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Top 4 Business Analytics Courses in Jaipur With Placements

What do you understand when you read the term “Business Analytics”? To any layman, it may sound too technical, but in the real sense, it is not. It is what we do in daily life, making choices, taking decisions, adapting to the situation, and so on. All of which are based on the circumstances or situations in a person’s life. We will be taking a closer look at the business analytics courses in Jaipur, but before that, let’s understand what it means. 


Business Analytics is All About the Following:

  • Critical thinking – Is defined as the objective analysis and evaluation of a set of given data points or an issue, so as to arrive at or form a judgment.
  • Problem solving – This, simply put is nothing but, a series of steps, namely, the actual process of defining the problem, then, finding the root cause of the said problem, next would be to, selecting probable alternative solutions, and lastly, selecting and implementing the best viable solution.
  • Decision making – A fundamental management strategy that is used to select the most desirable and sensible solution that would therefore be successful in achieving the best results.


It is a field that helps arrive at decisions based on multi various data using analytical processes, services, and tools. All these are used to understand and sum up where and how the company is at and its performance. As it is data-driven, it is easier to project, plan and measure the profits.

Specifically, the term business analytics is often referenced to the processing of business data or information. The data assimilated is analyzed to identify patterns, scope out trends, and eliminate problems by getting to the root of the problems. It is the process of making taking data-oriented or data-based decisions.

To sum it up, it is the ability to take a problem and break it down into smaller, simpler elements thereby, arriving at a practical and feasible solution and completing the task.


“Why is a Business Analytics Course Important?”

Before we take a look at the business analytics courses in Jaipur that are highly recommended, let us delve deeper and find out why the course is so important and relevant in today’s day and age. Business analytics has a distinct trend to stay on point using data and statistical analysis.

These are used to help shed better light, analyze business output, and give recommendations to achieve higher targeted performance. The course mainly gives you a handle on how data analysts give a detailed account of the data, how to interpret, anticipate, predict, and also how to make business decisions with the data.

This helps you to develop an analytic frame of mind and will enable you in the process of making strategic business decisions effectively based on the data. More specifically, in the areas of finance, human resources, operations, and marketing.

Business Analytics is basically for any company that is ready to take its business to the next level. It is an important tool that helps the company to make informed choices by adopting and applying the right strategies, which increases the output potential of the company and enables it to reach higher ground than its competitors.


“I am a business analyst; it is doing the company any good to keep me on its payroll?”

Yes, it most definitely is, here’s why. It is currently amongst the top-paying jobs in the world with IT and AI ruling the global market in unison. As advanced as AI is, the need for human intervention to interpret data is still not replaceable. A business analyst interprets the data that has been assimilated with the help of advanced technology and applications.

He predicts trends, interprets data and suggests what corrective measures need to be taken by the business to stay current and compete in the market.  A business analyst is therefore a valuable addition to have for every company or business, that wants to stay ahead of the curve and relevant in the market.


Various Roles and Types of a Business Analyst

  • Functional analysts: They are responsible to ensure that the new solutions are adapted, adhered to, and also function within the business as envisioned.


  • IT business analyst: Their stronghold is on the software developmental aspect of the business. And they form a major chunk in this field.


  • Enterprise business analyst: There are not many of them in the market with this exact definition, though they most probably will be in a similar capacity. They are expected to come up with a vision and strategy for the business.


  • Reporting business analyst: Using various analytical tools and applications they help generate reports and also analyze the data of these reports.


Implementing Business Analytical Solutions and How They Pay Off.

So, let’s take some time to understand not only the importance and benefits but also the other aspects of business analytics solutions and the must-have aspect, that they bring to the table.


Offer solutions

Every business, regardless of its size, comes with risks involved. Here is where business analytics comes to play, by coming up with solutions and risk management strategies. This, in turn, helps optimize market trends and offer customer-centric service. It helps the business be more proactive to the market than reactive to it, by identifying risks and optimizing them well ahead of time by anticipating them.


Relevant decisions

The numerous applications and business analytical tools process data at a much faster rate, 80% faster. Data gleaned using technology make for better, faster, and market-relevant decisions. No more guesswork or I have a feeling about this, businesses can now rely on and fall back on data with confidence and enter the market on firm footing with structured data and decisions based on numbers.


Higher customer satisfaction and ROI

Higher performance means an increase in efficiency. With data algorithms now available, online platforms can use them to analyze the customer’s search or purchase history and make suggestions regarding the products that they would most likely want to buy. This gives the customers a sense of personalization, making them feel happy and valued. This translates or converts to a purchase by the customer, thereby, satisfying the company’s objective of return on investment. A happy consumer is a happy shopper.


High output

Performance and productivity are greatly improved and aided by data analysis. Areas that require more attention to detail can be supported with more manpower or the necessary tools required. On the other hand, data can also be used to cut costs and save the business unnecessary overheads. In the long run, this would result in efficient and enhanced usage of finances for the company.


Know your competition

They say, keep your friends close and your foes closer. Data assimilated not only helps us understand the market trend in general, but it could also be tailored to get specifics like strategies, any USP they might have, and so on regarding the competition too. It has been a proven method employed to understand, improve and make better one’s own business.


Other best courses in Jaipur


Let’s Explore and Get to Know More About Business Analytics Courses in Jaipur

Business Analytics courses are offered by many universities across the globe and you have a wide range to make your choice from. We are being specific and will be talking about the Business Analytics Courses in Jaipur. So let us explore the scope and know more about it.


1. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is the world’s largest certification training provider in Jaipur, with over 2 million professionals trained globally. What’s more to contend with is the fact, that the institute is trusted by Fortune 500 companies as their learning provider for career growth and training.

They have been named the 8th most influential education brand in the world by LinkedIn and have been a market leader ranked at No.1 for the last 11 years! A specialization master’s program, this business analytics course by Simplilearn is a program that makes you an expert in the domain, with the hands-on learning experience and globally-accepted certifications that come along with the completion of the program.

You will learn from the foundation level to the architect level, with real-time projects that train and enable you to get familiar with and become industry ready and handle the market. This is an online business analyst certification learning experience that is completely tied together with virtual simulations and real-world projects, which should help you to obtain a good level of domain expertise.

After completing all the facets of this training program, you will be ready to handle the market as a successful business analyst. Added to this, the content and certificate are approved by IBM, who are among the top leaders in this industry. You also get to have live interaction sessions with the IBM leadership.


2. ExcelR

They are among the few who offer business analytics courses in Jaipur in both offline and online modes. So, if you are someone who needs a proper classroom face-to-face style of teaching, ExcelR offers you that convenience. Their course with Excel, Tableau, and Power BI is useful and they have also added Agile as a value-added incentive for their students to keep up with the latest changing market trends and demands.

The duration of their business analytics courses in Jaipur is a period of 6 months. They give a 3-month training period and a 3-month period where you will be given assignments and handle projects too.

All their students are given a jumbo pass, with which they can attend classes for up to 1 year. And they can also avail of the dedicated service of their assignment team, who attend to and solve the queries of the students individually.


3. Intellipaat

Here they offer an advanced certification course in data science and business analytics under the tutelage and guidance of the esteemed faculty of IIT Madras and experts from the industry. IITM Pravartak is a technology innovation hub of IITM.

The faculty of IITM show the way by enabling the students to build a capable and strong skillset that is required for this field. Topics like probability, descriptive stats, time series forecasting, and data architecture among others are handled and given importance to achieve excellence and gain a stronghold in this domain.

It is noteworthy to mention that among the business analytics courses in Jaipur, Intellipaat offers a one-on-one industry mentor, a self-paced learning module, and a 2-day on-campus immersion at IITM.


Must Check:


4. 360 DigiTMG

Business analytics courses in Jaipur by 360 Digi TMG are designed to empower the learner with essential tools and techniques along with the added skills that are required to stay ahead in this field. They look to build the capabilities and understanding of the learner along with data analyzing and structuring.

Black box, linear regression, data mining, and hypothesis testing are some of the listed analytical tools that will be used to make you familiar with the usage of such tools. The course design is market-centric and has been put together by subject matter experts and trainers from top institutes, IIMs, IITs, and ISB.

Stand-out features are lifetime Learning Management System (LMS) access, complimentary courses offered, offline hiring events, and a hands-on experience in the live projects are some interesting facets that they offer to their learners. Other than certification from IBM, they are offering certification from UTM, Malaysia.


FAQs About Business Analytics Courses in Jaipur

After having a look at the business analytics courses in Jaipur and the choices that are available, and the details they entail, you might still have questions. Let’s hope that this section of FAQs puts to rest and clears the doubts that linger in your mind.


1. What do business analysts do for a business or a company?

A business analyst is a person who is involved in interpreting data into implementable decisions that are profit-yielding for the company. They are in charge of predictive modeling, forecasting, management, and visualization of data and optimization. They used these tools to give more insights from the data that is collated which helps to improve the business decisions.


2. Is the course easy to learn?

Long answer short, no. Business analytics is more about creating real-world interpretations and insights from mega quantities of data collated. It is not about hardcore technical skills.


3. What type of college degree or educational background would be necessary to pursue business analytics courses in Jaipur?

As a business analyst, you play a very important role for the organization that you work for and most of the time the person representing the company on various projects that involve a high financial budget. So, you should definitely have a bachelor’s degree and it would be better if they were in the areas of finance, mathematics, or computer science.

A master’s degree would be better and help in securing your job over others at any given point in time. Though it is not absolutely compulsory, it helps to have a higher degree and not be eliminated due to the lack of a higher educational qualification. A four-year degree course could also be considered, as it covers most of the requirements for the position of a business analyst.


4. What are some of the best places to enroll for business analytics courses in Jaipur?

The listed courses are the best that have a good reputation and a history of placement success for their students. Their faculty are experts from the industry who have now taken to teaching, having a lot of hands-on experience in the field.


5. What are the soft skills that are required for the job of a business analyst?

  • Excellent communication and listening skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Analytical approach and thinking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem-solving
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Presentation skills
  • Team building skills
  • Decision making


6. Is it worth the time, effort, and money to do business analytics courses in Jaipur?

  • If you have a knack for solving problems, you are a natural, and this course would most definitely put you on the path to success. There is a high demand for business analysts in the market now.
  • Not only is the job an interesting one, but it also pays very well too. It is a highly lucrative field to pursue and with consistent demand for the same in the industry, the field is looking to chart higher up only.
  • The demand for a business analyst is hot and happening, so if you are looking to make a career move in this field, the time is now. Ambition box estimates the salary of a business analyst to range between ₹6 lakhs to ₹15.4 lakhs, with an annual average salary of ₹6.8 lakhs in India, presently.
  • So, go ahead and explore the list of some of the best institutes that offer business analytics courses in Jaipur.


7. Will AI replace me in the organization sometime soon?

This is a valid concern in this fast-paced digital age today where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking away jobs right from army soldiers to desk jobs of content writers. It has been demonstrated that drones and robots have been used to send surprise attacks into enemy lines in war-torn countries. On the other hand, innovations like Chat GPT, where GPT is an AI algorithm-based language that is formulated to decipher and formulate human-like language that poses a real threat to millions of writers the world over.

But no, not for a business analyst. Why is that so? It is because among the many reasons for the increase in demand for this specialized domain, is the fact that it cannot be automated. Because there is an absolute need for human intervention and interpretation of data assimilated which is yet to be mastered by AI. Demand for a business analyst is constantly increasing because more and more companies are switching over to digital platforms to keep up with the consumers’ needs and market trends.

On a lighter note, a business analyst is like your own personal gym trainer, he is there to tailor make the workout, your meal plan, your session timings, and anything and everything to suit your need, you are the goal. So, just like that a business analyst is there to trim the fat and enhance your potential. He is unique and not replaceable anytime soon.



The best Business Analytics courses in Jaipur have been put together offering you a curated list based on parameters like placement, collaborations, and course syllabus among others. Business analytics courses are highly recommended for those who are looking to make a career change or also those who wish to upgrade their skill set and keep their certifications up to date. Do not be deterred by the difficulties that you might come across during the early days of the learning process. It pays off in the end. The main aim or goal of these successful business analytics courses is that they aid their learners who might either be beginners or working professionals to develop analytical skills in their own right.

This in turn equips and empowers them with the necessary aptitude so that they are not only productive but also innovative to the companies that employ them. Choose a good course that suits your schedule and level of comfort. Industry experts and collaborations that the institute offers, not only help but also play an important role in the learning process, as it immediately ups your exposure level, making you uncomfortable in the beginning but as the course progresses it will give you more confidence and make you perform better in the end.

Also, ensure that their placement support is good. Hope the information collated regarding the business analytics courses in Jaipur is not only informative but also helpful to you in making your decision an easier one. These courses are a good return on your investment of time, effort, and money. If are you an out-of-the-box thinker, with a highly creative mind, and with a penchant for solving problems, then go ahead and give the business analyst within you a platform to learn, practice and propel your career to greater heights. So, take a leap and become a business analyst.

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