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Top 4 Investment Banking Operation Courses With Placements

Have you ever wondered how small-scale industries got funding to scale up their business? As you think not all businesses are funded by government banks. There comes a special segment of banking operations called investment banking. For those who are interested in the financial area who always love money and who are enthusiastic to know how money revolves around the globe, then investment banking is your choice to know all this information. Read the details about the best investment banking operation courses listed below. 


What is an Investment Banking?

  • Investment banking is a distinct segment of banking operations and it plays a crucial role in the finance industry of the country and corporates.
  • They have a huge and broad client base that includes individual business investors to public corporations.
  • Investment banking is primarily used for acquiring capital. 
  • Investment banking usually connects people in need of funds with potential investors. 
  • They are specialized in handling acquisition and mergers
  • Investment banking usually operates with high-stakes finance where a large sum of money and strategic decisions are involved. 
  • Investment banking plays a significant role in Deals And transactions by aiding the transactions to proceed smoothly and on time.


Investment banking operates by a set of certain operation procedures and if you are interested in investment banking you must acquire skills.


Types of Investment Banking

Investment banking plays an essential role in driving economic development maximizing investment returns while simultaneously offering cost-effective financing to industrial firms.

Investment banking does not operate in a monopolistic way they have multiple institutions operating globally that can be categorized by various methods like the type of financial service they provide, their geographic presence as well as the amount of transactions they are handling.

These banks typically differentiate themselves by the types of financial services they provide and their geographic presence, as well as by transaction volume handled; depending on these criteria, their role and function often shift significantly depending on their scale.

To pursue a career in globally recognized organizations, it is essential to diligently improve your skill set through comprehensive investment banking operation courses. Below are the four major types of investment banks.


Bulge Bracket Investment Banking

Definition: Bulge bracket funding banks are globally well-known financial establishments example They stand out within the economic market due to their vast involvement in retail banking, loan lending, and diverse factors of purchaser and company banking.

example: Barclays, JP Morgan, and Citibank.


  •  Bulge bracket banks are fairly selective of their commercial enterprise dealings and generally interact in offers with transaction sizes exceeding $1 billion. 
  • it’s important to be aware that bulge bracket funding banks hold an international presence with offices in various international locations. 
  • This worldwide community permits them to set up global connections and correctly serve clients who perform on an international scale and require services in a couple of locations.
  •  Bulge bracket funding banks are undeniably the largest and most influential entities in the subject of investment banking.


Elite Boutique banks:

Definition: Elite Banks deliver customers with customized services in investment banking. They furnish high-quality services They’ve experience in a technical niche which allows them to perform strategically within the banking industry.

  • They offer individual attention to clients as they have special niches and specialized expertise and a more personalized approach
  • They tend to work and handle larger amounts of funds than middle market banks as 1 billion USD in their specialized category.
  • If you’re doing investment banking operation courses specialized for Elite boutique banks, you should be aware that it is a very small group. You may not have a broader field to change your career or become an expert.


Regional Boutique banks:

Definition: Boutique banks tend to be smaller and focus on a few key areas of investment banking
Boutiques offer more flexibility in terms of structure, hierarchy, and operations compared to bulge bracket banking.

  • Boutique banks are not able to provide all investment banking services.
  • The majority of elite boutique banks begin as regional ones and then handle larger deals with prestigious clients.
  • Boutique banks are not able to provide all investment banking services
  • The bank will advise on smaller transactions (between $50 and $100 million) than those handled by bulge bracket banks or middle market lenders.


Middle Market Banks

Definition: Deals that are typically done by middle-market banks start at the regional level. They then move up towards the bulge bracket, which is usually between $50 million and $500 million.

  • Middle-market banks are also usually in the middle of the pack when it comes to geographic reach.
  • They have a much larger presence than boutiques regionally but fall short of the global scope of bulge brackets.
  • Mid-market investment banking firms tend to operate within one region or country. Though they have multiple offices they do not have an international global presence or reputations.


Role of Investment Banker

Investment banking Job involves facilitating complex financial transactions for corporations, governments, and investors. Success in this demanding profession requires a strong education in finance, as well as analytical, critical thinking, and mathematical skills. 

Financial advisors mediate between companies and investors, offering guidance on issuing stocks and bonds. Decisions about when and how to issue these securities, as well as setting their prices, are critical. Investment bankers handle various financial processes in various transactions and investment ventures. 

Workers often adjust their schedules to accommodate clients in different time zones and work long hours, sometimes in high-pressure situations. Before seeking employment in investment banking operations, it would be useful to enroll in intensive investment banking operation courses to learn the fundamentals and work ethics associated with this industry.


Investment Banking as a Career

Before selecting suitable investment banking operation courses there are certain basic steps one must know to choose investment banking as a career.

  • Identifying your area of expertise
  • Clearing the entrance examination
  • Pursuing specialization course( ex if you are interested in operations of banking you can select an invest banking operation course)
  • Building a portfolio.


Complete Secondary School (10+2): To be considered eligible, students must achieve at least 50% in higher secondary school (10+2) exams, preferring commerce-oriented subjects like mathematics, accounting, economics, and computer technology aids advantage.


Pass Entrance Exams: Succeed in state or national-level entrance exams such as CET, SET DU JAT CUET GMAT NMAT SNAP CAT XAT UGC NET, or CSIR UGC NET to pursue your academic pathway successfully.


Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree: To complete a program such as B.Com. or B.A. You could even earn a BBA or B.Sc in finance/economics that will cover topics such as finance/economics/math.


Earn your Master’s degree: Explore two-year MBA or MS Finance degrees; additionally, postgraduate programs specializing in investment banking and capital markets may also be of value.


Earn Your Doctorate: To obtain a Ph.D. degree in finance and banking, you must maintain high marks during postgraduate studies, meet UGC NET cut-off percentages as determined by CSIR UGC NET cut-off percentages, and complete a three-year comprehensive course.


Earn a Certificate: Increase your career opportunities by becoming certified with either CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), PGCPIB, or those offered through NSE Academy.


Find an Internship: When looking for investment banking internships, utilize online job boards, bank websites, campus placement programs, and HR consultancies as sources.


Find Employment: Find work by taking advantage of internships, campus interviews, or direct applications to investment banks, financial advisory firms, and other companies.


Enhance Your Career: Take part in training programs and certifications, develop new skills, remain current on industry trends, and form connections to advance in investment banking.


Technical Skills Required for Investment Banking

Only the best financial firms hire highly qualified professionals. A certification course is a great way to boost your career in investment banking. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the operations side of the investment bank, you can get a professional certification for any investment banking operation course. Below are the must-have investment banking skills


Understanding the stock market, economics, and finance.

Any investment banker who wants to succeed in this industry must be familiar with all the subtleties of stock markets and economic growth rates. Understanding market dynamics, country economics, industry growth rates, and share values will help you to be a highly qualified professional. You can use your basic finance degree as a foundation to build further certifications in investment banking operation courses for your investment banking career.


Financial modelling

One of the important skills investment bankers should develop is financial modeling. Financial modeling is a technique in which business metrics are analyzed. A company’s revenue and expenses in all parameters are analyzed using various strategies to understand the parameters. These parametric data are utilized for a company feature investment and to enhance growth.

Learning the tools required for financial modeling is an important key factor that lights you out among the crowd in your investment banking career.


Technical concepts

To maintain a competitive environment, one must possess an in-depth knowledge of investment banking industry terminology and be well-versed in its workings. To be efficient at investment banking operation courses and survive competitive environments, individuals should possess an understanding of terms like bonds, shares, corporate finance tradings, mergers and acquisitions, capital acquisitions, initial public offerings (M&A CAIPOs); its terminology covered within investment banking operation courses should help individuals to work fast and efficiently. Knowing all this terminology allows one to become proficient, and quickly work. when pursuing investment banking operation courses it is essential to pay extra attention to these technical concepts.


Software Skills

At present, everything works digitally and to work effectively in this environment, one needs to master software handling effectively. Technical skills may involve Java or Python programming languages which vary in application from machine learning to data analytics. As part of your investment banking operation courses, you should also learn Software skills to stand out among your competition


Financial knowledge

As is clear to everyone, becoming an investment banker overnight is simply impossible. Financial literacy is crucial when working within this realm of wealth. An understanding of economics – inflation/deflation/recession of various industry sectors/subsectors as they impact economic development is invaluable for success in investing.


You should check out here the best:


Institutes Offering Investment Banking Operation Courses



IIM SKILLS is an education tech company with over 23 sites across Asia, Singapore, and Dubai. They offer online courses across the globe with internships. It is the best option as they have 24/7 support with lifetime access to their session recordings. They have trained more than 350000 partners across the globe.


Why learn from IIM SKILLS?

  • Less Average course fees when compared to other institutes offering only Rs 39900 as other teaching academies cost an average of 59900.
  • EMI option for fee payment.
  • Lifetime access to live recordings of the session and tools.
  • Paid internship during your training period.
  • 24/7 support access with dedicated learning managers
  • 100% placement assistance
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Industry-experienced faculty.
  • Portfolio building.


Course Content

  • A deep dive coach on Microsoft Excel and its fundamental functions, formulas, conditional formatting, and other extensive feature
  • Fundamentals of financial system and markets nuances
  • Making you a pro in the stock exchange, financial centers, forex, quotes, and trades.Deep teaching on technicalities of investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, equity, venture capital, etc.
  • In and out techniques on the buy-side, sell-side, due diligence, and more.
  • Marketing collaterals, such as NDAs, buyers/investors lists, pitchbooks, financial models, and more of that sort.
  • Hands-on experience in business valuation, including DCF valuation.


2. Udemy

Udemy is an established online education technology company, providing courses across various categories ranging from business and entrepreneurship, academics, the arts, health & fitness, language learning music & technology. Their app for Apple iOS makes taking courses easy as it makes finding compatible courses effortless for users.


Course Content:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Capital Markets Operations & Investment Banking by exploring Capital Markets Operations.
  • Trade Life Cycle and Front Office Operations within Investment Banking Systems.
  • Learn the Middle Office Operations- How trades are validated and confirmed within Middle Office Systems
  • Gain insight into Back Office Operations- How matching, settlement, and reconciliation work for trades (Target). 
  • Experience various Corporate Actions and their effects.
  • Explore SWIFT messages used for Trade Settlement; and familiarise yourself with Trade Settlement documents.
  • Discover Secondary Markets and Their Importance
  • Learn the needs and benefits associated with Secondary Markets
  • Discover the end-to-end lifecycle of trade, how it passes through various functions at Investment Banks, and its effects.
  • Learn the roles and responsibilities that reside within these functions of operation, from Front, Middle, and back.
  • Learn the principles and best practices associated with Order Routing & Execution in the Front Office, Trade Confirmation and validation in the Middle Office, Settlement and reconciliation in the Back Office as well as various Standard SWIFT messages used for trade Settlement and reconciliation.
  • Learn the different types of Derivatives, how they operate, and examples to gain a deeper insight.
  • Discover different kinds of Corporate Actions & their effects on Depository, Cash Component, and internal systems.
  • After this investment banking operation course, you will be prepared to successfully pass interviews for Investment Banking positions.


Who this course is for:

  • People interested in exploring various functions involved with Investment Banking Operations
  • Job Seekers who wish to transition into this domain. 
  • People want to gain knowledge on the Trade Lifecycle management process.
  • Capital Markets Operations or Investment Banking professionals – Front, Middle, and back Office functions.


3. Imarticus Learning:

Imarticus Learning offers high-quality university education with premier university faculty members as teachers. Their custom-designed programs focus on practicality and industry experience and benefit users for future corporate experience. They provide classroom learning enriched by practical experience and enhanced by in-class experiences.


Course duration: 150 hr


Course syllabus:

  • Fundamentals of financial markets
  • Financial market landscape
  • Typical elements of the financial markets
  • Insight into different financial instruments
  • Cash equities and fixed income
  • Foreign exchange and money markets
  • Derivatives market
  • Trade life cycle
  • Reference data management
  • Corporate actions
  • Asset management
  • Reconciliation
  • Stock, borrow, and lending
  • Collateral management
  • Risk management and regulation
  • Introduction to risk
  • Market risk and credit risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Anti-money laundering and KYC


Finance graduates with zero to three years of experience who want to enter investment banking operations are welcome to attend this investment banking operation course, which guarantees them 100% job placement success.


Here are the top-ranked:


4. BSE Institute:

BSE Institute Limited (BIL), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BSE Ltd and takes advantage of its wealth of capital markets industry knowledge accumulated over 148 years to offer students courses related to financial markets for master’s programs from Mumbai University, international PG programs, short term certification courses in both classroom and online mode, BFSI Sector Skill Council of India membership, membership, and Zone Startup initiatives. BIL was evaluated and awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certification.


Course description

BSE Institute Ltd’s Certificate Program in Investment Banking Operations (CPIBO) is a seven-month vocational course dedicated to investment banking operations and services that help people raise funds while providing them with financial consulting advice. This investment banking operation courses aims to develop skills in global investment banking, financial markets, and risk management.

Investment banking operations have experienced steady employment gains in recent years and this trend is projected to continue for some time to come. After completing this course, students will be prepared to enter this challenging domain thanks to an extensive curriculum and industry expert faculty’s hands-on teaching methods.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Any graduate can apply.
  • Working professionals who want to gain knowledge in financial markets can apply.
  • Students must have completed their education at a recognized university.


Course Syllabus


Financial markets

  • Financial System
  • Investment Banking
  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Securitization
  • Money Market
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Commodity Markets
  • Derivatives


Investment banking

  • Investment Banking
  • Trade Life Cycle
  • Reference Data Management
  • Global Security Operations & Settlements
  • Corporate Actions
  • Collateral Management
  • Reconciliations
  • Asset Management


Risk management

  • Risk Management
  • CCAR
  • Recovery & Resolution Plan
  • Introduction to Regulators


Investment banking can be an exciting, profitable, and demanding career path. For individuals who enjoy working with numbers and working closely with clients to help achieve their financial goals, investment banking offers a great opportunity. Investment banking is a fast-paced job with plenty of job-specific challenges for professionals looking for employment and the exotic investment banking operation courses offered to aid you in your career in a greater way.




How do I get into investment banking operations?

To get into investment banking operations the initial step is to approach the right personnel and to have an internship specifically related to investment banking operations. While doing an internship actively participate in analyst programs, build connections with people, and pursue investment banking operation courses. 


Is an MBA necessary for investment banking?

No, an MBA degree is mandatory to pursue your career in investment banking; rather you should decide later depending on job requirements and your employment profile. Doing investment banking operation courses would likely prove more pertinent.


Is BCOM enough for investment banking?

To become an investment banker and to pursue investment banking operation courses an entry-level position of  3 or 4-year bachelor’s degree. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in finance, B.A. Economics and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is enough.  Choosing a finance-oriented education will give you a greater advantage.

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