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Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Vadodara With Placements

Business Analytics Courses in Vadodara offers its students an opportunity to acquire the essential skills to excel in the field and gain practical knowledge and hands-on learning experience. Students are assigned to work on various real-life projects with the knowledge of the latest tools. Intensive preparations for interviews are done to prepare candidates for interviews with the assistance of professional specialists and become job-ready with different topmost companies in the country and abroad.


Why You Should Join Business Analytics Courses in Vadodara?

  • Business Analytics Courses in Vadodara help the candidates to analyze statistics and make well-informed organization decisions.
  • Students will be given free lifetime access to the student portal, study materials, videos of recorded sessions, and expert guidance.
  • Students will also be provided with top MNC interview questions.
  • There will be a team of experts to help solve the queries for students.
  • The Business Analytics Courses in Vadodara is the perfect training program that will enhance the required skills for the students and raise their careers to the next level.
  • Live projects and internship certificates are provided to the students.
  • Candidates can become a business analyst with no technical background required.
  • After completion of the Business Analytics Courses, students can opt for different jobs as per their interests.


Demand for Business Analytics Courses in Vadodara:

  • In this data-driven world, where huge amounts of data are collected by various companies based on customer behavior, knowledge of business analytics can be very demanding. As companies are realizing that their businesses are relying on data-driven decision-making, the demand for highly skilled business analysts has increased in Vadodara.
  • There is a need for good analytical skills in industries like IT, e-commerce, finance, education, retail, healthcare, and many more. Hence the job market for business analytics is growing and companies are actively hiring business analytics with high salary packages.
  • The demand for business analysts in Vadodara is very high among companies. The increasing demand for the role of business analysts has opened plenty of job opportunities for the aspirants and Business Analytics courses in Vadodara have opened a new path for the aspiring candidates.
  • The job of a business analyst is to analyze problems related to the business and initiate strategic actions.
  • Business analysts have to collect and analyze report data to solve a wide range of business problems to improve business processes.
  • The strive to remain competitive in the ever-growing marketplace, the majority of companies are undergoing digital transformation. Hence the demand for skilled business analysts has increased than ever before.
  • The job openings for business analysts have risen remarkably in recent years and business Analytics Courses are one of the top searches by the public as this field assures a promising future.


Types of Career Options in Business Analytics Courses in Vadodara: 

Listed below are the top 10 career options in business analytics-


  1. Business Analyst
  • The responsibility of a business analyst is to improve a company’s service and systems by identifying the technical and financially feasible options for the company.
  • They recognize the weak points of a company with their research skills and improve them accordingly.
  • A business analyst must also have excellent communication skills as their part of the job is to work with multiple departments including IT, education, banking, finance, logistics, agriculture, and manufacturing.
  • Salary- On average, the salary of a business analyst is between 5 lakh INR per annum to 20 lakh INR per annum based on experience and skills.


  1. HR (Human Resource) Analyst
  • A human resource analyst analyses the human resources data. They gather the data and share business information by research and analysis with the management which helps the organization to find better candidates and fix staff problems.
  • They help to bring productive work to an organization through their hiring process.
  • Their job includes- relationship management, statistics analysis, performance identification and so on.
  • Salary- The average salary of an HR analyst ranges from 3 lakh INR per annum to 12 lakh INR per annum depending on the skills and work experience.


  1. Marketing Analyst
  • The job of a marketing analyst is to work with all departments of an organization to create better opportunities for marketing campaigns and present sales forecasts to their clients.
  • They analyze the industry trends and accordingly create marketing campaigns based on data analysis and customer profiling to generate sales forecasts.
  • The skills required for a marketing analyst are MS Excel, good communication, market research, marketing strategy, etc.
  • The responsibilities of a marketing analyst are to sketch actionable insights to identify the current trends of the market, boost revenue, get new customers, and retain old clients.
  • Salary- The average salary of a marketing analyst can be anywhere between 3.5 lakh INR per annum to 12 lakh INR per annum depending on their skills and experience.


  1. Supply Chain Analyst
  • The job of a supply chain analyst is to analyze and manage the supply chain of their organization to ensure the smooth and effective operation of the company.
  • They play a key role in cost optimization by minimizing transportation and storage expenses.
  • They utilize the available technology to enhance the operations of a company.
  • Their work includes collaboration with other departments such as logistics, sales and production.
  • Some of the other responsibilities of a supply chain analyst are analyzing trends, analyzing the data, operation management, etc.
  • The skills that are expected from a supply chain analyst are problem-solving capabilities and critical analysis.
  • Salary- the salary drawn by an average supply chain analyst is somewhere between 5 lakh INR per annum to 18 lakh INR per annum.


  1. Financial Analyst
  • A financial analyst focuses primarily on improving the revenue and profits of an organization by making recommendations on finance and accounting.
  • Companies make strategic decisions related to investments based on objective data provided by financial analysts.
  • A financial analyst works with large corporations, stock markets, banks, law firms and insurance companies.
  • The responsibilities of a finance analyst are to attend regular management meetings and make financial forecasts.
  • Some of the skills of a financial analyst include good communication skills, problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, financial planning, and portfolio management.
  • Salary- The average salary of a financial analyst ranges from 4 lakh INR per annum to 20 lakh INR per annum based on experience.


  1. Data Scientist
  • The job of a data scientist is to evaluate and interpret data by combining computer science and mathematical skills. They create reporting models by using this information for the company.
  • They solve complex business problems with the help of data-driven solutions by identifying information sources and building machine-learning algorithms to identify patterns and trends.
  • The job of a data scientist is very challenging as they extract meaning from collected data, interpret it, and use it to create functional insights.
  • The responsibilities of a data scientist are to withdraw meaningful information from unstructured data and make use of various statistical methods and algorithms.
  • The special skills of a data scientist include machine learning, programming statistics, and data visualization.
  • Salary- The average salary of a data scientist is somewhere between 12 lakh INR per annum to 25 lakh INR per annum.


  1. Data Analyst
  • The job of a data analyst is to collect a large amount of data, analyze it, and gather information to help improve make better business strategy and help to make good business decisions by the companies.
  • A data analyst makes great decisions on behalf of the company and helps their business run effectively.
  • They are hired by almost all industries including insurance companies, credit bureaus, medicine, finance, government, and many more.
  • The responsibility of a data analyst is to analyze data through five interactive faces namely- identifying the data, gathering data, cleaning data, modeling the data, and presenting the results.
  • The required skills of a data analyst are critical thinking, decision-making, data visualization, SQL, etc.
  • Salary- A data analyst earns an average salary of 5 lakh INR per annum to 20 lakh INR per annum.


  1. Consultant
  • The job of a consultant is to collect and interpret important data for their clients.
  • They work in various industries to upgrade their business systems and recommend business solutions.
  • They also work with their clients to create reporting programs to help them achieve their goals.
  • They work with companies in areas such as finance and accounting, human resources, and management to name a few.
  • The responsibilities of a consultant involve meeting new clients and communicating with them, understanding clients’ needs and requirements, developing detailed business plans, and managing and organizing business projects for clients.
  • Skills required for a consultant are great communication and negotiation skills, knowledge of vast areas in business, critical thinking, and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Salary- The average salary drawn by a consultant ranges between 6 lakh INR per annum to 18 lakh INR per annum depending on their skills and experience.


  1. Statistician
  • Statisticians create reports by applying mathematical concepts make recommendations for improvement and work on the field accordingly.
  • They work in different sectors like education, research, councils, healthcare, pharmaceutical companies, civil services, etc.
  • They help the team leaders of a company by preparing easy-to-read reports for them to understand and work on.
  • They gather numerical data, analyze it, and prepare reports based on them.
  • The responsibilities of a statistician include analyzing trends, assessing results, using statistics to make forecasts, collecting data, and designing surveys.
  • Skills required for a statistician are analytical skills, good communication, academic research skills, etc.
  • Salary- Based on experience and skills, a statistician can earn somewhere between 4 lakh INR per annum to 12 lakh INR per annum.


  1. Computer system analyst
  • A computer system analyst works on both software and hardware to evaluate current systems and make improvements in the system for the staff of an organization to use the program efficiently.
  • Their job includes maintaining the security of computer programs as well.
  • They study the present computer system of an organization and improvise its design and process so that the company can operate seamlessly.
  • The responsibility of a computer system analyst involves improvisation of current computer systems, research of new technologies to increase the efficiency of an organization, etc.
  • Skills required for a computer system analyst include good communication skills and creative, innovative, and analytical skills.
  • Salary- The average salary of a computer system analyst is between the range of 4 lakh INR to 18 lakh INR per annum.


Other best courses in Vadodara:


The Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Vadodara That Are Available Online:

With the advancement in technology and management, we have witnessed that Business Analytics is one such field that has evolved to a great extent. Organizations of all sectors are hiring business analysts to cope with the fast-paced competitive world. Thus, business analytics has become one of the most sought-after courses. Aspiring candidates are looking for institutions that can offer the best training in the field. Hence, we bring you the top institutions providing business analytics courses in Vadodara.



Course name- Data Analytics Course

Duration- 6 months of online training sessions + 3 months of internship (optional)


Course Details-

  • This course provides comprehensive training for the candidates and makes them job-ready.
  • The mentors and faculty of the institute have years of experience in this field.
  • Weekly assignments are allotted to students for a better learning process.
  • This course offers flexible timings for the learning process.
  • 24*7 support and guidance from the team.
  • Video recordings of the live training sessions are shared with every student of the course.
  • Lifelong and free access to the study material is provided.


Highlights of this Course-

This course provides these important tools to the students:

  1. SQL
  2. Excel
  3. PowerBI
  4. Tableau
  5. Python


2. Analytix Lab

Course name- Business Analytics

Duration- 9 months

Fee- 25,000 INR to 40,000 INR


Course details-

  • It is one of the most reliable business analytics courses available online.
  • They offer two types of courses available online-
  • Self-paced e-learning
  • Fully interactive online class
  • Anyone with a Science and Mathematics background is eligible for this course.
  • This course makes each candidate job-ready.


Highlights of this course-

The important tools that are taught in this course are as follows:

  1. SQL
  2. Python
  3. Excel
  4. R Studio
  5. Tableau



Course name- Certification course in Business Analytics

Duration- 3 months

Fee- 16,000 INR to 30,000 INR


Course details-

  • This course is designed in a way to educate the candidates on the basic to advanced concepts related to business analytics.
  • The top-class faculty of the institute helps the students gain knowledge and skills and boost their confidence.
  • The candidates are thoroughly supported by the team of ACTE during the training and at the time of project submission.
  • The course teaches all the required skills to the candidates and makes them job-ready.
  • This course covers topics related to web development, analytical technology, and PNP.


Highlights of this course-

This course has the following features which attract the candidates:

  1. ACTE partners with Amazon, Microsoft, Gold Partner, and others.
  2. Offers placement opportunities to the candidates.
  3. Also, give a free demo class for a clear idea about the course before enrolment.
  4. They provide detailed information about business analytics.


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4. UpGrad

Course name- Certification program in Business Analytics

Duration- 5 months

Fee- 45,000 INR


Course Details-

  • This course begins with basic concepts like statistics and data analysis and then moves to higher concepts like problem-solving and decision-making techniques.
  • This course offers you an understanding of business analytics.
  • This course provides an overall idea of business analytics.


Highlights of this course-

This course mainly focuses on the following features:

  1. It helps to build an appealing portfolio and helps the candidates to get jobs.
  2. Topics covered in this course are SQL, Tableau, Saa5, Business Forecasting, etc.


5. Excelr

Course name- Certification Program in Business Analytics

Duration- 6.5 months

Fee- 30,000 INR to 40,000 INR


Course details-

  • This course offers two mediums and the candidates can choose any of the two according to their convenience.
  • The first one is the Live Virtual Classroom Training Course which costs the amount of 40,000 INR and placements are guaranteed.
  • The other one is the self-paced Training which offers a lucrative chance for those professionals who juggle with their time and work.
  • The candidates are certified by the institute after the completion of any one of the course curriculums.


Highlights of this course-

The curriculum covers the following topics:

  1. SAS
  2. Python
  3. SQL
  4. Excel
  5. Basics of programming
  6. Tableau


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Business Analytics Courses in Vadodara

Let’s clear some doubts related to Business Analytics courses in Vadodara.


  1. Who can enroll in the Business Analytics Courses?

Anyone who has an interest in the field of business analytics and data science can enroll in this course. The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with at least 50% marks in aggregate or more from a recognized university. Candidates with Science or Computer Science as their subjects are preferred.


  1. What are the job prospects after the completion of this course?

The job prospects of this course are very bright as this industry is booming due to digital shifts in the marketplace. Companies are actively hiring business analysts with high salaries. After the completion of the Business Analytics Courses, a wide range of opportunities open in front of the candidate. Sectors like banking, finance, healthcare, retail, education, IT, and HR departments hire skilled candidates. The jobs include business analyst, HR analyst, data scientist, marketing analyst, and financial analyst to name a few.


  1. What is the average salary of a business analyst in Vadodara?

The average salary of a business analyst in Vadodara ranges between 5 lakh INR per annum to 10 lakh INR per annum. It depends upon the kind of experience and skill that the candidate has. Business analysts with less than 1 year of experience to 5 years of experience can draw a salary of up to 5 lakh INR per annum and those with an experience of more than 5 years can get a handsome salary of almost 10 lakh INR per annum.


  1. Can we pursue Business Analytics Courses in Vadodara online?

Yes, of course, you can pursue Business Analytics Courses in Vadodara online. There are many institutions that offer certification courses in business analytics online. Some business analytics classes are free of cost and are introductory classes for common audiences but others offer business analytics certification courses and business analytics degree programs with a fee that can range from 50,000 INR to 1,20,000 INR.


  1. What top skills should a business analyst possess?

The top skills a business analyst should possess are-

  • Analytical skills
  • Outstanding research ability
  • Rational skills
  • Good communication


Conclusion: Business Analytics Courses in Vadodara

Candidates who wish to tread both worlds of business analysis and data science can pursue a career in business analytics. If candidates have the right qualifications and necessary skills, they can enter the field although it seems to be challenging. Many lucrative careers are offered after the completion of business analytics courses in Vadodara such as data scientist, business analyst, and financial analyst to name a few. The candidate can pursue any one of them based on their interests and skills. At the end of the course, the candidates can grab high-paying jobs in this field. However, the candidates are required to learn numerous skills and technologies applied in this field and get certified.

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