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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses at IIT With Placement Assistance

Data Analytics in Professional Certificate Course incorporates an extensive scope of essential topics, including data research and apprehension, demographic analysis, data gathering methodology, anticipating modeling, and data-controlled decision-making. Further Data Analytics transforms raw data into serviceable awareness. It incorporates a scope of technologies, tools, and procedures used to discover styles and clear up difficulties by the use of data. Data analytics can contour business procedures, enlighten decision-making, and encourage business development. This article is a complete guide to the best data analytics courses at IIT. If you are looking for the best options, read the full guide.


Nowadays, our planet succeeds in mechanism and innovation, and data exposition, gathering, and exploration are some of our esteemed skills. The most important requirement for developing a merchandising method is related to the business market and the consumers of Data analysis.  It is primarily accumulating the data and utilizing it to create knowledgeable resolutions in favor of the development.  So undoubtedly, Data analytics is one of the most esteemed skills in most businesses.


Further, we can check out further to master the best data analytics courses at IIT.

In easy terms, if one is taking a look at the atmospheric conditions and researching and analyzing what type of clothes to put on depending on how the climate will be, that means you are accumulating the data given to you, studying it, and utilizing the same for your advantage. But data analytics is not a boon given by the Lord, It’s a kind of skill which you can become a genius in a flash and you can become a salient part of any data-driven initiation.

It must be a challenge for you as to where would you learn and master these skills. Nothing to be worried about! Data analytics courses at IIT are being provided throughout India. You can find the details about the finest data analytics courses at IIT in this article.


Eligibility for this course:–

  • This course is appropriate for people who are looking for a fantastic skill and career opportunity in business analytics and data monitoring. A person who wishes to enhance their skills in data analysis and utilize it in the establishment of their business.
  • This course is appropriate for people who are initial and middle-level professional workers, and those who believe in creating a professional career in data monitoring and business analytics. People who wish to develop their expertise in data analysis and utilize the same in the decision-making of their line of work.


Indian Institute of Technology is one of the best and most splendid institutions for technical training and learning for people who desire data-oriented awareness and infusion. Just a minimal percentage of students get an opportunity to learn at IIT and to get trained by the particular professionals at IIT.

Considering the same, a small number of the IITs throughout India have initiated a minimal number of online courses, which will help and support the students and they can participate and study from the maestros in the same sector. So data analytics courses at IIT are one of the same with alternate skill sets. So the Data analytics course is a swiftly developing and highly demanding skill.


Let’s investigate the list of data analytics courses at IIT specifically-


1. Certification Program in Optimization and Business Analytics- IIT Delhi

As per the research, analytics and data are essential to 94% of ventures for the development of their business. It enhances the foretelling of the business end result and interpretation of consumers’ actions and the business market. These days, data is quite popular but the sad part is every individual is unaware of the utilization which can be an advantage in the development of the said spectators.

Having said that, it is such a favorable direction, that a 5-month certification program in optimization and business analytics has been originated by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi to support every individual to become a master and gain this production-prepared quality.

Any student gaining a minimum of 50% in each assessment and getting a minimum of 60% presence, and on successful accomplishment of the syllabus, will be felicitated a certification from IIT Delhi.


        Course Duration- 5 Months

        Learning Options- Live online training sessions

        Course fee- INR 60,000 + GST (Candidates can select a particular corporate admission pricing scheme that contributes up to a 10% discounted offer if any individual registers in the course with colleagues.


      Course Highlights

  • Be a part of energetic and enthusiastic online training sessions and inspect real-world case studies
  • Study from India’s high-ranked Institutions of national significance
  • Acquire knowledge about the diligence from illustrious faculty from IIT Delhi
  • Take part in exclusive learning and spread your executive network
  • Get felicitated with an IIT Delhi certificate after completing the course gainfully.


       Course Modules

  1. Business Analytics Foundation
  • Origination to Business Analytics
  • Competitive Benefit in Business Analytics
  • Elementals in MS Excel, Python, SQL, and Tableau
  1. Business Decisions in Statistical Analysis
  • Variance Analysis
  • Insights and Applications in Business
  • Probability representation
  • Statistical Reasoning, Sampling, and Hypothesis Testing
  1. Data Visualisation and Analysis with the help of Python, R, Tableau, and MS Excel
  • Producing Insights via Data Visualization
  • Customizing Spreadsheet
  • Illustrative Analytics
  • Data Cleansing and Data Handling
  • Constructing Data Models
  1. Anticipating Analytics for Business
  • Foretelling Analytics in Data Mining
  • Linear and Non-linear Reversion
  • Logistic Reversion
  • Content Analytics
  • Categorization and Grouping
  • Estimation and Time Series
  1. Instrument Studying for Managers
  • Machine Studying with the help of Neural Networks
  • Studying with Supervision and Un-supervision
  • NLP and the Applications
  • Resolution Tress and Unknown Forests
  1. Arbitrary Analytics
  • Mixed-Integer Programming (MIP)
  • Linear and Non-linear Organizing Models
  • Miniatures
  • Development Techniques
  1. Large Data Analytics for Supervisors
  • Large Data Analytics Applications
  • Proceeding towards Issues in Large Data Analytics
  • Commencement to Large Data
  1. Case Studies and Applications
  • Data Analysis in HR/Finance
  • Analytical Techniques in Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Data Analysis in Marketing and Market Research


             End Result of Learning-

  • Increase the ability of data-driven decision-making
  • Use acceptable analytical approaches for the positive outcomes that achieve initiating business objectives.
  • With the help of predictive, descriptive, and analytical techniques, business decisions can be driven
  • Acknowledge and describe difficult problems of business with regard to analytical representation
  • Explicate and examine the outcome of business analytics projects into successful courses of action



  • Graduate Degree holders in any discipline(BA/BSc/BA/B.Com)/Diploma holders (10/+2/+3) from any specialty can apply
  • A primary mastery of Statistics is preferred


2. Data Analytics Course-IIT Madras & Intellipaat

To contribute excellent coaching to every individual, IIT Madras, and Intellipaat have initiated the developed certification course in data intelligence and sciences, where you get an opportunity to study from IIT Madras expert trainers and from the top industry specialists. You will get enough support to become an expert in skills such as Data Wrangling, Power BI, Data Mining, and so on.

Specialists generate the data analytics courses at IIT Madras from the MNCs to brighten you and help you become a professional worker in a particular skill set. And also, real-time projects and case studies that are really profitable in the collaborative world are also constituted in the data analytics course curriculum.


       Course Duration- 7 months

       Course Fee- 85,044

       Mode of Teaching- Live online sessions


       Course Highlights-

  • Self-clipped video for 218 hours
  • Assignment and practice chapters for 200 hours
  • Live sessions of 50+ in 7 months
  • Data analytics courses at IIT Madras will be supervised by experienced trainers and management advisors
  • Through-the-clock support
  • Management Mentors will conduct One-two-One sessions
  • Support in preparing the Resume and Review of the LinkedIn Profile
  • Without cost EMI offers


             Course Modules-

  1. Preliminary Sessions- Data Revolution with the help of Python & MS Excel
  2. Presto
  3. Data Hassle with SQL
  4. Initiation to Statistics & Data Science
  5. Expansion Techniques
  6. Business Vision, Narrative, and, Problem Solving
  7. Anticipating Modelling
  8. KNIME
  9. Machine and Statistics training with the help of R Programming
  10. Engineering Aspect
  11. Generation-Series Forecasting
  12. Progressive Techniques of Machine Learning
  13. Case Studies of Trading
  14. Execution Strategy of Data Science
  15. Data Science Capstone Project
  16. Visualization with the help of Power BI


       Career Improvement-

  • Moderate Salary Hike of 55%
  • Highest Salary – 40LPA
  • Employing Partners-300+
  • Associate Learning
  • Career Progression-1000+


       Career Initiation-

  1. Cooperation for Job Opportunity
  • Employment Support
  • Privileged approach to the Intellipaat Job opening
  1. Support for Interview Preparation
  • 1 to 1 Discussions about Career Coaching
  • Simulated Interview Preparedness
  1. Preparing Portfolio
  • Balanced Career Training Sessions
  • LinkedIn Profile & Resume Preparation


             Eligibility Requirement:

The scholarly or age of the student is of no issue, an individual with completion of        Class 12 or proportionate qualifies to be a part of this course.

Candidates can belong to any board, group, and stream in consideration of completion of class 12 exam. Those who accommodate and meet the exigencies, post-completion of Class 12 can register for the program.


3. Data Analytics- Advance Certification- ICT&E Academy, IIT Kanpur

The upgraded certification of data analytics courses at IIT Kanpur is firmly endorsed for individuals interested in top-notch career advancement in data analytics. The curriculum is an impeccable fusion of theory, case studies, and first-hand methods.

This program includes intellectual accuracy and compelling corporation publicity for factual understanding and supports you to coincide the top-class progressive theoretical skillsets and expertise that cannot be coordinated by other diverse programs.

It is directed in such a manner that it doesn’t matter, which intellectual qualification the students have, that is non-programming or programming, they will be provided with comprehensive data analytics training. The data analytics courses at IIT Kanpur are perfect in their field amongst others.


        Duration of the Course- Program, assignments, and studying for 180 hours

        Teaching Mode- i) Live online sessions ii) Self-measured with the help of faculty

        Fees for the Course- i) Online sessions: 83,9000 + GST ii) Self –measured: 55,990 + GST


         Features of the Course-

  • Gain certification from IIT Kanpur and ICT&E Academy for successful accomplishment of the program
  • Placement Assurance – 100%
  • Complete 180 hours of studying along with live online sessions or video clips to clarify the doubts
  • 7 types of Business projects from various domains
  • First-hand studying along with 70% practical content
  • Added advantage of weekend sessions by the business experts
  • Extremely talented and qualified expert faculties from IIT Kanpur and the particular industry


      Course Syllabus-

  1. R- Data Analytics
  • Analytics Introduction
  • Fundamentals of R
  • Visualization in R and Data Cleaning
  • Basic Statistics in R
  • Logistics Regression in R
  • Linear Regression in R
  • Time series forecasting in R
  • Segmentation for marketing analytics in R
  • XGBoost and Random Forest in R
  • Decision Trees in R
  • Solving business problems through analytics
  1. Data Visualization in Tableau (Videos Only)
  • Introduction to Visualization, Tableau & BI
  • Generated Fields by Tableau
  • Data Sources Connecting
  • Adding statistics and using Parameters
  • Data Customization and Data Manipulation
  • Creating dashboards, stories, and visualizations
  • Geographical Maps and Analysis
  1. Data Analysis in SQL (Videos only)
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Useful operations in SQL
  • SQL operators and data types
  • Sub-queries and functions in SQL
  • Aggregating Data in SQL
  • DDL and DML statements in SQL
  • Views and joins in SQL

       Career Recognition-

  1. Grow into an authorized data analytics skilled from IIT Kanpur and E&ICT Academy, one of India’s elevated institutes.
  2. Study bottom line and eminently in profit-making skills in errors of data analytics, data visualization in R, and statistical modeling, SQL, and Tableau.
  3. The assignments and projects done by the individuals will be demonstrated on their CV at the course completion to industry followers.
  4. Build your portfolio to settle your trustworthiness and captivate recruiters.
  5. Achieve first-hand awareness via real-time problem-solving-based access to the syllabus.


4. Certification Program In Data Analytics-IIT Roorkee

Data analytics courses are one of the outstanding courses there. Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee provides 134 online courses. The two institutions Times Pro and IIT Roorkee, combined provide the 24-weekend certification of data analytics course. We are surrounded by data but, nobody has knowledge of the utilization and access of the same.

Although the skill of data analytics skill is not much in demand by various businesses, it can support you in increasing your professional level via the various elemental skills in data analytics courses at IIT as well. The training for the students will not only be theoretical but will also include practical and first-hand ability along with field projects beneath experienced guidance.

The education will train the students close to accepting and adopting various skills to apply analytical tools. The data analytics program will support the students to changeover their careers for improved outlooks eventually by guiding them as to how to utilize the basic and exposed data for their benefit to expand their business.


       Course Period- 24 weekends/6 months

       Teaching Mode- Via Online

        Fees for Course- Rs.1,00,000 + 18% GST (In easy EMI’s)


        Highlights of the Course-

  • 100% Online Program
  • 70 hours of assessments and capstones and 80 hours of online live sessions
  • Certification will be given on the successful completion of the course
  • First-hand studying along with assessments
  • 360 help about job placements will be given
  • 1 capstone project
  • Practical training on tools such as Microsoft Excel etc. will be given
  • The training sessions will be conducted by industry experts from IIT


        Class Syllabus-

  1. Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Tools and Technologies for Business Analytics
  • Modeling of the Spreadsheet
  • Preparing Analytical Solutions and Considerate Trade Problems
  1. Data Analytics Foundations in R
  • Varieties of Data
  • Collection of Data
  • Various Sources of Data
  • Fundamentals of R
  1. Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Visualization in R
  • Constructing Assumptions for Business Issues
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Pareto Reasoning
  • Hypothesis Measurement
  • Data Resolution with the help of GGPLOT
  • Text Analytics and Visualization
  • Storytelling with the help of Data
  1. Anticipating Analytics in R
  • Arrangement
  • Regression
  • Clustering
  • Forecasting of Time Series
  • Forecasting
  1. Optimization Performance
  • Network Optimization
  • Integer and Linear Optimization
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  1. Capstone Project
  2. Assessment


Eligibility Requirement-

  • Academic Requirement- A student must at least hold a bachelor’s degree certificate with a minimal accumulative score of 50%
  • Experience in work- A minimum experience of 12 months in data analytics field or its equivalent roles


       Skills you will master-

  • R Programming
  • Intelligence in Business Analytics
  • Gain expertise in Data Visualization
  • Gain expertise in Excel
  • The data analytics courses at IIT Roorkee will bring you various learning of multiple concepts such as
  • Studying the customer’s exigencies with the help of data analysis
  • Determining and understanding the concepts of human resource management, finance, and supply chain management
  • Utilization of data mining for statistical techniques and data analysis to interpret the business process.


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5. Executive Post Graduate Program in Data Science-IIT Bangalore

The IIT Bangalore’s managerial PG Programme in Data Science will provide an immeasurable compassion for data analytics podiums and appliances, techniques and, matrices. This curriculum is for marketing professionals, business, sales, or administrators who aspire to spread their business and sales insights.

Begin your progress to a shining future with India’s top-ranking online data science program. This program is comparable to and as perfect as a 1-year PG diploma in Canada.

Executive Post Graduate Program in Data Science-IIT Bangalore is India’s top-ranking Technical Exclusive University and qualified to convert an individual into an industry expert in the data science field, so pull up your socks to add value to your business and get a chance to expand your knowledge in the particular field for a much worthwhile outcome.

These data science courses and data analytics courses at IIT Bangalore can prove to be really beneficial in your channel of professional career.


      Course period- 12 Months

      Teaching Mode- Online sessions

     Course fees- INR 6,736/month


     Course Features-

  • Designed for Working Professionals
  • Complimentary Python Programming Boot camp
  • 60+ Industry Projects and 14+ Programming Tools & Languages
  • IIT Bangalore Alumni Status
  • Support for the students will be accessible for the entire week, 24/7
  • The above-mentioned data science courses and data analytics courses at IIT Bangalore are proportionate to NSQF level 8
  • Exclusionary Job Offers Portal
  • Support and help for the students is convenient every 7 days a week, 24/7.
  • High-level training (1:1) and guidance and Career consulting Sessions (1:1) are available
  • Recruit training facility for Career
  • Personalized Business Marketing Sessions Just-in-time Consultation and Interview Sessions
  • AI-Mechanized Profile Creator
  • Zero-cost EMI Option is available
  • Periodic Doubt Clarifying Help and Career-based Crucial Soft Skills Sessions


       Course Syllabus-

  1. Pre-program Preliminary Content
  • Data Reasoning in Excel
  • Analytics Problem Curative
  1. Toolkit for Data (2 Assignments: 12 weeks)
  • Introduction to Python
  • Data Science in Python
  • Python Programming
  • Data Analysis Exploratory
  • Python for Data Visualization
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Case Study Credit EDA
  • Data Analysis utilizing SQL’s help
  • Testing Hypothesis
  • Assignment for SQL: RSVP Movies
  • Progressive SQL and Best Practices
  1. Learning about Machines (3 Assignments: 10 weeks)
  • Assignment for Linear Regression
  • Linear Regression
  • Distribution with the help of Decision Trees
  • Logistics Regression
  • Clustering: Unsupervised Learning
  • Basics of Text Mining and NLP
  • Clustering Assignment ( Non-compulsory)
  • Business Problem-Solving
  • Lead Scoring: Case Study
  1. Deep Learning (Specialization) (4 Assignments: 22 weeks)
  • General ML Techniques and Model Selection
  • Tree Models
  • Progressive Regression Assignment
  • Progressive Regression
  • Boosting and Bagging
  • Analysis of Time Series
  • Prominent Component Analysis
  • Neural Networks Introduction
  • Case Study of Telecom Churn
  • Assignment for CNN
  • Periodic Neural Networks
  • Capstone Project
  • Awareness of Gesture
  1. Legitimate Language Clarification 4 Assignments: 22 weeks)
  • Random Forest and Bagging
  • Continuous Regression
  • General ML Techniques and Model Selection
  • Boosting
  • Prominent Component Analysis
  • Progressive ML Case Study
  • Progressive Regression
  • Forecasting for Time Series
  • Syntactic Processing
  • NLP of Neural Nets
  • Semantic Processing
  • Syntactic Processing Assignment
  • Capstone Project
  • Automatic Ticket Classification: Case Study
  • Applied DL in NLP
  1. Business Analytics (Specialization) (9 Assignments: 22weeks)
  • Progressive Excel
  • Visualization with the help of Tableau
  • Organized Problem Solving with the help of Frameworks
  • Visualization with the help of PowerBI
  • Airbnb Case Study
  • Data Storytelling
  • General ML Techniques and Model Selection
  • Random Forest and Bagging
  • Case Study for Model Selection
  • Forecasting of Time Series
  • Data Architecture
  • Operations Research in Excel
  • Business Case Study
  • Data Strategy
  • Capstone Project
  1. Business Intelligence/Data Analytics (9 Assignments: 22 weeks)
  • Visualization with the help of Tableau
  • Visualization with the help of PowerBI
  • Progressive Excel
  • Airbnb Case Study
  • Organized Problem Solving with the help of Frameworks
  • Data Storytelling
  • Data Modeling
  • Introduction to Big Data and Cloud
  • Organized SQL and Best Practices
  • Case Study of Big Data
  • Analytics with the help of Spark
  • Sorting and Searching
  • Recursion + Algorithm Analysis
  • Data Planning
  • SQL Lab and Python
  • Advanced Database Programming with the help of Pandas
  • Capstone Project
  1. Data Engineering (11 Assignments: 22 weeks)
  • Introduction to Big Data (Optional)
  • Relational Database Modeling and Data Management
  • Establishment to Map Curtail Programming and Hadoop
  • Establishment of AWS Setup and Cloud
  • Data Warehousing (Optional)
  • Assignment (Optional)
  • Querying and Hive
  • Map lessen Programming Assignment
  • Introduction to Apache Spark
  • Amazon Redshift
  • AWS Cloud Infrastructure (Optional)
  • Project: ETL Data Pipeline
  • Apache Flink
  • Optimizing Spark for Large-Scale Data Processing
  • Real-Time Data Processing with the help of Spark Streaming
  • Real-Time Data Streaming with Apache Kafka
  • Analytics with the help of PySpark
  • Construction Automated Data Pipelines with Airflow
  • Capstone Project
  • Project: Real-time data processing


Benefits of Course-

  1. Support for Learning-
  • Personalized Industry-based studying
  • The students will be provided reciprocal live sessions with the industry experts efficiently completing each topic.
  • The students will be distributed in limited groups of 10-15 people for customized industry sessions.
  1. Career Help
  • For the profile creation, a committed coach to track your career goals after the program completion
  • For the improvement of your soft skills and to boost your technical concepts, career boot camps are established
  • The mentors are industry experts and will receive personalized feedback.
  1. Practical networking and learning
  • Doubt-clarifying session (real-time) will be held weekly
  • Live analysis along with one-to-one doubt clarifying sessions
  • Laboratory walk-through of projects
  1. Job Offers
  • Opportunities will be provided by the organization that are the finest match for you
  • The virtual hiring assistance helps you and provides you the chance to interview with Up Grad’s 300+ hiring partners
  • Achieve an added benefit in the application process
  1. The average Salary Hike will be 57%
  2. Highest Salary Offered by Rs1.23 Cr
  3. 300+ Hiring Partners
  4. 500+ Career Transitions


Requirement of Course-

50% compulsory passing marks in Bachelor’s degree without any coding background is mandatory

Contact Details-

Indian Nationals: 18002102020

Foreign Nationals: +918045604032

Email:  [email protected]


FAQs: Data Analytics Courses at IIT


       Q1) What is the meaning of a data analytics online course?

The Data Analytics course is one type of online course where you will study how to depict, analyze, and utilize raw data to your benefit. There are various analytics courses at IIT and other institutions where students without any previous experience in the field whereas few courses require previous experience in the same field. This course is deeply in demand by the business.


        Q2) How to become a data analyst at IIT Madras?

To become a data analyst at IIT Madras, you need to go for the Data analytics courses at IIT Madras collectively offered by Intellipaat. You can get the particulars of the course in the article. The qualification for enlisting in the data analytics courses at IIT Madras is that you should have completed the class 12th examinations. Irrespective of any background, board and subject the student can belong to.


         Q3) Why must you consider and study data analytics at IIT?

India’s No.1 technical institution is the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) which offers courses that are exclusive courses with huge outcomes. Data Analytics is a kind of course where you can study how to handle, interpret, and analyze data with the utilization of various tools. The data analytics courses at IIT are one of the excellent institutions, considering that you receive an opportunity to study from the industry experts at IIT along with 24/7 help at the time of the program and profile creation.

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