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Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow With Placements

Technical writing is seen as important in business for consumer products and in the environment of the industry for many applications. Without precise writing about steps, procedures, or methods of use, products or any applications will be of no use to users. As a result, the role of technical writers is critical in an organization as well as in the country’s most rapidly developing businesses and industrial cities. Hence, the need for technical writing courses in Lucknow is in high demand. This article describes a few top institutes offering online and in-person training at an affordable cost.


Features of Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow

Technical communication is challenging, and it becomes meaningless if it fails to communicate to its audience in an understandable manner.

  • It is highly structured writing.
  • The language used should be formal.
  • Simple sentences are used to facilitate comprehension.
  • Diagrams, charts, tables, and sketches are used depending on the documents and target audience.
  • Writers have to work very closely with designers and illustrators.


Characteristics of Technical Writing

The aim of technical writing should be to help a non-technical audience understand something technical. For example, how to use a specific product without convincing them to buy it. The following are the characteristics of technical writing:

  • Problem-solving for specific tasks or products
  • Precise writing
  • Clear and concise writing
  • denotative-literal meaning of the word
  • Elaborative technical writing should be detailed.


Types of Technical Writing

Technical writing has wide applications in many fields, such as medicine, business equipment, and tools, and the list is endless. It takes different forms of writing, and a few important types are described briefly below:


Medical and Scientific Papers:

This is a traditional type of writing, and researchers use it to convey the results of their findings in an understandable language. The most important skill for this type of writing is attention to detail, accuracy, and organization skills.


User Guides and Manuals:

This helps in understanding the use of or parts of a product. It helps the users get an idea of a product and the functionalities of the parts, and they have an equal proportion of text and images. There are different types of user manuals: instruction manuals, product manuals, repair manuals, and policy manuals. The skills for such writing are organization, solution-oriented content preparation, and clear knowledge of the product.


Assembly Manuals:

This type of technical writing requires knowledge of the assembly and disassembly of specific machines and equipment. Further, industry experience working in similar industries is an added advantage for this course.


Technical Reports:

Technical writing is also used to get details on product information, origin, revision, versions, and more related to this kind. This type of writing requires more research skills for editing and organizing ideas to make them easily readable and understandable.


Principles of Technical Writing Courses

Learners should be aware of the principles while taking up technical writing courses in Lucknow. The principles have remained consistent in the past, and it is critical to maintain the aspects of technical writing in order for it to be successful. The following topics give a brief note on the principles:


Writing Style:

The writing style varies depending on whom we are writing to. It should be formal if it is general technical documentation, and if it is an email, it should be conversational.


Style Guide for Technical Writing:

This is about the style to be followed in technical writing, and most companies provide their own way of writing. The writers are supposed to follow their style of writing and stick to their format. The companies provide a series of products or equipment that help technical writers organize their ideas and give the audience an accurate picture of the product.


Accessibility of the Information

Accessibility is about how the audience gets to access the information in the technical writing documents. It means page numbers and a table of contents. Headers and footers, from which the readers can access the required information. To elaborate the information further, writers can also use charts, tables, and diagrams.



The technical writer should always use the present tense, and grammar accuracy should be excellent. It is better to use simple sentences than complex ones. Further, using neutral nouns is one of the grammar points to be followed.


Understanding the Subject Matter:

The technical writer should know the subject matter thoroughly. The subject matter may be a product or report of the experiment, but the writer should know the problem and how to overcome it.


A few other best courses in Lucknow:


Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow



IIM SKILLS is one of the top ed-tech companies that provides world-class training for many professional courses at an affordable fee structure. It has trained 15000 people in 35 countries and placed them in top brands around the world. The classes are handled by well-experienced industry experts who provide academic guidance 24 hours a day. This is one of the best institutes providing online technical writing courses in Lucknow.


Entry Requirements:

  • Freshmen or professionals interested in technology and with the basic skill of writing
  • Language proficiency combined with communication ability
  • Knowledge of Internet basics


Course Duration 

The course duration is 5 weeks of online classes, which include 20 hours of lectures and 60+ hours of practical assignments.


Technical Writing Course Content

  • Introduction to technical writing, types, steps, categories, and content writing
  • Audience analysis
  • tools, topics, and how to add research and prepare a written document
  • Making content with a purpose and a plan
  • Creating your own content with mind maps or flowcharts, block diagrams or schematics, and infographics
  • Learn the fundamentals of writing content, like referencing, indexing, plagiarism checking, editing, and reviewing.
  • Learn internet tools related to technical writing.
  • Prepare technical reports. preparing
  • Purpose and plan of a white paper and technical journal
  • style of conversational writing
  • Life cycle and versioning of a document
  • Fundamentals of XML for API documentation
  • Concepts of medical writing and a case study


Course Highlights

  • Live interactive sessions
  • Flexible scheduling according to the needs of the workers
  • Trainers are certified professionals who give academic guidance throughout.
  • Learning resources are available through a learning management system 24/7.
  • Master certification is provided upon the completion of the course, with a focus on highlighting core competencies.
  • Internship opportunities to get real work experience
  • Master the technical software tools related to technical writing for more effectiveness.
  • Interview preparation and placement support are provided.
  • Guidance to publish the first white paper
  • An opportunity to launch the first technical blog in India.
  • Training is completely tool-driven.


Course Fee

The course fee is £14,900.


IIM SKILLS is the ideal institution for someone who wants to master the skill of technical writing even if they have no background in the subject. It covers the modules from the basic level to the advanced level, so at the end of the course, learners get in-depth knowledge of technical writing. This is one of the best institutes for technical writing courses in Lucknow, with intensive learning modules.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


2. Udemy

Udemy is the leading education institute that provides a variety of courses to upskill and reskill graduates and professionals. It is the best online course provider and one of the most reliable institutes to learn technical writing courses in Lucknow.


Entry Requirements:

  • This is a beginner-level course, so there are no mandatory prerequisites in terms of qualification.
  • Students should have Basic English language skills and a good level of accuracy in grammar.


Course Duration 

The course duration is about 6 hours.


Course Content:

  • Fundamentals of technical writing
  • Components of writing technical documents
  • Technical writing and editing techniques
  • creation of a technical document template
  • Fundamentals of creating an index
  • Variables, charts, tables, graphs, images, and flowcharts in technical writing


Course Highlights

  • Listen to 104 lectures.
  • In the form of a resource file, 22 exercise sheets are attached.
  • In the form of a resource file, 22 solution sheets are attached.
  • There are 36 quizzes based on the content.
  • Six PDF e-books are attached as a resource file.
  • 40 PDF supplement documents are attached as a resource file.
  • The instructor reviews the final assignment individually
  • Updates on writing tips, ideas, and tutorials are offered for free.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Course Fee 

The course fee is £16,600.

This is one of the best platforms to learn technical courses in Lucknow for beginners, as there are no mandatory requirements other than English language skills. Students have the opportunity to do self-study with a lot of resource material and lectures.


3. ECT

ECT is one of the trusted institutes recognized by the government of India to provide technical writing courses in Lucknow. The learners get both theoretical and practical knowledge from working on real projects. They offer two levels of technical writing courses in Lucknow, with additional modules at the advanced level.


Entry Requirements:

  • For the beginner level, English language skills are a mandatory requirement.
  • For the advanced-level learner familiar with any programming language, HTML would be ideal for doing the course.


Course Duration 

The duration of the course is three months. It includes 32 hours of classroom or live training and 50 hours of e-learning videos.


Course Content

  • Technical writing: introduction, the role of a technical writer, different types of documentation, and the lifecycle of a document
  • Important topics in grammar for writing
  • Information architecture: introduction, the role of the information architect, principles, structure, metadata, and taxonomies
  • For software documentation, learn the Markdown language and use the GitHub Wiki.
  • Learn XML in detail for technical writing purposes.
  • Learn Javascript for documentation purposes.
  • Fundamentals of DITA for documentation
  • Learn Oxygen XML in detail, both theoretically and in terms of its practical use in documentation.
  • Introduction to the technical authoring tool Madcap Flare and preparation for certification of Madcap Flare
  • A detailed overview of API documentation
  • Agile documentation strategies and their rules
  • Job and interview preparation for technical writing careers
  • Contribution to open-source projects and selection of high-potential projects
  • Master the software tools relevant to documentation.


Course Highlights

  • Government-recognized certification is awarded upon completion of the course.
  • Internship opportunity
  • Individual attention and feedback for learning
  • Learners get live and interactive sessions.
  • opportunity to work on six live projects
  • 12 quizzes based on the content learned


Course Fee

The course fee is £19,999.

This institute provides a certificate upon completion of the course that is recognized by the government of India and is highly valid for seeking jobs in top companies that look for recognized and trusted certifications.


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4. Technical writer HQ

This is one of the largest international communities of technical writing professionals from 500 + companies from all over the world. They also provide some certification courses, and this is one of the best platforms for learners to do technical writing courses in Lucknow and to get international learning exposure online.


Course Overview:

The course has two sections that cover all the major aspects of technical writing. Learners get an introduction to technical writing, the role of a technical writer, and the purpose of the technical writing course. Different types of technical writing like medical writing, user manuals, product instructions, and white papers are taught.

Further, the difference between technical writing and other styles of writing is learned through examples and a clear understanding of the technical writing style is learned in the first section of the curriculum. They understand the techniques to analyze the audience and work on live projects. An understanding of the technical writing knowledge and techniques is assessed through a quiz at the end of each section.


Duration of the Course:

The duration of the course is 10 weeks which is split into 4 hours a week. This is an online class and can be studied self-paced in 10 weeks.



There is no mandatory background to take up their international online technical writing courses in Lucknow but a background in writing is an added advantage.


Course Highlights:

  • Learners get 70+lectures and technical writing templates with at least 10 downloadable
  • An opportunity to attend interviews with current technical writing experts
  • Feedback for the capstone project from instructors
  • Learn to build a technical writer portfolio
  • Certification on completion of the course
  • Lifetime access to future content
  • Self-paced learning


Course Fee:

The course fee is approximately £25,000

This course is ideal for aspiring technical writers and for technical professionals who want to upskill their work. Through this course, learners get a great opportunity to become a part of a big network of technical writing professionals from different parts of the globe. Technical writer HQ is exclusively for only technical writing and its online mode benefit learners from any part of the world to learn at their own pace.


5. Google

Google provides world-class courses taught by well-experienced trainers in the industry. Google developers offer free technical writing courses in Lucknow, where students can learn at their own pace.


Entry Requirements:

There is no specific entry requirement, but learners with good English grammar skills for writing can do the writing well. The course focuses only on technical writing rather than English language skill development. Targeted audience: software engineers, product managers, and technical writers


Course Duration 

The course takes around 4 hours and is a type of workshop on technical writing.


Course Content

Technical writing covers all the basics of technical writing, and this course is best for those who are new to technical writing.

Technical writing: This content helps to improve technical communication skills. The techniques and tactics of writing and documentation are covered in this module.

Tech writing for accessibility: The content covers methods for all users to access documentation.


Course Highlights

The main highlight is the pre-class components, which give an introduction to the topic and help with practice in class. The pre-class component is a very informative part of the online course.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


6. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is the leading provider of training and consulting services. This started in 2013 and has offered over 400+ courses and trained over 300,000+ for upskilling and reskilling programs. This is one of the best institutes providing technical writing courses in Lucknow online with live, two-way interactive sessions.


Entry Requirements:

There are no specific entry requirements for the course, but a passion for writing and an interest in learning technical writing styles are required.


Course Duration 

The course duration is 36 hours of live interactive online sessions, which is two-way learning.


Course Content

The course covers 10 modules, which include the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of technical writing aims, importance, and role of technical writers
  • Process of Documentation: learn about the target audience, collecting information both visually and verbally.
  • presenting the information with an impact
  • Process of technical writing, which includes planning. preparing, designing, and using the suitable tools
  • Basics of English grammar and editing for accuracy and perfection
  • Learn to use software tools. Microsoft Word, Adobe Frame Maker, Macromedia Robo Help, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and Microsoft Visio
  • Fundamental components of technical content, such as a list of figures, table of contents, and documentation plan
  • Techniques for using language in technical writing
  • Discover an overview of the technical writing format.
  • Fundamentals of the technical document template
  • An overview of the DITA tool, API documentation, and XML


Course Highlights

  • Learn ethics in scientific communication through technical writing.
  • capable of preparing research proposals
  • Discover and identify the various types of literature reviews.
  • Understand the technique to communicate technical details to a non-technical audience.
  • Learners will be able to write a thesis for research papers.
  • Knowledge of the precise presentation of research papers
  • Get mastery over the use of English expressions used mostly in technical writing.


Course Fee 

The course fee ranges from £17,500 to £41,264 for gold membership to study technical writing courses in Lucknow.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. What is the scope of doing technical writing courses in Lucknow?

The scope of a technical writing course is on the rise recently because technology is widespread and used in all walks of life. The organization’s reliance on technology has made it extremely responsible for developing the best content for technical communication with its target audience. Technical communication is a must-have feature of almost all organizations.


Q2. What is the salary range of technical writers?

A technical writing job is also one of the highest-paying jobs. The salary ranges from INR 4.97 lakh per year to INR 10 lakh per year, depending on the role and experience. Since the demand for technical writers is increasing in all fields, the salary is expected to increase.


Q3. What is the role of a technical writer?

The role of a technical writer is to create clear documentation of the product, mentioning its features and benefits. They are responsible for making the audience understand the more complex technical content in an understandable manner. They make apt products and reference manuals and effectively communicate with the nontechnical audience.


Q4. What is taught in technical writing courses?

The technical writing course covers documentation formatting, documentation design, and API writing. Further, you will also learn about planning, editing, and writing technical documents. Learners will also be taught to identify the target audience. Overall, the style of writing and important language topics needed to enhance technical communication are taught in the course.


Q5. Who should take up technical writing courses?

The technical writing courses can be taken by anyone who has a passion for writing for a specific purpose. The target learners are ideally software engineers, engineers, computer graduates, managers, and technical professionals. Anyone interested in pursuing a career in technical writing can begin by enrolling in beginner-level courses offered by top institutes, which provide an effective introduction to technical writing courses.



To conclude, technical writing courses in Lucknow are on the rise because, in today’s context, there is a need for technical writers in almost all fields. Technical writers should have an interest in new learning because they do not follow the same style every time. Overall, technical writing courses are the best skill development courses for people at all levels, from beginner to advance level. 

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