weeks – Capstone
  • 8 Weeks – Machine Learning Techniques
  • 12 Weeks – Machine Learning for Business


Tool, Languages, and Libraries used in Course

  • Excel
  • Power BI
  • My SQL
  • Python
  • Hive
  • Pandas
  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib
  • Seaborn
  • Tableau
  • AWS
  • Hadoop
  • Scikitlearn
  • Statsmodel


Eligibility: Any Graduate with an aggregate of 50%

Duration: 12 months

Weekly Dedication Time: 12-14 Hours/ Week

Program Fee: INR 1,50,000 (all taxes included)


Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

Toll-Free Number: 1800 210 2020


5. Coursera

Coursera is one of the globally leading online educational platforms that offer online courses and degrees from top universities and companies to anyone. Coursera offers hands-on real-time projects and credible degrees and certificates which prepare for job opportunities.


Why Coursera?

  • Access to top-notch learning
  • Self-Paced learning
  • Budget-friendly courses
  • Build new skills


Business Analytics Courses offered by Coursera


  • Business Analytics Specialisation

It is offered by the University of Pennsylvania. It’s one of the popular courses offered by Coursera in Business Analytics. The course helps you make a business decision based on data and make you coherent in business data strategies. There are four specific courses in this specialization.

The course teaches you to use, analyze and predict data to produce Data-Driven Decisions to solve business problems in various fields like Finance, Marketing, HR, and operations. You get real-time data in the final Capstone Project to make the necessary strategic business decisions. The course offers Videos and recordings and has Quizzes, and assignments. You get feedback on graded assignments and quizzes.


Course Duration: Approximately 6 months – you can set a flexible schedule

Level: Beginners


  • Business Analytics with Excel

Offered by John Hopkins University.

You will skill such as Business Analytics, Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, Solver, and Modelling.

Course Duration: 22 Hours

Level: Intermediate


  • Advanced Business Analytics Specialisation:

It is offered by the University of Colorado Boulder

Skills: Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Mathematical Optimization, SQL, Data Model, Data Quality, Regression Analysis, Data Cleansing, Predictive Modelling, Exploratory Data Analysis, Simulation, Business Analytics


Course Duration: Approximately 5 months – you can set a flexible schedule

Level: Intermediate


  • Strategic Business Analytics Specialisation:

Offered by Essex Business School. It is specially designed for working professionals in the same industry.

A background in Statistics and R programming language or any other programming language is suggested.

Skills: R programming, Marketing Analytics, Presentation, Marketing Performance Measurement and Management, Data Analysis, Business Analysis, Market Segmentation, and Customer Lifetime Value.

Course Duration: Approximately 5 months – you can set a flexible schedule

Level: Advanced

Financial Assistance is available for all the above-mentioned courses.


6. Henry Harvin

Since its inception in July 2013, Henry Harvin has centers in more than 11 cities in the USA, Dubai, and India. They excel in training programs and consultive services. Henry Harvin offers Business Analytics Certification Course with R in Faridabad which facilitates students to evaluate and analyze data to create meaningful business solutions with tools such as R programming and Advanced Excel.


Course Duration: 32 Hours of Training + 24 Hours of Revision Sessions + 50 Hours of Access to e-learning

Tools Covered: R and Advanced Excel

Mode of Training – Live Online Classroom and Self-Paced Course


Course Fee:

INR 29,500 – Live Virtual Classroom

INR 26650 – Self-Paced Course


Why Choose Henry Harvin?

  • Trainers by Industry professionals with profound expertise in the field of Business Analytics with Global Companies
  • Gold Membership for participants for 1 year
  • Flexible timings
  • Hold Bootcamp Sessions every week
  • Unlimited Access to Live Sessions for members
  • Provide recordings of all Sessions
  • Provide Certification as Certified Business Analytics Practitioner


Phone Number: +91 9891953953

E-mail: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Business Analytics Courses in Faridabad


1. Why should I pursue Business Analytics Courses in Faridabad?

In the current marketplace, many companies are data-driven. Most of this data is an asset to the business. Businesses are adopting various technologies and tools that help them make effective decisions; improve their efficacy, which leads to better productivity; and also generates higher revenues. One such tool is Business Data Analytics.

It plays a significant role in utilizing the data and turning it into meaningful business insights, which helps businesses grow and improve. Hence, there is high demand for professionals who have strong analytical skills and are data-literate. If you are considering a career in Business Analytics, there are great Institutes offering Business Analytics Courses in Faridabad. Choose what suits your interest.


2. What are top Industries using Business Analytics?

Many industries use Business Analytics to make strategic decisions in a variety of areas like Operations, HR, Finance, and many more. Due to its versatility, many industries are adopting Business Analytics. Here are a few:

  1. Banking
  2. Agriculture
  3. Retail
  4. Entertainment and Media
  5. Energy and Fuel
  6. Government and Public Sector
  7. Education
  8. Logistics
  9. Manufacturing
  10. Insurance
  11. Human Resources
  12. Transportation

The Institutes offering Business Analytics Courses in Faridabad have placed many applicants in the aforementioned industries.


3. What are the career options after I complete Business Analytics courses in Faridabad?

Depending on the individual’s expertise, there are various job opportunities for Business Analytics professionals. Here are a few

  • Business Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Analytics Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist

Many of the Business Analytics Courses in Faridabad also include interview preparation. These institutes have a network with many leading companies and help you in the hiring process.


4. Do the Business Analytics Courses in Faridabad offer the necessary skills needed by Business Analysts?

Yes, the role of a business analyst is not just collecting and analyzing data. It is pivotal that they have exceptional skills in critical thinking because they need to interpret data results and define all the risks involved.  In addition to this, they need excellent communication skills to convey the results to non-analytical personnel. A combination of technical and soft skills is what makes a Business Analyst efficient in his role. So, almost all the Business Analytics Courses in Faridabad include both technical and soft skills training.


5. What is the average annual Salary of a Business Analyst?

In India, the average annual salary is INR 6,80,000. A business Analyst with less than 1 year of experience earns around INR 2,60,000 and one with 9 years of experience earns around INR 15,40,000 annually. This is based on the data received from Business Analysts.



If you’re a resident of Faridabad and are keen on taking advantage of the ever-growing field of data literacy, choosing any of the above Business Analytical Courses in Faridabad is a great way to enhance your skills in analytics and grow up the ladder in your career. I hope this article has been of considerable to help you decide on which course to take up and embark on your journey to becoming an efficient and successful business analyst.

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