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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Mendoza With Placements

Are you looking for the top digital marketing courses, then your search has got the destination in the form of this article. Digital marketing has gained immense importance during COVID-19. If you are planning for digital marketing courses in Mendoza then it’s the correct career path as digital marketing is the future platform for marketing. People are moving from traditional marketing to digital marketing as the internet has emerged immensely in the past 2 decades.

Digital marketing provides an online platform for every service and business owner whether small or large. This article will help you understand digital marketing, its scope, and the top 10 digital marketing courses in Mendoza.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing also known as online marketing uses the Internet and online-based digital technologies such as websites, apps, mobile devices, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

This encompasses text and multimedia messages as well as web-based, social media, and e-mail marketing channels

Digital marketing has considerably transformed the way businesses and organizations bring into play communication technologies. Digital Marketing strategies are being used commonly on global platforms becoming an integrated part of business plans.

Top-Rated Digita Marketing Courses Near You,

Global Reach Through Digital Marketing

People all over the world can now connect thanks to the internet. The world has become a small place due to the connectivity of the internet. As the internet is connecting people worldwide, businesses are taking advantage of such resources via digital marketing to expand their business globally.

Through digital marketing, businesses can reach customers beyond physical boundaries. There are various digital marketing methods and channels to connect with customers within the boundary and across the boundary. This gives access to all the businesses to grow globally and expand their brand.

Globalization is increasing by interdependence and interconnecting economies, trades, and societies on a global scale. Here, digitalization plays a pivotal role in facilitating and accelerating the process of globalization. So, we can say that digitalization and globalization are interlinked with each other.

Role of a Digital Marketer

A Digital Marketer is a professional responsible for promoting business and lead generation using online channels. Digital Marketers have expertise in the numerous ways that websites, online ads, search engines, social media, and traffic may drive sales leads, boost customer traffic, and establish brand awareness.

Here, Are a Few Job Roles of a Digital Marketer

  • SEO Manager
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Marketing Automation Coordinator
  • Product Marketing Manager

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Digital Marketing Opportunities in Mendoza

Mendoza is the capital of the province of Mendoza in Argentina located in the western part of Argentina. Mendoza is also known for its stunning landscapes, vineyards, and olive groves with a rich culture that offers good opportunities.

Mendoza is a renowned wine producer and exporter with the largest number of wineries in Argentina, many other industries contribute to Mendoza’s economy. These industries prosper and expand globally through digitalization using different digital platforms.

This opens new avenues for all businesses through digital marketing platforms, giving new job openings and placements to individuals with job titles such as digital marketers, analysts, or managers whatever they choose to specialize in their digital marketing courses.

Here is the list of the top Digital Marketing Courses in Mendoza that will offer theoretical as well as practical knowledge of digital marketing.


Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Mendoza



IIM SKILLS is one of the well-known institutions that offers excellent online education with training for different courses. IIM SKILLS has always topped the list of professional courses. Digital marketing courses in Mendoza are one of the most recognized courses of IIM SKILLS.

The institute’s main focus is its in-depth training and quality education. The institute ensures that students get an ample amount of knowledge and job opportunities from its digital marketing courses.

The Digital Marketing course of IIM SKILLS provides a Master Certification from IIM SKILLS and 13 other certifications with Google, Facebook (Meta), and HubSpot.

Course Name:         Digital Marketing Master Course

Course Duration:    5 months of in-depth live training

                                   [ 3 Months Program & 2 Months paid Internship]

Course fees:            130361.47 ARS

Modules Covered




Core Modules

·       Content Writing and Blogging

·       Social media marketing

·       Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

·       Search Engine Marketing (SEM

·       Inbound Marketing

·       E-mail Marketing

·       Web Analytics





                         Special Modules

·       WordPress Web Development

·       Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies

·       Content Writing and Blogging

·       Online Reputation Management

·       Affiliate Marketing

·       Video Marketing

·       Media Buying

·       Marketing Automation

·       Digital infographic Resume Preparation


The noteworthy feature of IIM SKILL’s Digital Marketing Course is students will master 40 modules along with 15+ Live projects and 10+ case studies. Going with this institute will give lifetime access to training, material, course recordings, and class presentations, with tools worth 79000and more. This Institute will provide placement support and assistance to students

Contact details: +919580740740



Must Check,


2. Mendoza College of Business

Mendoza College of Business in Notre Dame is a dedicated college that offers different programs and courses to the students, the college delivers an excellent academic environment with its award-winning faculty and exceptional curriculum.

It offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Mendoza with its Digital Marketing Minor course. The digital marketing minor course will help build digital marketing skills, which will land you internships and jobs.

Course Name:        Digital Marketing Minor

Course Duration:   15 hours

Core courses

Fundamentals of Marketing – 3 credit hours
Consumer Behaviour or Marketing Research – 3 credit hours

 This Digital Marketing Course is a 15-credit-hour program. It is designed in such a way that it can complement students’ majors, presenting fundamental digital marketing concepts as well as students will work on hands-on projects to develop an integrated marketing presence for firms. Students will also earn platform certifications, including Hootsuite’s social marketing and advanced social advertising.



3. Udemy

Udemy is the best platform for digital marketing courses in Mendoza. This is a 100% practical digital marketing course that will cover all digital marketing needs.

This digital marketing course is among the best digital marketing courses which gives students an intensive introduction to subjects like copywriting, social media marketing for YouTube, Twitter, ChatGPT, Prompt Engineering, Google ads, SEO, WordPress, and Google analytics. Top companies offer this course to their employees as this is one of the trusted courses by businesses worldwide.

Course Name:  Udemy the complete Digital Marketing Course

Duration:          76 Hours

Course Fees:    13961 ARS















Course Content

1)     Digital Marketing Strategy

·        Market Research

·        Set up a Website

·        SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

·        Email Marketing

·        Google Analytic

2)     Digital Marketing in depth

·        Prompt engineering with ChatGPT

·        Branding

·        Content Marketing

·        Sales psychology

·        Copywriting

3)     Digital Marketing Channels

·        Google ads

·        YouTube ads

·        Facebook ads

·        LinkedIn Marketing

·        Pinterest Marketing

·        Quora Marketing

·        Twitter Marketing

·        Content Marketing Machine

4)     Digital Marketing Professional

·        Digital Marketing Freelancing

·        WordPress Master class

·        SEO Master class


 Course highlights:     75.5 hours of on-demand video

83 downloadable lectures


33 Articles

Certificate after completion

Key Features:      Lifetime access to future updates and also access to Tools, Articles, and templates

Quick assistance in Q & A section


4. Aden International Business School

Aden International Business School is dedicated to providing in-person and online training and professional development for managers and directors of companies.

This Digital Marketing Course is defined by its creatively designed learning models and its practical knowledge. The use of interactive and Practical applications taught by experienced teachers will transfer best practices that are applied in companies.

Course Name:           Master in Digital Marketing

Course Eligibility:    Minimum 4 years bachelor’s degree









Course Curriculum

·        Digital Economy and online business models

·        Digital Marketing and Customer Journey Ecosystem

·        E-commerce

·        Social Media

·        Lead Generation

·        Growth Hacking

·        Web Universe

·        SEO

·        Paid Media

·        Content Marketing

·        Email Marketing

·        Marketing Automation

·        Analytics

·        Digital Marketing Plan

·        Integration and Simulator

·        Master Final Project


The Master in Digital Marketing Course will give you tools to implement your Marketing plans. Specialization in Digital Marketing certificate will be granted by The George Washington University, School of Business once the course is completed.



IIDE is a well-known Digital Marketing Institute that provides training and certification for online Digital Marketing courses in Mendoza. The Institute helps learners transform their careers and get job-ready through its digital marketing course. It offers industry-relevant training through two certifications. It offers two online digital marketing courses:

Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing (ACDM)

It’s a 4-month course preferred by Freshers, Small Business owners, Influencers

Professional certification in Digital Marketing & Strategy (PCDMS)

It’s a 6-month course preferred by Working professionals, Agency owners, Freelancers

Course Name:         Digital Marketing Course

(Advanced + Professional Certification)

Course Duration:    4 months (ACDM)

6 months (PCDMS)




Course Curriculum

·        Foundation

·        Search Marketing

·        Social Marketing

·        Growth and Analytics

·        Planning and Strategy

·        Business Skills

 Key Highlights

  • AI-based mock interviews
  • 100% placement assistance
  • 20+ Digital Marketing and AI tools
  • Project management and conflict resolution
  • Harvard Business Review Case Study

The Digital Marketing course is designed with an updated syllabus with practical training and live projects.


6. Coursera

Coursera’s Digital marketing course is a specialized digital marketing course offering in-depth knowledge of the subject with the latest digital marketing skills taught by industry experts.

With the Digital Marketing Specialization offered by the University of Illinois, users will develop a deep understanding of key concepts and master a subject or tools with hands-on projects. Through this course, you will earn a career certificate from the University of Illinois.

Course Name:  Digital Marketing Specialization

Course Duration: 4 months





Course Curriculum

·        The Digital Marketing Revolution

·        Marketing in a Digital World

·        Digital Marketing Analytics in Theory

·        Digital Marketing Analytics in Practice

·        Digital Marketing and Marketing Principles

·        Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategies

·        Digital Marketing Capstone


 Key Features

  • Learn how to evaluate campaigns through marketing analytics
  • Recognise the importance of data collection
  • Finish a practical capstone project


7. Northwestern Kellogg

Northwestern Kellogg’s Digital Marketing Course is one of the online courses that will help you become in-demand and an all-around digital marketer. The course provides a launchpad for advancing your career in digital marketing.

This course will allow you to take advantage of modern technologies with AI digital marketing knowledge On completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate from Kellogg School of Management Executive Education.

Course Name:        Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

Course Duration:    6 months

Course Fees:            182113 ARS











Course Curriculum

·        Introduction to the Digital Marketing Landscape

·        Digital Marketing Fundamentals

·        A Framework for Marketing in the Digital World

·        Understanding Customers and Generating Insights

·        Customer Segmentation and Behavioural Marketing

·        Content Marketing

·        Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

·        Social Media (organic)

·        The Customer Journey and Content Strategy

·        Brand Storytelling in Digital World

·        Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

·        Social Media (paid)

·        Email Marketing

·        Other Digital Channels

·        Accelerating Marketing Execution

·        Metrics and Measurement

·        Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

·        Marketing Attribution, Testing, and Experimentation

·        Marketing Automation and AI in Marketing

·        Capstone Project

 Course Highlights:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing and AI marketing. Get individual guidance from business leaders, professional webinars, and career growth assignments. The course will help build the network and the capstone project will add to your resume.


8. Harvard University

Digital Marketing Course develop marketing strategies and gain the latest tools, tactics, and trends in digital marketing. Harvard Business School’s Digital Marketing course is an online course. The course will benefit marketing professionals, non-marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Course Name:         Digital Marketing Strategy

Course Duration:     6 weeks





Course Curriculum

·        Marketing in the Digital Era

·        Crafting in Digital Marketing Plan

·        Acquiring Customers: Part 1 Paid Media

·        Acquiring Customers: Part 2 Owned and Earned Media

·        Engaging Customers

·        Allocating Budget and Measuring Success

Key Highlights

Understanding market evolution based on real-world insights from brands, agencies, expert practitioners, and faculty. Through this program, you can develop approaches for attributions, budget allocation, and calculating customer lifetime value. You will build a social network by collaborating and networking with a global community of peers before during and after the course completion.


9. HubSpot Academy

Digital Marketing Courses in Mendoza offered by HubSpot Academy is a certified digital marketing course. This comprehensive program will provide you with the skills you need to succeed in today’s online world. HubSpot Academy aims to educate users so they can grow their careers and businesses.

Course Name:            Digital Marketing Certification Course

Course Duration:      6 hours







Course Curriculum

·        Digital Marketing Fundamentals

·        Building a Content Creation Fundamentals

·        How to find an SEO Strategy that Fits Your Business

·        Improving Website Performance

·        Creating Quality Blog Content Audience Loves to Read

·        How to create a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

·        Developing a Social Media Strategy

·        Introduction to paid search Advertising

·        Creating a High- performing Email

 Who Can Opt?

Students with 12th grade passed and are keen to gain digital marketing knowledge

Working professionals looking to upskill their marketing skills

Entrepreneurs who want to broaden their business digitally

 Key Highlights

Globally recognized certification course that adds to career goals and you’ll learn everything to excel in your career. It provides access to a community where learners can connect and get guidance and support.


10. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Academy offers an advanced digital marketing course intending to advance the professional journey and enhance the key skills of the individual enrolling in this course. The institute ranks amongst the top 500 EdTech global companies.

Henry Harvin’s Digital Marketing course is a well-structured Digital Marketing Course that helps aspirants acquire skills and relevant knowledge. This course helps them reach their career goal and opens job opportunities.

Course Name:         Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Course Duration:   40 hours Live Virtual Training




Course Curriculum

·        Getting Started with Digital Marketing

·        Effective Webpage Designing

·        Search Engine Marketing

·        SEO

·        Facebook Marketing

·        LinkedIn Marketing

·        YouTube Marketing

·        Soft Skills Development

·        Resume Writing

Course Highlights:  40 + hours of Interactive Sessions

20 + Digital Marketing tools worth 40k

Guaranteed Internship

15 + Live Projects with 10 + Case Studies

Key Features

the Certified Advance Digital Marketer will help upskill your eligibility for digital marketing jobs at higher packages. The course will develop your digital marketing tactics to meet business aims.



Q1. What is the eligibility for enrolling in Digital Marketing courses in Mendoza?

 Eligibility for enrolling in a digital marketing course you should have a 12th-grade pass to join a professional digital marketing course. Additionally, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a related field.

Q2. Is Digital Marketing a future?

Yes, digital marketing has a very bright future because now there is more market and consumer awareness. Businesses now use digital marketing tools for data and in-depth analysis of their targeted audience.

Q3. Which are the best Digital Marketing Courses?

Many digital marketing courses in Mendoza offer the best curriculum and career opportunities. You have to decide which digital marketing courses in Mendoza will cater to your needs to become a knowledgeable digital marketer.

Q4. What are the Digital Marketing job roles as a fresher?

For freshers, there are various job opportunities in the field of digital marketing such as Content writer, SEO executive, Social media marketing expert, Search engine marketer, Content marketer, Digital marketing manager, conversion rate optimizer, Email marketing executive, Web development executive, UX designer, AI specialist, PPC specialist.


The field of digital marketing is expanding quickly in the current digital era. Digital marketing is providing endless opportunities to businesses as well as to the enthusiasts. Digital marketing is the future for every organization as it has a reach all over the globe. Many companies in Mendoza are going digital. Digital marketing courses in Mendoza will help digital marketing aspirants gain knowledge and develop skills with great facilities and industry expert faculties. This article is for all digital marketing enthusiasts who wish to enroll in digital marketing courses in Mendoza.


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