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Imarticus Investment Banking Course Review: In-Depth Analysis

In this expanding era of globalization, the demand for investment banking is rising rapidly in the finance industry. Investment banking is emerging as a significant tool for the economic growth and expansion of industries. Investment bankers are a medium between investors who are looking out for investment opportunities and organizations that want to raise capital. This article focuses on helping finance enthusiasts who are keen to learn investment banking for a brighter future; for that discussing the Imarticus investment banking course review is mandatory as this platform is trusted by millions of learners globally and has earned a significant mark as a leading education platform for so many sectors including finance, analytics, marketing, technology, and management.

Aim and vision of Imarticus ed-tech Platform

India being one of the most populous countries the scope of the education sector is massive. The rapid rise in demand for online learning and digital skills has led to huge growth in the ed-tech industry. Imarticus Learning is widely recognized for its unique teaching methods, job assurance, corporate learning solutions, and executive programs with top-notch institutions.

This ed-tech platform was established in 2012. Imarticus Learning has won several awards, “The Best Educational Brand in Analytics” at the Economic Times 2022 being the latest, and has emerged as a leader in the ed-tech industry.

Imarticus, as an ed tech platform, provides relevant and engaging content, staying updated with emerging technologies, and offering personalized learning experiences by including live lectures, hybrid learning modules, industry-focused seminars, peer-to-peer discussions, soft skills training, guest lectures, and much more.

Imarticus Learning is at the top of its game so here we are to give you the Imarticus Investment banking course review to make it a little easier for you to go ahead with your finance journey. Imarticus is ahead of the trends in the field and tailors the solutions according to the requirements of the students.

Imarticus Learning was founded by Nikhil Barshikhar, who is an expert professional in finance, and Sonya Hooja, an expert in talent development and human resource management.

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Imarticus was established in 2012 with the major aim of providing an industry-based training program to develop the leaders of tomorrow by delivering purposeful learning experiences. The focus is on hands-on experiential knowledge, that is balanced in classroom learning and practical experiences.

The major goal is to meet individual client needs, offering industry-relevant degrees and making them ready for successful careers in their respective industries. Their curriculum is reputed globally, and the focus is not just about providing theoretical knowledge but the application part of it, to solve critical problems in the near future.

They have also launched the Imarticus ed-tech entrepreneur initiative, to empower budding entrepreneurs in India, with blooming opportunities in the ed-tech sector Iee fosters restructuring and business development in the industry through extensive support and by leveraging the firms’ network.

The main motto is to deliver world-class education, and purposeful learning experiences to develop bright leaders for the future. Before discussing the Imarticus investment banking course review further, we should understand the basics of investment banking systematically.

The Necessary Skills for Achieving Success as an Investment Banker Are:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Networking and interpersonal skills
  • Strong mathematics skills
  • Persuasiveness and tenacity
  • Working with minimal supervision in a fast-paced environment
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Ability to organize overlapping projects
  • Tireless and unflappable work ethics
  • Team oriented
  • Impeccable Skills in research and analysis
  • Having a good understanding of the current economic trends and financial markets
  • Effective financial modeling skills
  • Good academic credentials (test scores, grades, university reputation)

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 Job Responsibilities as an Investment Banker 

  • An investment banker issues securities like debts and sells equity in the company to raise capital for clients
  • Conducts research and analyses reports and databases on investment opportunities to define risk and return profiles.
  • Assesses valuation for clients and upper management using quite a few methods.
  • Assists clients with mergers and acquisitions
  • Identify risks associated with specific projects and advise their clients on unique investment opportunities like derivatives.
  • Maximizing investment returns and setting IPO at the highest possible price
  • Assess financial and transaction activities, like the performance of stocks and bonds.
  • Present factual results for better decision-making for their clients
  • An investment banker does administrative tasks organising meetings, responding to emails and travel arrangements.
  • Underwrite municipal bonds
  • Ensure compliance by following legal rules and regulations

To sum up, the role of an investment banker includes part advice, part marketing and sales, part negotiation, and deal-making- on a wider picture.

To get details about the Imarticus investment banking course review one must know the roadmap as an investment banker

Career Path

Certified management accountant requires expertise in financial planning, decision support, analysis, and professional ethics.

  1. Credit manager – supervises the application of credit policies, and makes judgments about credit limits.
  2. Financial planner– investment and money expert who works with clients and businesses to meet long-term financial goals.
  3. Accountant – plays a very crucial role in business operations, and prevents overspending by a company. responsible for recording analyzing and presenting financial operations to stakeholders.
  4. Account manager– gather identification credentials and other essential data on their clients.
  5. Financial advisor– evaluates the financial picture of their client, strategizes and assists with financial services and products., for maximum profits and secure financial decisions.

A plethora of investment banking courses are out there. Let’s check what Imarticus has to offer and this would make a valuable Imarticus Investment banking course review.

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Imarticus Investment Banking Course Review – Overview

Finance programs offered by Imarticus fall under 3 categories


  1. Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional
  2. Postgraduate Financial Analysis Program
  3. Postgraduate Program in Banking and Finance


  1. Certified Public Accountant USA
  2. Certified Management Accountant USA
  3. KPMG Financial Analysis Protegee
  4. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK


  1. IIM Indore Postgraduate Certificate Program for Emerging CFOs
  2. IIM Lucknow Advanced Management Programme in Financial Services
  3. IIM Calcutta Executive Programme in Investment Banking and Capital Markets
  4. SP Jain Global Professional Certificate in FinTech

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  1. KL MBA in Fintech
  2. Delhi School of Business PGDM in Fintech
  3. BCom from Rathinam College of Arts and Science
  4. Taxila Business School PGDM in Fintech

For a detailed Imarticus investment banking course review let’s have a look at the details of some of the best investment banking courses offered by the institute.

1. Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional

It is a flagship industry-approved program that comes with 100% job assurance with 10 guaranteed interviews at over 500 top-tier hiring organizations. In this course, you would learn lessons about the fundamentals of financial markets, risk management and regulation, trade life cycle, and practical knowledge.

Eligibility Criteria

The course is structured for recent graduates (0-3 years of work experience) from finance, commerce, or business management streams only. Candidates with a justified gap of up to 1 year can also apply.

Weekday and Weekend classes

Mode:  Classroom and live online training

Duration: 150 hours

The course assures you to transform you into an investment banking operations expert with extensive career support by providing tailored training and placement support through resume building, placement preparation, and mock interviews.

Offers industry-recognized certification to enhance your resume. The expert faculty is known to deliver a robust curriculum using hands-on training methods for experiential learning to solve business problems and case studies.

This program is trusted by millions of learners globally and has a placement success rate of 80%. The average expected salary is 5LPA.

The mentors of this course are the best in the field

  1. Vikrant Tapaskar
  2. Lourdes Miranda
  3. Rakshith Rao
  4. Nandita Nadig

Expertise:  All the faculty members are experts in Capital Market Treasury Management

Program fee: Rs 1,40,000/- inclusive of all taxes. Payment can be done by credit, debit, or net banking from all leading banks. Installments and EMI options are available

Registration Fees: Rs 10,000/-

Instalment 1: Rs 91,000/-

Instalment 2: Rs 39,000/-

2. Certified Public Accountant USA

The Association of Certified Professional Accountants at Imarticus leads groundbreaking initiatives, and the legacy of excellence to shape the future of the profession in financial markets. CPA certification is a prestigious credential to conquer the world of opportunities.

With this course, you can master the skills in financial accounting and reporting, audit and attestation, tax planning, business regulation, and financial analysis.

The high points of this course are

  • Globally recognised certification
  • CTC Range – INR 12.5 TO 20.5 Lacs per annum
  • Free Placement Bootcamp

Duration of the course – 12-18 months of live online classes

Experts teaching this course are

  1. Samarth Bhatia has a decade of experience
  2. Nikit Dani has 15 years of experience
  3. Sagar Bajaj has over 15 years of experience.

3. Postgraduate Financial Analysis Program

IMARTICUS Learning has designed this illustrious program to transform professional careers and prepare aspirants for CFA L1 jobs that are accessible in this industry. The course enables you to equip yourself with skills such as financial statement analysis, modeling, equity research, transaction execution, and valuation along with PowerPoint and Excel.

The latest and finest learning techniques are used for practical experience. The highlights of the course include personal branding, in-class simulations with an 80% placement success rate, and a 100% interview guarantee with top-tier organizations.

Mode of learning includes soft skills foundation, honing communication, personal grooming and interview preparation, and mock interviews. Some of the crucial projects that will be undertaken in this program are the Zomato and Paytm IPO Case study, Reliance Industries Financial Analysis, and more.

Learn from the expert faculty members:

  1. Pankaj Goel has mentored over 12,000 individuals
  2. Sanjana Pathi with 12+ years of experience in investment banking and capital raising
  3. Anshul Agarwal has 15+ years of experience in investment banking, IT, and Ed-Tech industries.

Duration – 4 months of weekday classroom sessions

8 months of weekend classroom and online sessions

So, grab this course and upgrade your professional credentials with this CERTIFIED Postgraduate Financial Analysis Program.

Course fees are Rs 1,80,000/- inclusive of all taxes with EMI and installment options.

Registration fees Rs 20,000/-

4. Postgraduate Program in Banking and Finance:

This certification course is designed with an interview guarantee with placement assurance for a successful banking and financial career. The program ensures placement in entry–level roles at leading banks, Fintech companies, NBFCs, KPOs, etc.

The industry average salary for roles in banking and finance is 2-5 LPA. The course is customized for applicants who want to build a career in financial services or retail banking.

Program fee – Rs 1,20,000/- inclusive of all taxes with EMI options

Mode of training and duration: Classroom training of 4 months.

Expert faculty members are

  1. Ms. Shikhi Pandey
  2. Mr. Venkatesan

Eligibility Criteria – Minimum 50% marks in graduation/postgraduation and also required to pass an admission test for enrolment in the program.

Heading forward in the Investment banking course review let’s know about the curriculum this platform offers.


The program is designed to understand the nuances of financial products and markets. The students will gain an appreciation for how the system has been designed intricately to support businesses and produce fluidity in the economy. So, for an in-depth Imarticus investment course review let’s learn about its curriculum.

Through this course you would understand the financial market landscape, you would achieve the typical elements of the financial market, and an understanding of different financial instruments.


  1. Introduction to Investment Banking
  • Introduction to Financial Systems
  • Types of Financial Markets
  1. Cash Equities and Fixed Income
  • Equity and Preference Shares
  • Primary and Secondary Markets
  • Depository Receipts
  • Bonds- Characteristics, Securitization & types
  • Stock Exchanges and Financial Centres
  • Interest, Bond Price and Yield
  • Yield to Maturity
  1. Foreign Exchange and Money Markets
  • Money Market Basics
  • Quotes and Trades
  • Instruments of Money Market
  • Difference between Capital and Money Markets
  1. Derivatives Markets
  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Exchange Traded Derivatives and OTC (Over The Counter) derivatives
  • Payoffs and Pricing
  • Forwards, Futures and Options
  • Hedging and Speculation
  • Swaps and Types – Interest rate and equity
  • Credit default swap and Credit events
  1. Job- interview Readiness
  • Resume building
  • Communication skills
  • Interview Preparation
  1. Trade Life Cycle

In this part, you would get in-depth knowledge about the Trade life cycle, Reconciliation, etc.

Topics included are

  • Reference data management
  • Corporate actions
  • Asset management
  • Stock, borrow, and lending
  • Reconciliation
  • Introduction to ISDA
  • Trade life cycle
  • Collateral Management
  1. Management

Under this module one understands regulatory frameworks applicable in the Investment banking domain, the fundamentals of Risk management, and how to implicate regulatory frameworks in investment banking operations

Topics include

  • Risk management and regulatory environment
  • Anti-money laundering and KYC
  • Job interview readiness


Imarticus Investment banking course review would be incomplete without discussion about the leaders who mentor the aspirants with great zeal. The course is mentored by expert faculty with 6-14 years of experience in the domain of financial services while working with the most famous and largest investment banking organizations like SS&C Globe Op, Goldman Sachs & Societe Generale.

The idea is to give experiential learning through real-world scenarios and hands-on assignments.

The course offers a robust curriculum using diligent training methodology and constant support in learning with the help of an interactive module. To reinforce theoretical knowledge guest lectures from experts in the business are also provided.

Imarticus investment banking course review – Recruitment partners

Imarticus investment banking course with job assurance offers interviews with top-tier organisations recruiting investment banking professionals some of them are listed below:

  • P Morgan
  • Citibank
  • IBM
  • Genpact
  • HSBC
  • UBS
  • BNP Paribas
  • State Street

When great organisations are associated with a learning platform the feedback is always positive, so with this platform, one thing is sure Imarticus investment banking course review would always be great in terms of recruitment partners.

Imarticus Investment Banking Course Review- Expected Salary Hikes

The industry-recognized or globally accepted certification will enhance your resume and make you a preferred choice among employers. The expected salary hike in Imarticus job assured financial program is up to 60%.

The course helps to upgrade your skills with its unique and robust learning programs and takes you to the top of your game in your specific field.

Job Opportunities after course completion

The most crucial topic to discuss in the Imarticus Investment banking course review is the job offers it would provide to its learners. The following job profiles are on offer:

  • Finance Analyst
  • Investment Banking Associate
  • Risk Management Consultant
  • Money market analyst
  • Global Finance Researcher
  • Anti-money laundering specialist
  • Financial market advisor
  • Regulatory reporting analyst
  • Capital market operations consultant
  • Investment banking operations lead
  • Executive director in clearing services
  • Corporate banking treasurer

Imarticus Edtech platform promises a holistic learning experience with complete ecosystems of resources, programs, technology, and career services. Imarticus investment banking course review is for those who are seeking rewarding career and growth in investment banking and financial planning services and they teach you the intricacies of financial structures.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the FAQs related to imarticus investment banking course review.

1. What should be the career pathway for becoming a successful investment banker?

  • Class 10
  • Class 12 in either non-medical or commerce stream
  • UG in any engineering discipline or any commerce course
  • Certification or diploma courses in investment banking
  • Strong mathematical knowledge and number-crunching capabilities are crucial so graduation in any of these streams works well for a rewarding career in investment banking.

2. Does the Imarticus learning program have a refund policy for investment banking courses?

If the candidate decides to not pursue the course further then they can raise a refund for the following reasons:

  • If the course does not commence within 45 days of the stated commencement date, then the candidate must raise the refund request before the actual course commencement date for a 100% refund otherwise the participant will not be eligible for a refund.
  • If Imarticus terminates the course before the course completion date, a 100% money back of full course fees would be applicable for all participants

If a refund of the fees is applicable it will take 21 days from the date that Imarticus receives the written notice of withdrawal with complete documentation from participants.

3. What are the minimum criteria to pass the CIBOP Pre-assessment test?

A 50 marks test is conducted which includes 37 questions without any negative marking and the duration of the test is 40 minutes. Applicants are expected to score a minimum of 33% in each section and total for eligibility for the certified investment banking operations professional program. The evaluation is based on three sections first one is the candidate’s profile, the second is logical reasoning and verbal aptitude, and 3rd and the final one is general aptitude.


In this article, we have tried to cover all the possible details to provide a genuine Imarticus Investment Banking course review for all finance aspirants. So, now we can conclude that investment banking courses help you to keep up with today’s job market trends and also provide you with in-depth knowledge in the field of finance that can be put to use easily in your day-to-day routine.

From settling a career abroad or upgrading a resume these certification courses are valuable and justify themselves completely. Imarticus investment banking course is one of the most sought-after courses and holds a significant position among the leading ed-tech platforms globally. this article aims to help numerous individuals who are interested in the investment banking course offered by Imarticus.


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