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Top 20 Well-Known Data Analytics Companies in India

Data is the fuel that powers the digital transformation of organizations, and data analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. In today’s digital world, data analytics plays a crucial role in converting business operations and building profitable business systems. Thanks to data analytics companies in India that understand what this information means. They help organizations to extract structured and unstructured data from insights and apply the knowledge and skills to identify new opportunities, make better decisions, and improve operational efficiency.


It’s better to understand their customers, chalk out effective strategies and grow their revenue. Its ability to collect, transform and organize big data to finalize, make predictions, and drive informed decision-making helps companies to increase the overall efficiency of a business.


Introduction to the Data Analytics Companies in India?

As the demand for data-driven decisions has increased, so has the demand for data analytics companies in India. Today India has become the hub of data services in the world, in such a way everyone is focusing on growing their business using data analytics. Every industry such as healthcare, retail, trade, transportation, and more use data-driven insights to increase their business.

In this way, seeing the demand for data analytics, many data analytics companies in India offer many services such as data mining, data visualization, data warehousing, predictive analytics, etc.


Why is Data Analytics Important?

  1. It improves the productivity of any company by discovering the interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns in data.
  2. It boosts revenue by improving productivity by giving a positive business environment after analyzing business data.
  3. Strengthen customer focus and customer services, respond quickly and effectively to market events and industry trends enhance marketing efforts.
  4. Gain a competitive edge over other companies or businesses and enhance marketing efforts.
  5. Accurate data analysis and effective decision-making reduce risk and give proper data patterns to the organization.


Criteria for Selecting Top Data Analytics Companies in India-

The selection process for top data analytics companies in India is complex. But you can select these data analytics companies in India by keeping some factors in mind.

  1. Companies’ experience in digital marketing.
  2. Numbers of clients they served each year.
  3. The reputation of a company.
  4. Quality of service they served.
  5. Technologies they’re used.
  6. Expertise in which industry.
  7. Which certification do they hold?
  8. The award they received.
  9. Who are their clients?

All these factors prove whether the company is trustworthy and reliable or not.

List of 20 Best Data Analytics Companies in India-


1. Accenture-

Accenture is an overseeing global services company that works for World’s leading businesses, governments, and other organizations to convene their digital core, optimize their operations, accelerate revenue growth, and enhance value at speed and scale.

Strength in technology- Provide innovative and comprehensive services and solutions. Continuously innovate services, capabilities, and platforms through the early adoption of new technologies such as blockchain, robotics, 5G, edge computing, metaverse, and quantum computing.

-Unmatched industry experience – Accenture serves more than 9000 clients. Deep experience in 5 industry groups-1 communication, media, and technology.2. Financial services 3. health and public services 4. product- consumer goods, retail, and travel services 5. Resources – chemical and natural resources power utilities.

-Strong ecosystem relationship – Create 360-degree value. Build strong ecosystem relationships with clients to help them succeed and build trusted lasting relationships. With its team of a broad range of technology providers, incorporating Adobe, Alibaba, Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Dell, Google, IBM RedHat, Microsoft, Oracle, Pegasystems, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, VMWare, Workday, and many others.

-Functional experts by using the integrated power of digital and data assist their clients to reimagine the products they create and how they earn them through the use of data and transformative technologies such as digital twins, AI, IoT, cloud, Edge,5G, advanced robotics, and the metaverse. They assist their clients embed incredible stability, productivity, and sustainability into their core operations


2. Mu Sigma

To scale and systematize better decision-making through business intelligence services, mu Sigma is the world’s largest pure-play data analytics firm that manages and analyzes the interaction between problems to achieve better quality solutions. It provides risk analytics, such as predictive modeling of claims, credit score, fraud detection, and predictions.

It also provides foreclosure prediction rating structures, loss ratio analysis, risk-based pricing, and statistical analysis for FDA trials. It innovates in three main areas that are intelligent systems via smarter tools and innovative lab researchers, computational enablement that makes informed decisions and usability and visualization simplified understanding using a new visual language.

Mu Sigma has experience and expertise across various business verticals such as BFSI, pharma, healthcare, media, telecom, technology and CPG, and retail. It has clients like Walmart, Pfizer, Microsoft, and Dell.


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3. Latent view

Latent View is a global digital analytic company that has extensive experience across the entire business value chain enabling businesses to address transformational challenges and operational complexities and help clients scale quickly to realize their strategies through expert data and business analysis.

It understands, assesses, prioritizes, and implements growth programs to ensure that the business realizes the full benefits, success, and long-term growth. It has experience in Robust data engineering, advanced data science, and modern-day tech expertise along with coa edition and product integration background.

Latent view data analytics companies are experts in various businesses like automobile, technology, financial services, retail, and CPG. Some of their client companies are Cisco, PayPal, IBM, and Microsoft.


4. Genpact

A global professional services firm that specializes in digital transformation and analytics. Genpact is a leading service provider in Data analytics with advanced analytics and Artificial intelligence.

It helps organizations to identify new opportunities, connect the dots, make better decisions, and improve operational efficiency so that organizations focus on building new products and services and value creation. It has more than 10000 data specialists who turn data into business intelligence. Some of their clients’ companies are news corp, TikTok, and Catalina Marketing.


5. Wipro

Wipro is the third largest IT company in India. It is a multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting, and business process services. It helps organizations use data and analytics to create new business models and revenue streams all while ensuring the security, quality, and regulatory compliance of data.

Technologies used such as the cloud, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics solutions help to enhance decision-making and business value. For analysis, it used Robust processes to convert data to actionable intelligence and data engineering, utilizing a data consumption approach.

For decision-making, it used integration of analytics with intelligence, visualization of information, and integrated processes. It has data analysis experts, subject matter experts, and research-based solutions to increase revenue. The main clients of Wipro are Adobe, Cisco, Amazon, DataStax, Microsoft, ThingWorx, Industrial Internet Consortium, etc.


6. Tata Consultancy Services

TCS is the largest multinational IT services company in India. It provides end-to-end services across the entire analytics like customer analytics, fraud risk analytics, sales, and marketing analytics, regulatory and compliance analytics, supply chain analytics, social media analytics, and web analytics.

Smart decision across functions makes its decision superior and effective. It helps organizations analyze their operational business and external data to gain insights into a business. TCS has expert data analysts and subject matter experts who use innovative tools, data integration, reporting, and visualization to provide generic or customized services involving Big data predictive and prescriptive analytics.

TCS clients in all businesses like banking, capital marketing, consumer goods and distribution, communication media and information services, energy resources and utilities, healthcare, high tech, and life sciences.


7. Exl Analytics 

EXL analytics turn data into a sustainable competitive advantage With advanced analytics and Artificial intelligence. EXL, deliver domain-specific analytic solutions that generate higher-level outcomes. It drives deeper-level analytics and explores advanced analytics solutions for clients.

EXL creates data-led businesses that pivot data into insights and insights into outcomes and outcomes into endurable Business benefits. It delivers customer analytics, marketing analytics, operations analytics, risk, and compliance analytics. It explores solutions in banking and financial services, health, insurance, media, entertainment and sports, retail, transportation and logistics, and utilities.

Amazon web services and SKeps are the partner companies of Exl. In 2015 it was voted among the 100 most trustworthy companies in America by Forbes magazine.


8. Tiger Analytics

Tiger Analytics is an expert in marketing analytics, customer analytics, operations and planning, and risk analytics. It has 75+ Fortune 1000 clients and 1000+ projects executed. It offers services to Intel, LinkedIn, Cisco, orange,american express, Levis, Kraft Heinz, PayPal, whirlpool, TTX, SutlerHealth, and more.

It applies data analytics to enhance the impact of marketing spend. It manages customers’ engagement in social media, open information, and new business models. Tiger Analytics also plans and optimizes customers’ investment in business operations. It also measures and manages risk through various approaches.


9. Convergytics

Convergytics is a digital analytics services company that uses Bayesian and neural network-based modeling to build response and optimization models. It used all internal and external data sources to create big data. It is one of the fastest-growing business intelligence and analytics companies ( as recognized by global brands magazine, Uk). It provides solutions for retail, media, telecom, Hi-tech, financial services, CPG, and manufacturing.


10. Fractal Analytics 

Fractal Analytics is one of the best data analytics companies in India, that provides services in various business verticals like Healthcare, retail, technology, financial services, insurance, and hospitality. It is a leading analytic company that offers analytic services in the US, India, UK, UAE, Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, and Germany.


11. Crayon Data

Founded in 2011, crayon data is a bid data-based product company that provides data analysis to clients to improve their productivity. Maya is the main crayon data product that personalizes customers’ products and increases conversion rates. The company delivers its insights into the banking hospitality and telecom sectors.


12. Absolute Data

Absolute Data is an ISO 27001-certified company that offers services for the technology, retail, travel, pharma, and telecom industries. Absolute Data is a data analytics company that improves its client’s decision-making process through advanced analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, and expert technology. It is a multinational company that has offices in the United States, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and India (Gurgaon).


13. Manthan

Manthan is an analytic solution company powered by artificial intelligence. Innovative technology is used to improve customers’ business. It makes the most sophisticated analytics products intuitive for the user by integrating decision sciences, advanced math, artificial intelligence, integrating data science, and others.

It gives a decision-making process by combining advanced predictive analytics, actionable insights, and customer knowledge. It identifies dots and drives growth opportunities. It served over 120 retail and CPG clients across 19 countries. Manthan clients include Novartis, McDonald’s, loves and Teavana, etc.


14. Gramener

Gramener is a leading data analytic company with 129+ leading enterprise partners worldwide. evergreen, Microsoft, Microfocuse, NTT, republic, atar conduit, dr. Reddy’s is the main client of Gramener. The company delivers solutions in data analytics with innovative tools, visualizations by experts and computer vision, and consulting space across industries.

It ranked 8th in Deloitte’s 50 fast technology companies in India in 2015. It has a global company and 80+ clients are spread worldwide. Its main clients are Medis, pharma, telecom, BFSI, retail, consulting healthcare airlines, manufacturing education, and the public sector.


15. HData system.

It is a big data analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence company starting in 2019, provides quality data analytics services at an appropriate price. It delivers custom data to optimize future business decisions Analyze online and offline data sources to make fast and well-informed decision helps It increase business to minimize risk and maximize profits.

HData systems data analytics services include data services, data analytics, advanced analytics, and data visualization to deliver quality data which reduces data retrieval problems. HData Systems provide services in banking and finance, education, insurance, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, retail, media and entertainment, automotive, travel and hospitality, oil and gas, real estate and e-commerce, food and beverages, telecom, and energy.


16. Tech Mahindra 

Tech Mahindra is a part of the Mahindra group, an indIndianltinational IT company that provides data advisory, data management, data analytics, data operations, and data modernization to the clients,s and realization of their value. It delivers solutions in the digital transformation of various companies like StarHub. In 2023 tech Mahindra ranked 1 in the S and P global sustainability yearbook.

It is also recognized as the fastest-growing brand globally in brand value rank by Brand Finance. Its flagship product SANDSTORM enhances the customer’s digital experience journey. Industries like communication, media and entertainment, BFSI, manufacturing, healthcare and life science, retail -CGp, travel, transportation, and logistics.


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17. Luminous Technologies PVT LTD

eLuminous Technologies is a growing Indian company that serves data analytics and BI solutions for digital agencies and enterprises like Colors Entertainment, RAZER, VIACOM 18, and MP Innovation. inc. eLuminous Technologies expert in Web application development, Front -End development, Mobile App development, data analytics, and BI, digital marketing services, and virtual assistant services.

It serves its services in media and entertainment, logistics, real estate, education, banking and finance, e-commerce, healthcare and wellness, IT, and consulting industries. It delivers clear business insights by merging complex raw data from various sources.


18. Valiance Solutions 

Valiance Solutions is an It company that provides solutions in business analytics and data analytics. It helps to scale businesses by solving their problems with the help of data science, artificial intelligence, and data management. It is trusted by the top of the company around the world like BAIN and company, American Express, The Walt Disney Company, OLX, coca-cola, Aditya Birla Health, RioTinto, and Abbvie. It transforms and delivers services in finance, insurance, energy, utilities, metal, and mining.


19. DataToBiz

It is a big data analytics company that offers data analytics and business Intelligence. It provides data consulting in various industries like EdTech, FinTech, manufacturing, retail, eCommerce, It, healthcare, and so on. It uses artificial intelligence and various tools for analytics. It has an experienced strategies consultant and uses the latest technology. It is a partnership with Google, AWS, and Microsoft.



Alabis is the subsidiary of analysis labs. It provides solutions in machine learning and AI. By the combination of data science and analytics techniques, it makes smarter decisions to transform business. It provides solutions in various industries like banking and finance, insurance, retail, e-commerce, telecom and network, travel and hospitality, Logitech, and media. It empowers complex business processes into a simpler form with the help of digital operations.


What Skills Are Needed to Be a Part of Data Analytics Companies in India?

1. SQL- Structured query language or SQL is the database querying language’s ability to interact with multiple databases at once; where it stored and analyzes data for better decision-making. SQL and data analysis combine to create data visualizations and predictions for better insights into a business.


2. Excel- Proficient in Excel makes data analysis smarter, faster, and more intuitive. Excel provides high-level visual summaries, trends, and patterns. It makes analysis easier and gives specific information with visuals such as in the form of tables, charts, or pivot tables. Excel systematically gives data.


3. Industry knowledge- Knowledge of various industries is important for being a data analyst. It makes clear and accurate data using industry knowledge. It makes it easy to understand the problems of a company. For work on data analyst companies in India, you have some knowledge in various industries like media and entertainment, telecom, insurance, banking and finance, healthcare, pharma, travel and hospitality, transportation and logistics, education, IT, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, etc.


4. Statistical and mathematical concepts- In data science fundamental mathematics and basic statistical concepts are used to get the analysis. It includes normal distribution(bell curve), central tendencies(the mean median and mode), variability, modality, skewness, and kurtosis.

In math linear algebra probability theory, probability distributions are used. Sampling methods are also important. It collects all data in an algorithm and then analyzes these data to interpret meaningful insights from complex data to a simpler form.


5. Machine learning- Knowledge of AI improving the accuracy of patterns in big data sets smartly. It provides predictions and visualizations of a business. Data analyst isn’t generally expected to have a mastery of machine language, but developing machine learning skills gives a competitive advantage. knowledge of Python or saas is also important in machine learning.


6. Data Management- Data analyst experts in managing data by the use of various tools and his skills of management. Analyst uses their intelligence to manage data in a simple way that gives solutions to the company for better decision-making.


7. Econometrics- For forecast future trends analysts use statistical and mathematical data models in the field of economics. Understanding econometrics is key for analysts looking for a job in the financial sector.


FAQs- Data Analytics Companies in India


Q. Is data Analysis in demand in India?

Ans:-There is a Sharp Learning Curve and a High Skill Set, Data Analysis Demand is Increasing In India. It Also Increases Huge Recruitments Of Jobs in India. The demand for data analysts in India is high continuously. The demand for data analytics companies in India increases in every field like finance, banking, manufacturing, insurance, and IT sector.


Q. Is Data Analysis a Stable Career?

Ans:-Yes, Because Data Analysis Is The Fastest Growing IT Field In India and Worldwide. In reputed data analytics companies in India, there are vacant jobs for data scientists with generous salaries. Around 93,000 seats are vacant for data scientists in India’s leading companies. You can choose your career as a data analyst by improving your skills as a data analyst and stable your career.


Q. What is necessary to know before joining any company as a data analyst?     

Ans:- First of all check whether it is a generous company or not. It should be an IT company or analytics company. Growth curve of the company in wanting to dream of a job in the top data analytics companies in India. you should choose a company based on your industry knowledge. For example, you should choose a company that is an expert in the finance industry, or if you have previously worked for a manufacturing company you should choose a manufacturing industry data analytics expert or more.


Conclusion: Data Analytics Companies in India

In today’s data-driven business world companies and organizations rely massively on data analysis to make fast and well-informed decisions. These companies have a strong presence in the Indian markets and offer a wide range of big data analytic solutions and services to their clients. Each of them has its strengths and capabilities so it’s best to research them further to find the one that best suits your needs. Several analytics companies provide a mix of marketing analytics, operations analytics, customer analytics, risk, and compliance analytics, and business intelligence.

Each company wants experts in data analytics in their team, therefore they hire a person who fulfills the demand of skills needed in data analysis. Overall, the data analytics companies in India hold immense potential and growth in upcoming years and you become a part of this particular project.

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