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Top 7 Investment Banking Courses in Noida With Placements

Every Human saves money and invests in their future. However, not every time savings alone can fulfill one’s desires and dreams like buying a car, owning a house, or starting a business. Individuals borrow money from lenders, such as private or public sector financial institutes. Do you ever wonder how prominent Institutes fulfill their needs and aspirations or simply keep them running? Well, they raise capital using Investment Banking. Investment Banking involves specialized operations to raise capital and Investor Bankers are the people with special skills who help to raise it and these unique skills can be learned. Read here about the best investment banking courses in Noida.


Usually, no matter whether you are rich or poor, you know how to raise money! It may be by making additional savings from your monthly income to satisfy small desires or by borrowing to fulfill big dreams. Investment banking works on a similar concept however works at a very large level and deals in Millions and Billions of Dollars.

Investment banking assists individuals, institutes, and even the government to raise capital i.e., funds, simply money!!! Noida is an upcoming industrial and technical hub in Central Bharat. It is one of the major cities in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh and connected to all the Tier 1 Metro cities of Bharat.

Under the able leadership at State and Centre, it is becoming the Hottest Destinations for Job seekers from all over Bharat especially amongst millennials and Gen-Z generations i.e., middle to high-income individuals. This article will assist you in understanding Investment banking and introduce you to Top Investment banking courses in Noida.


What Real-world Problem Does Investment Banking Solve?

Well, all large institutions require expertise to manage huge, complex, and at times complicated financial transactions if they operate in multiple nations. Not every institute has its staff to manage these transactions and often seek outside experts to help them carry out these transactions. Investment banks may be involved in advising an institute about the actual worth and how to strike a deal while considering an acquisition, merger, or sale of another institute.

Investment banking further provides several services such as underwriting new debt, and equity securities, assisting with mergers and acquisitions, reorganization with new companies, and brokering trades between involved parties may they be institutes or investors. It also involves issuing securities for raising capital and helping institutions Go Public by issuing an Initial Public offer (IPO).


What Does an Investment Banker Do?

Investment Banking or Banks may be an organization; however, there is a group of individuals who carry out the activities involved in Investment banking. As found in every profession, rarely some individuals are born with these skills, largely however these skills can be learned and even individuals born with them need continuous improvement and knowledge to keep them up-to-date with changing and testing times.

Investment bankers assist companies in planning, managing, and reorganizing economic and financial operations, raising capital, and identifying risks involved. by-pass, accept or mitigate risks identified. Divert their investments and so on.


What Are the Core Activities Involved in Investment Banking?

Investment banking works in three layers for administrative ease, they are Front Office, Middle Office, and Back Office.


  • Front Office Activities:

These are generally activities involved in Revenue generation. Research, Sales and Trading, and Corporate Finance are sub-layers of Front Office Activities

  • Research: It involves research of prospects, preparing reports, and advising on ‘buy’, ‘hold’ or ‘sell’ etc.
  • Sales and Trading: It involves trading and sales along with structuring investment portfolios of clients etc.
  • Corporate Finance: It involves planning and advising for Mergers and Acquisitions, raising capital, etc.


  • Middle Office Activities:

These are internal activities that look after Risk management, Treasury management, compliance, etc.

  • Treasury management: It involves capital structure management, liquid risk monitoring, funding, FTP framework, etc.
  • Risk management: It involves identifying market and credit risks etc.
  • Compliance: It involves internal control, compliance, and regulations according to the laws of states, etc.


  • Back Office Activities:

These are technical activities involved in Investment banking such as Integrity of transactions, data checks on trades, reporting to central repositories, and performing Start of the Day and End of the Day operations.

Detailed Information about these layers and other key skills are covered in Investment banking courses in Noida.


Investment Banking Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Since the Great Depression of 1929, which lasted for a decade till 1939, Investment banking has improvised itself, learned from mistakes in fund structuring, and developed a mechanism to deal with such crisis. However, in the year 2008 world saw a Financial Crisis which again raised questions about the business models of Investment banks, once again Investment banking developed a mechanism to deal with such loopholes and bounced back to serve Institutions and economies.

Recently, since the year 2019, the Wuhan Virus Pandemic has slowed down the economies of the entire world, challenged the will, and tested Investment banking. However, yet again Investment banking is making progress year after year. This tells us that this is an industry that is not going anywhere and will produce several job opportunities for individuals who want to become Investment Bankers. Since we have discussed Investment Banking. Now, let’s see the Top 7 Investment banking courses in Noida.


Other best courses in Noida:


Top 7 Investment Banking Courses in Noida with Placements



With a presence in 23 cities in Asia including Dubai and offering some well-designed courses in Finance, Marketing, Data, and multiple educational domains, IIM SKILLS was established in New Delhi and is one of India’s fastest-growing EdTech companies that offers a high-demand “Certified Investment Banking Master Course” with flexible hours and internship.

They offer one of the most affordable yet powerful, high-in-demand Investment banking courses in Noida with placement assistance. Further, it also offers a bonus module which will assist freshers in their Career planning and advancement.


  • Name of course: Certified Investment Banking Master Course.
  • Duration of course: 3 months course and 1-month In-house non-paid Internship.
  • Cost of course: ₹ 39,900 + 18% GST.


  • Course Modules: The course comprises 8 modules.
  • MS PowerPoint:

It covers the introduction to MS PowerPoint. Creating, managing, and designing slides for investment banking and more.

  • MS Excel:

It covers the basics of MS Excel and its usage in investment banking etc.

  • Fundamentals of Financial System and Market:

It covers the basics of financial systems and markets and more.

  • Derivatives Market:

It covers concepts of the Derivatives market and its relation with investment banking etc.

  • Technicals of Investment Banking:

It covers overview, roles, and types of Investment banking. Major differences between merchant, investment, and commercial banks and more.

  • Different Marketing Collaterals:

It covers terms like NDA, pitchbook/deck, CIM, teaser, financial models, and more.

  • Technicals of Financial Modelling:

It covers structure and best practices in Financial Modelling etc.

  • Business Valuation:

It covers valuation terms like relative valuation, DCF valuation, and more.


IIM SKILLS’ Investment Banking Course has made it to our Top 7 Investment Banking courses in Noida due to its extensively designed modules according to current market requirements and based on recommendations made by industry experts who are currently working in the banking industry.

This course will not only take you through a theoretical journey but also covers comprehensive hands-on practical training with live Q & A session at the start and end of each session. Recognition by the Government of India, adds to the reputation of the IMS Skills’ training methodology. The course offers Weekend batches considering the weekday busy schedules of both students and working professionals.

With a motto of “supercharge your career,” this is the course that will surely be a great way to jumpstart or advance your journey in the field of Investment Banking and further in the fields of Finance, Accounts, Business, and Commerce.

It also provides a 1-month in-house non-paid internship, which is an excellent opportunity, if you are transitioning from a different field and will give you the required exposure to the day-to-day activities of an investment banker.


Students can get in touch with IIM SKILLS at;

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


2. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is a leading educational institute in India, it was founded in year 2012 and has since made its mark with 1 million learners worldwide and an 85% placement record in India and abroad. Imarticus Learning has been designing its courses by taking inputs from its esteemed community of advisory councils and industry experts.

It offers a “Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional” program which is one of the leading Investment banking courses in Noida, specially designed for finance graduates with 0-3 years of work experience. It’s been offered in both weekday and weekend batches, with classroom and Live online training modes of delivery considering the needs of academic students and working professionals.


  • Name of course: Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional.
  • Duration of course: 150 hours.
  • Cost of course: ₹ 1,40,000 (incl. of all taxes).


  • Course Modules: The course consists of 3 modules comprising 14 topics.
    • Introduction to Financial Markets:

It introduces financial systems, markets, products, and more.

  • Introduction to Investment Banking:

It covers the basics of financial systems and types of financial markets etc.

  • Cash Equities and Fixed Income:

It covers Equity and preference Shares, Depository Receipts, Primary and secondary Markets, Stock Exchanges and financial Centres, Bond – Characteristics, Securitization and types, Interest, Bond Price and Yield, Yield to Maturity, etc.

  • Foreign Exchange and Money Markets:

It covers Forex & Features of Forex, Market Participants, Quotes and Trades, Forex Future & Options, Money Market Basics, Instruments of Money Market, Difference between Capital & Money Markets etc.

  • Derivatives Markets:

It covers Introduction to Derivatives, Exchange Traded and the Counter Derivatives, Forwards, Futures and Options, Payoffs and Pricing, Swaps and Types – Equity, Interest Rate and forex, Hedging and speculation, Credit Default Swap and Credit Events, etc.

  • Job-interview Readiness:

It covers Communication Skills, Resume-building, Interview Preparation etc.


  • Trade Life Cycle:

It introduces processes involved in investment banking, concepts of the trade life cycle, reconciliation, and more.

  • Reference Data Management:

It covers role, static data, dynamic data, securities identification, etc.

  • Corporate Actions:

It covers the role and purpose of corporate action, types of corporate action, corporate action life, etc.

  • Asset Management:

It covers Asset management, the structure of mutual funds & hedge funds, roles & activities, etc.

  • Reconciliation:

It covers definitions & types, roles in the trade life cycle, process, risk & integrity framework, etc.

  • Introduction to ISDA:

It covers the role of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), architecture and hierarchy, ISDA master agreement, etc.

  • Stock, Borrow & Lending:

It covers the basics of stock, borrowing, and lending, participants and securities traded, advantages & disadvantages, etc.

  • Collateral Management:

It covers fundamentals of collateral, participants, process and risk management, advantages and disadvantages, etc.

  • Trade Life Cycle:

It covers an introduction to the Trade Life Cycle (TLC), Exchange Products, and over-the-counter products in TLC, etc.


  • Risk Management:

It includes the regulatory framework that was introduced during the post-2008 Subprime mortgage crisis worldwide and more.

  • Risk Management & Regulatory Environment:

It covers an introduction to risk, and types of risks such as market, credit, liquidity etc.

  • Anti-Money Laundering & KYC:

It covers an introduction to Anti Money Laundering (AML), KYC Norms, Case Studies in AML, etc.

  • Job interview Readiness:

It includes;

  1. Domain Interview Preparation,
  2. HR Interview Preparation,
  3. Final Mock Interview,
  4. Final Certification Exam.

With the mission of ‘developing the leaders of tomorrow by delivering purposeful learning experiences’ and 100 % job assurance with 10 guaranteed interviews along with extensive career support and industry-recognized certification, Imarticus Learning’s “Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional” is amongst the best Investment banking courses in Noida.


Students can contact Imarticus Learning at;

Imarticus Learning


Tel: +91 9953894060

Email: [email protected]


3. Indian Institute of Management Indore, IIM – Indore

Then 6th member of IIM schools and first in Central Bharat, with a Sanskrit motto of Sid’dhi mūlaṁ prabandhanaṁ, which means that “the root of all achievement is management”, IIM – Indore was established in the year 1996 and has been a leader in management education since then. It has been working closely with industry, government, and PSUs since its inception and is renowned for developing world-class industry leaders in management.

IIM Indore offers a “Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Investment Banking”, which is highly ranked and one of the favorite Investment banking courses in Noida amongst the students.


  • Name of course: Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Investment Banking.
  • Duration of course: 12 months.
  • Cost of course: ₹ 4,00,000 (incl. of all taxes).
  • Course Modules: The course consists of 10 modules.
    1. Financial Reporting, Analysis, and Valuation,
    2. Financial Management,
  • Investments and Portfolio Management,
  1. Investment Banking – I,
  2. Investment Banking – II,
  3. Mergers and Acquisitions,
  • Options, Futures, and Derivatives,
  • Economic Environment,
  1. Spreadsheet Modelling for Finance,
  2. Industry Lecture.


Students can reach out to IIM – Indore at;

Prabandh Shikhar, Rau-Pithampur Road,

Indore – 453556, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Tel: 0731- 2439686/687, 0731-2439-795/796/797/792/571.

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]


4. Corporate Finance Institute™ (CFI)

Corporate Finance Institute i.e., CFI was established in the year 2013 in the Indian capital city New Delhi by a team of Indian educators who were working in the Banking, Commerce, and Finance industry. With a mission to minimize the gap between academic education and real-life practical day-to-day work, CFI aligns its vision of becoming a preferred world-class skill-based training provider to set a benchmark for others to follow.

CFI offers a ‘Certificate in Investment Banking and Research (CIBR)’, which is one of the highly-rated Investment banking courses in Noida and provides 100 % Placement Support*.


  • Name of course: Certificate in Investment Banking and Research (CIBR).
  • Duration of course: 6 months.
  • Cost of course: Classroom/Live Online ₹ 45,000 Or Self-Paced ₹ 30,000 + 18% GST.


  • Course Modules: The course consists of 15 modules.
    1. MS Excel Training – Basic to Advanced Excel:

It covers basic to advanced training in MS Excel etc.

  1. MS PowerPoint Skills:

It covers PowerPoint training such as creating presentations, best practices for charts, pitch creation, and more.

  • Financial Statements Analysis:

It covers an introduction to Annual reports, Income statements, Balance sheets, Cash Flow statements, and more.

  1. Business and Financial Modelling:

It covers Revenue and Cost modeling, Depreciation, Working Capital, Debt, Equity, etc.

  1. DCF Valuation:

It covers DCF valuation approaches, Football Field Analysis, etc.

  1. Comparable Company Analysis:

It covers Calendarization, Statistics, Ratios, and Last Twelve Months analysis and more.

  • Comparable Transaction Analysis:

It covers Acquisitions and benchmarks for Acquisitions etc.

  • Introduction to Project Finance:

It covers sources of funds, usage of funds, IRR, NPV, modified IRR, Profitable Index, and Discounted Payback Period. Case discussion and more.

  1. Company Profile and Pitchbook:

It covers Flow and restructuring in Mergers and Acquisitions, Introduction and best practices in Company Profiles, etc.

  1. Industry Analysis, Benchmarking and Charts:

It covers Industry and SWOT analysis, Competitive Benchmarking, Price Chart creation, Rebasing, and more.

  1. M&A Modelling:

It covers Types and reasons behind Mergers and Acquisitions, Synergies, Bootstrapping, Accretion, Dilution modeling, etc.

  • Introduction to Credit Analysis:

It covers an overview of Credit analysis, key checks, debt covenants, Pay ability analysis, and more.

  • Introduction to Stock Market Investments:

It covers Active and Passive investment strategies, Index portfolios, Stock quick checks, etc.

  • LBO Modelling:

It covers use cases for Leveraged buyouts and more.

  1. Soft Skills and CV building:

It covers Interview preparations, LinkedIn profile building, etc.


Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) offers this course on weekend and weekday batches, after this course, students will get a certificate that can be validated using a unique Certification ID.

Students can connect with the Corporate Finance Institute at;

2E/25, Jhandewalan Ext.,

Block E 2, Jhandewalan, Delhi,

New Delhi, Delhi 110055.


Tel: +91-9354266554 / 9899900128 / 8076660372.

Email: [email protected]


5. Data Trained Education

In the year 2012, Data Trained Education was founded in Noida, Uttar Pradesh by like-minded industry experts with a vision to provide quality education in emerging and upcoming technologies across the world.

Data Trained Education’s teaching methodology is based on providing a reasonable-priced, coherent, flexible, convenient, up-to-date learning experience to its students, where theory is aligned with real-life practices and taught by trainers who are working in industry.

They offer a ‘Post Graduation Program in Investment Banking and Financial Modelling’, which is amongst top selling Investment banking courses in Noida and it comes with a placement guarantee.


Data Trained Education believes in the “Keep Reading, Keep Growing” philosophy and it is been their tagline पढते रहो, बढ़ते रहो.

  • Name of course: PG Program in Investment Banking and Financial Modelling.
  • Duration of course: 6 months.
  • Cost of course: ₹ 90,000 + 18% GST.


  • Course Modules: The course consists of 13 modules and 5 Case Studies.
    1. Basics of Finance:

It covers the basics of finance, 3 important decisions in Finance Management, Time Value of Money analysis, etc.

  1. Introduction to Financial Statements:

It covers 3 types of financial statements, Income statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statement, and co-relation between them and more.

  • Basics of Economics:

It covers macroeconomics and microeconomics. Concepts in Macro – GDP, Inflation, Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Banking and Cash Reserve Ratio, Statutory Liquidity Ratio etc.

Concepts in Micro – Utility, Short and Long Run, Demand and Supply Theory, Market Structure, Frameworks of Company, Industry and Economy, etc.

  1. Introduction to Investment Banking:

It covers the Capital Formation Process, its comparison with Traditional banking, Types of investment banks, and more.

  1. Introduction to Financial Modelling and Valuation:

It covers Biases in Valuation, Sources of Uncertainty, and Complexity, Discounted Cash Flow, Relative Valuation, etc.

  1. Basic to Advanced Excel:

It covers keyboard shortcuts for Excel, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, CAGR, EMI, IRR, XIRR calculations, and more.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint:

It covers creating slides with themes, color schemes, presentations, etc.

  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation:

It covers components of DCF, Forecasting, Estimating, Unlevering of Valuation, and more.

  1. Cost of Capital:

It covers opportunity cost, mode of finance, cost of debt, Tax advantage, credit rating, Weighted Avg. cost of capital, etc.

  1. Relative Valuation:

It covers Comparable analysis, Equity and Enterprise Value, EBITDA, Gross Profit Margin Growth Metric, Credit Profile, Precedent Transaction analysis, and more.

  1. Start-Up Valuation:

It covers Convertible Debt, Equity Series Rounds, Post-money valuations for Start-Ups, Future Dilution, etc.

It covers Mergers and Acquisitions, Leveraged Buy-Outs, Purchase Prices and Stock payments, and more.

  • Financial Management of Start-Ups:

It covers Cash Flow, Raising Capital, Debt and Equity Financing, Sales and Revenue Model, COGS and Advertising Model, Cost of Sales and Marketing model, Cost of Product Development, etc.


Case Studies:

  1. Discounted Cash Flow Valuation of Maruti Suzuki Ltd.
  2. Tata Motors Ltd. relative valuation.
  • Uber valuation: A successful start-up.
  1. Vodafone-Idea Cellular merger modeling.
  2. Hilton Hotels LBO.


Data Trained Education has a unique 3-step admission process, where a student needs to follow the below steps to enroll in one of the top-selling Investment banking courses in Noida.

Step 1 – Fill a Query Form on Data Trained’s website,

Step 2 – Receive a Call If/Once Shortlisted,

Step 3 – Block a Seat by Paying Fees and Begin the Prep course.


Students can contact Data Trained Education at;

B2, 4th Floor, Sector 4, Gautam Buddha Nagar,

Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301.

Tel: +91 95600 84091 /

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]


Recommended Reads:


6. IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool was founded in the year 1977 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and by 2017 it had added another 14 training centers across India. IMS Proschool has partnered with NSE Academy, worked with the Government of India and other State governments to train more than 6,000 students in tribal areas, and trained over 10,000 employees of BFSI companies and 30,000+ professionals worldwide.

IMS Proschool works with the vision of becoming a market leader in the professional training industry and getting recognized worldwide and is on a mission of shaping careers and building lives by upskilling professionals and enhancing competencies.

IMS Proschool offers a ‘PG Certificate in Investment Banking Course’ one of the top investment banking courses in Noida. This course also prepares for the All India Management Association’s (AIMA) PGCM certification along with paid placement services.


  • Name of course: PG Certificate in Investment Banking Course.
  • Duration of course: 12 months.
  • Cost of course: ₹ 70,000 + 18% GST, (Additional cost for AIMA’s PG Exam ₹ 30,000)


  • Course Modules: The course consists of 6 modules.
    1. Excel and PowerPoint for Finance:

It covers the basics of Excel and PowerPoint, the Time Value of Money, Case Studies, and more.

  1. Equity and Debt Markets:

It covers types, characteristics, risks, and returns in Equity and Debt markets, etc.

  • Forex and Derivatives:

It covers Commodities, Swaps, Margins, Pricing and more.

  1. Investment Banking Operations:

It covers a deep dive into Investment banking, Trade Life Cycle, Corporate Action, Front, Middle, and Back Office Operations, etc.

  1. Settlement and Risk:

It covers clearing, settlement, regulation, compliance, reconciliation, risk management investor grievances, and more.

  1. OTC Products:

It covers over-the-counter and exchange-traded etc.


Students can contact IMS Proschool at;

704, G Square Business Park,

Opposite Sanpada Railway Station,

Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703.

Tel: +91-7710044425.

Email: [email protected]


7. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin was formed in July 2013 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and since then spread across 11+ cities in India, the US, and the UAE. Henry Harving is one of the pioneer Ed-tech companies which has an employee base of around 400 permanent and 650 consultants, they have trained more than 460,000 students and are offering 800+ courses spanning across more than 27 categories.

Henry Harvin offers the ‘Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP) Course’, which is one of the most sought-after Investment banking courses in Noida. It comes with Internship assistance and 100 % Placement support for 1 year after the course completion.

  • Name of course: Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP) Course
  • Duration of course: 6 weeks.
  • Cost of course: ₹ 1,29,000 + 18% GST.


  • Course Modules: The course consists of 3 modules.
    1. Finance Market:

It covers an introduction to Investment banking, Cash Equities, Fixed-income concepts, Foreign Exchange, a deep dive into Money Markets, and more.

  1. Trade Life Cycle:

It covers Asset Management, Reference Data, Corporate Actions, Reconciliation of Funds, ISDA, Basics of Stock, Borrowing and Lending, Collateral Management, Trade Life Cycle etc.

  • Risk Management:

It covers Risk Management, Regulatory Environment, Anti-Money Laundering KYC types, and more.


Students can approach Henry Harvin at;

Henry Harvin House

B-12 Sector-6 Noida (UP)- 201301.

Tel: +91 9891953953

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]


 Frequently Asked Questions


What are the prerequisites & eligibility criteria for investment bankers?

Along with basic knowledge in finance and statistics, a bachelor’s degree from a government-recognized college or university in finance/economics/accounting/business/commerce or a related field is the minimum requirement for the Investment banking courses in Noida.


What are some of the Career options available for investment bankers?

A person who completes one of the Investment banking courses in Noida can choose one of the below positions upon clearing the interview.

  • Account Manager
  • Anti-money laundering specialist
  • Bank Manager
  • Capital market operations consultant
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Credit Manager
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Executive director in clearing services
  • Financial Advisor/Analyst
  • Financial market advisor
  • Global finance researcher
  • Hedge Fund Manager
  • Investment banking associate/analyst
  • Investment banking operations lead
  • Investment Manager
  • Merger and Acquisitions Analysts
  • Money market analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Regulatory reporting analyst
  • Relationship Manager
  • Research Analyst
  • Risk management consultant
  • Venture Capitalist


What is the average salary for an investment banker in Noida?

The average base salary for an investment banker in Noida is 11.2 Lacs per annum.


How much time one should dedicate to learning Investment banking?

The more time you spend studying any skill is better, however, it is recommended to dedicate 2 Hours a day or 10 hours a week to acquire Investment banking skills.


Does completing the Investment banking courses in Noida guarantee me a placement?

These courses can help you to understand the concepts of Investment banking and these courses can help you to prepare for interviews. However, only your genuine efforts and performance in your interview will guarantee you the placement.



Money may not be everything, however, it can buy everything, well almost everything! Everyone saves money, however, creating money requires certain skill sets and Investment banking is an umbrella of those skills. Some are born with these skills however most people can learn these skills with the help of the Top 7 Investment Banking courses in Noida, which we have discussed in this article. Remember it is never too late to learn any skill!!

Especially money management skills like Investment banking. So, let’s jump on the bandwagon and enroll in one of these Investment banking courses in Noida and jumpstart or advance your career in Investment banking and secure your future. In this article, we have discussed the ‘Top 7 Investment banking courses in Noida’. These are not the only courses in the market however these are high-in-demand courses available in the market; We have made our best efforts to list courses that are renowned for developing skills aligned with reality.

We hope that our efforts will assist you in finding a course that help you commence your journey as an Investment Banker!!!!! Please let us know in the comments section, whether our list of ‘Top 7 Investment banking courses in Noida’ are relevant to you. All your suggestions and feedback are welcome.

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