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Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Noida With Placements

Business analytics is a lucrative sought-after new-age career option for those inclined toward numbers and analysis. It has significant growth potential given the internet penetration and adoption of technology by businesses big and small, and let us not forget the individuals too. This has led to copious amounts of data output that has to be processed to be of any value for organizational decision-making. Herein steps the business analyst. This article aims to provide some insights into skilling yourself to enter this domain. What courses are available and what criteria should you use to select one? Since the scope of this subject is vast, we will be limiting ourselves to identifying the top business analytics courses in Noida with placements.


What is Business Analytics?

Business analytics is a subset of data management and business intelligence and can be described as a set of processes using technology and data analysis to decipher and resolve business problems using quantitative methodology and statistical modules.

It involves a methodical extrapolation and statistical analysis of data produced by an organization to guide decision-making. Once the data is transformed into real, readable, and comprehensible information its great value for the organization. It offers critical insights into industry and business trends and outcomes, minimizing the speculative aspect of the decision-making process and helping companies make smarter, logical, data-supported decisions.


Business Analytics Market Size and Growth Forecast for India.

According to Analytics India Magazine, the analytics industry in India reached a market value of USD 61 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at an approximate compounded annual growth rate of 27% to reach USD 201 billion by 2027.

This trend has been fuelled by the exponential increase in internet penetration in India. The World Bank reports that internet penetration in India jumped from 20% in 2018 to over 40% in 2019. It estimates that over 900 million new internet users will be added by 2025.

As organizations big and small digitize further, they will continue to produce more and more data that would require analysis for it to be used in the decision-making process.

Given this scenario, a career in business analytics seems a great choice.


Who Are Business Analysts?

To start with an example, as adults, we look back in the rearview mirror of our lives to evaluate the choices we made and focus on avoiding the mistakes made earlier in our future decisions. Business analysts do something similar in the business world. Business analysts are the rearview mirror of organizations that guide them in their future decisions for the company.

All the data that is produced by a company needs to be processed to gain insights to make smart business decisions. Business analysts interpret and present this data in logical formats for companies to comprehend and put to use for the benefit of the organization.

Business analysts review and interpret data to assist businesses in improving processes, developing strategies, reducing costs, and identifying trends. This plays a key role in organizations’ decision-making process, which impacts their costs and eventually the companies’ bottom line.


Importance of Business Analytics.

As we mentioned earlier, the decision-making process at organizations is almost completely data-driven, hence it becomes imperative for companies to employ business analysts.

Business analysts assist companies in their decision-making process supported by facts and numbers. They also help companies improve operational efficiency thereby reducing costs.

Business analysis assists companies in identifying and understanding customer behavior to tailor product offerings and improve customer experience.

Keeping track of the competitive landscape provides them nimbleness to capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities.

This ultimately impacts company performance and profitability.


What Does a Business Analyst Job Entail and What Skill Set is Required?

A business analyst’s primary function is to manage and analyze data as per the organization’s requirements. It broadly falls into the following functional categories:

Summarizing data for organizations to understand the current state of affairs of their business and various factors influencing their performance. Market segmentation and share analysis, sales forecasting, etc. would fall into this category.

Analyzing past data using various tools to predict future trends and demand for a particular product or service.

Analyzing past data to identify operational or marketing gaps to improve efficiency is another critical role associated with business analysts.


Listed below are the key skills required to be a business analyst

Communication, interpersonal, self-management, creativity, presentation, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, statistics and math, research, documentation, analytical skills, cost-benefit analysis, and technical skills.


Business Analyst Job Opportunities and Career Growth With the Salary Structure in India

Business analytics is a rewarding career with plenty of entry-level opportunities for freshers and growth for candidates with experience.

This is corroborated by data from various placement and staffing solution companies. The link is provided for reference.

A key benefit of a career in business analytics is that it is not industry-specific, so you do not get boxed in any sector. This opens up the entire corporate world to you for employment.


There are multiple entry-level jobs available in the business analytics field, however, they broadly fall into the following three verticals:

Business Process Analyst – Involves the thinking process in an organization. Their primary job is to review processes and recommend changes to optimize efficiency including automation where possible. They would also be required to participate in new process designing.

Business Systems Analysts – These are the tech people responsible for evaluating and recommending the operating systems and information technologies used by a company. They ensure the organization is up to date with the latest cutting-edge technology available and operates most effectively.

Generalist Business Analysts – Plays a varied role in an organization based on situational demand. They monitor data collection procedures to ensure data integrity is maintained. They work with various stakeholders within the organization to establish goals and review processes to align with desired outcomes.

Though as a fresher you begin at the bottom of the corporate ladder, there are no limitations to how far you can climb that ladder based on your skills, talent, experience, and qualifications. Nothing stops you from aiming for the C-level position! This said it is important to be mindful of the fact that organizations vary in setting parameters and standards for vertical growth within.

The natural career progression in Business Analytics follows this path.

You start as a Junior Business Analyst, move on to a supervisory role as Senior Business Analyst or Business Analyst Lead, the next step is Management positions, followed by becoming a director and ultimately entering the C-Suite as CIO/CTO, etc.


The average annual salary for an entry-level business analyst job in India is Rs. 8,00,000, supervisory positions earn between Rs. 12,00,000 to Rs. 22,00,000, a manager may earn between Rs. 16,00,000 to Rs. 33,00,000, the director level salary ranges between Rs. 46,00,000 to Rs. 80,00,000 and CIO/CTO earns over Rs.1,00,00,000 with an upper limit not defined.


This is just a broad-based, flat organizational structure and the positions and salaries are only indicative of industry trends. Actual salaries and positions may vary from company to company and from industry to industry, based on various factors including, but not limited to the location, size, and prevailing salary norms in the market.

Stock options for director-level positions and above, bonuses, and incentives are an element of the remuneration packages too. The above-indicated salaries do not reflect these options. This done, let us now turn our attention to listing the top business analytics courses in Noida with placements.


Other best courses in Noida:


List of the Top Business Analytics Courses in Noida With Placement.

Various colleges are offering undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees and diplomas in business analytics in Noida. However, in this article, we will focus on top business analytics courses in Noida with placements, that offer certification.


1) ExcelR –

One of the most reputed institutes for several certificate courses has to be part of our top business analytics courses in Noida with placements. It is an IBM and AI Variant endorsed course. Strong industry-led curriculum developed by highly qualified academia in collaboration with professionals with domain experience and expertise. Has a highly qualified IIT, IIM, and ISM-educated faculty.


  • A student has lifetime access to course material.
  • Over 10 live projects and case studies form a part of the curriculum aiding experiential learning.
  • Three-in-one certificate, a course completion certificate by ExcelR, an IBM certificate, and an internship certificate from AI Variant are a great addition to your resume.
  • The instructor-led live online classes are suitable for freshers and working professionals looking to upskill
  • The course fee of Rs. 52,000 and no-cost EMI options are also available


Topics covered in the curriculum are Basic conceptual skills that include Database and concepts of data analysis, Functional charts, and slicers, Visualisation aides required for presentations of analysis, and all required tools and technologies like Excel, MySQL, Tableau, Power BI, Agile, Python and R Programming, Business Statistics, LLM and ChatGPT, and SAS, business analyst life cycle that begins with data collection, preparation for analysis, analyzing to generate requisite insights, and final visual presentation including dashboards.

Their interview preparation sessions include boot camps and access to their job portal.

They have a tie-up with over 150 companies for recruitment and an impressive list of placements of alumni that includes Capgemini, Deloitte, Bank of America, Wipro, Mercedes, and L&T infotech to name a few


2) Simplilearn –

This is one of the top business analytics courses in Noida as it is endorsed by IIBA (a leading professional organization that sets the benchmark in developing and maintaining business analysis practices) as an education provider and it offers the business analytics course in collaboration with IBM. The course has no entry barrier or pre-requisite. Their curriculum is designed in collaboration with highly qualified industry expert advisors and academia. The capstone project provides industry-relevant, hands-on experience in Hospitality, Retail, and Banking domains. Industry exposure is provided with real-world case studies prepared by Ivy League professors and educators


They offer online weekend classes that work for employees seeking to upskill and freshers too

The classes are led by professionals from the industry.

The course fee is Rs. 54,000 inclusive of GST. EMI option starting at Rs. 4,500 per month


The syllabus is comprehensive including technical training on tools Excel, JIRA, Microsoft Power BI, EXIN Agile Scrum Master, and Foundation, My SQL, Num Py, SciPy, etc., Aa complete Tableau training module, Data visualization and analysis with Python, and Business problems mathematical optimization led by IBM

The project work includes Sales performance, customer, and product analysis.

Individual certificates are issued for all the modules included in the program

Assistance with creating your Resume is offered along with Job portal access.

Mentoring for career opportunities and growth is part of the program.


3) Intellipaat –

Makes it to the list of top business analytics courses in Noida on account of its IBM and IIBA endorsement, and association with EICT MNIT (Malviya National Institute of Technology) Jaipur. The curriculum developed in collaboration with and classes led by MNIT Faculty and industry professionals Focuses on developing business skills like communication, problem-solving, etc. Projects include industry-relevant, hands-on experience in the Retail, Finance, and Banking sector and the capstone project focuses on developing product management and business analysis skills.


Instructor-led online weekend classes best suited for working professionals and others

Course fee Rs. 75,000, no cost EMI option available

No entry barrier or education pre-requisite


The syllabus includes the entire gamut of skills required to be a business analyst, Data visualization and analysis using tools like Tableau and ML, Entity Relationship Model, and Machine Learning for Business, Tools covering Excel, Agile Scrum, and Business, SQL, SDLC, Num Py, SciPy, JIRA, ANACONDA, etc.


A completion certificate is issued by MNIT, Jaipur

One on One Mentoring, profile, and portfolio building, and interview preparation assistance are available to everyone

Access to the job portal and interviews with companies registered with them form a part of the program.


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4) 360DigiTMG –

This institute is part of the top business analytics courses in Noida with a placements list due to its international accreditation and academic partnerships with IBM, UTM, TCS, NEF, etc. No threshold educational qualification is required as a prerequisite for the course. The basic requirement is computer literacy, basic math, and an analytical mindset.

It provides lifetime access to course material and free live webinars.  It offers an impressive curriculum designed to deliver perfect learning outcomes that equip the individuals to work with multiple data generation sources, data mining for various analyses, descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive, usage of available tools, and data visualization concepts that aid presentation for easy comprehension, and creating interactive dashboards, etc.


The institute adopts a hybrid teaching model, instructor-led online and physical classroom sessions suitable for freshers and working professionals.

The faculty consists of trainers with extensive experience and expertise in their relevant domains.

The curriculum is productive with modules that focus on machine learning, AI, linear regression – simple and multiple, naïve Bayes and text mining, regression of attributes, in-depth visual and time series analysis, maps, stories, and dashboards.

The curriculum also covers teaching usage of key tools required for the job, i.e. Excel, Agile Scrum, Business, SQL, SDLC, Num Py, etc.

Hands-on experiential learning is provided with live projects and assignments.

In terms of preparation for entering the job market, they provide support with resume building, multiple mock interview sessions, LinkedIn review sessions, and assistance with job placements. Besides these activities, offline hiring events are also organized.

Post course completion you will receive professional certification from the institute and a certificate issued by UTM, which will enhance your resume significantly.


5) Chroma Campus –

This institute is included in our top business analytics courses in Noida with placements as it offers all models of teaching. Robust and dynamic curriculum developed in collaboration with industry experts to ensure coverage of the latest and emerging concepts and technologies. Real-life case studies and assignments provide opportunities for the practical application of concepts and technologies learned. Two live projects provide an opportunity to gain real-time business problem-solving experience. Lifetime access to course material post-completion of the program.


The training format includes live online, self-paced, and offline classrooms.

Offer weekday and weekend classes making them accessible to freshers and working professionals too

For details on fees please contact the institute directly. The link is provided above.

The trainers have over 10 years of industry experience in relevant fields.

The certificate is issued post-completion of course.

Assistance with resume building and mock interviews prepares you to enter the job market with confidence.

They also provide placement assistance




What skills will I acquire from the top business analytics courses in Noida with placements?

By joining one of the top business analytics courses in Noida, you will gain knowledge of the key and core concepts of business analytics and learn to use various tools that are at your disposal to perform your job efficiently. You will learn how to process data methodically using advanced Excel, create analytical reports, and identify solutions to business problems you are tasked with addressing. You will understand how to interactive dashboards and improve your IT skills. In a nutshell, you will align your skills with industry requirements and be ready for the job market.


How should I choose the top business analytics courses in Noida with placements?

  • The most important thing to consider while choosing a course is the credentials of the institution, its affiliations, and the qualifications and experience of its faculty.
  • Check out testimonials of past students to gauge the quality of teaching and methodology.
  • Make note of the quality of companies past students are working with and their career progression. This is a good benchmark to assess quality and industry adoption and endorsement of the institute.
  • You must also take the time to evaluate what conceptual, technical, and soft skills you need to acquire to improve your job prospects in this field. Study the curriculum of each institute carefully to match it with your requirements.
  • Hands-on projects and assignments play an important role in your learning outcomes, so make sure you check these out. Platforms for interaction with industry leaders and experts are a bonus and you should look out for these too.
  • Find out what placement assistance, placement partners, and mentoring facilities are provided by the institute.
  • Last but not least, be sure the cost is not prohibitive and you get value for money.
  • The top business analytics courses in Noida should meet all these criteria.


What are the prerequisites to enroll in the top business analytics courses in Noida with placements?

You will be happy to note that there are no prerequisites to enter top business analytics courses in Noida. All you need is the will to learn, and a passion for numbers and analysis. All other skills and technology applications required for the job will be covered in the curriculum.


Final Thoughts

Internet penetration growing at a feverish pace producing tons of data, the dependence of businesses big and small on data processing and analysis for decision-making, and the adoption of cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in the game by companies is proof that business analytics is on the rise as a career. Though entering this domain requires training and special skills, the good news is that there are no entry barriers to learning these skills. If you have a basic knowledge of math and an analytical bend of mind, you are good to give it a shot.

Given this situation, it makes perfect sense to pursue a business analytics course to give yourself a head start in this hyper-competitive world. However, your objective should be to opt for one of the best business analytics courses that will add value to your resume and improve your employability. We have provided you with a list of the top business analytics courses in Noida with placements in this article. Considering all these courses offer online instructor-led classes with a wide-ranging curriculum, wherever you are in India or any other country, you don’t need to look far to identify the one that works for you. Pick one of these. We are positive they are worth it!

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