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Top 8 Investment Banking Courses in Pune With Placements

Investment banking is a financial service that helps corporations, individual investors, and governments with financial activities, mergers & acquisitions, and creating and raising capital for businesses. Investment bank entity plays a vital role in underwriting new securities, assisting in selling securities, providing investment management, and facilitating IPOs (Initial Public Offerings). It also helps with market research and risk assessment to make sure that the bank is making a safe decision. Investment banks work for both the buying and selling sides where the buying side is concerned with investment offerings such as buying a new company while the selling side is referred to as selling securities, bonds, and stocks. Dig into the article to learn about the best investment banking courses in Pune.


Investment Banking Market Size

The “Investment Banking Global Market Report 2022” states that it is expected that the investment banking market can grow from $155.49 billion in 2022 to $231.12 billion by 2026 at a 10.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Thus, if you are a finance aspirant you may choose investment banking as your career. Some of the top recruiters in this field are JP Morgan, HSBC, Swiss Re, Citi, Axis Bank, Amazon, etc.


Careers In Investment Banking

To build a career in Investment banking you need to learn some valuable skills such as Team spirit, Analytical skills, Book-building, Discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, Risk management, Communication skills, Financial modeling, and Legal awareness. Additionally, a bachelor’s degree or degree in finance is beneficial for building a career in Investment banking.

A Master’s degree or Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) may also help to rise up the rank. With the increase in deal-making activities including mergers, acquisitions, and capital transactions, there is growth in the domestic market and international investments.

Some common Job profiles you can apply for after completing the Investment banking courses in Pune are Investment Banking Associates, AML (Anti-money Laundering) Specialists, Financial Analysts, Credit Managers, Risk Management Analysts, etc. The salary for various roles of Investment Banker varies from a minimum of 3.4 LPA to 35 LPA depending on the company, your experience, and Market demand. This article with guide you on the best Investment banking courses in Pune to kickstart your career.


Skills Required for Investment Banking

Before we learn about Investment banking courses in Pune, we need to learn about the skillsets required for developing a career as an Investment banker. Skills like financial modeling, debt capacity, evaluation and research, communication, interpersonal, and strong presentation skills are required to excel in the required field.


Other best courses in Pune:


Top 8 Investment Banking Courses in Pune


1. Certified Investment Banking Master Course – IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is one of the fastest growing Ed-Tech Institutions and the best Investment banking courses in Pune with its headquarters located in New Delhi and offering online courses in around 23 cities in Asia. They offer programs in multiple domains such as Finance, Marketing, Data, and other educational domains. They have trained more than 35000 candidates in more than 35 Countries and have delivered more than 9500 trainings till now.


Course Learning: The curriculum for the Certified Investment Banking Course offered by IIM SKILLS is prepared by industry experts and covers all topics from basic to advanced level. The course curriculum is designed as per market requirements and Job prospects, which makes it one of the best institutes for Investment banking in Pune. The course modules included in the program are as follows:

  1. Understanding MS PowerPoint
  2. Exploring MS Excel, primary functions, and formulas
  3. Familiarity with the Fundamental of the Financial system and Market
  4. Learning Derivates Market
  5. Understanding Techniques of Investment Banking
  6. Deep dig into Marketing Collaterals
  7. Get trained on the technical of financial modeling.
  8. Hands-on training on Business Evaluation


Course Support: The key feature of the program includes: –

  • 3 months online live Instructor-led course
  • More than 70 hours of lectures including 50+ training hours and 20+ Doubt solving sessions.
  • 100 hours of Practical assignments
  • One month Guaranteed Internship with 100% placement assistance.
  • Interview Preparation and Profile Building
  • Free lifetime access to course materials
  • Case Studies and Projects


Learning FormatDurationCourse fee in Rupees
  Instructor-Led Online3 Months- Weekend Batches 

Rs. 39,900 + 18% GST



Contact details- 

Telephone: +91 9580 740 740

Email at: [email protected]


2. Advanced Certification Training Program for Investment Banking -Intellipaat- E&ICT, IIT Guwahati

Intellipaat in collaboration with the E&ICT, IIT Guwahati offers its advanced certification in Investment Banking courses in Pune. Intellipaat is partnered with more than 400 hiring partners to help their aspirants in getting a well-paid job. They have helped in more than 11000 career transitions.


Course Learning: The program was created by the professors of IIT Guwahati with an aim to provide industry-based training to the learners. The program is open to all graduates who want to pursue a career in Investment banking. The training includes modules such as:

  1. Introductory session on data transformation
  2. Investment banking Fundamental
  3. Learning Money market
  4. Foreign Exchange Market
  5. Fixed income and cash equities
  6. Understanding Derivative market
  7. Exploring Corporate regulations
  8. Asset concepts and management
  9. Introduction to Reconciliation and ISDA
  10. Related concepts to stock borrow lending.
  11. Management of collaterals
  12. Mergers and acquisitions
  13. Trade life cycle
  14. Investment banking regulatory environment and risk management
  15. Money laundering case study and stages.


Course Support: The key highlight of the program includes: –

  • Certification of completion from E&ICT, IIT Guwahati
  • 5 months of live classes by Industry experts
  • One Industry oriented capstone project
  • 1:1 live mentor session
  • Career Services with 100% placement assistance
  • Full 24-hour support
  • Soft skills Training and Interview preparation
  • No-cost EMI option


Learning FormatDurationCourse fee in Rupees
    Instructor-Led Online5 Months- Weekend Batches 

Rs. 98,040



Contact details- 

Telephone: +91-7022374614

Email at: [email protected]


3. Advanced Certification Program in Investment Banking Operations- EduBridge

IIM Alumni and Professors started an Integrated Workforce Development Organization named EduBridge in October 2009. Their career development training programs help in career building with corporates. EduBridge helps the unemployed discover their strengths, build sustainable careers, and secure employment.

EduBridge offers Investment banking courses in Pune and has a network of more than 320 hiring partners and more than 12,500 alumni networks. It offers programs with 110% placement assistance. The minimum eligibility requirement for the program is 18 years if age or above with good communication in English. Any Business/Commerce-related degree or CA/MBA/CMA/CFA/MCOM. Additionally, a laptop/computer requirement is a must for learning the program.


Course Learning: Investment banking is one of the growing markets today and considering this, the EduBridge certification program in Investment banking operations helps you learn the various aspects of Investment banking Thus the program module includes topics like:

  1. Learning Value Investing
  2. Financial Market
  3. Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions
  4. Finance Advisor
  5. All about Initial Public offer (IPO)
  6. Equity
  7. Derivatives and capital market
  8. Restructuring and Debt Advisory
  9. Leveraged Buyouts (LBO)


Course Support: The key highlight of the program includes: –

  • Certification of completion from Edubridge
  • Dedicated personalized Placement Manager
  • 1:1 Mentor sessions
  • Access to Job portal
  • Guest Lectures and Webinars
  • Resume Building and LinkedIn profile building
  • Zero-cost EMI Facility
  • 100% online live classes with 326 hours of program


Learning FormatDurationCourse fee in Rupees
                      Online326 hours 

Rs. 69,000



Contact details- 

Telephone: 1800 120 1193

Email at: [email protected]


4. Post Graduate Program in Investment Banking and Financial Modelling – Data Trained

Data Trained in partnership with GoDaddy Academy offers a PG program in Investment banking and financial modeling with its industry-vetted course curriculum. With its international recognition, Data Trained is one of the best training institutions. Data Trained is awarded as the best Investment banking program by the Economic Times. Data Trained offers various undergraduate and degree programs along with Investment banking courses in Pune.

With more than 150k alumni network and more than 400 hiring partners, Data Trained helps their candidates with 100% placement support and Interview preparation. With the aim of imparting quality education, it offers courses with great market demand such as data science, Big data, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and many more.


Course Learning: Data Trained offers its PG program in Investment banking and financial Modelling or graduates with 0-3 years of work experience. The modules included in the program are as follows:

  1. Finance Basics
  2. Financial Statement Intro
  3. Economics Basics – Micro and Macro Economics
  4. Investment Banking Intro
  5. Intro to Financial modeling and valuation
  6. Excel- Basic to Advance
  7. MS PowerPoint
  8. Discounted Cash flow (DCF) Valuation
  9. COC (Cost of Capital)
  10. Relative Valuation
  11. Start-Up Valuation
  12. LBO valuation, Modelling, and Merger & Acquisitions
  13. Financial Management for startups


Course Support: The key highlight of the program includes: –

  • Industry recognized certification
  • Working on 10 practical case studies and 30 hours of Project-based learning
  • 100% placement Guarantee and career assistance
  • More than 48 Live classes by industry experts
  • More than 200 hours of recorded lectures and content study material
  • Enhancing Profile and Resume Builder
  • More than 400 hiring partners
  • No cost EMI option available


Learning FormatDurationCourse fee in Rupees
         Online (Weekend Batch)6 months 

Rs. 90,000 + GST



Contact details- 

Telephone: +91 9560084091


5. PG Certificate in Investment Banking Course – IMS Pro School

Among various Investment banking courses in Pune, IMS Pro School offers a PG certificate program in Investment banking in collaboration with NSDC. Being the most trusted education brand, IMS is ranked among the top 10 leaders in Accounting and Finance. In the last 10 years, IMS has trained more than 50,000 students along with their other training partners. IMS offers international quality training at affordable pricing and shorter time duration.

IMS has its centers in around 12 cities with the aim of helping students from different parts of the country to pursue their careers in the investment banking sector. Students go through an extensive course that mainly focuses on skills associated with investment banking. It also helps students to prepare for the All India Management Association’s (AIMA) Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM) exam, which aids in their professional growth in the finance sector.


Course Learning: IMS offers this PG certificate program in investment banking for 1 year, which includes 2 terms. Term I course duration is 6 months and consists of 4 exams at term end, while Term II course duration is 4 months with 2 PGCM exams. The last 2 months are dedicated to placement services. The modules included in both the terms of the program are as follows:

  1. Finance Excel – Functions and formulas
  2. Debt market and Equity
  3. Forex and Derivatives
  4. Investment Banking operations
  5. Risk and settlement
  6. OTC products


Course Support: The key highlight of the program includes: –

  • Placement Assurance
  • Learn from Domain experts with more than 30 years of experience.
  • Case studies oriented with placements.
  • Helps in building a foundation for upgrading to CFA.
  • Comprehensive training


        Learning FormatDuration 

Course fee in Rupees


Course Training1 yearRs. 70,000
Placement Services2 monthsRs. 20,000
AIMA’s PG ExamRs. 30,000


Contact details- 

Telephone: +91 8454988892


6. Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional – Imarticus Learning

Imarticus offers Internationally recognized Investment banking courses in Pune, accredited by CISI. The certificate is provided with NSDC accreditation. Imarticus has more than 10 lakh learners with about 85% placement record. It helps in identifying career prospects and improving employability with the help of industry-recognized certifications.

With more than 150 Academic mentors and more than 350 Industry mentors, it offers the best training support for their candidates. Imarticus is being awarded the certification of recognition for “Best E-learning Company of the Year 2021”.


Course Learning: Imarticus offers the investment banking certification program for all finance graduates with 0-3 years of experience. The program will prepare you for a job at a leading company.  The modules included in the program are as follows:

Understanding the Financial market landscape –

  • Investment banking
  • Fixed Income and Cash equities
  • Money markets and Foreign exchange
  • Learning derivatives market
  • Job readiness


Exploring Trade life cycle

  • Data management reference
  • Corporate actions
  • Asset Management learning
  • Understanding reconciliation
  • ISDA Introduction
  • Borrow, Stock, and lending.
  • Collateral Management
  • Trade life cycle


Risk Management

  • Regulatory environment and risk management
  • KYC and anti-money laundering
  • Job readiness


Course Support: The key highlight of the program includes: –

  • NSDC approved Certification of completion
  • 150 hours of course content
  • 100% placement assistance with more than 500 hiring partners
  • Extensive career assistance with profile building
  • Helps in learning Job specific skills.
  • Live and experimental learning


Learning FormatDurationCourse fee in Rupees

Full-time (weekdays)– 2 Months

Part-time (weekends) – 3 Months



Rs. 1,40,000



Contact details-

Telephone: +91 9953953040


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7. Certification Program in Investment Banking (IB) – FINXL

Finxl is one of the leading financial institutes and offers Investment banking courses in Pune. Being a global learning platform, it provides a combination of training programs along with placement services.  It offers training in financial modeling, equity research, Key Performance Indicators, etc. It follows a comprehensive approach that helps in building a strong relationship with its aspirants and helping them in achieving their goals.

As we know Investment banks do not entertain fresh candidates due to practical exposure in the field, Finxl offers beginner-friendly programs to help learners from non-finance backgrounds, as it covers basic finance accounts. Finxl is trying to bridge the gap between skill and experience to get you ready for a job.


Course Learning: More than 110 hours of rigorous training in classroom mode and more than 40 hours of audio-visual material in pre-recorded mode is offered in the program by Finxl. The modules included in the program are as follows:

  1. Microsoft Excel expert.
  2. Data collection and data modeling
  3. Investment Banking & Finance Fundamentals
  4. Understanding Financial Modelling and valuations
  5. Exploring M&A, LBO model
  6. Power BI
  7. Presentation skills, real case studies, Mock interviews, soft skills


Course Support: The key highlight of the program includes: –

  • 3 certifications in one course – Financial Modelling/Equity Research/Advanced Excel
  • Working on real-time case studies
  • Online support from experts
  • Lifetime free access to all study materials
  • Resume building
  • Career forum to connect with experts across the globe.
  • 3 to 6 months internship with an investment banking firm
  • Personal dedicated Placement manager with 1:1 mentos session


Learning FormatDurationCourse fee in Rupees

Classroom Online/Pre-recorded


4.5 monthsRs. 30,000

Contact details- 

Telephone: +91 8109130909

Email at: [email protected]


8. Certificate in Investment Banking Operations Course (CIBO) – Mentor me Careers

Another, one of the highest-rated Investment banking courses in Pune is offered by Mentor me. With a yearly increase in the rate of unemployed MBAs and engineers, mentor me career is focused on helping candidates with the skills required for building their careers. With a target to provide jobs, mentor me focuses on economic activities rather than on degrees and skills.

Mentor me core focus is the finance industry, which has a huge space for jobs. It believes that due to the huge marketing of large Edu-tech companies, many students end up doing the wrong program without a core objective. Thus, mentoring me helps in creating a quality benchmark of skills and education in India. It maintains the highest quality content and experts.


Course Learning:  The certificate program in Investment banking is offered to candidates willing to target a career in the finance industry. The program is for any graduate, MBA, CA intern,, or Engineering graduate looking for a shift in a career with a basic understanding of mathematics. The modules included in the program are as follows:

1. Module 1

i. Foundation of Investment Banking
ii. Equity Market Structure I
iii. Equity Market Structure II
iv. Derivatives Instruments I & II
v. Fixed Income Securities I & II
vi. Asset Management & Corporate Governance

2. Module 2

i. Trade Execution & Trade Agreement
ii. Exploring Custodian
iii. Cause and prevention of Settlement failure
iv. Case study on SWIFT
v. Internal Reflection


3. Module 3

i. Principles of lending and borrowing securities
ii. Safe custody and legal agreements
iii. Concept of corporate actions and announced benefits.
iv. Reconciliation and its types.


4. Module 4

i. Risk Management and Anti-money Laundering
ii. Basic Excel.
iii. Interview preparation

Course Support: The key highlight of the program includes: –

• Median package of 4.5 LPA
• Unlimited Interview preparation
• Lifetime validity for the certification
• 200 hours of placement-focused training
• More than 200 hiring companies.


Learning FormatDuration 

Course fee in Rupees


Live online – Basic 

200 hours


Rs.16499 + GST
Self-Paced – Basic 

50 hours


Rs.5499 + GST
Live online – Plus 

200 hours


Rs. 27499 + GST
Self-paced – Plus 

50 hours


Rs. 10999 + GST


Contact details- 

Telephone: +91 8459738033

Email at: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. What is Investment banking and who can apply for the Investment Banking courses in Pune?

Ans- Investment Banking is the section of financial services that helps in creating and raising capital for business. It helps companies and Individuals in both buying and selling securities. Any Graduate / CA/ MBA/ M. Com can apply for the Investment banking courses. Both Freshers and experienced candidates are eligible to enroll in this course.


Q2. What are different Job profiles that we can apply after completing the Investment Banking course?

Ans- After completing the investment banking program you can apply for various job roles such as Financial planner, advisor, Credit manager, Certified management accountant, Investment banking associate, and many more.


Q3. Will the Investment Banking course be of value if I already have an MBA?

Ans- There are many more topics in the field of finance that one can explore with an investment banking course. There is a huge difference between the theoretical part you studied in Business schools and things performed in the real world of Investment banking and finance. Thus, this course will help you with practical aspects of Investment banking and finance.


Q4. What are the benefits of taking the Investment Banking course?

Ans – As the Investment banking sector is growing at a fast pace due to technology evolvement, you need to keep yourself up to date with tech needs and make sure that you are not missing any opportunities. Thus, these programs will help you with current market trends and will make your job ready. In the above article, we have shared the best Investment banking courses in Pune to pursue a career in Investment banking.


Q5. What is the mode of learning for the program?

Ans- The investment banking program is offered in both the classroom and self-paced mode of learning, with offline and online class options. Students can choose the mode of learning depending on their availability.



Summing up this article, with the 8 best Investment banking courses in Pune, I hope it will help you in deciding the best course and Institutes to pursue your career as an investment banker. There are a variety of other activities as well why which an investment banker can make money such as Underwriting Income, Advisory fees, Trading Income, Research fees, etc.

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