Business Analytics

Top 10 Business Analytics Courses In The UK With Placements

Business analytics is new and rapidly growing because of the emergence of AI and machine learning. Graduates from this program can expect to work as management consultants, business analysts, policy analysts, marketing researchers, operations researchers, and data scientists. If you want to make a career in it, must read the detailed guide about the best business analytics courses in the UK.


Top Universities for Business Analytics Courses in the UK


2. University College of London

3. University of Warwick

4. Lancaster University

5. University of Manchester

6. University of Bristol

7. University of Loughborough

8. University of Astont

9. University of Edinburgh

10. The University of Southampton


Here are some Professional courses that are very worthy of reading:

●       Data Analytics Courses

●       Creative Writing Courses

●       Master Business Accounting and Taxation Course

●       Digital Marketing courses

●       Corporate training courses



Data Analytics is a great tool that helps a business and organizations optimize their activities and align their finances. IIM SKILLS offers a data Analytics master course to learn the latest analytics tools and techniques, SQL databases, the languages of R and Python, Excel, Power BI Tableau, and data visualizations.

This course offers Microsoft & Google Data Analytics Certification. It also gives guidance and assistance to prepare a resume and interview. This course gives you training that includes data interpretation in Python, linear and non-linear regression models, and proficiency in business analytics using Excel.


Why the IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Course is considered as best:

●       Flexibility in learning

●       Flexibility in choosing batches – weekdays or weekend

●       Mentors are trained professionals with a strong sense of pedagogical practices.

●       Skills orientation and practical courses.

●       24×7 guidance and support.

●       Lifetime access to LMS

●       Free Demo


Course name: Data Analytics Master Course


Course Details:

●       In this course, you will learn about statistical concepts such as central tendency, correlation, dispersion, and regression. – Excel at SQL concepts like SQL command, and query universal tool.

●       You will learn how to create  Python programs using concepts of variables, conditions, loops, functions, etc.

●       You will learn the concepts of Python

●       Understand Data Analytics performance using Python libraries.

●       Get acquainted with Microsoft analytics and visualization tools (Power BI).

●       You will learn about the Tableau model and statistics and learn to build interactive dashboards.


Course Duration:

6 Months Live Data Analyst Course

2 Months Non-Paid Internship


Course Price:  ₹ 49,900 + 18% GST.


Core Modules –

●       Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel

1.     Introduction to Data Handling

2.     Data Visualization in Excel

3.     Data Manipulation Using Functions

4.     Data Analysis and Reporting

5.     Overview of Dashboards

6.     Create Dashboards in Excel using Pivot controls

●       Data Analytics Using VBA

1.     Introducing VBA

2.     Key Components of Programming Language

3.     How VBA Works with Excel

4.     Programming Constructs in VBA

5.     Functions and Procedures in VBA

6.     Objects & Memory Management in VBA

7.     Communicating with Your Users

8.     Others

●       Data Analytics Using SQL

1.     Basics RDBMS Concepts

2.     Utilizing the Object Explorer

3.     Data Based Objects Creation (DDL Commands)

4.     Data Manipulation (DML Commands)

5.     SQL server reporting services

6.     SQL server integration services

7.     Others

●       Data Analytics Using Power BI

1.     Introduction

2.     Data Preparation and Modeling

3.     Keep and remove rows, add remove and go the columns.

4.     Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

5.     Reports Development (Visuals in Power BI)

●       Data Analytics Using Phyton-1

1.     Introduction to Basic Statistics

2.     Introduction to Mathematical Foundations

3.     Introduction to Analytics and Data Science

4.     Python Essentials (Core)

5.     Operations with NumPy (Numerical Python)

6.     Overview of Pandas

7.     Cleansing Data with Python

●       Data Analytics Using Phyton-2

1.     Data Analysis Using Python

2.     Basic visualization tools

3.     Visualizing Geospatial data

4.     Data Visualization with Python

5.     Advanced visualization tools

6.     Statistical Methods and Hypothesis Testing

●       Data Analytics Using Tableau

1.     Tableau

2.     Data Handling and Summaries -1

3.     Data Handling and Summaries -2

4.     Building Advanced Reports /Maps

5.     Table calculations

6.     Calculated fields

●       R for Data Science

1.     Data Importing/Exporting

2.     Data Manipulation

3.     Data Analysis

4.     Data Visualization with R

5.     Using R with Databases

6.     Introduction to Statistics

7.     Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems

8.     Testing

●       Data Analytics Using Alteryx

1.     Data Analytics Using Alteryx.


Academic Eligibility:

●       Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.

●       Basic knowledge of computers and technology.

●       Prior knowledge of statistics and mathematics would be good, but not mandatory.


Website –


Other best courses in the UK:


2. University College of London

UCL has 16000 staff and 50,000 students from over 150 different countries. In the Research Excellence Framework 2021, UCL was rated 2nd for research work power in the UK.  UCL is ranked 9th by QS World University Rankings in 2024. UCL was the first University to welcome women and students from any religion to the university education. It offers business Analytics courses in the UK i.e. MSc. Business Analytics.


Course Details:

●       In this program, you will learn how companies can use data to make decisions

●       To gain practical experience in solving genuine business problems using new skills

Course Duration: It is 1-year duration program.

Course Price:

Tuition fees – ₹3675321

UCL halls – ₹1896403

Privately rented accommodation – ₹1669077


Course Structure:

●        Business Strategy and Analytics

●        Marketing Analytics

●        Operations Analytics

●        Statistical Foundations of Business Analytics

●        Predictive Analytics

●        Business Analytics Consulting Project/Dissertation

●        Programming for Business Analytics


Optional module

●        Data Engineering

●        Data Visualisation

●        Natural Language Processing

●        Creativity and Critical Thinking

●        Leading High-Performance Teams

●        Technology Entrepreneurship

●        Influence and Negotiations

●        Decision and Risk Analysis

●        Fintech

●        Managing Diversity

●        Technology and Collective Intelligence

●        Machine Learning for Domain Specialists


Academic Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree with a strong aptitude for quantitative analysis and degrees including management, mathematics, engineering, computer science, economics, and psychology.

The English language level is: Level 2

Score Requirments:

●       TOEFL: 92

●       IELTS: 6.5

●       Duolingo: 115

●       PTE: 75

Website –


3. The University of Warwick

Warwick has a unique approach. It challenges students with real-life situations to mold them into efficient professionals. This university is among the topmost to offer Business Analytics Courses in the UK.


Course Details:

●       It prepares students for jobs in industries and organizations characterized by rapid changes in problems, opportunities, and tools.

●       It gives students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of business analytics, by applying the newly learned skills to real business problems and preparing students to work in complex, interconnected, data-driven environments.

●       You will learn about statistical methods, optimization techniques, and predictive models, and apply these to business problems.

●       You will also learn about descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, involving visualization (Tableau), forecasting and data mining techniques, and optimization.


Course Duration: It is a one-year full-time program.

Course Price:

Tuition fees – ₹3455430

Living expenses – ₹903543


Course Structure:

In your three terms at WBS you will study seven core modules, with two elective modules and a dissertation, or three elective modules and the Business in Practice module.

Data Management
Analytics in Practice
Business Statistics
Optimization Models
Understanding Business for Analysts
Advanced Analytics: Models and Applications
Advanced-Data Analysis
Programming skills -R and Python (provided by Data Camp).
Choice of Dissertation/Business in Practice route
Academic Eligibility:

Students must require upper-class honors or degrees including economics, business, engineering, psychology, geography, sociology, and politics


Score Requirments:

●       TOEFL: 100

●       IELTS: 7

●       GMAT: 700

●       PTE: 70

●       CPE: 190

●       CAE: 190


Website –


4. Lancaster University

Their program teaches the entire Business Analytics life cycle, Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive analytics. We work with industry business analytics practitioners. We update the program with the dynamically changing landscape of business analytics. They aim to create graduates with skills that are valuable in the job market. For example, a real-life analytics project as part of your course. That is why this university offers good Business analytics courses in the UK.


Course Details:

●       You will learn technical aspects like machine learning and data mining, forecasting, optimization, simulation, stochastic modeling, logistics and supply chain analytics, healthcare analytics, sports analytics, network analytics, marketing, and pricing analytics.

●       Students get job offers while still studying.

Course Duration: 3-year full-time

Course Price: Tuition fees – ₹2774815


Course Structure:


Analytics in Practice
Forecasting and Predictive Analytics
Operational Research and Prescriptive Analytics
Python Programming for Problem Solving
Statistics and Descriptive Analytics

Dissertation (Industry)
Dissertation (Research)
Intelligent Data Analysis and Visualisation
Marketing Analytics
Operations and Supply Chain Excellence
Optimization and Heuristics
Simulation and Stochastic Modelling
Transportation and Logistics Analytics
Academic Eligibility: A Bachelor’s degree in business, economics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering, or a related field.


Score Requirments:

●       TOEFL – 87

●       IELTS – 6.5

●       PTE – 58

●       GMAT – 594

●       GRE – 312


Website –


Career Oriented courses

●       Courses after the science stream

●       GST Certification course

●       Technical writing course

●       Financial Modeling course


5. The University of Manchester –

The University of Manchester is highly respected across the globe, with the most comprehensive range of courses, outstanding facilities, world-class research, and outstanding learning. The research feeds directly into our taught courses, giving you the power to achieve your ambitions. This university offers two master’s Business Analytics courses in the UK.


MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management

MSc Business Analytics Operational Research


MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management


Course Details:

●       It helps students to understand international business issues and their solutions. Students must learn, practice, and gain work experience with the client-facing project.

●       Work on practical consultancy to work efficiently in an international business environment.

●       Students learn about international business consultation, international business problems, and business reports, and prepare for interviews.


Course Duration: 1 year full-time

Course Price:

UK students (per year): £15,500

International, including EU, students (per year): £31,000


Course Structure:

●       Analysing Companies

●       Organisational design and strategy: international contexts

●       Comparative and Global Management

●       Business Models: Theory and Practice

●       Professional Analytics Skills

●       International Human resource management

●       The political economy of global business

●       The management of international organizational change

●       Innovation management and business strategy

●       Institution and firms’ internationalization strategies

●       Responsible business in a global environment

●       Configuration of companies for capability building

●       Managing organization for growth

●       Org design and value creation


Academic Eligibility:

Students must have first-class or upper second-class honors degrees with a 60% average from a UK university or overseas equivalent.

Indian Standard XII English (CBSE, ISCE, West Bengal) – Minimum 85%

Indian Standard XII English (Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat Boards, and Tamil Nadu)  – Minimum 90%


Score Requirments:

●       TOEFL – 100

●       IELTS – 7.0

●       Pre-sessional English language course: 6.5

●       CPE – Grade B

●       CAE – Grade B

●       PTE Academic – 76

●       English for Academic Purposes (EAP)- Grade B


MSc Business Analytics, Operational Research

Course details:

●       Learn the fundamental theories, approaches, and analytical toolkits of data analytics, decision sciences applied operational research, and statistics.

●        Students will learn quantitative skills and practical problem-solving techniques.

●       Students need to apply the knowledge to case studies, individual and team consulting-based assignments, presentations, and software tools.

●        Prepare for a career in consultancy, finance, retail, manufacturing, government analytics units, defense, IT systems, outsourcing, and telecoms.


Course Structure:

Risk, Performance, and Decision Analysis.
Mathematical programming and Optimisation
Data Analytics for Business Decision-making
Applied Statistics and business forecasting
Global operations management
Strategic supply chain management
Strategic Project Organising
Knowledge management and digital strategy
Decision behavior, analysis, and support
Supply chain logistic Management
Programming in Phyton for Business Analytics
Simulation and Risk Analysis
Financial Data Analytics and AI in Finance
Academic Eligibility: Students must have a First or Upper Second class honors degree with 60% from a UK university or the overseas equivalent. Pre-sessional English language course.

Indian Standard XII English (CBSE, ISCE, West Bengal) – Minimum 85%

Indian Standard XII English (Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat Boards and Tamil Nadu)  – Minimum 90%


Score Requirments:

●       Pre-sessional English language course – 7

●       TOEFL – 100

●       IELTS – 7.0

●       English for Academic Purposes (EAP) – A

●       CPE – Grade B

●       CAE – Grade B

●       PTE Academic – 76


6. University of Bristol

The  University of Bristol makes a positive impact locally, nationally, and globally through distinctive education, and innovative research. After graduating from Bristol, students are in demand and highly employable. They also provide on-campus Students’ Health Service and Student Counselling Service offers ways to maintain positive mental health. This University offers a high demand for graduate Business Analytics Courses in the UK.


BSc. Business Analytics

Course Details:

●       You will learn data analysis techniques, such as descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics, social media analytics, optimization, and forecasting.

●       You will learn how to apply the techniques to real-life problems.

●       Guest lectures from across various sectors about how organizations can make better decisions with currently used data and data in the future to make decisions that better align with business and societal needs.


Course Duration: 3 years ( full-time)

Course Price:

Home students – £9,250 per year

International students – £24,500 per year


Course Structure:

Introduction to business analytics
Introduction to Accounting
Introduction to management
Inquiry, analysis, and communication
Principles of  Marketing
Global business environment
Academic Eligibility: CBSE or CISCE English at 70-80%. Entry requirements for our undergraduate programs will vary depending on the course you wish to apply for, your Year 12 examination board, and subjects taken.

Typical offers for CBSE and CISCE range from 80% (equivalent to ABB at A-level) to 90% (equivalent to A*AA at A-level). If you would like advice relating to your specific qualifications.

A-level Standard offers AAA including Mathematics or A*AB including A in Mathematics

BTEC DDD in any Applied General BTEC National Level 3 Extended Diploma and A in Mathematics at A-level (or equivalent)


Score Requirments:

●      IELTS 6.5 overall with 7.0 in reading and listening, and no score below 6.0

●      GCSE English Language grade C or 4

Email: [email protected]

Website –


7. The University of Loughborough

Loughborough University has a progressive, ambitious attitude that is outward and forward-looking. It recognizes the importance of our external influence and the impact of our actions on the world around us and reflects the challenges that face us as a society.​ The University language center gives your degree an international edge by providing you with the opportunity to learn new languages. There are two options for doing Business Analytics courses in the UK from the University of Loughborough.


MSc Business Analytics

Our MSc Business Analytics will give you the modeling and consulting skills needed to understand, manage, and communicate useful insights from big data.


Business Analytics courses in the UK Details:

Communicate complex ideas and arguments effectively. Work effectively with others in a team environment, recognizing and using individuals’ contributions in group processes, and displaying effective negotiation and project management skills when needed. Demonstrate high personal effectiveness, including critical self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-management, sensitivity to diversity in people and situations, time management, the ability to take responsibility for your learning and to continue learning by practice and experience.

Use information technology to scan, organize, and assess relevant information for problem-solving, decision-making, and sharing knowledge.

Analyze complex problems develop novel solutions, and apply numerical reasoning appropriately in problem-solving processes.

Course Duration: 1 year full-time

Course Price: UK fee: £15,800

International fee: £27,400


Course Structure:

Semester 1

Skills for Consulting Projects
Discovery Analytics
Decision Analytics
Process and programming for Analytics
Semester 2

Managing Big Data
Customer Analytics
Operations Analytics
Policy and Strategy Analytics

Analytics Project

Academic Eligibility:  students must have undergraduate degree classifications i.e. first-class honors – 70%

upper second-class honours – 60%

and lower second-class honours – 50%


Score Requirments:

●       Details about English requirements are available on the International website


BSc (Hons) Business Analytics

Our BSc (Hons) Business Analytics course helps skilled graduates who can make use of analysis to make businesses better, make evidence-based decisions, and manage information and data to maximize performance.


Course Details:

●       Graduates from this course will be equipped with specialized in-demand skills to enable organizations to realize the potential of data analytics methods and tools.

●       This course offers employment opportunities.

●       It also helps to develop highly sought-after skills prized by employers, you can choose from optional modules to suit your career ambitions, including languages.

●       You will also receive an opportunity to spend a year on professional placement or studying abroad.

Course Duration: 4 years full-time with placement year

Course Price:

UK: £15,800

International: £27400


Course Structure:

Year 1

Semester 1 and 2

Compulsory modules –

Skills for study, placement, and employment.
Management perspectives and organizational behavior
Optional modules –

Quantitative Business Skills A
Quantitative Business Skills B
Semester 1

Compulsory modules –

Principles of Accounting
Financial Reporting
Optional modules –

Business in the Digital Age
University-wide Language Programme
Semester 2

Compulsory modules –

Economic for business 1
Optional modules –

Principles of finance
Principles of law
Organizations in the International Context
The marketing mix
Introduction to real management
University-wise Language program
Academic Eligibility:

students must have undergraduate degree classifications i.e. first-class honours – 70%

upper second-class honours – 60%

and lower second-class honours – 50%


Score Requirments:

●       IELTS – 6.5

●       TOEFL overall score of 92

●       Trinity Integrated Skills in English (ISE) III – pass overall

●       (PTE) – 67

●       Cambridge English: First (CFE) – A

●       Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) –  C/180

●       Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) – C/200


Recommended Reads:


8. University of Aston

The University of Aston offers Masters Business Analytics courses in the UK which offers top quality education. The University of Aston has also won TEF gold. The Business Analysis curriculum focuses on analytical planning and big data analytics. In your final project, you will analyze a business problem and come up with a strategy based on the skills you gained through your course. Prestigious industry links with organizations like the Dutch Bank are also Aston’s strong suits.


Business Analytics MSc


Business Analytics courses in the UK Details:

It will give you an understanding of key areas of business analytics.

It will develop your skills to meet the high demand from employers.

It has been designed to meet the growing demand from employers

It will equip you with the skills to extract meaningful information from data to inform strategic decision-making.


Course Duration: 1 year full-time

Course Price:

UK students (2023/24): £11,850

International/EU students (2023/24): £22,750


Course Structure:

Core modules

Description Analytics
Effective Management Consultancy
Decision models
Data mining and web analytics
Software Analytics
Ethics in Academic Practice
The Aston global advantage
Business Project/Dissertation
Optional modules

Business analytics in practice
Digital advertising
Big data for decision-making
Advanced spreadsheets and databases
Simulation for managerial decision-making
Service operation management
Performance Analytics
Blockchain and Fintech

Academic Eligibility:

ICSE (Standard 12th) – 75%

CBSE (Standard 12th) – 75%

State Boards (Standard 12th)*  – 80%

International Baccalaureate (Standard Level/ Higher Level) – 5



Score Requirments:

●       IELTS – 5.5


9. University of Edinburgh

Our MSc in Business Analytics courses in the UK have been developed with just that in mind and aim to train you to understand the variety of business environments.


Business Analytics courses in the UK Details:

●       You will learn descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics of big data concepts.

●        You will learn the techniques of decision-making.


Course Duration: 1 year full-time

Course Price: £20,400

International student: £31,300


Course Structure:

Compulsory courses

Semester 1

Predictive Analytics and Modelling of Data
Prescriptive Analytics with Mathematical Programming
Principles of Data Analytics
Python Programming
Semester 2

Option courses (Group 1)

Choose 2,3 or 4

Game Theory for Business Analytics
Performance Analytics Basic Concepts and Methods
Soft Computing
Web and Social Network Analytics
Option courses (Group 2)

Choose 2,3 or 4

Industrial organization
Performance Analytics Advanced Concepts and Methods
Simulation Modelling and Analysis
Stochastic Optimization

Dissertation (MSc in Business Analytics)


Academic Eligibility:

An undergraduate degree in any disciplinary area related to management science, operational research, Mathematics, statistics, econometrics, physics, computer science, engineering, or business and management.

Candidates with a first-class or 2:1 honors degree in an unrelated subject area with relevant work experience.

Candidates’ background should ideally include linear algebra, calculus, probability, statistics, and computer programming


●       Score Requirments:

●       IELTS – 7

●       TOEFL – Total 100

●       C1 advanced (formerly CAE) and C2 proficiency (formerly CPE) – 185

●       Trinity ISE  – Pass in all four components

●       PTE  –  70


10. University of Southampton

The University of Southampton offers world-class business analytics courses in the UK  with placement in BSc Business Analytics with Placement Year, BSc.


Business Analytics with Study Abroad Year, and Business Analytics (BSc).

Business Analytics (Bsc) UCAS Course code


Course Details:

●       You will learn Industry-standard analytics software, the SAS (Statistical Analysis System) package.

●       You will explore possible career paths with interdisciplinary modules, languages, and web design

●       You will learn the fundamentals of programming

●       You will put your knowledge into a project for practicing a real-world industry issue.

●       You will gain from the expertise of our research-focused academics, as well as input from the industry.

Course Duration: 3 years full-time

Course Price: UK students pay £9,250.

EU and international students pay £22,300.

Course Structure:

Year 1

Compulsory courses –

Analytics Implementation I: Spreadsheets and Databases
Business Analytics Programming I: SAS Base Language
Introduction to Accounting and Finance
Introduction to Management
Introduction to Marketing
Predictive Analytics I: Regression and combinatorial techniques
Prescriptive Analytics I: Fundamentals of Management Sciences
Options courses –

Foundations of Business Analytics
Management Analysis
Year 2

Compulsory courses –

Analytics Implementation II
Business Analytics Programming II: Algorithmic Thinking
Consulting: Context, Concepts and Practice
Predictive Analytics II: Business Forecasting
Prescriptive Analytics II: Simulation Business
Options courses –

Digital Business Models
Financial Accounting 2
Financial Econometrics 1
Financial Management
Innovation, Technology, and the Environment
Making Successful Decisions
Management Ethics
Operations Management
Portfolio Theory and Financial Markets
Problem Structuring Methods
Research Methods in The Social Sciences
Year 3

Compulsory courses –

Analytics Implementation III
Analytics in Action I
Analytics in Action II
Final Project
Prescriptive Analytics III: Optimisation
Options courses –

Applied Regression Analysis
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Business
Managing High-Growth Businesses
Marketing in the Digital Age
Project Management
Risk Management
Strategic Operations Management
Technological Innovation
Academic Eligibility:

Higher Secondary Certificate/Standard 12 with at least 75% from Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) and Metro State Boards (Delhi, Maharashtra, Chennai, Kolkata and Karnataka).

Score requirements:

●       IELTS – 6.5


FAQs: Business Analytics Courses in the UK


Q.1 What are the Career and Placement opportunities after completing business analytics courses in the UK?

●      Marketing Manager
●      Financial Analyst
●      Personal Financial Advisor
●      Operations Analyst
●      Supply Chain Analyst
●      Business Analytics Specialist


Q. 2 How will Business Analytics courses in the UK help my career?

Business analytics courses in the UK will enhance your employability prospects. You will gain opportunities throughout your studies. In your third term, you will have the choice to study abroad or pursue an internship.


Q.3 How will my skills develop in pursuing Business Analytics courses in the UK?

Your quantitative skills develop that helps to identify trends and gain insights from complex data. You will also have a clear understanding of the three types of data analytics – descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. You will learn how to accurately analyze and visualize information and work with analytical tools.

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