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Top 10 Online Investment Banking Courses With Placements

The future of an enterprise lies in its financial strength. The more strong investment banker you have, the more likely you are to deal with your economic challenges swiftly. In this article, we will discuss some of the best online investment banking courses to elevate your skills and embark on a lucrative career journey.


What is Investment Banking?

The term Investment banking has gained popularity over the past few decades with the rise of enterprises all around the world. It constitutes an array of specialized services that mainly focus on providing financial support to firms big or small.

In today’s competitive world investment banking is one of the most complicated segments on which most organizations deeply rely. Its range of services serves as the backbone of most large companies.


Services Provided by an Investment Banker

  1. Risk Management- Investment bankers facilitate better programs and policies where the companies learn how to deal with their probable financial crisis before actually undertaking a venture.
  2. Raising Capital- Investment bankers aid the companies to raise funds to expand their business.
  3. Advisory Services- Personnel working as an investment banker provides valuable advisory functions as a financial advisor based on the demands of an organization.
  4. Helps in Trade- Investment bankers play a very important role in trade by making effective decisions associated with share market-related schemes and policies.
  5. Facilitate Mergers and Acquisitions- Along with the assets and equity management. Personnel associated with the investment profession also facilitate mergers and acquisitions.


Career Options Available After The Completion of the Investment Banking Course:

Some of the professions that one can take up after the completion of online investment banking courses are:

  • Money Market Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Risk Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Anti-Money Laundering Manager
  • Debt and Equity Advisor
  • Stock Market Manager
  • Asset Manager


1. Certified Investment Banking Master Course- IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS stands out as one of the top-tier companies offering an advanced level of Investment Banking Course. It is an instructor-led three-month master course with online live sessions. The course promises 24*7 support and lifetime access to the LMS, class recordings, and notes making it a favorite of learners across the globe.

The program aims at creating desk-ready professionals by allowing the learners to deal with multiple capstone projects. It also extends its support in resume building and creating job-ready students to face real-life interviews.


Salient Features:

  • 3 Months of Instructor-Led Certified Online Investment Banking Courses
  • 70+ hours of Lectures which Includes 50+ Hours of Training and 20 Hours of Doubt-Solving Sessions.
  • Guaranteed Internship with 100 % Job Assistance
  • 100+ Hours of Practical Assignments, 10+ Templates and 5+ Case Studies
  • Assistance in Strengthening LinkedIn Profile and Confidence Boosting Through Mock Interviews
  • Earn MSME Government of India Recognised Certificate
  • Talk to an Expert Before Actually Joining The Course
  • 100% Money Back on Account of Course Dissatisfaction
  • 10% Discount on Group Registration
  • Can Join Online Demo Class Before The Actual Enrollment


Course Module:

Course Modules
Module- 1 (4-6 Hours)

MS Powerpoint

Module- 2 (8 Hours)

MS Excel

Module- 3 (4-5 Hours)

Fundamentals of Financial System and Market

Module- 4 (2-3 Hours)

Derivatives Market

Module- 5 (3-4 Hours)

Technicals of Investment Banking

Module- 6 (6-8 Hours)

Different Marketing Collaterals

Module- 7 (8Hours)

Technicals of Financial Modeling

Module- 8 (4 Hours)

Business Valuation


Duration: 3 Months + 1 Month Internship

Fee: INR 39,900+ 18% GST

Online/ Offline: Online

Contact Details: +91 9580740740

Mail: [email protected]


Other best online courses:


2. New York Institute of Finance

This prestigious online investment banking course from the New York Institute of Finance is a recognized certification program across four main disciplines in business and finance. This self-paced course is a graduate-level program similar to a mini MBA with half its cost.

The subject experts impart the program to empower you with desk-ready skills and knowledge related to fund management, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, and valuation. The expertise developed through the course enables one to gain a new edge in their career by unlocking a wide range of global opportunities.


Salient Features:

  • Can Pay Through Affirm
  • Flexible Payment Options Through Monthly Installments
  • Self-Paced Online Course
  • Lessons Imparted by Expert Professionals
  • Globally Acknowledged Certificate


Course Modules:

Foundation Courses
Course 1: Finance For Managers
Course 2: Financial Statement Analysis
Course 3: Quantitative Methods and Techniques
Course 4: Free Cash Flow Modeling
Course 5: Essential Career Skills For Investment Banking and Finance
Track 1: Optional
Specialization- Capital Market
Course A: Fundamentals of The Securities Industry
Course B: Equities
Course C: Fixed Income Securities
Course D- Derivative Instruments
Specialization- Valuation
Course A: Corporate Finance
Course B: Business Valuation
Course C: Corporate Credit Analysis
Course D: Measuring Risk: Equity, Fixed Income, Derivatives and FX
Specialization- Fund Management
Course A: Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
Course B: Hedge Funds and Private Equity
Course C: Wealth Management
Course D: Portfolio Management
Specialization- Mergers and Acquisitions
Course A: Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions Concepts and Theories
Course B: Mergers and Acquisition Concepts and Theories- Advanced Topics
Course C: Mergers and Acquisition – Structuring the Deal
Course D: Mergers and Acquisition – Advanced Acquisition Modeling
NYIF Signature Track
Course 6: Corporate Finance
Course 7: Business Valuation
Course 8: Mergers and Acquisition Concepts and Theories: Advanced Topics
Course 9: Mergers and Acquisition – Structuring the Deal
Course 10: Equities
Course 11: Hedge Funds and Private Equity
Course 12: Portfolio Management
Course 13: Mergers and Acquisition- Advanced Acquisition Modeling


Duration: 70 Hours

Fee: $ 990.00

Online/ Offline: Online

Contact Details: +1347 8422501

Mail: [email protected]


3. E & ICT Academy IIT Guwahati By Intellipaat

The certification offered by the esteemed E & ICT Academy IIT Guwahati includes an enriched curriculum covering all the fundamentals of the investment banking industry. It is another highly recommended online training program in our list of top 10 online investment banking courses. The experienced mentors of the course guide the learners to develop a thorough understanding of the subject matter by encouraging one-to-one doubt-clearing sessions.

The self-paced learning opportunity of the program along with the live sessions makes it suitable even for working professionals. The unique peer learning methodology of the training allows an individual to connect with their fellow learners which not only enhances their practical financial acumen but also strengthens their social contacts.


Salient Features:

  • 5 Months of Instructor-Led Live Sessions
  • Opportunity to Deal with 1 Industry Capstone Project
  • One-to-one Interaction with The Instructors
  • Recognised Certification from E & ICT, IIT Guwahati
  • Career Services
  • 24 x 7 Assistance and Support
  • Soft Skills Development
  • No-Cost EMI Option
  • Job Assistance
  • Lifetime Access to Attend As Many Batches As One Wants
  • Peer Learning
  • Allows the Practice of Essential Tools


Course Modules:

Course Modules
Module 1: Preparatory Sessions- Data Transformation Using MS Excel

1.1 Excel Fundamentals

1.2 Excel of Data Analytics

1.3 Data Visualization with Excel

Module 2: Fundamentals of Investment Banking
Module 3: Cash Equities and Fixed Income
Module 4: Introduction to Foreign Exchange and Money Markets
Module 5: Derivatives Markets
Module 6: Introduction to Reference Data Management
Module 7: Corporate Actions
Module 8: Asset Management and Concepts
Module 9: Introduction to ISDA and Reconciliation
Module 10: Stock Borrow Lending and Related Concepts
Module 11: Managing Collateral
Module 12: Mergers and Acquisitions
Module 13: Trade Life Cycle
Module 14: Regulatory Environment and Risk Management in Investment Banking
Module 15: Customers and Anti-Money Laundering
Job Readiness


Duration: 5 Months

Fee: INR 98,040

Online/ Offline: Online

Contact Details: IND +91 7022374614

US 1 800 216 8930 (Toll-Free)


4. Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional-Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is one of the best institutions that offer certified online investment banking courses to finance graduates under 3 years of work experience. The course assures guaranteed interviews and promises to transform you into a banking operation expert. The modules aim to cover an array of topics ranging from fundamentals of financial markets and trade management to risk management. Its extensive career support and mock interviews help increase one’s readiness to excel in actual interviews.


Salient Features:

  • 100 % Guaranteed Interviews
  • Assistance In  Resume Building
  • Industry Recognised Certificate
  • Job-Specific Skill Development
  • Hands-On Training Method
  • Experimental Learning Through Case Studies
  • Real-Life Projects


Course Modules:

Course Modules
Introduction to Investment Banking
Cash Equities and Fixed Income
Foreign Exchange and Money Markets
Derivatives Market
Job- Interview Readiness
Trade Life Cycle
Reference Data Management
Corporate Actions
Asset Management
Introduction to ISDA
Stock, Borrow and Lending
Collateral Management
Trade Life Cycle
Risk Management
Risk Management and Regulatory Environment
Anti- Money Laundering and KYC
Job- Interview Readiness


Duration: 150 Hours

Fee: INR 1,40,000

Online/ Offline: Online and Classroom

Contact Details: + 91 9319746164

Mail: [email protected]


5. Investment Banking & Financial Modelling Program- Jobaaj Learnings

The online investment banking courses offered by Jobaaj is a specialized educational program that aims to give you a better insight into the subject matter. The comprehensive understanding developed in you by the industry experts will help you to seek jobs in any banking domain of your choice. The course aims at the holistic development of the learners by providing them an opportunity to strengthen their skills through hands-on capstone projects.


Salient Features:

  • Practical Learning
  • Industrial Experience
  • Capstone Projects
  • 1:1 Mentorship by Certified Investment Banker
  • Digital Certificate


Course Modules:

PhaseSubjects Covered
Phase 1: Investment Banking OverviewIntroduction & History of Investment Banking

Core Areas of Investment Banking Activity

Investment Banking Strategies

Dates & Logical Functions

Capital Markets – Debt and Equity (IPO, SEO, etc.)

Advisory Services – M&A and Restructuring

Pivot Tables

Trading & Brokerage

Asset Management

Capstone Project

Phase 2: Corporate Finance: Practical AspectsMastering Time Value of Money using Excel

Cost of Capital: Dealing the practical World Problems and Challenges

Capital Budgeting Techniques: Applied to project

Fundamental Concepts: Free Cash Flow, Enterprise Value, etc.

Valuation Techniques

Capstone Project

Phase 3: Financial Statements AnalysisInterpreting FS of Listed Companies

Cash Flow Statement

Computing Depreciation using Excel formulae

Working capital: Practical aspects

Capital Markets – Debt and Equity (IPO, SEO, etc.)

Ratio Analysis: Forming Basis for Comparables Valuation

DuPont Analysis


Asset Management

Capstone Project

Phase 4: Building Financial ModelsFinancial Modeling Process

Best Practices in Financial Modeling

Model Building from an Empty Excel Sheet

Projection of financial statements

Inter-linking the statements

Sensitivity Analysis

Football Field Chart

Phase 5: Stock Market The BeginningIntroduction To Markets

Introduction of Stock Market

Next Step In the Stock Market

Actions and Effects of Corporate Sectors On Stock Prices

Introduction To Derivatives

Introduction To Trading

Getting Familiar With Trading Terminal

Introduction To Charts

Phase 6: Technical AnalysisPrice Action Concept

Candlestick Patterns & Forms

Types of Trends

Support & Resistance Concept

Price Action Strategies

What are Breakouts & Reversals?

Time Frame Analysis

& much more.

Phase 7: Excel A-2-ZBasics of Excel

Formatting Data in Excel

Sort & Filter Option

Dates & Logical Functions

Everything about LOOKUP Formulas

Conditional Aggregation & Formatting

Pivot Tables

Analysis using What-If

Report Consolidation

Capstone Project

Phase 8: Data Analysis via Pivot TablesGetting Started with Pivot Tables

Formatting Data with Pivot Tables

Sorting, Grouping and Filtering Data

Pivot Table Calculated Values & Fields

Visualization using Pivot Tables

Excel Pivot Table Case Studies

Capstone Project

Phase 9: Visualization in ExcelGetting Started with Visualization

Data Visualization Best Practices

Excel Chart Formatting & Customization

Mastering Excel Charts and GraphsI

Making Dashboard on Real World Data

Amazon Data Dashboard

Election Commission Data Dashboard

Wrapping Up

Capstone Project

Phase 10: Mastering Excel VBA & MacrosStarting via First Macro

The object Model

Working with Variables

Controlling the Flow of Code

Working with Arrays

Working with Files, Folders & Text Files

Interacting with Other Applications

Workbook and Worksheet Events

Working with Userforms & ActiveX Controls

Creating Custom Functions

Capstone Projects


Duration: Not specified

Fee: Not Specified

Online/ Offline: Online

Contact Details: +91 7303512500


6. Certificate Program In Investment Banking Operations – BSE Institute Ltd

This certification is an interactive advanced training program guided by world-class practitioners as faculty members. Its well-constructed syllabus is in sync with the present market demands, which provides the learners with a better understanding of the market scenarios and aids them in competing in the job market. This course is a gateway to international opportunities and it definitely secures an important position in our list of online investment banking courses.


Salient Features:

  • More than 300 World-Class Practitioners as Faculty Members
  • Cutting Edge Curriculum
  • Demand-Based Experimental Learning Design
  • Globally Acknowledged Certification
  • Ticket to International opportunities


Course Modules:

Course Modules
Financial Markets
Financial System
Investment Banking
Money Market
Foreign Exchange
Commodity Markets
Investment Banking
Introduction to Investment Banking
Trade Life Cycle
Reference Data Management
Global Security Operations and Settlements
Corporate Actions
Collateral Management
Asset Management
Risk Management
Introduction to Risk Management
Recovery and Resolution Plan
Introduction to Regulations


Duration: 7 Months

Fee: Not Specified

Online/ Offline: Online

Contact Details: +1800 22 9030

Mail: [email protected]


7. Investment Banking- Great Learning

It is one of the free online investment banking courses suited for learners who wish to begin a career as an investment banker. The content of this course is carefully designed to provide the students with a comprehensive understanding of the basics of the investment industry. The certificate offered by the institution after completing the course will help you stand out to the recruiters and land your dream job.


Salient Features:

  • Completely Free
  • Certificate After the Completion of the Course
  • Lifetime Access to it Enrolled
  • Self-Paced


Course Modules:

Course Modules
Introduction to Investment Banking
Meaning and Definition of Investment Banking
Functions of Investment Banking
Types of Investment Banking
Trade Cycle
Merchant Banking
Difference between Investment Banking and Merchant Banking


Recommended Reads:


8. Introduction to Valuation And Investment- Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another premium institution offering various online courses across multiple domains. Its investment banking course is a free online program that will help you with the basics of investment, valuation, and management. It is a course for beginners who wish to embark on a profitable career journey. The course aims to shun away the fear factor related to the stocks and share market by teaching the fundamentals of investment in an uncomplicated simple way.


Salient features:

  • Short but Effective
  • Teaches the Fundamentals of the Investment Industry


Course Modules:

Course Modules
Module 1- Introduction to Valuation and Investment
Price and Market Capitalization
Introduction to the Income Statement
Introduction to the Price-to-Earnings Ratio
Earnings and EPS
P-E Discussion
ROA Discussion 1
ROA Discussion 2
P-E Conundrum
Enterprise Value
Introduction to Valuation and Investing- Lesson Summary
Module 2- Course Assessment


Duration: 3 Hours

Fee: Free

Online/ Offline: Online

Contact Details: Direct Enrollment from the Portal


9. The Complete Investment Banking Course- Udemy

Start a career as an investment banker by joining the online Investment banking courses offered by Udemy. This short pocket-friendly course covers the four major areas of the investment industry- capital markets, trading and brokerage, advisory and asset management. This self-study program provides a better learning opportunity through real-world examples and case studies.


Salient Features:

  • Certificate After the Completion of the Course
  • 20 Days Money Back
  • Learning Supported by Real-World Examples and Case Studies
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Bonus Prizes: Upon 50 % and 100 % Completion of the Course


Course Modules:

Course Modules
The Ascendance of Investment Banking Services
Four Main Areas of Investment Banking Activity
Strategies Pursued by Investment Banks
Capital Markets- Equity Capital Markets
Debt Capital Markets
Advisory Services- Merger and Acquisitions
Advisory Services- Restructuring
Trading and Brokerage
Asset Management


Duration: 9 Hours

Fee: INR 8,640

Online/ Offline: Online Self Study

Contact Details: [email protected]


10. Advanced Valuation and Strategy- M and A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital- Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Erasmus University of Rotterdam is one of the finest European Universities with a specialty in the field of finance. The free course offered by the University is available at three levels. Each phase is based on their levels of difficulty. This 16-hour course is a self-paced online investment banking courses delivered by the university lecturers. The trainers also ensure a complete understanding of the learners with the aid of challenging quizzes.


Salient Features:

  • Course Delivered by University Lecturers
  • Quizzes to Ensure the Understanding Level
  • Certificate After the Completion of the Course
  • Subtitles Available in Multiple Languages
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Shareable Certificate
  • Assessments


Course Modules:

Course Modules
Module 1: Executive Summary
Module 2: Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Module 3: Corporate Strategy
Module 4: Corporate Real Options
Module 5: Option Games


Duration: 16 Hours

Fee: Free

Online/ Offline: Online

Contact Details: Direct Enrollment from the Portal


Frequently Asked Question: Online Investment Banking Courses


 Q1. What are the eligibility criteria for the online investment banking courses?

There are no strict criteria for joining online investment banking courses. Anybody with a keen interest in the subject is good to go. A bachelor’s degree in commerce, BBA, or a related field would be an added advantage. This course can be pursued by both freshers and working professionals.


Q2. What does an investment banker do?

Investment bankers are financial experts who offer various kinds of financial services to companies.  They are the ones who form the financial pillars of an organization by providing important financial advice, suggesting mergers and acquisitions deals, debt and equity services, and many more.


Q3. Can I opt for Online Investment Banking Courses as a Fresher?

Yes, you can opt for online investment banking courses as a fresher. All the programs in our list are online training programs hence anybody can pursue it from anywhere in the world. It is open to both freshers and working professionals. Most of the courses here provide you with a chance to gain experience through capstone projects and case studies.


Q4. What is the salary range of an investment banker?

As per the statistics, the salary of an investment banker ranges between INR 2 lakhs to INR 37 lakhs and above.


Q5. What if I miss my class due to certain unavoidable circumstances?

All the programs listed in this listicle are online investment banking courses and most of them are also available in recorded form. Keep in mind the needs of the working professionals all the courses are well structured to deliver the maximum to the learners.



The institutions mentioned above are some of the top organizations offering certified online banking programs to aid learners in embarking on lucrative career options and soaring high in their dream profession. So why wait? Find yourself a suitable course and join any one of them based on your needs and requirements.

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