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Top 12 Short-Term Data Analytics Courses With Placements

Data Analytics is one of the most in-demand and expanding fields gaining popularity in different parts of the world. The core of data analytics is the use of data that helps organizations make informed decisions. Thus, various companies and organizations including businesses need people who have the right knowledge and skills to be able to make wise decisions for them. Therefore, gaining a certification here can help one advance their career and also help businesses to grow. With the paucity of time, people need to find a course that can be completed in a short period with certification and the right skills. Here is the article that covers all the details you need to consider when choosing Short-Term Data Analytics Courses.

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Top Short-Term Data Analytics Courses

Below are the Top Short-Term Data Analytics Courses the different institutes provide, which candidates can explore.



IIM SKILLS is one of the top-notch ed-tech companies in the world. The institution stays true to its aim of offering world-class expertise and skill acquisition at reasonable pricing.

They have a great range of skill development, finance, and technical courses.

Their phenomenal Data Analytics course is one of the most preferred by students which provides an up-to-date curriculum, student-centric pedagogy, leading mentors, round clock support to help you reap the full benefits of the course.

Given below are all the details you want to know about the Data Analytics Course.

Course Name – Data Analytics Master Course

Course Details-

  • This 6-month Live Data Analyst Course is with 2 Months of Non-Paid Internship.
  • There are 160 Hours of Lectures along with 100+ Hours of Practical Assignments and Hands-On Tool Based Learning
  • You will get 7+ Live Projects, 10+ Case Studies, and Master 7+ Tools
  • With 100% Assured Internship and Job Interview Guarantee

Course Details – Fees INR 49990 Rs. + 18% taxes

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Course Modules:

Module 1: Basic and Advanced Excel

Introduction to Data Handling

Data Manipulation Using Functions

Data Analysis and Reporting

Data Visualization in Excel

Overview of Dashboards

Module 2: Visual Basic Application

Introducing VBA

How VBA Works with Excel

Key Components of Programming Language

Programming Constructs in VBA

Functions & Procedures in VBA

Objects & Memory Management in VBA

Error Handling

Controlling the Accessibility of Your Code

Communicating with Your Users

Module 3: SQL

Basics RDBMS Concepts

Utilizing the Object Explorer

Data Based Objects Creation (DDL Commands)

Data Manipulation (DML Commands)

Accessing Data from Multiple Tables Using SELECT

Optimizing Your Work

Module 3.1: SQL Server Reporting Services

Basics of SSRS

Creating Parameters

Understanding Visualization

Creating Visualization Using SSRS

Module 3.2: SQL Server Integration Services

Understanding the Basics of SSIS

Understanding Packages

Creating Packages to Integrate

Creating Project Using SSIS

Module 4: Power BI


Data Preparation and Modeling

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Reports Development (Visuals in Power BI)

Module 5: Data Analytics Using Python

Introduction to Basic Statistics

Introduction to Mathematical Foundations

Introduction to Analytics & Data Science

Python Essentials (Core)

Operations with NumPy (Numerical Python)

Overview of Pandas

Cleansing Data with Python

Data Analysis Using Python

Data Visualization with Python

Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing

Module 6: Tableau

Getting Started

Data Handling & Summaries

Reports Development (Visuals in Tableau)

Module 7: R For Data Science

Data Importing/Exporting

Data Manipulation

Data Analysis

Using R with Databases

Data Visualization with R

Introduction to Statistics

Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems

Module 8: Alteryx

Outline of the Alteryx Course and most important Fundamental Concepts

Use of Select Tool to Rename Fields, Change of Data Type

Comprehending the User Environment and Alteryx Settings

Data Filtering /Data Processing

Blending or Joining Data from Different Sources

Cleansing Data

Impute Values

Random Sample

Tools Knowlege You Gain-



Power BI





Contact Details For More Information:

+919580740740, [email protected]

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2) Udemy

Udemy offers a wide range of short-term data analytics courses to prepare candidates for increasing competition in the market. The list of the courses is given below-

Course Name – Comprehensive Data Analytics Short-Term Course with Python and Pandas 

It is one of the most well-crafted Pandas courses available on Udemy which can be an excellent choice for Beginners Python Developers and also for people who are looking to gain knowledge of one of the most popular Python libraries.

The Instructor of the course came up with simple, short crash courses into these technologies as he found the longer courses too drawn out & you often lose interest as you go through them. The idea is to keep it short, sharp, and easy to understand.

All you need is a Basic understanding of Python which you will learn from Udemy’s free Python course.

Here you’ll learn-

Perform data analysis with the Pandas library

Know about data frames and how to conduct data analysis in Python

Comprehend how to handle missing values in your data

Learn how to handle, manage & clean up messy data

Course Includes-

1-hour on-demand video

1 article

2 downloadable resources

Access on both mobile and TV

Full lifetime access

Certificate of Completion

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3) Coursera

Coursera collaborates with top universities and institutions to provide individuals and students worldwide with flexible, affordable, job-relevant short-term data analytics courses along with certifications.

They provide various learning opportunities, including hands-on live projects, job-ready credentials, and other degree programs. You can learn about all their programs on their official website.

Course Name- Comprehensive Data Analytics Short-Term Courses

Coursera offers a one-week crash course covering the influence of statistics, software engineering, and machine learning on data science and big data, essential tools used as well as important data science vocabulary. Here participants will also learn how to forecast the success of a data science project.

So Anyone interested in learning more about data science, especially those who may someday need to oversee data scientists, should enroll in the advanced Short-Term Data Analytics Courses.

Here you’ll learn-

  • To describe the function of big data and data science in multiple contexts
  • How exactly machine learning, statistics, and software engineering are used in this field.
  • To outline the project structure of data science and data analytics
  • To recognize the terminologies, vocabularies, and essential tools used by data scientists and data analysts
  • How can you tell the difference between an effective and ineffective data science and data analytics project
  • The roles and responsibilities of a manager of data science and analytics

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4) Simplilearn

One of the well-known online learning platforms, Simplilearn offers a great variety of courses and certifications in several fields such as Data Science, Data Analytics, also machine learning, artificial intelligence, and many others courses.

Its short-term data analytics courses are ones you should check out if you want to gain knowledge in this field.

Course Name- Introducing Comprehensive Short-Term Data Analytics Courses for Dummies

This data analytics is designed for beginners to offer a solid foundation for working with various types of data, data visualization for decision-making, and applying data analytics in a range of industries. After gaining knowledge about Data Science and Data Analytics you will ultimately be in a position to make better business decisions.

Skills you will master-

Forms of data analytics

Frequency distributing plots

Swarm plots

Data science techniques

Data visualizing

Trends in big data analytics

Analytics adopting frameworks

Course Curriculum-

Data Analytics Establishment

Lesson 1 – Course Establishment

Course Establishment

Lesson 2 – Data Analytics Summary

2.01 Establishment

2.02 Data Analytics – Significance

2.03 Digital Analytics – Influence on Accountancy

2.04 Data Analytics Summary

2.05 Forms of Data Analytics

2.06 Descriptive Analytics

2.07 Diagnostic Analytics

2.08 Predictive Analytics

2.09 Prescriptive Analytics

2.10 Data Analytics – Amazon Instance

2.11 Data Analytics Advantages for Decision-Making

2.12 Data Analytics Advantages – Cost Minimization

2.13 Data Analytics Advantages – Amazon Instance

2.14 Data Analytics – More Advantages

2.15 Primary results

Lesson 3 – Handle Various Forms of Data


Phraseologies in Data Analytics – First part

Phraseologies in Data Analytics – Second part

Forms of Data

Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Data degrees of calculation

Normal Circulation of Data

Statistical criterion

3.09 Primary results

Lesson 4 – Using Data Visualizing to Improve Decision-Making

4.1 Establishment

4.2 Data Visualizing

4.3 Comprehending Data Visualizing

4.4 Majorly Employed Visualizations

4.5 Frequency Circulating Plot

4.6 Swarm Plot

4.7 Significance of Data Visualizing

4.8 Data Visualizing Tools – First Part

4.9 Data Visualizing Tools – Second Part

4.10 Libraries and Languages in Data Visualizing

4.11 Dashboard-Oriented Visualizing

4.12 Visualizing and BI Trends

4.13 BI Software Issues

4.14 Primary Results

Lesson 5 – Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Data Science

5.01 Establishment

5.02 The Data Analytics and Data Science Domain

5.03 Overlaps -Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Data Science

5.04 Data Science Delineated

5.05 Business and Data Science Strategy

5.06 Successful Organizations Employing Data Science

5.7 Travel Industry

5.8 Retail

5.09 Crime and E-commerce Agencies

5.10 Analytical Platforms Across Industries

5.11 Key Outcomes

Lesson 6 – Data Science Process

6.01 Establishment

6.02 Data Science Process

6.03 From Business Comprehending to Analytic Procedure

6.04 From Demands to Acquiring

6.05 From Comprehending to Preparing

6.06 From Modeling to Assessment

6.07 From Placement to Reviews

6.08 Primary results

Lesson 7 – Data Analytics in Diverse Sectors

7.01 Establishment

7.02 Analytics for Services and Products

7.03 How Analytics is used by Google

7.4 How Analytics is used by LinkedIn

7.05 How Analytics is utilized by Amazon

7.6 Netflix – Utilizing Analytics to Propel Engagement

7.7 Netflix – Utilizing Analytics to Propel Success

7.08 Entertainment and Media Industry

7.09 Education Industry

7.10 Healthcare Industry

7.11 Government

7.12 Weather Prediction

7.13 Primary Results

Lesson 8 – Analytics New Trends and Frameworks

8.1 Establishment

8.2 Case Study – EY

8.3 Framework of Customer Analytics

8.4 Data Comprehension

8.5 Data Preparing

8.6 Modeling

8.7 Model Handling

8.8 Data Analytics Latest Trends

8.9 Graph of Analytics

8.10 Automated Machine Learning

8.11 Open Source AI

8.12 Primary Results

This Short Term Course Includes-

  • 3 Hours Of self-paced video lessons
  • Certificate of Completion awarded after completing the course
  • 90 Days of Access

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5) Datalab

Datalab offers a range of self-paced, online learning courses through their online learning platform, and in partnership with top international organizations.

You will also get transferable skills to help you progress in your career, enhance your data literacy and knowledge, and learn how data can help your organization become more innovative, effective, and profitable.

You can check a variety of short-term data analytics courses here. One of them is given below-

Course Name- Intensive Short-Term Data Analytics Courses

This is an intensive three-day offered by Datalab crash course that immerses you in the world of data analytics. You will get practical, hands-on experience, working with data from your organization.

The course focuses on analytical tools and it will train you enough with the foundational knowledge so that you can handle data-related challenges with confidence. So what are you waiting for?

Course Objective: –

Get inspiration from your own work and performance

With the help of data, you will recognize the opportunity and formulate a plan

You can learn how to work with data in data analytics toolings

Visualize your narrative to make a lasting influence

There is also a general structure of the three-day course

You will Gain-

Tools – MS Excel

Edit and Format Data

Learn new Excel operatives and Increase your productivity

Build simple dashboards or visualizations

SQL (database language)

Store Data Within Databases

Format and edit data

Link various data sources


Data exploring


Create and share dashboards

Other Skills

Approach data analytics critically and analytically • Model Classification and plan project model for capturing, classifying, & implementing business cases

  • The data analytics framework is designed to assist a data analytics perspective
  • A detailed summary of the procedures that are put to utilize and those that are on the rise

Course Program – Day 1

Morning – Explaining data analytics and its processes, data analytics abilities and self-dataset

Afternoon – Data standard, Excel practice exercises, Datalab Motivation, and effect changes

Course Program – Day 2

Morning – Data analytics arrangement, databases & SQL, SQL practice exercises, and Datalab motivation

Afternoon – Data-propelled manner of working, Tableau demonstration, and practice exercises of Tableau

Course Program – Day 3

Morning – Web Scraping, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Datalab motivation, and coming up with ideas for business cases

Afternoon – Tableau Utilization, deal with your business case and data set

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6) Great Learning

Great Learning is an online education platform that provides a variety of courses and specialized programs in different areas to provide in-depth knowledge and skills to the participants. If you are looking for short-term data analytics courses then this platform can be the best option.

Great Learning

Course Name – Comprehensive Short-Term Data Analytics Course

This seven-hour live course will teach students all the concepts related to Statistics and Python before moving on to Machine Learning.

You will also get assistance from the instructor also will train you in all aspects of data analytics like Python, Machine Learning, and Statistics and also prepare you well with the interview questions for the job.

What You Will Learn-

  • Establishment of a program
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Set
  • Exception Managing

Advantage of the Course-

Live Online Engaging Classes

Proper organized classes and schedule

Get access to video recordings of missed lessons and lectures

Course Syllabus-

  • Introduction
  • Python Foundations – Data Organization & Exception Management
  • Data Analytics Utilizing Python – Pandas along with NumPy
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Exploratory Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning Introduction & its Algorithms
  • Success Metrics


7) Cloudera

Cloudera is a company that focuses on big data and analytics solutions. Here you will get different kinds of software tools and services to help organizations manage the data, process it, and analyze large volumes of data at different stages. Here is one of its popular short-term data analytics courses for professionals.

Course Name- Analyzing with Cloudera Data Warehouse

This four-day Analyzing with Data Warehouse course will educate you on how to apply traditional data analytics and business intelligence skills to big data. Here, You will learn about the tools that data professionals need to access, manipulate, transform, and analyze complex data sets using SQL and familiar scripting languages.

The Course is designed for – Professionals like data analysts, business intelligence specialists, developers, system architects, and database administrators.

Course Duration: Four days

Course Curriculum-

Foundations for Big Data Analytics

Introduction to Apache Hive and Impala

Querying with Apache Hive and Impala

Common Operators and Built-In Functions

Analyzing Text

Apache Hive Optimization

Apache Impala Optimization

Extending Hive and Impala

Data Management

Data Storage and Performance

Working with Multiple Datasets

Analytic Functions and Windowing

Complex Data

Choosing the Best Tool for the Job

CDP Public Cloud Data Warehouse

Appendix: Apache Kudu

All this with instructor-led discussion and interactive, hands-on exercises, candidates will able to navigate the ecosystem properly.


8) AEM

Amazon is the most popular multinational technology and e-commerce company. But do you know it also provides short-term data analytics courses?

Here is an AWS-accredited course that provides you with a comprehensive knowledge of Data Analytics.

Course Name – Amazon Web Services Certification for Advanced Short-Term Data Analytics Courses


This AWS course specifically looks who want to advance their careers and also those who hold some form of experience in this field. AWS looks to have expertise in working with AWS services and also who can define it.

It gives an in-depth knowledge of designing, building, securing, and maintaining analytics solutions using AWS services.

As there is a shortage of experienced data analytics specialists, the course is a great chance for professionals who looking for advanced career opportunities.

Certification for Learning Field

The Professional Abilities and Skills you will learn: –

Stream big data with the help of AWS Kinesis and store with the help of simple and basic storage Service (S3B), Move from small to big data with the help of a (DMS), Lake formation, AWS Glue, Glue DataBrew, Glue Studio, and many more

Here is a Training Details of the Three-month AWS Accredited Data Analytics Short-Term Courses

  • Section 1: Gathering
  • Section 2: Storing
  • Section 3: Processing Data
  • Section 4: Analysis of Data
  • Section 5: Data Visualizing
  • Section 6: Data Protection
  • Section 7: Extra project and labs

AEM Provides the Following: –

100 % practical Lab

With 30 hours of live online trainer-led coaching and Project assistance

38 plus popular skills of 2022

Capstone Assignment with current abilities and skills

CV or Resume designing and preparing under the supervision of your mentor

Job searching and interview preparation through AEM’s portal


9) Edvancer

Edvancer is the platform that is designed and opened by the IIT & IIM Alumni. The motive of the institute is to provide the best education possibilities by providing high-quality and engaging content. The Institute provides an interactive atmosphere with live examples.

Course Name – Advanced Certification in Data Analytics-IIT Kanpur.

Course Modules – Predictive Analysis, Data Visualization, and Data analysis with tools like R, Tableau, and SQL.

The Program is delivered by the experts of IIT Kanpur and other Industry experts of Edvancer.

Also, you will get all-time access to the online course content post-completion of the course, assignments &  industry projects, 24×7 lifetime access to online videos and content, an industry-recognized certificate from Edvancer with full job assistance, etc.

The features here will make you job-ready, practical content, and 100% placement assistance with proper career assistance.

Course Duration – 180 hours.

Eligibility –

Highly suitable for non-tech background also.

Course Fees- 69990 INR (Live online) and 44990 INR (Self-paced).


10) BrainStation

BrainStation is an education technology company that provides a variety of digital skills training programs and courses in different fields. Here you can enroll in its Data Analytics courses and gain valuable skills.

Course Name- Data Analytics Certificate

This is one of the less time-consuming courses that you can on the list, lasting only ten weeks part-time—ideal if you have less time and want to gain more. When you complete BrainStation’s Data Analytics courses, you’ll graduate with a polished Data Analyst portfolio of real-world data projects and will eventually land your dream job.

Duration: 10 weeks part-time

You will get-

  • Instructor-led with Live Online Courses From the Comfort of Your Home
  • Interactive, Project-Based Learning
  • Community Beyond the Classroom


11) Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is an Indian professional education institute that offers several types of industry-oriented training programs in collaboration with leading global organizations with certifications.

You will be provided certificates in machine learning, data analytics, and data science. Their short-term data analytics courses are worth enrolling in. So here is one.

Course Name- Advanced Short-Term Data Analytics Courses for Beginners

This five-month program offers you the opportunity to learn and explore data science and data mining tools, data analytics, and understand machine learning. You will be prepared with skills to face actual world challenges and also be able to predict business performance for your organization.

This curriculum is designed by renowned IIT faculty members. Participants will be trained with Python-based machine learning and data mining tools after which participants will be skilled enough to make wise decisions for their organizations.

Course Curriculum-

Programming of Python

Presenting Python

Objects of Python and list understanding

Functions of lambda and end-users



Manipulation of Data Frames

Data Visualization with the help of Python

Exploratory Data Analysis

Using statistics for Data Analytics and Data Science

Establishing statistics

Probability Thesis

Probability Circulations

Thesis Testing

Statistical Testing

Using Python to learn about Machine Learning

Establishing Machine Learning

Linear Regressions


Logistic Regressions

Decision Trees

Random Forests


K-Means Clustering

Time Series

Text Analytics

Neural Networks


Presenting SQL

Cluster Functions

Date Roles



Data Visualisation with the help of Tableau

Presenting Tableau

Data Relation

Tableau Interface and Fundamental Chart Forms

Dealing with Metadata

Visual Analytics

The process of Mapping

Dashboarding and narratives

Data Science and Data Analytics Case Study

Career Services

Resume/CV and profile designing with building

Interview Preparation

Capstone Assignment


Tools and Languages Taught:-

Python, Tableau, NumPy, and SQL


12) ExcelR

Excel R offers numerous kinds of Data science and short-term data analytics courses and covers them comprehensively. It provides an Industry-Based Course Curriculum and value Adds: Python Programming, Fundamentals of R, Business Statistics, SAS and ChatGPT, Lifetime eLearning Access, etc.

One of its popular data analytics is given below.


Course Name – Advanced Short-Term Data Science and Data Analytics Courses Training

This six-month training program covers every aspect of the data science lifecycle, including data collection, cleaning, exploration, transformation, mining, modeling, visualization, and solution deployment, and prepares you with all the relevant tools and skills needed to secure your dream job.

Tools it covers include predictive analytics, statistical analysis, Hadoop, R Studio, Spark, Tableau, and programming languages such as R and Python and many more.

Course Curriculum

Module 1 – Data Science Assignment Lifecycle

Module 2 – Presenting Fundamental Statistics with the aid of R and Python

Module 3 – Hypothesis and Probability Testing

Module 4 – First part – Exploratory Data Analysis

Module 5 – Linear Regressions

Module 6 – Logistic Regressions

Module – 7 Deploying

Module 8 – Data Autonomous Clustering Mining

Module 9 – Dimension Minimization Processes

Module 10 – Connection Rules

Module 11 – Advisor System

Module 12 – Introduction to Directed Machine Learning

Module 13 – Decision Trees

Module 14 – Second part – Exploratory Data Analysis

Module 15 – Characteristics Engineering

Module 16 – Model Authentication Processes

Module 17 – Collection Techniques

Module 18 – KNN & Assistance Vector Machines

Module 19 – Normalization Procedures

Module 20 – Neural Networks

Module 21 – Mining of Texts

Module 22 – Processing of Natural Language

Module 23 – Naive Bayes

Module 24 – Predicting

Module 25 – Survival Examination

Module 26 – End-to-end Assignment Explanation and Arrangement

Module 27 – You will be given assignments

Module 28 – You will be given projects

Module 29 – CV or Resume designing preparation & interview assistance

Module 30 – Fundamentals of Spark & Hadoop

Module 31 – Fundamentals of R

Module 32 – Fundamentals of Python

Module 33 – Fundamentals of MYSQL

Module 34 – Fundamentals of Tableau

Module 35 – Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions-

1) Why is Data Analytics Important?

Through Data analytics corporations and businesses can

  • gain understanding from their data, make wise business decisions
  • identify new trends,
  • use data modeling to discover useful information
  • uncover valuable information for strategic planning.

Data Analysts are responsible for doing all these tasks.

2) What are the Skills Required for Data Analytics?

You learn will some essential skills like proficiency in programming languages (e.g., Python, R), statistical analysis, data visualization, database querying (e.g., SQL), and critical thinking.

3) Are Data Analytics Certifications Valuable?

Yes, certifications can be valuable as organizations approve your skills, knowledge, and performance to select you. Certifications from reputable organizations are often recognized by employers and they are the ones chosen.

4) Is Previous Experience in Data Analytics Required to Enroll in Short-Term Data Analytics Courses?

Most of the Short-Term Data Analytics Courses cater to beginners and assume minimal prior experience. Introductory courses are designed to provide a foundation and clear the basics for those new to data analytics.


Due to the lack of time, numerous students and professionals are opting for short-term data analytics courses, so if you are one of them then you should definitely check out all these courses. Presently Data Analytics is a booming industry and it will be responsible for creating several jobs in fields like IT, Retail, Banking, Pharma, Hospitality, Healthcare, FMCG, Media, Sports, etc. Having a certification in these courses will be beneficial in the long run.

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