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Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in Gurgaon With Placements

Are you a secret diarist? Do you scribble? Or are you aspiring to be a creative writer? Do you write professionally or merely as a hobbyist who enjoys writing? Looking for a simpatico with whom to exchange ideas and receive feedback on your work? Are you someone who finds writing engrossing but experiences difficulty putting their thoughts into words? Then stop your search here because this blog is the ideal place to get the answers to all the questions mentioned above and lists the best creative writing courses in Gurgaon.


Your grasp of creative writing will be thoroughly enhanced by reading this article. This article will give you complete details on some of the best creative writing courses in Gurgaon in addition to learning what creative writing is, why it is essential, a career option, and many more.


Defining Creative Writing?

Creative writing and imagination are like two sides of the same coin. Imagination and creativity are the keys to expressing ideas and thoughts in a way that is distinctively yours through creative writing. The act of writing creatively involves the use of one’s imagination, along with all of their unique traits and personality.

Simply put, it entails writing outside the bounds of traditional academic or technical literature with your own distinctive “flair.” If you want to try your hand at creative writing, remember that whether you are trying to express a feeling or a thought, the first step is to use your imagination.


What Types of Writing Can You Do That is Creative?

There are numerous genres and writing techniques that are included in creative writing. Creative writing comes in various forms that fall under the fiction or nonfiction umbrella. Popular examples include:


Autobiographies and memoirs are two types of creative writing that are related. Memoirs are a format in which writers employ their personal experiences in service of a broader theme or idea, whereas autobiographies offer a platform for famous people to reveal the facts of their lives in their own words. Instead of choosing a memoir because they want to read about the subject, a reader may do so because they are interested in the concept.


  • Fiction: Novels, Novellas, Short stories:

Novels, with their variety of genres and subgenres, can feature a vast range of subjects, styles, and details that authors construct in order to create real-feeling worlds. The writer has a lot of creative flexibility when writing fiction, allowing them to create an inventive, original plot with three-dimensional, relatable fictitious characters.

Novellas are shorter works of fiction than standard novels and have fewer pages. Any piece of narrative fiction between 1,000 and 10,000 words is considered a short tale. A good short story is meant to be read in one sitting or over the course of one day.


  • Playwriting/scriptwriting:

Playwriting, another type of creative writing, results in plays that actors perform in front of an audience on a stage. One act or more acts can make up a play. In order to portray a complete and engrossing story, given the constraints of space, effects, and live capabilities, plays must be creative.


  • Poetry:

Poetry can be written, performed, or both. It is rhythmic prose that conveys ideas musically. Like songwriting, poetry is a flexible literary style that enables the artist to use cadence and meter to increase their expressiveness. A poem could have a few verses or many. It may not rhyme at all or may do so in a complicated, repetitious way.


  • Screenplay:

In order to tell a tale, screenwriting frequently uses a three-act format, weaving a narrative into chunks of action and dialogue. Scripts are used in movies, television shows, and other audio and visual media.


  • Personal Essays:

Compared to more conventional forms of nonfiction, personal essays tend to be more emotive and place more emphasis on tone and plot.


How to Excel in Creative Writing?

When it is your dream to be a creative writer, follow the following tips to boost your writing skills:

  • Make writing your constant partner:

You must not lose any random ideas that come up in your mind. As every idea has the potential to become something big when crafted and drafted carefully, you must keep notes of every thought that pops up. Keeping a notepad or a digital app on your smartphone for note-making can help you jot down all your ideas instantly.


  • Must not think twice before rewriting:

It is merely possible for any writer to be perfect in the very first draft. You must always be ready to delete unnecessary stuff and often start over to write something better—something that is more precise, polished, and fine-tuned. Moreover, as the development of your storytelling capability will come with time, rewriting will assist you to be better with every next try.


  • Have a clear perspective in every draft you write:

As every story has its message or point of view to share, you must ensure that readers understand what you want to convey. Your narrative or writing must not make your message bland. To make your writing exciting and share what you want to convey, you must use your voice and write pieces that resonate with readers and connect with them to leave a long-term impact.


  • Know your audience:

In order to better connect with your audience, you must know who will read your work. It is only possible to appeal to some demographic, so knowing your readers will help you narrow down your focus and build writings that can appeal to your audience.


  • Read and lot and start writing rigorously:

Reading will open your mind’s doors to explore new ideas and have references to better channel your creative thoughts. Read plenty of well-written works from eminent writers and expand your thoughts library. Moreover, be free to draft your ideas; do not feel embarrassed to write something that you think is dumb. It is the only practice that will help you polish your skills and improve. You can also seek assistance from experts to gain insights about ways to improve.


  • Enroll in a creative writing course or workshop:

Writing classes and workshops can expose you to several other writers who are just like you—trying to sharpen their writing skills. Having them, along with the experts guiding you, will provide you with constructive criticisms, tips, and tricks on different aspects of writing. It can expose you to internships and practical experiences where you will understand the needs of the writing market and evolve as a professional.


Other best courses in Gurgaon:


Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in Gurgaon:

Following in-depth research, we have jotted down the top 6 creative writing courses in Gurgaon for you. The list is made focusing on the key benefits, course details, curriculum, fees, and duration of the courses. Please note that as creative writing courses come under the broader domain of content writing, the course names may sound confusing; however, every course listed here covers every creative writing module.


1. Creative Writing Courses in Gurgaon provided by IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is on a mission to provide world-class education at the most affordable prices through online and self-paced learning. The institution has played an instrumental role in helping over 15000 individuals across 15 countries succeed in their career dreams by providing experienced mentors, rightly designed courses, and an approach to go the extra mile to help students learn something new.

In the domain of creative writing, IIM SKILLS has an unmatched experience that helps them understand the needs of students and deliver bite-sized actionable tips along with rigorous teaching and guidance to help writers achieve what they aspire to. This makes the institution a top contender in the list of creative writing courses in Gurgaon.

IIM SKILLS’ learning management system allows students with seamless access to every course document, class recording, and writing tool for a lifetime and helps polish their skills using those. Students also find the class to be highly interactive, where a series of practical assignments and an in-course internship help writing enthusiasts develop a writing career within the highly competitive writing market.


Content Writing Course Key Benefits:

  • Learn word press development
  • Explore different types of digital content
  • Understand Copywriting
  • Explore email, social media, and scriptwriting
  • Explore every bit of creative writing
  • Learn SOP
  • Know and be an expert in legal and technical writing
  • Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Learn Resume writing
  • Explore freelancing and ways to earn money from what you write
  • Interactive and practical learning-based classes
  • Globally accredited certification
  • Dedicated teaching professionals
  • 3 months of internship
  • Lifetime support
  • You can develop a robust writing portfolio
  • Writing blogs for the Times of India


Course Details:

Students will get 4 weeks of live online content-writing training. The total learning process will include 30 hours of training—14 hours of internship sessions (flexible), and 16 hours of lectures. Moreover, students will be IIM SKILLS certified and can prepare for the HubSpot Content Marketing Certification (USA) & (TOLES) Test of Legal English Centre Cambridge (United Kingdom).


Course Curriculum:

IIM SKILLS course curriculum includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Content writing- introduction
  • Developing Web in WordPress
  • Digital content
  • Learn in-depth Copywriting
  • Understand marketing collaterals
  • Write Email
  • Scriptwriting
  • Creative writing
  • Business listing
  • Legal and technical writing
  • SEO and Content marketing
  • Resume writing


Course Fees:  INR 14,900 + 18% applicable taxes

Rating: 4.8/5

Course Duration: 1 Month Course + 3 Months Internship (Optional)


Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9580 740 740


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


2. Creative Writing Courses in Gurgaon by ECT

Saket Kumar Singh, a leading trainer in content writing with extensive experience working in the digital marketing domain, founded ECT in 2010. The institution holds a rich portfolio of successful writing enthusiasts who have steered ahead with their dreams of being established writers.

Not just that, the institution is renowned for providing all-around development of writers—content writing, personality development, communication skills, and digital marketing—paving a smooth path for every individual enrolled in their courses.


Key Benefits:

  • The institution provides 100% assistance with placement
  • A worldwide accredited certificate
  • Options for paying course fees in installments
  • Classes from Saket Kumar Singh himself, helping students with his first-hand experience of working in different companies and freelancing
  • Communicative and fun-based learning throughout the course


Course details:

3 Months content writing course with a total of 7 assignments, 32 hrs. of first-hand training, 5 live projects, and a robust 50 hours of e-learning opportunity. Moreover, there is no limitation for educational background—any individual can join and set forth on their writing journey.


Course Curriculum:

ECT’s course stands as one of the best creative writing courses because of its extensive coverage, helping students sharpen their writing skills and secure a promising career in the writing domain.

  • Introduction to content writing
  • Vocabulary training
  • Grammatical training
  • Exploring writing tools and techniques
  • Exploring creative and nonfiction writing skills
  • Business writing
  • Technical writing
  • Academic writing
  • Content marketing
  • Training to help students earn money from writing


Course Fees: The total cost (inclusive of GST) is INR 15,000

Rating: 4.5/5

Course Duration: 3 Months


Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91-7827916060


3. Creative Writing Courses in Gurgaon by Digital Academy 360

Started with a motto to take the digital world by storm is Digital Academy 360, a top-notch digital marketing institute headquartered in Bengaluru. The institute is also awarded the honor of “Best Digital Learning Institute of the year” by the Indian Education Awards, making it a top contender in the list of the best creative writing courses in Gurgaon.

Its founder is Yogesh Shashi, a revolutionary digital marketer who aims to train writing enthusiasts on every concept of digital marketing, starting right from the basics and advancing the students’ learning curve to make them experts in content writing. The institution also capitalizes on a decade worth of experience and commits to helping students achieve what they dream of in their writing careers.


Key Benefits:

  • Opportunity to participate in webinars conducted by leading industry experts and gain first-hand practical knowledge
  • Multiple individuals and group projects establish the writing base of students
  • PDFs, videos, and case studies to help students sharpen their writing skills
  • Robust doubt clearance sessions
  • Holds a pool of hiring partners where students receive a fair chance of placement
  • Pay fees in installments


Course Details:

A 3-month online course offering a diploma in content writing. Students can explore 19 advanced content writing modules over 160 hours of robust learning. Along with a certificate after course completion, the institution also provides 20 live projects where the students can test their writing skills.


Course Curriculum:

  • Learning to write, publish and share content
  • Understanding the writer’s writing cycle
  • Learning to create improved search rankings through SEO
  • Learning to set up websites through WordPress


Course Fees:

Rating: 4.4/5

Course Duration: 3 months


Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 7353 515 515


4. Creative Writing Courses in Gurgaon by British Council India

A trusted name when it comes to learning English and evaluating a student’s language literacy is the British Council India, an international institute with 7 decades of experience. With its unmatched capabilities to help students explore the English language and thrive within the competitive content writing landscape, British Council India stands as one of the best institutions offering creative writing courses in Gurgaon.


Key Benefits:

  • Developing a robust writer’s voice and perspective
  • Channeling creativity to find the right expressions
  • 360-degree enhancement of English literature knowledge
  • Understand different styles of writing and learn to appreciate them


Course Details:

Candidates for the Creative Writing course – Module 1 must have a minimum of upper-intermediate level expertise (Level B2). Individuals may take this course to acquire different writing strategies and master the writing process in order to give shape to their creativity.

The course covers the story, characters, dialogue, and setting in writing fiction, and it allows students to write creatively and develop their writing skills in order to realize their ambitions of becoming a writer. Furthermore, students can learn how to create blogs, distinguish between news reports and feature stories, and be exposed to screenwriting and memoir writing.

The institution hires competent teachers who can assist students by offering appropriate feedback and assisting them in growing via interactive learning sessions.


Course Curriculum:

  • Plot building
  • Learning characters and settings
  • Dialogue writing
  • Short story writing
  • Poetry and poetic writing and its tools
  • Travel writing
  • Screenwriting
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Blogging
  • Experimental writing
  • Memoirs


Course Fees:  INR 10,000

Rating: 4.5/5

Course Duration: 9 Weeks (36 hours of learning)


Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0120 456 9000


Must Check:


5. Creative Writing Courses in Gurgaon by Web Training India

A professional web design and development company, Web Training India, offers online content writing classes based on the market’s current market needs and students’ aspirations. They enable students to learn the nuances of content development, adhering to the requirements of different businesses, marketing technologies, and service delivery models in a manner that is easy to grasp and understand.

Their hands-on approach to training content writers, along with trainers having over two decades of experience, helps them become one of the most promising creative writing courses in Gurgaon.


Key Benefits:

  • Get to learn from teams with real-time experience in MNCs
  • Training with industry-focused case studies
  • Students will understand the impact of mass media and adopt techniques to deliver top-notch content
  • 100% placement support for every student


Course Details:

The course contains 9 writing modules that can help students grab a complete understanding of content writing.


Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to content writing
  • Things to know before starting to write
  • Blogging
  • Content writing for websites
  • Writing different types of proposals
  • Writing for Public Relations
  • Brochure Writing
  • Social media content writing
  • Live projects and career development guidance


Course Fees:

Rating: 4.4/5


Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 011-4248-7617



6. Creative Writing Courses in Gurgaon by Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication

Founded in 2003, Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication (SACAC) is a multidisciplinary institute for mass communication. The Delhi university-affiliated institute is a trusted name for students seeking creative writing courses in Gurgaon. The institution allows students to interact with leading industry professionals, writers, and academicians and hone their writing skills to be successful creative writers.

SACAC offers students a wide window of opportunities to explore the different dimensions of creative writing, including screenwriting, journalistic articles, travelogs, nonfiction books, and novels. The course is also packed with a series of practical activities for the all-around development of writers.


Key Benefits:

  • Students will develop thinking and writing skills
  • Be able to grab and give shape to interesting ideas
  • Will be able to develop a great plot
  • Explore different writing genres
  • Polish their interviewing skills


Course Details:

The creative writing course is a 3-month online and offline course, also providing each individual with a globally accredited certificate in creative writing.


Course Curriculum:

  • The areas explored and taught in the course include but are not limited to the following:
  • Introduction to the joy of writing
  • Options and methods to develop student’s creative potential
  • Writing strategy and styles
  • Learning to work with prompts
  • Building the right mindset
  • Structuring the writing
  • Editing
  • Rewriting
  • How to reach and pitch to publications


Course Fees:

  • Online: Rs. 22000/ -+ Service Tax
  • Offline: Rs. 25000/ -+ Service Tax


Rating: 4.6/5

Course Duration: 3 months


Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +919871392473


Careers Based on Creative Writing

A certificate and in-depth knowledge empower writers to gain writing and research skills that are useful in a wide range of career opportunities, including copywriting for advertising, creative director, digital copywriting, editorial jobs, journalists in magazines and newspapers, publishing proofreading, digital marketing, and social media marketing.




1. What is the earning capability of creative writers?

The average salary of a creative writer is 3,00,000 INR per annum. But, with experience, individuals can sharpen their skills and earn lucrative remuneration.


2. What are the needed qualities for a good writer?

Five essential qualities of an excellent creative writer:

  • Discipline
  • Attention to details
  • Strong and diverse vocabulary
  • Flexibility
  • A constant drive to read more


3. Is having a degree mandatory for becoming a creative writer?

Employers demand quality work from writers, and the focus is more on writing skills than academic credentials. However, a minimum bachelor’s degree in literature or mass communication can keep you a step ahead of other aspiring writers.

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