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Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Madurai With Placements

Content Writing manages to retain its position as one of the most preferred choices of the profession globally. With it offering a fruitful career and vast opportunities in different domains, it is safe to assume that this industry will exceed its if any limitations. This article will sum up the many aspects of content writing and explain some of the best Content Writing Courses in Madurai. If content writing seems like a career you want to explore, learn about its current trends and success in becoming an established domain in this read.


What is Content Writing?

Content Writing is the term used for various creative expressions in the form of writing. Content writing is producing well-researched and well-written content that satisfies the target audience. A good writer who can convey appealing and engaging messages for the purpose of education, marketing of a company, etc. is a content writer.


Content Writing

Content is something that always thrives on curiosity. In this age, where there have been collective shifts in all areas of life, from education to lifestyles and the way of expansion of businesses and industries on an individual and global level, it has triggered a boost in data. This upscaling of new ways of learning and growing has made a need of digital knowledge more necessary.

Hence, content writing is a field that is fundamental for numerous purposes. It has become a way of marketing, a channel of teaching and sharing knowledge. People all over the world rely on digital content and its facilities to not only use it as an income stream but also to educate themselves. Content Writing has introduced a new, more convenient way of working.

With all its positives it has quickly become one of the most chosen fields of work life. Providing Marketing opportunities, it acts as an integral part of any business model. From the creative expression of an author to writing about passions and enlightening people from distant countries, content writing is a preferred industry for many.

This industry will only be increasing in value and choice in the future. It possesses great potential for not just the creatives but for all. Content Writing has huge benefits because it helps widen your target audience, and create a global brand presence which then maximizes your sales. Content writing makes digital marketing and has the opportunity to influence the audience based on their writing.

Turning readers into potential buyers is a skill perfected by content writers since they create influential and engaging posts and articles highlighting the business’s or brands’ values and principles. They educate their readers with a storytelling approach that connects with people from across the world. Hence, content writing is considered one of the most important skills in this digital era.

It is a significant part of digital marketing since content is present in different online platforms. White papers, Ebooks, and Blog posts are the way to connect with people and showcase the company. Businesses and entrepreneurs highly benefit from being established on a digital platform, they look for professionals to write compelling articles for their brand and for people who have innate creative minds to help develop and enhance their brand services and products with the right approach.

Content writing is needed everywhere, people who share the same passion for writing and educating people are a big asset for any company. A good writer is what present-day industries depend on. With the right skills and experience, you can create your own business or agency that provides these services. This is the right time to understand the workings of Digital Content, as it would only contribute to success-inspired skills.

With being a well-paid career there is an increase in competition. But since data is consumed by everyone, this field will never see a dull phase. If you are looking to step into this field, this article in Content Writing Courses in Madurai will guide you about content writing and how to make use of it in the best way possible.


Types of Content Writing

There are various opportunities for content writers after completing Content Writing Courses in Madurai that could favor their niche and interests. We cover some of the most important types that help content writers expand their outlets and explore different areas of the Industry.


  1. Blogging

A blog is a page of a brand’s website, where daily updates and articles are written that suit their target audience. They create a brand presence and market for potential buyers for their services or products. Blogging is an informal type of writing where you can share information about the niche with an interactive platform. Bloggers make income through their articles, affiliate marketing, and through selling their services to customers.


  1. Social Media Writing

Social Media Writing includes social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc where different ways of sharing ideas and promoting a brand are done. Creative strategies are used to engage audiences in the form of Instagram posts and LinkedIn articles that establish a presence in the digital world. Keeping up to date with social media trends and clever strategies is necessary to stay on top, it is a crafty space that requires regular input.


  1. E-book

E-books are published on Kindle or Google. They are increasingly popular for budding authors and marketers. Because of their convenience e-books are favored among many to publish their work and showcase their brand. Ebooks are environment friendly and provide huge space for different variety of subjects. They are a great source for earning money, especially for bloggers, and social media influencers, coaches who want their work to reach a larger audience. People benefit from ebooks mainly because of their accessibility.


  1. Infographics

Infographics are created to share massive information in a crisp and easy-to-grasp format with visual representation, using photos and patterns that deliver clear messages. Infographics can be based on any data, but mostly are used for interpreting complex information into clear and easy-to-understand formats. Infographics use photos and templates which helps in making them more engaging to the vast audiences.


  1. Creative Writing

Creative Writing is writing expressing stories through a creative lens of humor, wit, and words that keep you hooked. They are ideas and poetries, fiction and non-fiction writing that uses imagination and gripping storytelling.


  1. White Paper

A white paper is a formal written format that is issued by companies and governments and acts as a guide to any problem by presenting a solution, sharing insights into the brand, and sharing information or updates on a new product or service. It is an in-depth fact-based document that talks about a specific topic, the purpose of this document is to inform its readers about any important issue.


  1. Press Releases

Press Releases are basically announcements and official statements that are issued to the news media to inform the public. They share information about a company’s partnership, etc. Press Releases follow a professional format to introduce a significant piece of information to the public about the company.


Some of the other types are emailing, technical writing, long-form writing, report writing, review writing, ghostwriting, Seo content writing, and editorial writing.


Content Writing Tools

  1. Grammarly
  2. Answer the Public
  3. Yoast
  4. Semrush
  5. Hubspot
  6. Hemmingway
  7. Buffer
  8. Google docs
  9. Trello
  10. Evernote
  11. Google Trends
  12. Thesaurus
  13. Canva


Skills of a Content Writer After Pursuing Content Writing Courses in Madurai.

  1. Strong Writing and Grammar Skills.
  2. Knowledge of the target audience.
  3. competence with different writing styles.
  4. Strong Research skills.
  5. Deep understanding of marketing strategies.
  6. Time-management skills.
  7. Originality in work.
  8. Storytelling


Content Writing Qualifications

Content writing can be pursued by students with a Bachelor’s degree in communications and journalism. There is no specific qualification required to become a content writer but having strong writing skills with greater industry knowledge is a must. Having experience in writing articles, blogs, and social media marketing will help learners become more efficient content writers.


The Difference Between Content Writing and Copywriting

Content writing is about creating a brand presence by informing audiences and educating them about the brand’s values and purpose. It is a long form of writing done to create engagement and create a relationship based on trust. Content writing includes blog posts, articles, infographics, white papers, and ebooks.

Copywriting is mainly a marketing strategy that focuses on selling a product or service through creative strategies for example using social media platforms to promote the value of the brand to convert the target audiences into loyal customers. It is a short form of writing that requires advertising skills to persuade an audience. Copywriting includes emails. Newsletters, social media ads, landing pages, project managing.


Other best courses in Madurai:


Best Content Writing Courses in Madurai


1. IIM SKILLS – Content Writing Courses in Madurai

IIM SKILLS, based in India, is a prominent name in the Ed-Tech field. They curate thorough and specialized courses with a focus on practical understanding. They have trained over 14,000 learners across the world and stands amongst the best skills provider. They offer a Master Content Writing Course that covers all the different aspects of content writing from article writing to press releases, etc.

This course is designed to not only make you a better writer but also learn about creating an online presence as a writer. This course helps you with Web Development and the tools that provide significant assistance. From learning the overall content writing strategies to becoming a freelancer or developing your own agency, they provide the assistance and clarity that you need stepping into this growing Industry.

They promise lifetime access to their learning management system and technical support for any future setback in your career. Their content Writing Courses in Madurai also provide you with a guaranteed 3-month internship, that equips you with industry experience. They also provide you with 35k worth of free tools, their dedicated placement cell will be helpful in your future career growth.


Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Introduction to Content Writing

Module 2: Web Development

Module 3: Digital Content

Module 4: Copywriting

Module 5: Marketing Collaterals

Module 6: Email Writing

Module 7: Social Media Writing and Video Scripts

Module 8: Creative Writing

Module 9: SOP and Business Listing

Module 10: Technical Writing

Module 11: SEO

Module 12: Content Marketing

Module 13: Affiliate Marketing and AdSense

Module 14: Freelance Content Writing

Module 15: Resume Writing


Course Duration: 1 month + 3-month internship[optional]

Course Fee: 16,900 INR + 18% GST

Contact:  +91 9580 740 740, [email protected]


2. ECT

Education and Career Times is a government-recognized institute, that offers an Advanced Content Writing Course that includes multiple learning approaches like Quizzes, live projects, and E-learning. This course is designed for students, business owners, and professionals who want to accelerate their growth.

They offer a full-fledged training program that covers the essentials of content writing, you learn to publish your own books to create your own digital presence. The key benefits of this course are that you receive 6 live projects from real clients and learn to grab opportunities in this industry. Maximize your client list and your writing skills with this program.


Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Introduction to Content Writing

Module 2: Boost Your Vocabulary

Module 3: Common Grammar Errors

Module 4: Learn Writing Tools & Techniques

Module 5: Creative Non-fiction Writing Skills

Module 6: Learn Fiction Writing

Module 7: Master Business Writing Skills

Module 8: Learn Technical Writing

Module 9: Hone Your Academic Writing Skills

Module 10: Learn to Write Specific Pieces of Content

Module 11: Master Content Marketing

Module 12: Monetize Your Writing Skills

Module 13: Publish Your Book


Course Duration: 3 months

Course Fee: 15,000 INR

Contact: +91-7827916060, [email protected]



IIDE offers an Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing that is designed for working professional from any field who want to stay ahead of the competition and expand their opportunities, entrepreneurs who are looking to reach a wider audience, and anybody who want to switch their careers to Digital Writing and marketing and for college students interested in upskilling their careers.

IIDE has trained over 1,00,000 students. Career opportunities that this course provides at entry-level and mid-level include content writing, SEO associate, social media associate, digital marketing intern, Senior SEO associate, Campaign manager, etc.

They promise a dedicated hiring portal, 100% placement support, one-on-one mentoring sessions, 20+ digital marketing tools, and AI-based mock interviews. Some of the tools they cover are Ubersuggest, WordPress, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Yoast.


Course curriculum:

Course 1: Foundation

Course 2: Search Marketing

Course 3: Social Marketing

Course 4: Growth and Analytics


Content Writing Courses in Madurai, Course Duration: 4 Months

Course Fee: 1,15,000 INR

Contact: +91 9619958615, [email protected]


4. FITA   

FITA Training is an academy with multiple branches across India, their intensive Content Writing Certificate Course focuses on developing specialized writing skills. Their trainers are professionals with 10+ years of Industry experience. This course is focused on giving maximum practical exposure for attaining sharp skills related to writing and marketing your own self.

Highly flexible, this course is designed to equip you with the right tools and technology. The mode of learning consists of classroom training and instructor-led live training. They guide you in writing powerful content with promising placement support through their team. They provide hands-on teachings focused on practical training that gives you the right exposure to the industry.


Course Curriculum for Content Writing Courses in Madurai

This course covers different writing genres and mediums like social media, website content, copywriting, SEO writing, technical writing, blogs, articles, etc, with the latest strategies and practices in content writing like planning, writing, restructuring, and analysis.

Contact: 9345045499


5. Udemy

Udemy has a compilation of all the important content writing elements. From SEO to web content marketing, and blogging they provide courses packed with all the influential practices and the tools that would help you in your domain.

They have some of the best expert-based informative courses. The best part of using Udemy is that you have the choice of learning about particular topics according to your requirements. This helps with in-depth skill development and time-saving.

They also offer all-in-one courses that contain the necessary parts of content writing. Their courses are online learning with recorded sessions. This will help you study at your own pace with lifetime access to the sessions.

Some of the top-rated courses are the most preferred as they are formulated by industry experts. Udemy offers affordable courses that are well on point and detailed for your knowledge.

Choose the best Content Writing Courses in Madurai for you by considering the curriculum and reviews given to them. Udemy is a trusted platform with many students benefiting from its vast learning system, so you can ensure you will receive the right education for your skill development.


Recommended Reads:


6. Coursera

Coursera provides different courses from universities and educational institutions that curate courses on several subjects including content writing courses, some of which are paid and some free. By looking at the reviews, you can decide which course suits you the best. Their Content Writing Courses in Madurai, course duration ranges from 3-5 months and even less than 1 month, with various skills pertaining to the topic of the course.

They offer courses on Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Improving English language proficiency, Editing, Meta social media marketing, Creating Social Media graphics on Canva, Storytelling, etc.


7. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education has been a professional training platform, successfully creating learning systems that have provided its students with a variety of opportunities. They have trained 25,000 students and have been featured in top media houses, from India Today to The Tribune. With 210+ corporate recruiting partners and a comprehensive course, their pedagogy gives you a strong foundation required in the content writing industry.

With expert trainers and writers, you can make sure that you receive a detailed study of becoming a professional writer and understand how to sell your services. You will receive a Certified Digital Content Writer Certificate after completing the course with guaranteed internship and job support.

You will develop language skills, graphic skills advanced research skills, and the importance of content strategies to attain global clients in their Content Writing Courses in Madurai


Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Language Skills

Module 2: Internet Skills

Module 3: Blog, Business, and Marketing Writing

Module 4: Content Strategy

Module 5: Technical & Research Writing

Module 6: Academic Writing

Module 7: Creative Writing

Module 8: Copywriting

Module 9: Email Writing

Module 10: Legal Writing

Module 11: Earning Online, International Projects

Module 12: Simulated Content Writing Projects

Complementary Module 1: Soft Skills Development

Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing

Resume Writing Techniques


Course Duration: 40 Hours of Training

Course Fee: 9,500 INR

Contact: +91 9891953953


FAQs: Content Writing Courses in Madurai


1. How do I become a Certified Content Writer?

There are many online and offline training programs that upskill you in Content Writing, like IIM SKILLS, FITA, and ECT. Their curriculums equip you with all the skills you need in this field.


2. Do content writers get paid?

Content Writing is a profitable career choice and can earn you around an average of 40,000 INR per month.


3. Are there any free content writing courses in Madurai?

Udemy and Coursera both offer free Content Writing Courses in Madurai for beginners. Their courses are formulated to offer basic knowledge and skills required for content writing and marketing.



Content writing has been flourishing as an Industry and attracting a lot of professionals globally. This field needs continuous skill enhancement. People need quality content and researched information for almost every area of life. If digital content can bring quality information to the masses, this will essentially bring convenience in education to them. Content writing has been followed the same by problem-solving and also mainly presenting a lot of exciting and highly suitable employment opportunities to different scopes of life. Content writing is a very lucrative career that uniquely brings you the space for creative expression.

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