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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Belgium With Placements

Belgium is one of the top 10 notable countries that ranks high in the education system, as reported by the OECD. The country focuses more on the individual’s development and certain universities completely offer free higher education from the start till the course completion. Fortunately, with its outstanding technically strong people, Belgium leads other countries in terms of technology development, and major organizations around the world are developing their research and development hubs on and off Belgium to acquire technological affluence from them. If you are surfing for the top 10 data analytics courses in Belgium and you wish to know about the universities that offer data analytics courses, then this blog is for you.

Belgium is one of the smallest countries located in the central part of Europe. Its cultural diversity, ancient history, melting chocolates, waffles, and scenic nature attract tourists from all over the world. A country’s development is determined by the quality of education that it offers to the people.

People flock to pursue their graduation or courses in information technology and computer science as there are immense job opportunities in Belgium’s job market. Data analytics is one such course under vast demand.

An intensive reading will guide you to wrap more information about data analytics and the top 10 data analytics courses in Belgium along with comprehensive details like institute ranking/rating, course duration, modules covered, placement rate, and several particulars that are required leading the way from the start till the end of the course. The top 10 data analytics courses in Belgium will create hope in your mind and choose your career path.

What is Data Analytics?

Centuries ago large number of registers and booklets were used to store information, but there were lots of issues in retrieving the data after a few years and maintenance was another challenge. Recent advancements in technology have resolved the major problem that we faced years ago and it created platforms to store and save data using electronic devices.

As years passed, tons of data were stored and yes, it requires maintenance. Data analytics is one such study that is used to collect raw data, analyze and utilize it, and turn a profit from it. Data analytics is a super powerful tool that turns many companies, organizations, and institutions up and down.

What Will You Learn in Data Analytics Courses in Belgium?

Data analytics is a brainstorming study in business and one who wishes to flourish in business will dive into this study and learn steps to improve their decision-making skills, enhance their customer service skills, sharpen their effective marketing strategy, and stimulate their operation to reach their maximum efficiency rate. The step-by-step process in data analytics will teach you how to analyze the data and optimize it profitably.

Check these Top-ranked Data Analytics Courses Near You:

Scope of Career After Data Analytics Courses in Belgium:

Economic growth has drastically increased the number of companies in the world, and in turn, there is a pile of data accumulated. Fortunately, large amounts of data analysts are in demand in and around the world. The numbers in the salary are so attractive that it would be around $89,313/€ 34,752 per year approximately and it may vary based upon the years of experience.

Do not worry there is a vast number of vacancies in different departments like business, finance, criminal justice, finance, science, medical, and government sectors.

Why do we wait? Just dive into this article and research the best institute that meets your requirements.

Here we go with the top 10 data analytics courses in Belgium.

Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Belgium With Placements


Rating 4.9/5

IIM SKILLS is the fastest-growing company in the world started in 2015 with an ambition to spread the world’s demanding courses by providing training with standard quality at affordable prices. Its zeal towards training and passion has made its presence in 23 cities in Asia along with Dubai and Singapore.

IIM SKILLS has successfully trained 45000+ students and provided 9500+ training. The number of training is increasing day by day because of its standard training along with practical sessions through online apps done by industrial experts, who have 12+ years of expertise in the respective industry.

Data Analytics is one of the courses that IIM SKILLS offers. Details of the data analytics courses in Belgium are as follows.

Course NameData Analytics Master Course
Duration5 months training program + 1 month internship
ModeOnline (Weekend Batch-10.00 to 1.00 Pm IST)
No. of modules8
No. live projects16+
No. of case studies10+
No. of tools covered7+
Course Fees554.58 Euro + GST
Placement100% (freelancing + work from home + full-time job)
Contact No+91 9580 740 740
Email ID[email protected]
LinkedIn ID
AddressIIM SKILLS, H B Twin Towers, 302, 3rd floor, Max hospital building, Nethaji Subhash Place, Pitam Pura, New Delhi-110034.

IIM SKILLS provides crystal clear training about the following modules:

Data Analytics using advanced Excel

Concepts covered under this are an Introduction to data handling, Data visualization in Excel, Data manipulation using functions, Data analysis and reporting, an Overview of dashboards,  Create dashboards in Excel using Pivot tables.

Data Analytics using VBA

Introducing VBA, Key components of programming language, How VBA works with Excel, Programming constructs in VBA, Functions and procedures in VBA,-Modularizing the programs, Objects & Management in VBA, Communicating with your users, and Others are subjects trained.

Data analytics using SQL

Basics RDBMS concepts, Utilizing the object explorer, data-based object creation(DDL command), Data manipulation(DML command), SQL server reporting services, and SQL server integration services are enfolded under this module.

Data Analytics using Power BI

This module wraps subjects like introducing Power BI, Data preparation and modeling, keeping and removing rows, Adding remove and going to columns, data analysis expression (DAX), and Reports development (Visuals in Power BI).

Data Analytics using Python

Data analytics using Python is vast and covers subjects like an introduction to statistics, introduction to mathematical foundation, introduction to analytics and data science, Python essentials, operation with NumPy, overview of pandas, cleansing data with Python, data analysis with Python, basic visualization tools, visualizing geospatial data, data visualization with Python, Advanced visualization tools, and statistical methods and hypothesis testing.

Data Analytics using Tableau

Getting started, data handling and summaries, building advanced reports/maps, table calculation, and calculated fields are concepts engulfed.

R for Data Science

Data importing, data importing/exporting, data manipulation, data analysis, data visualization with R, Using R with database, introduction to statistics, linear regression: solving regression problems and testing are taught thoroughly.

Data Analytics using Alterx

An overview of the Alterx course and fundamental concepts and many more topics are covered.

IIM SKILLS  supports lifetime access to tools, materials, session recording, 24/7 technical support, and guidance from the IIM SKILLS  team. Their confidence in training and tie-ups with companies make them produce 100% placement in data analytics.

As a trainee, you will  master tools like

  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Power BI
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • R
  • Alteryx

There are around 500+ hiring partners in IIM SKILLS that attract people around the city to book a demo, register, get graduate training, and fly out as a data analyst.

IIM SKILL’s performance was so good that it has been caught in social media and displayed on platforms like Hindustantimes, The Statesman, Tribunews, and many more.

Note: You can pay your fees as 7 interests with free EMI and there is a 10% discount on group registration of 3 or more.

A Few More Data Analytics Courses You Should Explore:

2) 360 DigitTMG


360 DigiTMG is a leading company in the training industry started in the year 2013 with its headquarters located in India and extended its support in countries like Malaysia, the USA, East Asia, Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, and the Middle East.

The curriculum of each subject is designed exclusively as per the updating business trends and the company has been accredited by Microsoft and the State University of New York (SUNY).

360 DigiTMG offers top job-demanding courses with dedicated trainers, guaranteed placement, free webinars, job assistance, 24×7 technical support, and internships.

The Following Are the Details of Data Analytics Courses in Belgium:

Course NameCertificate course in Data Analytics
Duration132+ hours of classroom session,
ModeOnline and offline
No. of modules               6
Hours of live projects80+ hours
No. of the tools covered10
Course Fees444.97 Euro + GST (Weekend batch)
Contact No+91 9989994319
Email ID[email protected]
LinkedIn ID
Address2-56/2/19, 3rd floor, Vijaya Towers, near Meridian School, Ayyapa Society Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana-500081

360 DigitTMG imparts students with data analytics courses enveloping modules like Python, Tableau, Power BI, Advanced Excel, SQL, and Google Looker Studio. The courses are upskilled from the basics starting from the introduction part till the advanced technology.

Tools educated in 360DigiTMG are AWS, Excel, Tableau, Power BI, SQL, Google Data Studio, NOSQL, Python, R, and PySpark. 360DigiTMG helps students learn the tools by providing 150+ hours of practical sessions.

The certificate issued by 360DitiTMG is in collaboration with SUNY.

360 DigitTMG supports weekday and weekend classes trained by industrial experts and provides lifetime access to LMS

Recommend Read,

3) Le Wagon

Rating 4.8/5

Le Wagon was established in 2013 with a desire to spread learning in and around the world. Their immense dedication to work has made many people launch their desired jobs, start their businesses, and change their careers. Le Wagon has successfully trained 25000+ graduates worldwide and ranked #1 in providing boot camps.

They offer courses in web development, data science & AI, and data engineering. Le Wagon has extended to many countries in the world like Europe, Australia, France, America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, and Singapore.

Here Are the Details About Data Analytics Courses in Belgium Are as Follows:

Course NameData Analytics
DurationFull time-2 months

Part time-7 months

No. of modules7
No. of tools trained6
Application deadline8 June 2024 17.00 CEST
Course Fees16.000 Euro/year for non-EU & 4.000 Euro/year for  EU citizen
LinkedIn ID
Address               Cantersteen Street 10, 1000 Brussels

Le Wagon tutors modules like basic foundation class, SQL, extraction, data visualization, Python, project weeks, and career weeks. You will be provided with 40 hours of basic tech foundation and culture and get hands-on experience with software like SQL, Python, and Google Sheets.

Based on the course type training duration and class schedule may vary.

There are around 1000+ hiring partners to hire you and launch your dream job. Le Wagon has proudly advertised that it has placed its alumni in companies like Pennylane, The Fork, Getaround, Meta, and many more.

4)Hasselt University

Rating 4.7/5

Hasselt University is an ancient university that started 50 years ago. This university supports many master programs and doctoral programs, its interest in spreading knowledge has enabled students to pursue on-campus and offline classes, where students from any part of the world can access it. The institute has its eligibility test, age limit, and application norms.

The Details of the Data Analytics Courses in Belgium Are as Follows:

Course NameMaster of Statistics and Data Science
Duration2 years
ModeOffline and online
No of semesters               3
Language eligibilityAcademic TOEFL and IELTS
Course Fees980 Euro/year
Contact Nob011 26 81 11
Email ID[email protected]
LinkedIn ID
Address               Agoralaan, Diepenbeek, Belgium

Hasselt University issues certificates that are accredited by the UK Royal Statistical Society (RSS). The first semester provides Projects: Learning from data, the second semester offers design of agricultural experiments, and the second year supports capita selecta of computational biology.

The job openings are vast in the market, hence one could be easily placed after the course completion from a renowned university.

5) Simplilearn

Rating 4.5/5

Simplilearn is the world’s number one training institute offering online boot camps for digital economy skills. It was established in 2010 and is located in different zones like San Fransisco, California, Bangalore, and Singapore.

Simplilearn proudly supports 400+ online course training by 2100+ world-class experts for students, universities, leading industries, and top corporations. Simplilearn has been recognized and awarded by many organizations and pulled the institute to the next level.

Here Are the Details of Data Analytics Courses in Belgium:

Course NameData Scientist Training Course in Brussels, Belgium
Duration162+ hours
No of modules               7
No. live projects25+
No of the tools covered14
Course Fees1299 Euro
Contact No+1-844-532-7688
LinkedIn ID
Address201, Spear Street, Suite 1100, San Francisco CA 94105, United States

Simplilearn encloses modules like Programming Essentials, SQL, Python for data science by IBM, Applied data science with Python, Machine Learning, Tableau Training, and Data Scientist Capestone. Tools enveloped under this course are ChatGPT, Dall. E. 2, Excel, Python, R, Tableau, MySQL, NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, Seaborn,  learn, Power BI.

Simplilearn has a joint partnership with IBM, so you can receive training from IBM expertise and collect respective certificates from IBM. It has many recruiters hence the rate of placement opportunities is high in Simplilean.

6) Guvi


Givi is the top vernacular ed-tech institute started in the year 2011 intending to impart education about recent technologies in different languages to establish one’s learning experience.

The institute has been recognized and awarded by many organizations and it has placed its foot in the world’s Guinness record book. Guvi offers many courses with discounts to ease one’s learning skills.

Here Are the Details of Data Analytics Courses in Belgium:

Course NameMaster Data Science Course
Duration3 months(Weekday) and 5 months(Weekend)
No of modules               10
No. live projects               20+
No of tools covered8
Course Fees89999 INR
LinkedIn ID

Guvi covers 10 modules starting from the basis to the deep technology. It has 50+ instructors to guide you throughout the course and the institute is very particular about doubt clarification and offers one-to-one sessions in their desired language. Guvi supports resume building, and placement, and adds soft skill training too.

7) IMarticus Learning


IMarticus Learning was established in the education industry in the year 2012. It has trained about 1000000+ students over the year and has 3500+ hiring partners. IMarticus Learning supports individuals and enterprises with 150+ academic experts and 350+ industrial expert trainers, who help us from every nook and corner.

Its efficacious training has made the institute place its foot in most of the metropolitan cities in India and the UAE. IMarticus Learning offers job-assured programs in finance, marketing, and analytics, certificated programs, executive programs, senior leadership programs, and degree programs.

Look Into the Details About the Data Analytics Courses in Belgium Offered by Imarticus Learning:

Course NamePostgraduate Program in Datascience and Analytics
Duration6 months
ModeOnline and offline
No of modules               12
No. live projects25+
No. of tools covered10+
Course Fees198000 INR
Email ID[email protected]
LinkedIn ID
Address            The address depends on the location

The six-month program encloses modules like basic programming, core track in Excel, reporting using Excel, SQL, advanced SQL part-1, advanced SQL part-2, Python programming, Python objects+list comprehension, user-defined and lambda functions, NumPy, Pandas, Data frame manipulation, visualization part-1, visualization part-2, data visualization with tableau and power BI, machine learning, and capstone project.

Post the training, IMarticius Learning supports job assistance starting from resume building, GitHub portfolio, job preparation, mock interviews, and career mentorship.

Alumni of IMarticus Learning have successfully placed in companies like IBM, WNS, J.P Morgan, Capgemini, and many notable companies.

8) UpGrad


UpGrad is the largest institute in South Asia started in the year 2015 with world-class trainers offering 500+ courses worldwide. Data analytics is one among them. The institute has successfully trained 10 million+ students. The training center supports course training, certification, career acceleration, and job placements.

The Details of the Data Analytics Courses in Belgium Are as Follows:

Course NamePostgraduate Program in Datascience and AI
Duration12 months
ModeOnline and offline
No. of courses               6
No. live projects60+
No. of the tools covered14+
Email ID[email protected]
Toll-free nob1800 210 2020
LinkedIn ID
Address            The address depends on the location

9) EIT Urban University Master School


EIT Urban University was founded in 2019, with the intention to transform urban mobility in and around the city. Its greatest vision is to make Europe economically strong.

EIT Urban University offers vast programs in master’s in sustainable urban mobility transition, business engineering in urban mobility, and winter and summer schools related to mobility. There are many schemes for students to become entrepreneurs and guide them through their career path by providing them with future scope.

The details of the data analytics courses in Belgium are as follows.

Course NameM.Sc Smart Mobility Data Science and Analytics
Duration2 years
ModeFull time offline
Eligibility               Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
Language eligibilityShould have cleared TOEFL or IELTS
Contact No.+1-844-532-7688
Email ID[email protected]
LinkedIn ID
Address               The address varies based on the location

The university also offers scholarships to students based on different criteria to enable them to impart data analytics and data mobility knowledge.

10 ) UCLouvain


UCLouvain is an ancient university that started in the 15th century. As centuries passed the university developed step by step and is ranked 180th in the QS World University ranking 2024. The university offers 47 bachelor programs and 187 master programs.

The Details of Data Analytics Courses in Belgium Are as Follows:

Course NameMaster in Data Science Engineering
Duration2 years
No. of modules               4
Course Fees835-4000Euro
Contact No.+32(0)10474850
Email ID[email protected]
LinkedIn ID
Address               Louvain-la-Neuve-Belgium

One should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree that composes mathematics, computer science, and statistics to join the master’s program at UCLouvain. A good command of English is another required criterion.

Frequently asked questions-FAQs

Q1. What is the educational eligibility for a data analytics course?

Candidates with bachelor’s or master’s degrees specialized in economics, finance, computer science, information management, economics, maths, statistics, or business information systems are eligible to pursue the course. On the other hand, universities have their eligibility criterion for academic and English proficiency scores as well.

Q2. What is the age limit for a data analytics course?

Training institutes and centers don’t have an age limit for the course but universities certainly have their limits.

Q3. Which institute is the best in the market?

IIM SKILLS with a rating of 4.9/5 supports training along with an internship program and 100% guaranteed placement economically is the best in the industry.

Q4. Are work-from-home/freelancing jobs available in data analytics courses?

Yes, remote jobs are available in different domains like finance, medical, education, and software.


Data analytics is the fastest-growing professional with high job demand in the market. After completion of the course, one gets many opportunities to get placed in renowned industries but it is the individual’s interest to learn in-depth, understand, clarify the doubts, and crack the interview. Ending the article with satisfaction that it would have guided you to select the best training platform and know your job opportunities.

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